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Mizari Loves Company

Set in a fantasy world with its own lore, this otome game will enchant you. · By Reine Works

Story Feedback Sticky

A topic by Reine Works created Oct 30, 2019 Views: 816 Replies: 9
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Please post any story feedback below. Thank you!

Just wanted to say that I loved Anja's route; I was extremely addicted and played straight through (which is something I haven't done with a visual novel in a long time). Thank you for your obvious attention to detail and for creating an interesting story!

 I did want to ask-  it's not going to just end in the woods, is it? There's going to be more to the story? ^_^' (Please?)


We're so glad to hear that!

We were hoping to have hit the goal for the epilogues during MLC's Kickstarter, but that was sadly a bust, despite it being the first stretch goal... But, on further inspection, this was probably for the best as the epilogues, based on recent estimates, would total an additional 25,000 to 50,000 words each (so 75,000 to 150,000 words total). In the main game's production alone, we ended up going severely overestimate and over budget for the script. Instead of ~150,000 words, the game is over 250,000 words total.

That said, we haven't entirely given up on them. We've been tossing around the idea of just turning them into a fandisc, similar to what some Japanese otome games have. Probably a few months after MLC's full release, we'll come back to the epilogue outlines, revise them based on some changes that were made to the main game during development, flesh them out a bit more, and then do a fresh budget estimate. The only issue is, the campaign for it would most likely be at a much higher base goal than MLC, so we really aren't sure how successful it would be.

That definitely makes sense, thank you for the explanation! (And that gives me hope at least! ;) lol) Can't wait for the next routes!

Just recently finished Anja's Normal and Good ends! I'm with jwl-I need the epilogues! I absolutely loved Anja, which surprised me greatly. I got his Normal end at first, but after skipping through and changing a couple things, I received his Good end with no problem at all. I'm pretty sure I was close to getting it my first go around, actually. I think my issue was that I was prioritizing Mizari's healing abilities and professionalism. I left the castle for the battle (which no doubt lost me Anja points) and told Anja to help with the clinic right away rather than teasing him. I saw that you were having troubles leading players to his Good end, and just wanted to give my two cents on why that may be. 

Onto the characters and story! Anja's route pretty obviously endeared him to me, but it also endeared me more to Mimi. He was more my first pick, and seeing the antics he got up to helped satiate me, hahaha. I'm very interested in him and the couple hints to his more ruthless side. The King I'm still fairly neutral on-he comes across as suspicious to me. There are a couple loose story threads I noticed in Anja's route that lead me to give the King the side-eye. Never did get an answer as to what happened to the other healers....him yelling at Issen when Issen mentioned a bride was also a bit strange. I am waiting to see what other skeletons are in his closet, essentially.

As these uncertainties and implications appeared, Anja's honesty shined like a beacon. It could be cruel, rough, and aggressive-but if you ask him directly, Anja would never soften or lie. Again, as a player currently side-eyeing the King, I at this particular moment in the story,  appreciate Anja's shameless, unvarnished darkness.  Not many people would be so upfront about how one of the ways they de-stress is...that, and...I suppose, on some level, I find that admirable. It's clear why only someone like Mizari could get close to his heart. I enjoyed watching him be proven wrong and softened by Mizari, and how he effectively toughed her up and gave her strength in return. They balance each other out well, and make a truly deadly combination. His, uh, "scenes" were hot too, so hats off to whoever wrote them. Truly had me red in the face and internally screaming.

There's one scene in particular that stuck out in my mind. Before Mizari wakes up from her two day nap, towards the end. Was it a slight meta commentary? Perhaps I am connecting two unrelated dots, but it felt like a reply to  those who dismiss Mizari's character from the initial archetype she presents. Flowed into the story at well, as a lot of other characters say similar things about her, but I was just wondering if that extra layer was indeed there.

Ah, another thing about Anja's route I enjoyed, is that I felt equally rewarded for both the Normal and Good ends. I never felt "wrong" per se when I chose an answer that might not be Anja's preference. Sure, it might lead me to the Normal end, but the Normal end is pretty dang satisfying. I was given, to a certain extent, the ability to freely push and change the dynamics of Mizari's and Anja's relationship. For my Normal end route, Anja's and Mizari's relationship was somewhat bumpy. They had three "separations"-the first, Mizari hiding in the torture room and the fallout from that, the second her blowing up at him, and the third, her leaving on the military campaign. After each separation, they got closer.  Perhaps it isn't the "ideal", but  these added obstacles made each reunion more satisfying. 

Hm, I know when I started there was one thing I disliked, but the more I wrote the more I forgot what it was, lol. It was minor, so no big deal. Maybe I'll remember later. 

Thank you for this wonderful game! I can't wait for the other routes to release, Mimi's especially. If there's a KS for a fandisc/epilogues, I'll definitely support it. 


Thank you so much for the review! We're glad you are enjoying the game so far! And yes, there is some meta-commentary written into the script in several places. That particular instance certainly was intentional; we're aware that the way Mizari is first presented is a little insufferable (by design, in this case--a bit risky on our part, but we're hoping people will play long enough to get past the common route). 

Mimi is definitely a team favorite, both in and outside of his route. Hopefully, a few people will share our opinion by the end.

We don't want to spoil anything quite yet, but any lingering questions about the king will definitely be answered in his route. We're looking forward to seeing everyone's reactions!

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1) I played on steam (Issendra) but I am more confortable on itchio (if I knew I would have buy it here XD) 2) obvious spoiler ahead !

Hi ! First of all, thank you for this game, I really enjoyed it so far, the story is more refreshing than it feels in the first place :p

But I didn’t finish Anja route yet, because the sex scene with him (the first one I had in the torture room), really stepped me out of the story. Don’t mistake me, I love BDSM, I love sex scenes, and this one was really well writting, and erotic, on this matter I was quite impressed. But, to me, it feels really out of character. I couldn’t indulge myself on this scene because at the second Anja became too dominant I was feeling something was really off. Before this scene, everything is about being closer, more intimate with him. Teasing never stop, but they touch eachother more, they call eachother by name, they share intimate tought… When this scene happens, it feels like suddenly the passion is rushing, uncontroled desire flowing… and yet he is so much on control on this scene. When I was expecting something being really intimate, bringing them closer to eachother... On the end, it doesn’t feel intimate at all, it doesn’t feel like loosing your mind in a moment of weekness (for Anja at least), it only feels like him wanted to play with her a bit for fun which feels like a huge step back from the relationship they were creating at this point of the story. He says afterward, she helps him releasing his frustration and yeah, it could explain the scene, but in the same time, it's seems odd someone inexperienced, who never show any interest on woman, take his frustration out this way, without real second thought. Without feeling or deep desire involve, and those feelings weren't readable for me in the scene.

It really feel to me the BDSM aspect of the scene (him calling her his slave, ordering her around and stuff) came from nowhere. I liked him teasing her by making her admitting her desire, I think he is the kind of person afraid to loose control, and so it didn’t surprised me he was quite dominant, but when it becomes too much, it feels akward. (And once again, I am really fond of d/s relationship so it’s not because it’s BDSM, it’s because it feel not right in the context I didn’t liked it.) And MC reaction feels akward too. She is as inexperienced, she stammers when she says ‘sex’ she never ever think about sex before this moment neither about liking being dominated, but in this scene, suddenly she loves being called a slave/human even so she fight against it before ? And she says she love to be dominated ? The fact she slowly become aroused was really well writen, but the fact she liked being dominated really feel like coming from nowhere. Also himself definitely doesn't look like inexperienced. At everymoment it's like he knows exactly what he is doing and what he wants to do...

And after that, I was surprised, she just think back to the scenario. Like… she has sex  in a really rough way in a torture chamber with someone – a demon - she still has an ambiguous relationship with and she doesn’t even think about it afterward ? It’s good she is not ashamed, but still, even I would spare a thought about it and I am a pervert. Even ‘yeah it was good, I don’t regret it’, or the contrary, or questioning the fact she indulged herself, or questioning his dominant behavor… And when they see eachother the day after that, it’s like nothing happen. I saw in a scene later, in the bedroom, she has a thought for it, but that’s all. She even says he is a macaron, hard in the outside, soft in the inside… but on this scene he only shows his hard side to her ? Since in the intimacy, he behaved exactly how he did on the first place with her, he didn’t show a more soft/romantic/caring side of him at all, on the contrary, that’s why it feels, like this scene was misplaced to me.

It was hard to me to put word on what I felt playing this moment, I hope it’s clear >.< Please, be assured I really enjoyed the game so far, I think the writting is great, the art too, (particularly love the unique artstyle of the CG in this matter). I also feel like this sex scene had a huge potential because clearly you know how to write erotic and that’s why I think it might be interesting to heard my thought about how this scene doesn’t seem to fit on the atmosphere/flow of the story. Because maybe it’s only a mater of perspective, maybe I am missing something about Anja’s feeling on this moment and maybe this wrong impression can be corrected by few sentences so players can understand better his way of thinking at this particular point !

Anyway, keep your good work, I will get back playing soon since I want to know how everything end.


Thank you for the feedback!

We'd already made changes to the script relating to some of your points based on previous feedback, and we've now implemented a few more that we believe should more or less cover everything that was mentioned re: Anja's first smut scene. I believe you edited in more feedback after I originally read your comment, so we'll have to take a look at the other points for the next update.

It's a bit difficult to entirely correct the personality thing, but we edited the script so that it's (hopefully) clearer that Mizari is egging Anja on, in regards to the flow of progression.

Hi, I didn't edit the main content, just corrected a few grammar mistakes don't worry !

Also, I am really glad to learn the update you did, it's hard to write the perfect scenes but I am confident the game will be a blast since you take in consideration feedback. I look forward to read the change when I will play it again ! From now on I will finish this path and discover my ending ~

Thank you for your reply !

I just got done reading Anja's Normal Ending (going to go back and read more).  This story is so good and worth the price!  I can't wait for the rest of the story to come out.  I had me not wanting to go to be just to read this.