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You went in on the suggestions and I'm here for it 馃槀馃槀馃憣

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LMFAO FACTS I have completely surrendered myself to this life of visual novels 馃槀 You too shall get shackled in to this life. 馃槇

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Some people are absolutely unhinged.

Ahhh I'm late to respond! But dude you guys always make me so happy and are motivational to me! The way you guys set goals and actually work hard to accomplish them is SO inspiring! As someone who doesn't even bother to set NY goals because I don't want to be disappointed if I don't complete them 馃槶馃槶 It's really encouraging to see you guys just working hard and giving us 馃専everything.馃専 (Just for this post, I'm going to try to be more productive in my own life.) I'm SO excited for your new updates, and will greedily consume any new games you guys put out 馃槀 Once again thank you and AHHH BLESS YOUR SOULS!!!!

What a sweet story with a unique twist!

This was a sweet game! Amazed that you guys put together such a high quality game in the short time that the jam gives! I could definitely see this being a longer, slow burn romance, you guys managed to pace it well considering the length of the game and made such an emotional piece. I've never gone through such a tragedy but I felt I could resonate with the main character's pain. Loved the banter and dialogue between the two characters as well, it felt so natural and the extremely talented voice acting really complemented the dialogue. Honestly I want more from you guys >.< I hope you plan on making more works in the future!

Thank you for putting together this nice game!

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Sorry you have to deal with random nonsense comments (some people are just miserable individuals and have to spread that misery on to others to feel joy; based on their account history, don't even take it personal, just a miserable troll).  Never change your art to appease other people! I for one was drawn into by the funny title and enjoyed the game a lot! It was a nice experience and I hope that you guys have some other ideas planned! I would love to see a bigger project from you guys that's longer than a game jam game! (Just my headcanon but I feel like  you guys would throw it down on an enemies to lovers storyline haha) But yeah I'm looking forward to whatever your guys may make in the future! Amazing work completing a cute and cohesive game!
Edit: Okay actually I already played "Forgotten Souls" so I'm already a fan of you guys 馃槀 I LOVED that game. Can't believe I wasn't following you guys already haha.

Oh my God what a cozy game, exactly the type of game and experience I look for out of Winter Jam. It's strange but the juxtaposition of the literal snow/cold beautiful art backgrounds/UI with the warm, coziness of this game gives me a sense of peace and comfort during an uncertain time in my life. This game allows you to fully relax and take comfort in this little world you created. It's hard to play amazing games like this because I always want more of the world and of the game devs 馃槀 I'm truly so greedy.

Definitely amazed at how much was written for this game jam, honestly it was a complete spoil to get this much content. I could easily see this game being a full game with how extensive the lore and how intriguing the dialogue is. And ahh I just absolutely adore everything about Heimos. He is so cute and sweet and best ice boi. Not only his personality but definitely gotta give props to the wonderful artists for his character and background art. It was all really beautiful! You can see the sort of "identity" and "aesthetic" (for lack of a better word?) in both of these artists' style--I say that to say that they both have their own unique styles and they both really tied the game together and worked complementary with the other elements of the game. I would DEFINITELY love to see more of their work in the future! Same with the music, honestly it just tied everything together so nicely, It was cozy in the down times, and really stood out during the beginning for the serious and anxious  moments. It legit gave me a sense of dread and heightened emotions alongside the main character-- what a beautiful and emotional impact it made. And of course the UI work was the finishing touch along with the programming which is the thankless but important work!

I'm trying cut my gushing short haha but thanks again for putting out such an amazing story! This game is wayyy underrated IMO.

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Ahhh I didn't realize it was only a demo! I played your other demo too for the Witch game (not knowing it was just a demo as well LOL fml) and normally don't play demos but I really love your work. You definitely have unique and interesting game ideas, I'm honestly already a huge fan!

If you'd like, I wouldn't mind helping you out with grammar editing for free! ^^ I saw on Twitter that you were looking for an editor. I'm not a professional editor or anything but I am English native and skilled at grammar. I don't mind helping because I really enjoy your work. (I guess I can also put it on my resume too haha so I don't mind it.) If you're interested shoot me an email.

Regardless, I'm super excited for the full release of both games! I REALLY hope they get finished. >.<

Will be looking out for when it gets released in full!

I will be keeping an eye out for full release 馃憖馃憖 Cannot waitt!!

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Yep yep I already know about VNDB, I've been playing otomes since I was around the age of 9 and I'm going on 25 this year 馃槀馃槀 Played hundreds at this point that I'm a veteran and an old seasoned hag, even. 馃槀 Can even do some programming myself. Thank you for the thought though haha that's very kind of you. Yeah I just like to periodically check up on some games I was interested in and show support to the devs.

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Wow , you've been working hard!! I am SO FREAKING appreciative of you!!! I just now noticed that Quill's route was released, and as much as I want to play, I'm going to wait for Reuben's route to be finished because I'm going to be salty just playing one route xD This world you created is so incredibly amazing, you could easily make tons and tons of spinoffs on it due to how vast, expansive and interesting it is. I'm honestly obsessed with it, and the characters and writing are just as amazing. (Of course, so is everything else like art too! Ironically I was just thinking of Ari's sexy self just yesterday and was thirstin xD I just happen to be on itchio today and came across your game in my list but I have that man in my head just going about my day LMFAO.) And, normally I will take years to replay a game but I seriously want to replay every route in your game after only playing it earlier this year. I'm just obsessed!

Okay, trying not to gush haha, my point of messaging was really to say how I appreciate how hard you've been working. Never thought these routes would be worked through this quickly, you've been working hard to give us content that we enjoy and that is noticed by your fans! It means the world to have an indie game developer that spoils their fans like this and keeps them in the loop. Please pleaseeee be taking it easy xD Don't collapse from all the hard work and I'm sure late nights haha. But it's definitely not easy to finish a project so I commend people who have the diligence and dedication to carry out such hard work. So I am proud of you and appreciative, that's all I want to say! Have a good rest of your week and stay safe this winter season!

Played this game a couple of months ago and just loved it so much, i don't have much to say except that I'm hoping for a third route! xD I'm starving for it. No pressure, just wanted you to know how much I'm in love with your game and the world you guys created because a lot of times people enjoy stuff but never express it to the devs and so the devs never know how much they're appreciated haha. So that's what this post is mostly about, to shower you guys with love and show that there's definitely a demand for more! Looking forward to you guy's future work!

-Another vote for Jun 馃憖馃憖

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OH LMFAOOO, okay yeah my mind would've never pieced that together xD Thank you for clearing that up. More spoilers below about that, but also yes haha I didn't have any issues with the minigame! I'm sorry you had people having so many issues! I was failing it at first but then realized that I was pushing in the wrong order for some keys, like for instance >< it was more instinctual for me to push that instead of <> so I kept failing from that xD But yes no technical issues! I definitely don't think you should give up on the minigame format and use it in the future! Now spoilers:

So yeah about the name haha I think if you spend a scene, maybe when she is in the castle, emphasizing each 3 words of that more somewhere in the dialogue then it'll definitely stand out! I definitely didn't think of the word rump being an ass xD Maybe she could refer to him as such in the dialogue at some point when he's being snarky; you could maybe add a scene where they interact in such a way. And/Or you could even have some like imagery showing up in her mind/onscreen at that ending moment, showing how she comes up with those names. Whichever way you like visualize a character thinking about something in their minds, you could show a flashback of each 3 parts so that the audience knows haha. Don't have to take my suggestion or anything, it just came to mind! >.< Anyways, thanks again for the nice story! I keep thinking about your story honestly, it was such a nice aesthetic. Would love to see more mystery/suspense or some medieval stuff from you again, in terms of both vibes you set them up equally well. Same with romance, I wish I could've seen their love grow >.< But yeah I'll be keeping an eye out for whatever you choose to release! You're a talented writer.

OMG YES of COURSE you leave a mark!!!! You make such good and heartwarming games!  I completely understand the artist block, being a video editor myself and having 0 motivation for YEARS ;_; But just know that what you make is definitely valuable and something that can make an impact on people's lives. May be too early since you made your games within the past decade haha but in a few more years your work will be considered in my category of timeless classics xD Same to you as a game dev. There are some games and devs that just stick out and made my entire child/early adult-hood and you're definitely one of them! 

But yeah, again no rush just take your time and don't pressure yourself too much! I'll definitely be around no matter what! Thank you again ^^

(PS: I leave a lot of exclamations too xD I often have to go back and delete them when texting people LOL, but idc here bc I'm geeked about your work xD)

Yeah but I think they said they aren't making any 18+ content for Derek 馃様馃様

"Personally, I dislike being forced to play as a woman..." What you said isn't an opinion, because again, no one is forcing you to do anything. You saw the protagonist is a woman and chose to play, no one held you at gunpoint to play. "I didn't ask anyone, nor would I ever ask anyone to change a already made game they made to suit my views." You say this and yet, again, are complaining about having to play as a woman. How is that constructive criticism in any way for the game? How could they change that? As for you saying "what you hope to see from them", why should they have to cater their future projects to your preferences either? No one should have to change their vision of what a character will be just to suit your tastes. You say my response was a rude "third party" response and yet fail to see that your response is an extra party response as well; just as you decided to comment where no one asked you, I have as well. You have the right to say what you want but that doesn't mean it makes any sense and that you won't be criticized. You didn't receive so many downvotes for nothing, I wasn't the only "third party" that thought your response was rude and non-constructive. You can say that I'm not being constructive and my response clearly was, but even if I wasn't, I don't have to be because this isn't someone's work I am critiquing but a rude comment. 

And you say that your words are an opinion that should be respected but what you said wasn't an opinion. It was a complaint. "I don't like playing as women" is not an opinion. "You should make games to suit my gender preferences" is not an opinion. Those are all demands even if you deny that they are. If I go to email the game devs of a strategy game and tell them "I like visual novel games, I hate being forced to play strategy games, so you guys should make visual novel games instead" I would look just as silly and receive an acceptance letter to Circus Clown University in the mail.

I'm not going back and forth with you since you clearly don't see anything wrong with what you said. Lack of self-reflection isn't shocking given you felt comfortable leaving the original comment in the first place. Telling people to shape their art to suit your specific tastes is just madness.

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I normally don't play demos/unfinished projects, haven't played one in about a decade, so it kind of stunned me to see this was not finished while I was playing and just getting immersed into the story. Just a PSA that this is just a demo to anyone reading since there's no mention of this in the synopsis whatsoever, and the status of this game on here says "released". Really beautiful game design with intrigue and characters that I can tell have a lot of depth, but... demos make me disappointed more than they actually make me excited for the game; I end up seeing the game as something that'll probably never be completed, so I don't bother getting hype or looking into it. Which is exactly why I don't play them anymore. I just wished you guys gave people a heads up about the status. I will add this to my list of hundreds of other games not yet finished but may be finished one day.  That being said, it does seem very interesting and clearly a lot of work was put into this game.

P.s: a save/load function would work wonders in the full project.

Omg I can't wait for the full game >.< You're very talented, I'm excited to see your future projects as well! And your passion on twitter in infectious, you have such good energy! Definitely following, you're worth it!

Haha I feel you, luckily these devs are trustworthy but yeah when I first got into VNs when I was like 9 or 10, I played a lot of demos, but then stopped playing them after like a year because I don't ever want to get my hopes up and crushed ever again 馃槀馃槀 I haven't played any demos in over a decade, I just don't need that pain. It's the same reason why I don't like watching ongoing TV shows or reading ongoing book series. It's just masochism at a certain point LOL.

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THIS IS SUCH AMAZING WORK OMGGGGGG!!!!! I can tell you guys put TONS of effort into this! I've been playing visual novels for over a decade now, and I'd say most of my free time is spent playing them. I gotta say that this is the first game to do such cool and amazing visual effects like this! This is true art at its core, I found this not only very innovative and unique but also done so WELL at that. You guys' visual effects almost made the game in itself feel extra it felt as if it truly tapped in to the "viewer's eye"; essentially like the audience's screen and the Z-axis plane of the screen and made them a part of the world you created. Not in the sense of something like VR or being "isekaid" but just the frame of the screen itself, my laptop monitor, being a part of the narrative experience. Sorry if that's majorly confusing, I hope it makes sense lol. And there were also multiple layers to the visual effects, which further added to the dimensionality. (Like the vignette and the circle overlay and the superimposition, etc.) I just think it was really amazing that you guys were able to make something so immersive. Hats off to the coding and graphics that deserve some sort of award. Like honestly, there is no VN game I've found that's just like this out here. Honestly everything was so perfect, I was thoroughly creeped out and I was blown away by the writing, voice acting, art, characters and music as well. The often thankless and unseen work of the editor, marketers, and the multiple directors can't be ignored, and I give them acknowledgement as well for a game well done because without them, it wouldn't be the same at all!

This is kind of a side paragraph, but I thought it was really cool how the infection manifested its own defense by causing her hallucinations and not allowing her to seek help. Really cool and artistic portrayal of science. I actually do find it really cool in general how processes that happen in the body can genuinely manifest/be interpreted by our body in such ways. (For instance, hallucinogen the body goes through a bunch of different things to process those drugs and how that scientific process somehow causes our minds to interpret visual hallucinations. Or how something like ASMR, where the mind interprets sound, is "translated" to give physical comfort down your spine. Like how can sound waves do that lol?!) I think it's cool how the mind interprets things and it's interesting to imagine that something that would infect the brain would also be able to craft its own defense like this.

Saved best for last what I was most excited to speak about: Like someone else mentioned, you wove together so WONDERFULLY the themes surrounding family, love, loneliness into the horror/conflict here...I can tell you would make an amazing long game if this is what you were able to do in such a short time frame. I watched a video essay recently where someone discussed that the horror genre in film is their favorite because it's truly the best for weaving in deeper themes as such and do well at showing character development...After playing this, I completely understand what they mean. It's interesting to see how the character has to overcome their inner turmoil first in order to beat the antagonist in horror films, and I feel like that same structure applied to this game. You can take the conflict at face value of her attempting to rid herself of this illness and still enjoy it. You can also take it as the MC having to face herself, face her fear and loneliness, trying to make peace with certain things and learn to express her emotions again. I think an even longer game outside of jam constraints could've gone more in depth with this too. But you truly have amazing character development skills to be able to showcase all of this in such a short time frame, and with such good pacing too which is very difficult to have in the first place with normal time constraints, let alone within a jam's time constraints.

I'm, so incredibly amazing. these sorts of unsettling and depraved games are my favorite type and it's even more great to experience a yandere-like character. I can gush about this game forever but I think I've went on enough haha. Just really wanted to share with you guys how much I enjoyed what you created. I really hope you all have future projects that you will be working on because I can't get enough! Thanks for sharing your art and vision with us here! You guys should definitely get some sort of award for this game lol.

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Really liking the game so far! Honestly I really wish this story could be expanded on >.< Like with the main character or another siren in this world. I could see this being a full game. You have tons of potential to make bigger projects! Would definitely love to see more of your work in the future, love your world-building. Everything else I enjoyed as well, between the character art, logo art, CG and BG art, voice acting, and music!

Only critiques are to maybe add an endings walkthrough, add instructions for the fishing game (I was struggling with knowing what to do haha), and add a "load' button in future projects.

Edit: So I caught a lot of fish and it still puts me on the path as if I didn't catch a lot of fish. Not sure if this was purposeful or not or if it was a bug on my end but just wanted to make you aware!

Might be pointless because you still get the same result as if you fail fishing, If anyone reads this who needed help with the fishing game, here's instructions: you're supposed to tap the space keyboard, not too fast that it turns dark red because you end up failing. You have to tap at a decent speed and I think maybe stop if the color changes to red. And I think slow down tapping if it's another color like yellow. Not sure if that's 100% correct but that's how I ended up getting the best result which the fish is reeled in all the way and the MC will say "This is plenty!"

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This was a really nice game! The minigame definitely did catch me off guard and I struggled haha but it's the sort of minigame that's perfect for a VN IMO. Not too difficult but also not something I often get stuck on in VNs which are puzzles. Really nice touch that can be ramped up to higher difficulties and taken farther in another game! The voice acting, sound, graphics, writing, art, everything was so beautiful and atmospheric! I know it's a jam but I really liked the world building you were able to set up in such a short time frame. I was sad it was over! I did have a question as I was a bit confused! (KIND OF SPOILERS BELOW!!!):

I was wondering how she knew his name was what it was in the good ending? Obviously we know what his name would be, but how did the girl know his name?

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Hey Melancholy Marionette <3 Just gotta say I agree with Sunny here, you definitely don't give yourself enough credit >.< I literally came here on itchio like an ADDICT like "omg I'm feigning for her games I wonder if she's working on anything new" and to my happy surprise you've released more work. I came here specifically looking for your work haha I just really love your unique art. No one is disappointed over here! 

Please do not think you're useless and just know that you're NOT alone in feeling like that! Definitely don't burn yourself out but at least you are passionate and creating, I'm a video editor here who, after moving to a bigger city over a year ago, can't find work and it doesn't help that I graduated college in 2020 during the pandemic. I can't even find a decent-paying job outside of my field, even. I'm out here working delivery jobs since it's the best paying but still kind of sucks because it's not consistent. Debt piling and there's always this, just, feeling of dread in the back of my mind no matter whatever my mood is on any given day .-. I definitely feel worthless as well and could at LEAST be working on my craft in my free time but I don't because I've lost any motivation for anything and probably laziness as well. So you're not alone in how you fell, really, I get it completely....

But I think it means something that you're passionate and out here doing what you love, I know the societal pressure is rough but nowadays a "real job" can't even hold people over, more and more people have to work second jobs and I see seniors working because the retirement pension isn't cutting it who cares if you don't have a traditional job because it's not doing anyone any favors at this point and the job market is terrible right now. F conformity lmfao. You're not missing out on anything not being a part of that terrible system. Stay true to yourself and keep creating what you love. We've only got this one life and every second gone is a second that's not ever coming back. So, I know it's hypocritical of me to say, but, don't feel bad and be proud of what you do. The fact that you actually make projects and finish them is commendable, hell I never finish anything I start lmfao, so to me I applaud anyone that does. But also remember that your value isn't in what you contribute or do for society. That includes the type of job you have but also these games. Don't burn yourself out as some sort of punishment because then you won't enjoy your craft. You don't have to fit into some bubble or create anything in order to have value. Just exist and be the amazing person you are. If you never made a game ever again, you would still be a valuable person. Never forget that. <3

Honestly I relate a lot to you, we both type a lot and second guess ourselves a lot lol and I definitely relate to your struggle without having your drive. If you ever need to talk I can send you one of my profiles on social media to DM or something, please don鈥檛 ever feel alone because you鈥檙e not at all. That mindset you mentioned is a really dark palace to be in and it feels like no one understands…but I at least do and that鈥檚 why I wouldn鈥檛 mind at all being there if you needed someone to speak to. But I hope you have a good rest of your day, are practicing self care and hope you take my words to heart. Stay safe and warm out here!

Wow, impeccable writing....As someone who's a huge fan of exploring more "dark" character psychologies, I really, really loved this. Often in real life, you hear things about these sorts of relationships where the person in Liber's position may say "When he's happy things are good. He only gets angry sometimes" and things along those veins. (Along with the manipulation and almost purposely looking for a reason to be cruel, of course.) It really puts into perspective how easy one can fall into this mindset of accepting certain things and rationalizing certain things because of the love bombing that follows. When you're on the outside looking in, it's easy to tell people to leave, but this gives a really nice perspective into how easy it is to rationalize things when you're in the position.

I found "Master" to be rather tame in comparison to similar characters I've seen, but then again I wonder if even me thinking that also proves my above point because there's really nothing tame about not wanting someone to leave a room. I think people in Liber's position in real life use the same justifications with thinking things like "oh well he only does this to me, that's not as bad as it could be" especially since mental/emotional manipulation is brushed off more than anything physical and seen as "not as bad." Just really interesting and put things into perspective.

This is the first game I've played by you/your team, but omg I hope you consider making more and lengthier projects with dark psychological themes like this!

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Lol games aren't required to have customizable gender to cater to your whining and whims, would you go to a book store then complain to an author that the main character is a woman? No, you wouldn't. That's the type of character they chose for their story. Customizable gender usually allows for a sort of "blank page"/self-insert into the role of a main character and not every game is going to be made for self-insertion but to tell a story through a specific character's point of view. (I myself prefer the opposite as I don't care to self insert and prefer a character that has more depth.)

You can always request that a dev considers making a story that involves character customization, but what you said is not in any way a valid form of constructive criticism. You sound ridiculous quite frankly, which is why you're getting downvoted. No one is forcing you to do anything, you see that the MC is a woman so if you don't like that, don't play. There are other games with other gender options you can play. "Wahh, game devs didn't change their story to fit MY wants" is not constructive criticism. But based on some of your other replies, you don't seem to be a very nice person at all and just say rude/demanding things to game devs so it's not surprising. Still, the world doesn't revolve around you. Grow up.

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AHHHH Congrats on your release! I'm super excited that it's already here! I know what I'm losing sleep over tonight 馃ぉ馃ぉ馃ぉ

P.S: Super obsessed with the Demonheart world and if you guys spent your entire career working on games surrounding this lore, I would never tire of them 馃槀 But also just recently played Jester/King a few weeks ago and was obsessed. Just wanted to say that I love the work you guys do and super appreciative at what you guys put out! Thank you for working hard for us fans.

No rush at all! Writing so many chapters is no small feat, it sounds like a book's length! Could NOT imagine plotting all that. Honestly I don't know how indie devs do it at all for even smaller projects, there's so much time and effort that needs to go into making games but it's difficult to make a career out of >.< so most do it as a side hustle or hobby. It takes work and dedication to work on games despite having a busy adult life so I completely understand and am so proud of you for even trying! The fact that you have completed works here already is already so impressive. (You're honestly such an inspiration, I really need to do better at using my time better lmfao I never finish anything I start. 馃ゴ Frustrating when you have no motivation/energy after work to spend time on your passion.) But yes take your time and thank you for even sharing your art with us! I'm looking forward to whatever other smaller projects you have going on as well!

I know it's been a while but I would love to see this continued >.< Or really anything you create LOL I'm just still such a fan of your work. Such a unique vision you have, not just in graphics but in storytelling as well. I'm still captivated years and years later. I usually hold off on reading stories until they're finished but I gotta say that this is definitely tempting me lol.

Hope you guys are doing okay Synokoria! I miss you guys >.<VN scene aint the same without ya. Would definitely financially support any future products you guys put out, your work deserves monetization! Stay safe out there and have a good Holiday season.!

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Heyy there ^^ Just checking in on ya, posting here since this is the only project of yours I can find that's not already finished. Was randomly thinking about/craving a Sayumi101 story lol! I remember reading your stories always gave me an emotional journey and brought me joy so your games cross my mind every now and then. I've played all your games without having realized they were all yours at the time haha. Hope life is treating ya well hun! Whenever you come back and make a game I'll be supporting and rooting for you! Even if it takes 10 years haha I'll always be lurking as a ghost and supporting from the sidelines lol! You spoil us with the stories you put out so I'm happy to wait however long. Have a Happy soon-to-be Holidays!!

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Really want to play this so bad, have been lurking it for months and months, but I want to wait until it's finished >.< I never play games unless they're finished to save myself the heartache and yearning LOL. I hope one day you come back to making it and finish it.

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Hey there Chiel ^^ Like some of your other commenters, I have not been here since your wedding, but I always get the updates sent to my email and always get a warm feeling inside knowing how hard at work and dedicated you are to this game. I've been following for years since I was a young teenager (24 now) and enjoy not only your artistry but also who you are as a person. Your kindness, passion, devotion, reliability...I've never met you in my life so I guess it's only my assumptions but my judgement based on your words and actions lead to seeing you as a very wonderful person with a big heart of gold.

That's why it saddens me to see you going through all this pain. That's why I think that you deserve someone who's going to see all those wonderful traits about you and will appreciate you. You deserve to be appreciated for all those wonderful aspects that make you who you are. If some stranger online can sense how amazing you are, then someone who is/was literally married to you should be seeing that ten-fold. (Really these men should be groveling at your damn feet and worshiping the ground you walk on but I'll reign back my personality for now ._.) ^^" You don't deserve to be just tolerated, you don't deserve to be someone's "Whatever". You're worth more than that as a person. I went back through some of the previous updates to understand the situation a bit better, and...throughout all those updates, there's not at one point where he even attempted to compromise or care or understand your feelings.

I just had a conversation recently with someone about relationships and how how people respond to conflict says a lot about them. (It's almost good to have slight conflict early on when dating someone in order to see how they react, though that's not to say to make conflict up lol!) But how people respond to conflict says a lot, and he's the type to shrug his shoulders and close his ears. That's in no way a healthy strategy for a healthy relationship; the biggest downfall in relationships is actually bad communication. In this case, it's not even just bad communication but also that he does not care and is not willing to fight for you. He never compromised either. Those are literally 3 major core parts of a relationship (compromise, communication, and actually loving/caring for your partner) and I have yet to see him display one....I think you should go back and read the comments in the devlog you had that said "emergency update;" also read your own words. I don't want to be someone that tells you what to do, me I honestly can't see what he has left to offer you. I think giving him another chance would be holding on to something that once was; holding on to an idea of someone versus who they actually are.

I think it's hard for you because you see it as him changing after taking over his parent's shop. I'm sure it's crossed your mind that "If he just gets away from them, he will go back to his old self who was fun and happy, and we'll be okay again." But the thing is, even if he gets away from the shop...he still did not see you as someone worth fighting for or trying to compromise for. He never gave you any effort. Your marriage is not the priority to him. And again, it's not even about priority but the fact that he didn't even care to fight for you. Even if he still gave the shop priority and attempted to fight for your relationship, maybe it would have been salvageable. But he never attempted that even before things got to this point. Yes people can change for the worst but....I don't think it's a matter of him changing, I think it's never been in his nature to fight for you.

I'm very about like people feeling confident in themselves and loving themselves and respecting themselves. I have my own insecurities just like anyone else but I also got to a point in my life where I respect myself enough not to tolerate mess. It doesn't even take you being fully secure in yourself or fully loving yourself to have respect for yourself. I think it takes a level of self love and respect to love someone else while being able to separate yourself from them because they damage your energy and don't appreciate you (and quite frankly, he does damage your energy. You have to force yourself to update sometimes because you're so sad, and this is something you LOVE doing. It shouldn't be like that). Most people have that self respect in them even if they don't see it. The fact that you made yourself clear and tried to compromise and stood up for yourself shows that you do have the respect for yourself to not be treated as someone's option. I'm so proud of you and happy for that because it's not easy at all to separate from someone you love. But the value you have in you as a person and the love you give and all the amazing traits that make you YOU....all of that deserves to be celebrated and appreciated. You deserve to receive the love that you give back to others. The person who marries you shouldn't even be able to imagine life without you. So I think my stance is pretty clear on about giving him another chance ^^" Unless he does a full 180 and changes his actions, but...quite frankly, I do think you deserve better.

And I'm religious like you as well and, sadly it often leads to long, unhappy marriages for many people because of the religious implications tied into it. A lot of traditional people see it as inescapable. My mom spent 13 years of her life being unappreciated by my dad due to religion. She married him a bit too soon and when she shouldn't have really because they wanted to follow the no sex before marriage thing. He honestly was never a good match for her. Some dude warned my mom about him before the marriage and said he was a "dog" lol, warning him about my dads cheating ways. She never straight up caught him cheating but she kept finding evidence of him talking to women and things like that to the point where it lead to a divorce (he literally had a woman over our house when we were out of town who could describe our house in detail!!!) I was there with my mom through it all as a kid, from her finding the emails and texts and talking to her friends and crying. I saw it all. And honestly I just wouldn't wish a long and unhappy marriage on anyone for the sake of religion or convenience or holding on to memories. She literally did so much for my dad and he did nothing. He did yard work and stuff, built a deck in the back lol but in terms of doing literally anything else, he was trash. My mom was basically a maid. She deserved better than him. She also had us as kids which made it harder to want to leave, and a very expensive house. At least you are financially independent with no kids, it makes it easier to walk away.

Anyways, I think I made this wayyy too long haha, but I just wanted to show my support. I'm not anyone important or credible to give advice honestly LOL but, if you ever do need to talk to someone in more detail, I'm willing to listen! My twitter is "simplyxki" if you want to reach out (my previous twitter got banned for arguing with people LOL but it was the same handle as my personal IG which is justxkiera) so feel free to reach out.

I'm going to leave off with a light-hearted TikTok for you lol! I'm not a huge fan of these TikTok kids (*shakes cane in the air*) but this one was quite funny and fitting. Explicit/NSFW in dialogue so keep that in mind xD Might not be your type of humor since it's rather crude but idk maybe it will make you laugh haha, I send it to all my friends who go through issues with guys and it's saved to my phone!

Video (13 secs) (original video deleted so this is a duet/reaction video)

LOL basically that's my way of saying that there are guys out there who will appreciate you more than he ever could (going back to the "worship the ground you walk on" bit 馃槀). There are 7.8 billion people in the world now, there's definitely a better option out there somewhere that will give you what you deserve.

We love you and will always be rooting for you and your happiness! You deserve nothing less than the utter love and happiness you put out into the world! Thank you for being you and I hope you go to heal from this, no matter what happens. And I'm serious when I say my inbox is completely open if you'd like to talk! I'm the therapist friend for sure haha. And take a break if you need to! None of your fans that have stuck beside you this far would ever hold it against you to take any breaks! Take time for self care, even if you have to set an alarm every day to stop what you're doing and focus on some sort of self care. Whether that be eating some good food, sleep, watching/reading something, mediation, exercise...whatever helps you relax and what you consider self care. You deserve it love!

What will it take to get more "pizza party pre-game scenes" ;_; 馃様馃様馃様馃様馃様 I'll pay whatever they want just take my whole wallet, ANYTHING to get more scenes. 馃槀馃槀 I'm STARVING idcidc

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Edit: OMG I completely agree with everything ;_: I just finished playing a few hours ago and I'm already missing Derek like he's a real person LMAO. He was way too relatable an his struggles hit very close to home. I agree in that while Cove's story was very sweet and I loved every thing about it, Derek's felt more grounded and real. Except literally Derek himself....he's is a total hunk with a heart of gold which is a rare combination. ;_; As with Cove's story, I really felt like I was a part of their family and the writer(s) did a good job of really fleshing out his character and his actions that reflected that.

And to your last bit, I always wondered the accuracy of that "small coastal community" vibe that often gets portrayed in games like this. Not sure if you will see this comment, but if you do, I was wondering if you feel that San Diego gives off this same energy this this game does? It's always interesting/amazing for me to see an artist capture the "vibe" of places, people or things they see in real life and be able to re-create that in their art.

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Sooooo it is 8 AM my time, meaning that I have been awake for 24 hours to finish this DLC 馃槀 (Started playing a few days ago but Step 4 alone took an all nighter to finish). I literally neglected my schedule and duties for this day onwards because I literally could not stop playing. I constantly read so many books, fanfictions, VNs, watch romance asian dramas lol, play through so many emotional games...For really good stories, I feel incredibly deep emotions and butterflies in my heart that leave me buzzing for days, weeks or even months after. This DLC really made my jaded, cold heart (lol) believe in a genuine love. It's been a really, really long time I got that from a story, probably at least over 2 or more years..  This DLC made me feel those butterflies and happiness once more. And this game is so pure and sweet. I'm a bit too jaded to believe that I would romantically come across someone as amazing and lovely as Derek 馃槴馃槴 He's really such a prince and everything you could ever want in a partner. This DLC also inspired me a lot. As a fellow artist who works in video and editing, the inspiration is quite a lovely surprise since I normally am only inspired when I am feeling negative emotions.

I really think I'm going to carry this story with me for a while <3 I did NOT expect this DLC to resonate with me but instead be a cute little add on that I play quickly. But this DLC was extremely fleshed out and an emotional ride. I really thank you guys for all the hard work you continue to put into your games and for giving us readers a peaceful place to escape. I could go on and on as I have wrote paragraphs for reviews before, but I'm literally falling asleep after every line I type at this point.  馃槀 Thank you guys again for this experience! And for giving me false hope and false expectations of getting someone like Derek IRL ;_;

(Edit: Okay soooo I'm waking up a few hours later and I feel like I'm going through a break up from having finished this DLC 馃槀馃槀馃槀 I feel so empty. I'd kill for some more Derek content ;_;)

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Omg now you're gonna make me cry ;_; Okay sorry in advance, but....I'm about to leave another wall of text because I have to speak my mind! It's REALLY long so be prepared >.<

As a fellow person in the arts, (video editing/ography,) and in a world where art is not always appreciated at that, I completely get the self-doubt and relate too much. I wish I could remove the doubts from your mind and you can view your own work like others view it! I know it's not as simple as someone telling you your writing is amazing for you to believe it but >.< Damnit it's true lol!!! I'm losing my mind haha it's always the hella talented artists being insecure!! You should be feeling arrogant instead. 馃槀 All I can do is tell you that I'm completely gushing over your work and I was shook that you weren't some major development team with a bunch of games already released like the Japanese otome studios do. And okay, I just peeped that you wrote for DUFE and OMGGG >.< That was my fave game from that jam so like?! And I also played and loved Snow Angel and Far Shore too, didn't know you were like the main writer for that studio so I'm even further amazed! You managed to give so much depth to those characters for such short games, again I see the complexity in the characters that seems to be a unique skill of yours?! The nuances and thought you put in here is not lost on me! I'm sure you have a lot of nuances and thoughts and hard work and hourrrrrss that you put in that the readers may not consciously observe due to most people not being literary analysts, but the enjoyment people experience reading your work speaks for it being noticed subconsciously! The effort you put in and subtextual information really does not go unnoticed and makes for a wonderful reading experience. I guess to wrap up about all that, all of these stories made me emotional and really feel immersed in the world that was created. The type of immersion where you can forget all your problems and escape away; snuggle up on a lazy evening and experience a whole emotional experience removed from reality. Really be there with the characters, you know? My only issue was wanting more of all of these stores and being disappointed when they were over LOL. That whole "what am I supposed to do with my life now?" feeling you get after reading a good story, and the emptiness, the void starts creeping in. 馃槀馃槀

To be totally honest with you, I'm very picky when it comes to stories. I only praise and read ones I enjoy. I'm 24 and between VNs, books, games, and fanfictions, I've been reading/playing since I was a single digit year old kid. I've gone through hundreds and I'm just very picky on what I consume. I drop stories that I can't really get immsersed in. And definitely don't sit for literal hours writing these overly-long walls of text unless I did enjoy it haha. For every few games or stories I enjoyed and react positively to, there's tons more where I was just like meh and said nothing about. Or just kinda casually enjoyed but wouldn't write home about or anything. I'm not anyone important to be some measurement of standard but for what it's worth, you have a picky reader that enjoys your work so just know that I would not bother if I did not value your work!

Lol but, I know it sounds like I'm just sucking up at this point but it's honestly my sincere feelings and I find it important to share them. A lot of times people will enjoy a game or story but not comment and so I wanted to take the time to let you know that your work is valuable. All it takes is one intrusive thought of self doubt or one critical/negative comment to ruin your confidence when it comes to being vulnerable with your art, even if you have hundreds of positive comments. I want to at least share my positive thought because even if someone else or your own mind critiques you, I want you to know that there are still tons of people, myself included, who love your work and believe that what you create is valuable! Your work is valuable and YOU are valuable.

Anyways, I think I've taken enough of your time tonight ._. I kinda just realized how much I typed. I'm sooo sorry omg, I do have a habit of typing entirely too much and tell myself every time that I will type less...clearly to no avail. 馃槀 But I like to communicate; kindaa in theme to your story with Aramis but I don't ever like to leave your room for doubt or guessing. If something makes me feel positive, I want that person to know. It breaks my heart that someone so talented feels constant self doubt, but...alas it's the curse of  an artist. You are incredibly brave and powerful for continuing to create and vulnerably put your work out there despite the self doubt. I know it can be disheartening and frustrating sometimes, but don't forget that this isn't just work but is something that brings you joy too! Whenever you feel lost or unsure, just go back to that happy place with writing, even if it is taking a break and working on some random fanfic writing prompt on Tumblr or something lol. Or engage in other ways that  engage your creativity. I literally just noticed that that's also reletable to Aramis's route lol!

You're clearly a pro so I'm sure you have your vices without me telling you. Just know that I am inspired and proud of you and for putting your work out there! And actually finishing something that one starts is difficult, so you are a badass! You don't have to say anything in particular to my raving review here LOL, might be overwhelming asf to read but you definitely do not owe me some grand response back. I am just happy if it brings you any amount of pride and validation because you definitely SHOULD feel that!

Anyways, that's all! (Sorrryyyy againnn omfg ^^") SUPER EXCITED to hear the news about your future project!!! I already know it'll be fantastic, like no pressure but you've already earned my trust in your writing so 馃槀 Will definitely be looking out!

(4 edits)

AHHH I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GAME!!!!! YOU GUYS DID NOT MISSSSSS!!!!!!! You guys have that "It' factor to make some really great games and stories; I hope your team plans to make more in the future!!!! I enjoyed every second of it and the voice acting really tied it together nicely. They both did incredible and somehow fit so perfectly! I was so flustered with those flirty lines from Aramis's VA lmfao I was screaming the whole time!! Really loved the pacing and as others mentioned, how you showed healthy relationship values/respect/consent through your writing.

And for character development, omgggg I loved them all! The main character's thirstiness was so relatable 馃槀 lmfao but yeah I really loved the depth to all the characters. Characters are one of my favorite things to like go on a tangent about and psychoanalyze, especially the darker sides of people, so I just won't 馃槀 But just know I loved them all! and you guys did amazing creating them! SO appreciative that you guys created characters with so much realistic depth to them and complexity that often kind of gets not explored so well in otomes (or if it is, it'll be kind of archetypal characters with the typical sorts of personalities and struggles. I like how these characters actual felt REAL with their own, specific problems and not just problems that an author made up for the sake of making up, ya know? Doesn't feel forced in.) Here I go with my tangent lmfao lemme stop!

Goshhhh I really really hope you guys have more things planned, I have major respect for writers like yourselves with the talent you have to not only make an interesting story that I can't stop obsessively reading, but also a story that's just done SO well in terms of form and skill. So kudos to the writers and editors for putting a concise narrative together! Major respect for the artists as well as I really enjoyed the character art and the user interface's unique aesthetic. For the music, I thought the music was super cute and fit the theme of the game perfectly. Wasn't distracting and perfectly complementary for the game. Last but not least, shutout to the coders as well for making this all possible and their efforts! You guys are all amazing!

Sorry for the gushing and long review ._. I will be greedily hoping that and waiting for you guys to post more work in the future. 馃槵馃槵