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Happy New Year to you, too. Well, I hope you won't have to wait too long for him ^_^

Many thanks for your interest

Ah, thank you. Knowing people are excited helps keep me going when I am flagging.

I hope you enjoy the route ^_^

And a Happy New Year to you! Yeah, I never really noticed how much had been written until I did the maths at the end of the month - December doesn't have a lot of distractions for me, so it was a good month. 

Hoping January will be the same ^_^

Many thanks for your support

Happy New Year to you, too - With any luck, Charlotte will be the next route the backers pick.

Ah, thank you - I'm glad you're still excited. I don't think anyone would be blamed for just being 'over it' after this long a wait.

Happy New Year ^_^

Many thanks and happy new year to you, too ^_^

Many thanks for the kind feedback. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the game - especially Charlotte's route.

Many thanks for playing ^_^

Ah, thank you for your kind words. I wish you all the best for the new year, as well.

Yes, I think they started here about 4pm, lol

Hmm, I don't think it will be unbalanced, but obviously that is something I can monitor as I work on the other routes ^_^

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How is 2022 so far? Okay? I've got a couple of hours to wait yet. ^_^

Yes, I look back at the 50k per route and wonder what I was thinking. I was still in denial after Bastien's route came in at 150,000 - now I think I've just accepted that each route will be as long as it needs to be.

Many thanks for your support over the past two years ^_^

Hello and thank you for your feedback - I am glad to hear you enjoyed the first game.

As for having a child, it is possible in many of the routes, but it requires you to select certain options during the game (they are obvious). My basic idea was, I wanted the option to be there, but didn't want to force any players into having children if they did not think their character would do so. ^_^

Many thanks for your interest

Ah, thank you for your kind feedback - I'm so glad everyone us being so patient when it comes to the route.

I hope you're doing well, too. ^_^

Ah, I'm glad to hear you are excited. 

Hmm, I'm not sure about Leo's route taking long (I think I have a pretty strong idea of how it will go already), but I always knew Guillaume's would take while to write considering all the sources of conflict in his route, which is why I wanted to start it sooner rather than later. I hope it is worth the wait. ^_^

 Ah, thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the first two routes. Yes, the artist has a lovely way of depicting scenes – I’ll pass your compliments on. ^_^

 Thank you for your patience ^_^

 I will - you take care, too, and thank you. ^_

 Thank you for the encouragement ^_^

Ah, thank you – I really hope the route is worth the wait after all this build up. ^_^’

 Thank you - I’m glad you find the updates reassuring rather than a disappointment. I know I always feel a bit deflated when I have to post and it still isn't finished. But we are getting there... ^_^

Ah, thank you, Bobcat.

Yes, I've been a bit more stressed about this route than the first two – I think because it has taken me so long. I really wanted to be finished by now, but I know rushing things will just ruin the work I have done. I just have to be patient with myself. >_<

Thank you for being so understanding - I hope the wait is worth it.

P.S. Your profile picture is très cuté ^_^

Hello there, I just published a new devlog now.   

Many thanks for your interest ^_^

Hello lex12 and catdevpete, just to let you know a new devlog has been published which may give some insight here. 

Many thanks for your interest ^_^

Hello and thank you for your interest. Yes, it is still an active project - I am currently working on Guillaume's route.

Many thanks

I'm fine, thank you for asking. This time of year is always busy for me, but I will manage. ^_^

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Going well, I think. The game is now over 500,000 words and Guillaume's route is on day 12 of 16. There is lots of branching towards the end though, so that will take some work to balance. 

I'll do a general update soon.

Thank you for your interest

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Just to let you know, the Steam version is now updated too ^_^

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Just to let you know, the Steam version is now updated too ^_^

Hope you enjoy it ^_^

Hello and thank you for your interest, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Bastien's route and that you found Sofia's an interesting read. ^_^

Yes, Fred is the MC's biological sibling. 

Many thanks for playing (et bien cordialement ^_^)

It seems from other comments that replaying the game is popular before a new route on Thorns is released, so I am glad I could have this done before Guillaume's route is finished ^_^

Many thanks for playing

Ah, thank you. I was happy, too, once it was finished. I am looking forward to the new music and backgrounds being done, as well.

Many thanks for playing

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Yes, Steam is my next stop. It is more complicated than itch though, and I do not have to use it as frequently, so I hope to read up on the user guides this week and get the update posted by the end of Sunday (8th).

Many thanks for playing ^_^

You're very welcome. I've been wanting to update the game for a while now, so this seemed like a good opportunity. 

Many thanks for playing

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I'm actually thinking that, with the 6 week beta period I have after the route is finished, it will be closer to the end of September at this rate. 

The route is going well and I've had some good feedback from my playtesters, but the route has been more complex than I was expecting and that has delayed things somewhat. 

I plan to release a proper devlog update later this week with more details, but in the meantime, many thanks for your kind words and on-going support - I hope the route will be worth the wait ^_^

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Yes, I hope to update the Steam version soon, as well. I'll post here once it is up.

Many thanks for your interest ^_^

No, I am afraid not. The route ended up being more complex than I originally anticipated. I've updated the page information, but I'll be doing a devlog sometime this week with more information.

Many thanks for your interest ^_^

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Sorry, I am not sure how I missed this, but thank you for letting me know you enjoyed both the GXG routes in the game, especially Charlotte's ^_^

Many thanks for playing

Hello and thank you for your interest. I can confirm that all available romances from Rose are continued in Thorns and that includes Frederique (no judgement ^_^)

Many thanks for playing

Hello and thank you for your interest. 

Work is continuing steadily. Guillaume's route is halfway to being finished, though I would say the full game will be a while away yet. Each route is currently averaging over 100,000 words (more than double my estimates) and I have five and a half routes left to write.

I actually have plans to post an update on Thorns at the beginning of next week, so I will reveal more details then.

Many thanks for reading

Thank you for your kind feedback - I'm very glad to hear you have enjoyed the game so far.

Many thanks for playing