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Yeah, I kind of figured they probably would be over the 50,000, but I couldn't really say anything until I was sure. 

Sofia's route might break 100,000, but I don't think it will be much longer than that if it does. 

The other routes are probably about the same, and will come in at about 80,000 -100,000 words. I doubt any apart from the single route will be as long as Bastien's for reasons that will probably be clear once people play his route.

Glad to hear you liked the soundtrack and thanks for the feedback ^_^

No problem. I'm glad to hear you like the dress ^_^

No problem - I hope you like the overhauled look of the demo. ^_^

Yes, all okay here. I hope things are well with you and I'm glad to hear you're looking forward to the release

Glad to see you're excited!

Thank you for your kind encouragement - I'm looking forward to the release too ^_^

Thanks - it's always nice to have some progress to report ^_^

Many thanks for the kind feedback – I’m very happy to hear you enjoyed TROS and are looking forward to the sequel.

As for the Guillaume ‘loveless/marriage of convenience’ route. There are going to be a couple of romance options, (I haven’t written that route yet, so I don’t know who for certain) and some of them will be characters from the first game, but not all of the characters will be available.

The thought process behind it is that when the MC married Guillaume in this manner, firstly, she rejected her ‘true love’ (some of them aren’t going to have taken well).

Also, she became the Princess, so there is going to be a huge risk associated with ‘romancing’ her (and essentially enabling her to commit adultery on the Prince) and that isn’t a risk everyone is going to be willing to take. Not to mention, the MC has been living at the palace for the last two years – certain characters aren’t going to be seeing her regularly anymore, if at all.

I hope that gives you some insight into which love interests might be available in the ‘loveless/marriage of convenience’ route.

Many thanks for playing 

Hello there and many thanks for the kind feedback, I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed the first game. As for the ages, I believe Sofia and Charlotte are both 18, Frederique is 20, Bastien is 24, and Leopold is 25.

I never defined them anywhere, but there are hints in most of the routes. ^_^

I hope this answers your question. 

Many thanks for playing.

Many thanks for the kind feedback - I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed the game and I will pass your compliments onto the artist.

Many thanks for playing

Hello, Moonyasnow

In TROS, in order to get on Frederique's route you need to complete all the other LI routes and then start a new game. When it comes to the first scene in the game with an options menu (in the carriage as you travel through Florentia) a new option should have opened up beneath the others. Selecting this will get you on his route.

I hid his route pretty well as I didn't want anyone stumbling on to it who did not want to romance him. 

You can find more information on the route in our guide here:

Or if you are having any trouble, please do drop me an email here:

Many thanks for playing

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Hello, Sandpixie

Thank you for your interest - the game is coming along. 

The current word count is 206,889 and I am working on Sofia's route. I will be posting an update here once I feel I am about 1/3 way through the route, which I hope won't be far away. 

That will also give me an idea of whether this route (as well as Bastien's) will overrun the 50,000 word estimate I had in place, and I can then consider how that will affect the time-frames.

I hope that gives you an idea of how things are progressing until the next update.

Hello and thank you for the kind feedback. 

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed TROS and I hope you enjoy the sequel just as much. 

Many thanks for playing 

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Hello, and thank you for your interest - I am glad to hear you enjoyed the first game.

I have yet to open pre-orders as I currently don't have a solid date for release. Once I do, I will look at opening pre-orders for those who want to get the game early. 

Many thanks for your support.

Hello and thank you for the positive feedback - I'm happy to hear you liked the writing in the first game (and the art - I'll let the artist know), and found the MC appealing.

I hope you enjoy the sequel similarly.

Many thanks for playing 

Thanks. I'm excited too. ^_^

Me too! ^_^

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Thanks you.

And yes, the routes will have multiple endings. As an example, Bastien's route had three endings with another three factors affecting said endings, so it's depends how you want to count them, but there is definitely more than one.

Ah, I'm glad to hear that you aren't put off by the increased length and thanks for the congrats. ^_^

No, there is no pre-order as yet, but we are very far away from release right now. Perhaps when we are a bit closer.

Thank you for your support though. ^_^

Hello, Ayael, thank you for your interest - I am glad to hear you enjoyed the first game and thing this sequel looks promising. 

And to answer your question, yes, there is a route for the 'secret romance'. He is a very popular character, so I would feel bad leaving him out.

Many thanks for playing.

Hello, Skippie89, I'm very glad to hear you've enjoyed the story so far. To answer your question, well, it was supposed to be an October release, but my word count estimates so far have been inaccurate. 

I hoped to write about 50,000 words per route, but Bastien's has just been finished at 150,000 so I imagine, if the rest of the routes run over the estimate as well, then the release will have to be reviewed/pushed back.

Sorry it is not better news, and many thanks for your interest.

Hello, kindgem, and thank you for your interest.

Yes, BFF will be finished (TBC means To Be Confirmed) - I will start work on the game again once Thorns of War is finished.

And, yes, both Thorns of War and BFF will be on Steam once they are finished. ^_^

Many thanks for playing

How odd. I'll see if I can look into that. 

Thank you for bringing it to my attention. ^_^

Hi there, sorry, but I am unsure which page you are seeing as the game is not yet available for purchase. 

It is still in development and only the demo is currently available for download. 

Many thanks for your interest

"I'm sure it will be amazing. "

Well, considering the amount of time I have spent on it, let us hope so! ^_^

Thank you, stay safe.

Hello Sandpixie, thanks for checking in. 

Progress is being made, but I have realised that my estimate (for Bastien's route, at least) is way, way off. 

I thought it would be done in 50,000 words, but it is currently (at my last check) 116,000 - that is longer than 'Rose' by 14,000 words, and this is just one route. 

I plan to post here and let people know once Bastien's route is finished - which I hope will be soon.

In the meantime, I hope you (and anyone reading this) is keeping safe and healthy.

All the best ^_^

Hi there. Thanks for the feedback - I'm glad to hear your enjoyed the game.

Many thanks for playing.

Thanks for letting me know you liked the game -  especially the Leopold route. I hope you enjoy the sequel just as much.

Many thanks for playing

Yes, there is still a long road ahead of us but we are getting there.

And, thank you for your support and for letting your friend know about the sale - every little bit of exposure helps us. ^_^

Thank you. I've been very fortunate that the same artist for TROS was willing to work on the game. 

Not long now for Bastien's route - I plan to send the first half to playtesters this week. ^_^

Ah, thank you.

No, by all means, I can understand wanting to wait for the whole game to be finished - I hope you enjoy it when you do get to play it. 

Many thanks for your kind feedback - I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed the first game and are looking forward to the sequel.

Thank you for your support ^_^

Ah, thank you for your kind feedback - I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed the game. It maybe a while to wait but I am hoping to release BFF at the end of next year (it got moved back due to my other game 'The Thorns of War' being successfully kickstarted.)

But I look forward to hearing what you think of the game once it is released. ^_^

Thanks for playing

Many thanks for your kind feedback - I am happy to know you'd like more of the story. As for the particular scenario you mentioned, scenes such as that will be explored during the loveless marriage route, so I hope you will at least get to see a little something of that aspect. ^_^

Many thanks for playing

Thank you for your kind feedback - I am happy to heard you enjoyed TROS. 

And, yes, TTOW will be on Steam . It will be released first on itch and then be realised on Steam probably a couple of months later, though anyone who bought the game on itch will be given a free Steam key, as well.

Many thanks for playing

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I can't really say if you'll find the ending satisfying or not (since that's more of a personal thing), but I do know that this game was originally made without any thoughts of a sequel in mind, so there is no deliberate attempt at a cliffhanger ending. 

Many thanks for your interest ^_^

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I just posted an update - I was waiting to hear back from the last NPC reward backer before I let everyone know. 

The total is £7814 (with KS fees still to be deducted), so our two stretch goals are safe - phew! ^_^

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Hello, AnnieIvanova, many thanks for your question. 

The way to get the King to choose you is to behave like a 'princess'.  

So doing things that make you seem meek, fragile, and perhaps even a bit stupid. 

Of course, that might not make you popular with any of the love interests, so the key is to balance this behaviour with things you love interest is going to like. 

A good tip here is to consider whether the rest of court can see you. If they can, anything you do will get back to the King, but if you are alone with your love interest or family, the King isn't going to know how you are behaving so you can do as you please.

There are also two points in the story where you mother writes to you letting you know (via how happy she is/is not with you) what the king things of your behaviour. This is supposed to help players track their progress.

I hope this helps, but if you would like a more in-depth guide on which options give you 'princess points' with the King, please email me at

Many thanks for playing

Ah, thank you for your kind support. Looking at the numbers, I think the second stretch goal is safe now so that is a weight off my mind. 

Yep, I'm looking forward to getting back to work - I hope people enjoy this game as much as the first ^_^