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Hello ! Edwyn isn't out yet but it's the first route we will release indeed ! Then we will try to release a new route per year (or two years if necessary). The order of release is not 100% sure, I thought about Elric > Alienor > Fen > Eminence > Lioren, but maybe we will make our community votes instead ^^ 

We know it's a long wait, but since are all working for free, in our free time on this, we can't rush ourselves and just enjoy our slow but real progress !


So we could wait up to 10-12 years for the full release of Anoldor? Maybe you could start a patreon page to help support the development to speed up progress?

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Hey, thanks for your concern! Tbh, I hope it won't be this long, but for the full progress I guess it would be around seven years (including this one). Maybe one day we will open a patreon, but it will be more to help us creating assets we are not able to do ourselves. Because, for speeding up the process would means quit our full time job to go at least half time. Which means - even if we limit to the core team only - 4000€ per month (ok 3200 if we accept to earn less money while still being able to live correctly)  + extra to still reward the other members (like proofreader). And even if we are very lucky to have a community supporting anoldor development, I don't think we are at this level at all. Also, we can't just "try to see" since, french administration is really a pain in the neck and I am struggling to get back the money donation from itchio because of legal issues. 

Maybe once several routes are release and we proove the quality of our work and commitment, this will become possible and thus will speed up the release of the other routes ! Who knows it would be wonderful since I personnaly would love to work part time or full time dev. We just have to be realistic especially in this time of chaos !