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Yes; this is actually the game Galaxy Girls is based on. Dharker Studio licensed it from us. :)

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what you mean by squares. Can you post a screenshot?

There is indeed. You simply need to press/hold the "ctrl" button.


Thank you very much for the kind words. We hope the full game will be just as enjoyable.

Wow, thank you for the kind words; I've passed them on to the development team! :) We're glad you enjoyed the game.


We unfortunately won't be writing a step-by-step guide for Reflections, but we can share a few general tips that apply to every route.

  • All affection points are carried over from the common route section.
  • To open a character's route, you only need 1 affection point with them.
  • The final "Where should I go?" event in the common route will raise your affection with the character you meet, even though there's no choice.
  • It's best to keep a save file at the very first choice relevant to the character you're pursuing, within the common route. It's easy to lock yourself into an ending if you're saving within a character's route itself.


You need to drop the file into TheWiltingAmaranth-1.15/game. If there's an error, you might've downloaded the old version of the patch from several weeks ago, in which case you'll need to re-download it at one of the links at the top.


You don't need to open the file. You drop it into the game folder as-is and then run the game normally. The quickest way to check that it's working is to open the gallery and check if there's an arrow leading to a second page.


We don't offer game keys for multiple stores through, and it doesn't seem like our Steam publisher is able to provide them at present. We'd like to ask everyone to make sure they buy the game through their preferred storefront.


Thank you for asking. The two game versions are identical, yes, but the Steam version also has achievements. 

In terms of profit share, we get the largest amount from than any other storefront. But, honestly, we want everyone to buy the game from their preferred store; in the grand scheme of things, a few cents here and there is no big deal.

Good morning!

You're very welcome. We're glad to hear that; Isolde's route in particular took us quite a while to polish.

Ren'Py, the program the game was built in, does have controller support by default now, but because we don't personally test our games with it, we don't mark it as a feature. Perhaps we should invest in a controller to test it in the future, though.


Awesome, we're glad to hear that! We actually had to rebuild the patch. For whatever reason, the first one only worked sometimes. In any case, we're glad you're enjoying the game.

We've asked our Steam publisher, and we'll see what we can do. If we can get one, we'll e-mail it to you directly.

Thanks so much for buying the game! Our writer was particularly glad to read your comment.


We've tried updating the patch link above. Can you please try downloading this new version and let us know if it works?

We apologise for the inconvenience.


Have you tried reinstalling the patch? The file may have been corrupted in download.

We've tried replicating the issue but haven't been able to do so.

(3 edits)

February 6, 2019: a new patch file compatible with version 1.3.1 has been uploaded. Please update your game before using.

January 20, 2019: the patch file has been updated.

If you're 18 or older, you can download the adult content patch below.



To use the patch, please drop it into the TheWiltingAmaranth-(GameVersion)/game directory.


There's a user-made guide available on Steam right here. We can confirm there are a few errors in that particular guide but it should help you at least get on track. There's also the official guide we made, which is included with the deluxe goodies pack and details how to get every ending.

Try this (found here):

Try running the game with argument:
--savedir "path-where-to-save-to" 

You do this by
1) Go to library
2) Right-click Doki doki [In this case, the filename for Mizari Loves Company]
3) Properties
4) Set launch options


The regular price will be $20 USD. We did have Early Bird priced copies on Kickstarter for $21 Canadian (around $16 USD), but they're sold out now.

Thank you very much! And thanks for sharing! :)

We'll definitely be releasing a version of the demo with the gameplay elements later down the road, although it's hard to say when.

Hi there!

This is actually the single romance title in our library that doesn't have a female love interest. BBB, The Tail Makes the Fox, Reflections, and The Wilting Amaranth all have female love interests.


Thank you very much! We're glad that you enjoyed the game so much. We certainly try to make a balanced number of games with more mature protagonists (and also yuri, since that's our fave, haha). We have another yuri-only title coming out very soon, and with some luck, we may even release another yuri-only title a few months down the line, although it's probably a bit different from our usual stuff.


Yep, for a while now. The GxB routes' writing will be finished by next month, which will only leave the GxG routes.

Wynn's route is definitely better with the third ending! I wouldn't worry about it, haha.

And actually, no one bought a third ending for Sho. It's not a full ending like Wynn's but a bonus bad ending that we thought fit easily enough into the game that it made sense to include (you'll see what I mean when you play, if you go for all of the endings). There's no CG for it, or anything. If we can find little extra endings to add to the other routes, we'll definitely do it, but they're not replacements for the main endings.

Thanks! I think we'll be okay now, since we're quickly approaching over 50% total completion.


Thank you very much. All of the artwork except for two of the backgrounds is original.


We're glad to hear that you enjoyed the game, and thank you for the compliments.

Unfortunately, there most likely won't be a sequel of any sort, but we may very well return to the sci-fi genre in the future, with another universe.


We're glad that you enjoyed the game.

Sara does indeed have two endings of her own. You can generally just choose the opposite choices from the start and get onto the other girl's route that way.


Even games redeemed via free keys do still show up under "My Purchases". Is it possible that you forgot to link the key to your account and just downloaded it directly? Either way, you should be able to access it again by finding the key's link and just going to it.


We're glad to hear that you've been enjoying the game.


The game is only coming to Steam in February. Steam has a waiting period, wherein it takes several weeks after making the store page public before you can sell your game. We only just put up the store page not too long ago.


We're glad that you enjoyed the game! It's always great to see Let's Plays, too!


Thank you very much! We're so glad that you enjoyed the game. Nowadays, we generally work in larger teams for our projects; it makes things quite a bit easier, haha.

Glad to hear it!


Based on what you pasted from the message and some research we did, the error seems very rare (we were only able to find one other case of it) and is most likely exclusive to Mac OSes. We recommend trying the following:

1. running the game off your hard drive directly

2. re-downloading the game files (we've uploaded a new Mac version that uses the latest version of the game's engine)

3. running the .exe through Wine (this was the other case we found's solution)

Unfortunately, there's not much else we can do without more information. Do other Ren'Py Mac games give this error on your system? What version is your OS? Etc.

If you have any suggestions for us for Mon-cuties for All, please post them below. Thank you!

Thank you so much!

We'll be making a post at a later point to take suggestions for new features and such, but one we have planned for now is for the quiz to just be used for the beginner competition, with a new mini-game for a (new) intermediate competition and then a third mini-game for the expert competition.

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Thanks for the well wishes! Actually, I've been sick again for the past few days, but I persevered and finally got those updated clients out anyway. It's just that season, I guess.

Thank you again! Hopefully the final version won't disappoint. I, for one, am excited to finish this title, since we've been working on it for so long. And if it does well enough, I've had plans for a fandisc drafted for a while, so that might be a possibility, too.


No, this is a commercial title. The final version will cost $5 USD.


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us, and we're so glad you enjoyed the game. As BBB is our first title, we honestly weren't expecting too much of a reaction, but we're very pleased that so many people have enjoyed it. Hopefully, our future titles will be even "stronger".

Hi Maria,

While it's unfortunate that you were confused by the page and may be upset by it, please be careful about making false accusations. 

The page is labelled clearly as for Patrons, and we've already explained why it's set up the way it is in the comment chain above. We can only work with the tools provided by on; we can't simply import our own. The Patreon implementation feature is only a few days old and will likely be improved upon, but in the meantime, we can only work with what we're provided.

It's wonderful that you're so passionate about games and good sales practices, but we appreciate the support from our Patrons, and so providing them with the most convenient ways to access their rewards is our top priority, even if it causes confusion to some.

Hi Maria,

If you don't know what Patreon is, you can read about it here and check out our page here.