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*laughs* While it would be nice to reach another stretch goal, I wouldn't want anyone to bankrupt themselves to do it. 

I'm happy enough to be making the game - anything more than that is a bonus. ^_^

For the finished game? Well, on the Kickstarter I put October 2020. I'd like to get it finished sooner, but 400,000 words is going to take me a while to write. ^_^

Anyone with Beta access will be able to access the routes as they completed though, as I recall from the demo, a lot of people don't like to play until all the routes are finished. 

Many thanks for your support.

Not at the moment, but I'll see what happens when I write the route - he is certain one of a few people who I can see risking it. ^_^

Hmm, is that dollars perhaps? I'm not sure as I can't see any other currency but my own.

But, yes, I'm really happy, too ^_^

Yep, with any luck it won't be the only one we hit. ^_^

Thank you ^_^

Ah, thank you. ^_^

I've been very lucky so far that the campaign as been this successful, and I don't know about deserved, but I'm certainly very grateful for all the praise, support and, of course, trust people have placed in me.  

Ah, thank you! I'm really happy too. ^_^

Yay! I just saw it and  quickly posted on Kickstarter! (I was just about to go to bed to continue my streak of being asleep whenever we hit a milestone, lol)

Thank you to everyone who pledged, shared, commented,  and offered feedback and advice here - your support has meant so  much. ^_^

Ha, sadly, I think it's more a time zone thing. ^_^

Well, there is not much to go now - only $332 dollars and it will be fully funded. Maybe we'll even get the first stretch goal as well, though I will just be happy to be making the game at all. 

Yes, four new NPCs. They will be one of the first reward tiers I work on (aside from sending out keys and such) since I want to make sure I can put them into the game world in a way that feels natural. It should be fun to see what people create. ^_^

Is it bad that I'm always asleep when we hit the milestones?  

At least I have something nice to wake up to. ^_^

Good idea. I'll get on it ^_^

With regards to Vesela and Mathys, though they might appear in routes where you are already romancing one of the other characters, they are only available to romance in the 'single' route. 

Currently, MC that are married to Guillaume, but not in a romance with him will only be able to romance Guillaume. This may change as I write, but romances will still be limited -  not many would tempt the royal family's wrath by having an affair with the crown princess. ^_^

Thank you for the congratulations - we're nearly there ^_^

I know, I just woke up and saw it! ^_^

I'm going to do an update on the KS page, saying 'thank you', this morning. 

I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far - I've just had the best start to mine. ^_^

Many thanks for the support, ToasterGnome - yes, we're slowly getting there ^_^

Ah, thank you! I plan to stick to Tumblr and Facebook for most days - I am already worried people are going to be sick of hearing about this game after the first week, lol.

Ah, I'm sorry you missed the Early Bird - there was one left when I checked this morning at 6am, so they all went in under 24 hours. 

Yes, the response has been amazing, though we're not out of the woods yet. ^_^

Many thanks for your support 

Thank you for your pledge.  I know, I can't believe the response we have had so far  - looking at the numbers just feels so surreal. 

Thorns of War is mentioned as a separate reward on that tier. I tried rephrasing the FAO description of the bundle, but then it sounded like Thorns of War was included in the bundle and the backer could then be expecting two copies.

I'll keep it as it is for now and if anyone mentions needing any more guidance, I might think about it again. 

Many thanks for the luck and all the best.

Ha, I know, but I'm a born worrier and it's not over until it's over ^_^

Oh, that's great. Many thanks for letting me know.

Many thanks for the pledge and the luck ^_^

Ah, thank you! I'll get that changed right now. 

Thank you! I hope it gets funded too - we're off to a good start!

Thank you! 

You can let me know via the 'Contact Me' button on my Kickstarter bio (The link is just below our logo at the top of the KS page) - that way I can match your message to your pledge.

Thanks again ^_^

They will be itch keys because when you have Heaven's Grave and Rose of Segunda downloaded on itch, you'll be able to download Steam keys, as well.  Devil is not yet on Steam, so it will be just an itch key for that one. 

Thanks for the luck ^_^

Many thanks for your support (and the luck)! 

I know, it feels so surreal to watch - I'm excited to see if we make it! ^_^

Many thanks you for your feedback – I’m glad to hear you like the general look of the page.

To answer some of your points…

+ I do like the scenes from between the two games (it’s actually one of the tier rewards), but I think if I were to make a whole game of them it would be very graphic intensive (if I went with the VN option over interactive fiction, that is), and I also worry it would take a lot of time away from making the main game. I  certainly might consider making a text game version, (I think a VN with all those extra backgrounds would be prohibitively expensive) but if I did it, it would just be a bonus extra I would make and release for free if I had the time.

+ A good suggestion, and I’ve already had someone unfamiliar with both games look over the page.

+ Well, I’ve mentioned it is a sequel in the title of the game, the game intro graphic, the demos section, and on the £6 tier where you can get TROS at a discount. But I’ve added it to the overview section, too, and I’ve added a link to the Steam page along with the itch page.

+ As for the tiers, well I have managed to circumvent my worries about having too many tiers if I added all the POV scenes separately, by no longer restricting backers' access to characters.

Now, the game will have 28 extra POV scenes AND whichever POV scenes backers wish to choose themselves. So if all backers at that tier choose Frederique, then that is what will be written, in addition to the 2 scenes each for TTOW and TROS which all characters (where appropriate) will get. It’s more work for me, but it’s more content and it means people can get what they paid for with no hassle.

I may put up a running total showing who has picked which characters so backers can make an informed choice, but I will no longer restrict the choice.

+ I had provided social media links on my profile, but I’ll add it to the main page, too. ^_^

+ There are 50 early bird spaces. I feel this will potentially generate enough early revenue to offset the loss in earnings.

I know people have very differing opinions on the early bird tier. I only added one at others’ suggestions and, since then, just as many people have told me to remove it. I see the logic of both sides, and I think it is one of those things where we have no way of knowing how it will turn out in this particular case until it is underway.

+ As for the trailer, I understand it is important, but as I mentioned previously, my financial circumstances right now will not provide for one (not even a cheap one). 

That said, while I was considering my options this week, I decided to try my hand at making my own. I’m not a complete newbie when it comes to this, but I certainly am rusty. If I can pull something together this weekend that I am happy with, then that is what we will go with.

Otherwise, gifs could be a good alternative/addition to this, so thanks for the suggestion.

Many thanks for taking the time to leave a detailed response and thank you, too, for your support. ^_^

 Many thanks for your feedback – I’m glad you like the look of the tiers.  

(1 edit)

 No, it was supposed to reflect the fact that you are also getting a £8 tier of rewards plus an £12 game for £15 – a saving. But I have increased the initial retail price to £20 so people are definitely getting a bargain.  

Thanks for the feedback ^_^

Many thanks for the feedback - I'm glad you like the look of the KS so far.

I've corrected those typos now (many thanks for spotting them).

As for the highest tier, no, it only includes the rewards as stated, not all previous rewards, so I've added a new highest tier which offers a selection of the high-level rewards for anyone who would like a greater level of input into the game world.

It's pretty pricey and I wouldn't be surprised if both (it is currently limited to two) are still left by the end of the campaign, but at least the option is now there for anyone who wants it. ^_^

Good idea. I will be sure to add it to the growing list of places I plan to publicise the campaign once it goes live.

Thanks  again ^_^

Ah, phew! I was actually really worried I'd priced you out of the tier you wanted and after you'd been so supportive, too. 

I'm glad to hear you can still get what you want ^_^

Thank you for the detailed feedback - I’ve taken people’s advice and increased the tier prices slightly and revised some of tier content. Please feel free to take a look at the new tiers and let me know what you think.

I've added TROS as its own tier, as suggested, and mentioned people can add it to other tiers. I’ll write a guide in the FAQ once I have access to it (not sure I do in draft).

I haven’t added the game to another tier along with TTOW as well though, as I was feeling the reward list was getting a little long.

The tiers where backers can design outfits are supposed to give the characters an alternative outfit, where appropriate. For example, someone helps to design a day dress for the MC. Now the MC has two dresses and I will use them both in game as they would be used in real life. So if the MC wears one on one day, she will probably wear the other the next day – or even change before she attends a salon that afternoon. They won’t be one-use game items – I would like for them to become a part of the world.

As it is, I’ve tweaked that tier a little and I’ve added something to the rewards section on the KS page that I hope clarifies what I hope for, but if you could have a look and tell me if it is clearer now, I would appreciate it. ^_^

Hmm, I thought KS had a way of letting people message me along with pledge, so I would see their choice, but perhaps having them as individual tiers would be better (though so long! I worry people are just going to get bored of scrolling down the rewards and give up!)

I’ll have to have a think about this further. 

Anyway, many thanks for the feedback and all the best

(1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback, ToasterGnome. 

Even after reducing them, I still have a good few tiers - including a £1, since I was given early advice about how that was useful in its own way. 

And I've increased the prices a little, too, and added a limited early bird tier.

All the best

 Please don’t worry about your tone – I am not looking to take offence from anyone kind enough to leave feedback

I’ve increased the price of the game and tiers based on the advice of several people - I don’t think my studio is in a position yet where I can expect a wage from the proceedings (cost of living is high where I am from so…), but that is okay for the time being. Once my studio is larger, this is something that I can look at again.

Good idea regarding adding a limit on revisions – it’s rare for me to ask for them, so they slipped my mind.

Thank you for the general feedback, too.

For Charlotte, it is supposed to indicate that though she is worrying for her whole family, she is worrying mostly about her younger brother (because he is acting aloof and seems super excited by the prospect of a war). I’ll run it by my proofreaders and see if it needs to be clarified.

Enrol is British English which is what I use

Guil Again, I’ll run it by my proofreaders

Mathys – It’s supposed to be the first one, but I’ll run it by my proofreaders (lol, they are going to be busy, it seems)

Many thanks again for your feedback and all the best

I am certainly not offended and I appreciate any and all advice people are kind enough to take the time to give.

I haven’t done this before and I would like to make my best attempt at making it a success.

In accordance with your advice (and others’, as well) I have bumped the tier prices (and the game price slightly) and reduced the number of smaller tiers.

If you have the time (and want to, of course) I would be interested to know what you think of the revised tiers once they are completed.

That said, many thanks for the advice you have already imparted. I was not able to follow all of it, but I am sincerely grateful that you took the time to share your experience with me.

All the best

(1 edit)

Ah, thank you, NikaWo. I am sorry to say there have been a few changes since you first looked at the page - I sincerely hope this has not affected you (though I suspect it will have).

I am sorry, too, that BFF did not get as many votes. I was really looking forward to finishing it (I was so close!), but I am also excited to be writing TTOW and exploring this new story. 

Fingers crossed the Kickstarter makes it. ^_^

(2 edits)

Many thanks for your feedback

I understand where you are coming from, but I see backer updates less as an exclusion for those who did not back, but more of an acknowledgement of the trust those who did back have placed in me, and their access to the most frequent and up-to-date information I can provide is a reflection of that.

Thank you for the well-wishes and your kind words - I hope it all works out, too ^_^

(1 edit)

Many thanks for taking the time to offer feedback. I will try to address all your points in order.

+ I personally think it helps to see the cost in dollars on the tier. I know it has helped me in the past. I know I am familiar with sterling but I understand that many people might not be, and I'd rather avoid the disappointment of people deciding on a tier only to click and then realise it is more expensive than they realised. So I thought including US dollars (a popular currency on the internet) would help at least some people avoid that.

+Unfortunately, I cannot afford a trailer, so this is not something I can do.

+Backer-only updates are now available for everyone

+I'll reply to your TROS suggestion in your other post

+There is now a discounted early-bird tier

Thanks again for your feedback. Please feel free to look over the updated KS once it is completed and let me know what you think.

Ah, thank you for your support and trust . 

Yes, I think the whole Kickstarter thing is going to be a learning curve for a few people, myself included. 

Thanks for the luck - I have no doubt it will be needed. ^_^