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Thank you for your comment. I am certainly aware that some MCs are going to have circumstances that make being married to Guillaume more problematic and I have plans to allow those characters to state as much and explore that in the route. 

As for the extra romance in Sofia's route, its a bit of a secret, so to avoid spoilers if you would like to message me at I will happily tell you more there. ^_^

Many thanks for playing

Sorry for the delay there. I know people were excited for his route. But I will be working on it again straight after this one. ^_^

Many thanks and I am glad to hear you're excited. Hopefully won't be too long before the route is released. ^_^

No problem. Many thanks for your continued support ^_^

Ah, thank you for the encouragement! ^_^

Ha ha, I was loosing it a bit in the second half of last year, but my faith is back now and as strong as ever.

Many thanks for playing

Happy Valentine's Day to you as well! 

Yeah, I thought that picture might be a bit of a give away ^_^

Glad to hear you're looking forward to the route and many thanks for playing.

I've actually been working on a devlog addressing just this and giving a general update on the game. Please feel free to check it out if you are interested ^_^

Sorry, I somehow missed this - I hope you had a nice new year. ^_^

I have no eta right now, sadly. I was having some trouble with the route and put it on hold while I worked out why I was not happy with it. I know Frederique is very popular and I did not want to risk producing something that might disappoint players. 

So I moved my attention over to the Loveless route and the word count there is just over 100,000 words as of this evening. I am hoping to complete the Loveless route this spring and then return to working on Frederique's route, but I will know more at the end of the month when I plan to publish a devlog with more details.

Many thanks for your patience

No problem - I hope you enjoy the game. ^_^

Many thanks for playing

Nope, not abandoned, just delayed a bit. I'll post an update when I have more news ^_^

Thank you for your interest 

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Aw, thank you - that is very sweet of you to say. I am hoping to have an update for players soon, so thank you for your on-going patience and support.

Ah, thank you for the kind feedback - I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Sofia's route. 

Many thanks for playing

Hello and thanks for the feedback - I'm glad you're enjoying the game so far. As for progress, I am currently working on the Loveless route and the word count is approx 68,000 words.

Many thanks for playing

Many thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed Leo's route and Sofia's too - I was happy to hear in your other post you got her best ending.

Thanks for playing

Ah, thank you. I've been working on it for so long now, I can't wait to hear what players think. ^_^

Many thanks for your interest

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Thank you for the feedback - Leopold seems to be a big favourite with players so I am glad you liked his route.

Many thanks for playing ^_^

Many thanks for your kind feedback - I'm happy you're enjoying the game and extra scenes.

Ah, yes, the play scene in 'Rose' was very fun to write - I'm glad to hear you found it amusing. ^_^

Frederique's route is on hold at the moment. I wasn't happy with certain aspects of it, and since I know how much people are looking forward to it, I didn't want to rush things. I am working on the Loveless route in the meantime and it is going well.

Many thanks for your interest

Many thanks for you kind feedback - I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the routes so far, especially Sofia's. 

Thank you for playing

Ah, thank you. I really hope it's worth the wait ^_^

Thank you for your kind feedback – I’m glad to hear you’ve enjoyed the routes so far.

And your predicament sounds like something I would do. I am not very good at resisting temptation, even when it would be to my benefit.

I remember once I had an 18 hour layover in an airport coming up, so I ordered a book I wanted to read to occupy me. It arrived, I read it straight away in the comfort of my house - despite there being many other things there to entertain me - and then got to spend 18 hours bored in the airport. >_<

I am happy to hear, though, that you did well in your exams. Many thanks for playing and I hope Frederique's route is worth the wait. ^_^

*laughs* Oh dear, I have put you in another bind. I hope you can be a bit more ruthless next time and get your happy ending with Sofia.

Have you tried lying to her? That's quite an interesting ride, too. ^_^

Many thanks for playing.

Ah, thank you. I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed it. ^_

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Oh dear. Sorry to put you in a bind. Maybe Sofia can be your 'cannon' playthrough - that's how I separate it in my head when I feel guilty romancing the other routes in games. ^_^

Many thanks for playing

Thank you ^_^

Hello and thank you for your interest - I'm glad you like the look of the game. Development is going well and I am hoping for a late summer/early autumn release for later this year.

Many thanks for playing

Ah, I'm glad to hear you are enjoying the game so far - I hope you like the rest ^_^

Hello and thank you for your purchase - I am sorry to hear you had trouble initially with the download. Any refunds are handled by and I believe the process for requesting one can be found here:

Many thanks again and all the best

I look forward to hearing your thoughts ^_^

Many thanks for your feedback on the demo – I’m glad it caught your interest for the sequel.

As for your questions…

No, I did not write Rose of Segunda knowing there would be a sequel and its popularity came as a surprise, but I am happy it worked out this way.

I’ve been asked before for some information on the world and I think I am leaning towards releasing something in the Extras menu before Thorns is officially released.

The loveless marriage route (as opposed to the MC being in love with Guillaume – pretending or otherwise) will be an entirely separate route and very different to Guillaume’s route, though I won’t go into any more details for fear of spoilers.

I probably can’t answer the last one, mostly because it depends on what you feel is ruthless/manipulative, but I will say that outright murder would be considered a very grave crime, wholly against the values of both the nobility and the Church, and one to which even the Duchess di Parisi would not stoop outside of the most grievous circumstances.

Many thanks again for your interest in the game ^_^

Thank you for your kind feedback. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game, especially Leo's route, and I hope you enjoy the Thorns demo, too. ^_^

Many thanks for playing

Yes, thank you. Frederique's route is slowly getting there. Just over 70,000 words now.

I hope you're doing well, too ^_^

Glad you're looking forward to the next route - I hope it's worth the wait. ^_^

Glad to hear you enjoyed the extra scene. Many thanks for playing ^_^

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Ah, sorry - not sure why you're being downvoted either! I thought it was clear you were joking and, of course, I was too!

Glad to hear you're looking forward to his route ^_^

Well, then you're going to be very disappointed with the next update ^_^

Thanks for playing.

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the scene - many thanks for your feedback. ^_^

Hope you enjoy it! ^_^

You're very welcome. Thank you for the support. ^_^

Aha, thank you and I will pass the thanks on - I hope you enjoy the scene.