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It's still being worked on, yes. Elaboration from another post below.

> Unfortunately, I've been dealing with a lot of severe health issues that directly affect how much I can work in a day between 2021 and 2022 (I've developed carpal tunnel in both hands, among other issues). Everything is still being worked on, but it's very slow. My goal is to have a playable update for each WIP title by the end of the year, but the Canadian health system has been fighting me at every turn to get treatment, so we'll have to see how it goes.


Unfortunately, I've been dealing with a lot of severe health issues that directly affect how much I can work in a day between 2021 and 2022 (I've developed carpal tunnel in both hands, among other issues). Everything is still being worked on, but it's very slow. My goal is to have a playable update for each WIP title by the end of the year, but the Canadian health system has been fighting me at every turn to get treatment, so we'll have to see how it goes.

Hi! Thank you!

Not yet, sorry. I'll be making a round of game update posts in September or October, but we'll be adding a Live2D upgrade for this title (fully animated sprites & maybe CGs as well). We'll have a release estimate after the sprites have been finished up.

Yes, once the game is released!

No, sorry. The Android exporter for the game engine is sadly broken, and we haven't been able to create Android versions for some time.

Thank you!

Yes, it's still being worked on. We've been updating on the Steam forums (and Kickstarter).

The project on KS right now contractually has to be released soon as the script has been finished for over a year, and the entire finished game script is shorter than the King's entire route. So, that's why that's a thing. 

I will say that I did try to get the King update out before it launched, but my insomnia and the work that pays my bills interfered very badly this month. It's a bit of a shooting-ourselves-in-the-foot situation in regards to the KS, but rather than working on a demo for the idol game, I've been focusing on the King's route instead. In any case, I should have more time over the next week or so, so hopefully, the update will be done by next Sunday.

This is the original game. Do you mean the Dharker Studio remake?

The first two updates were fixes/updates for the common route's text, and the last one was typo/grammar corrections and small adjustments for Anja and Mimi's routes.

Hmm... I'm not really sure what could be going on as the game was built on Windows, and our current machine runs on Windows 10, and the game still works perfectly fine. That said, we should have a new build that runs on a more up-to-date version of the game engine in a few days, so maybe that'll work?

We don't specifically configure our games to work with the launcher, so it is definitely possible it could make a difference on the user's end.

No worries. :) Everyone is free to make recommendations for similar titles!

Hope you enjoy Mon-cuties!

That makes 3 paid items from us.

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Whew! We've gotten a huge influx of posts since putting Mon-cuties in the bundle. Rather than responding to each of them individually since some of them are quite long, we'll leave this here: we'll definitely add/change what we can within the limits of the game's engine. Some parts may actually be recoded from scratch where possible. E.g., we always planned on redoing the clicker section for convience, but we're honestly not sure how viable it is within the limits of Ren'Py, but we'll do our best. We'll also have a UI overhaul at some point for sure.

We're glad you're all enjoying the game! It means a lot to us!

Unfortunately, we'd need more information to even begin to guess what might be happening. OS, OS version, is the game being run as administrator? Have you tried running it in compatibility mode?

There might be a small guide included with the artbook, but we don't really do separate walkthroughs/guides anymore since we do tend to update our games post-release, sometimes with new choices/content, and no players have written any so far. That said, if you make use of the in-game affection tracker, you can rollback from choices that don't give you any affection. For the good ending, you want the tracker to be almost completely full. For the good ending's epilogue, you actually want to fill it past what it claims is the cap.

Oops--fixed. Thank you for pointing that out!

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Anja and Mimi's routes are both playable. If you're having trouble with Anja's route, try opening the Statistics menu after making decisions to ensure you're raising Anja's affection.

No, this isn't a full title with custom art assets or anything. Just a little joke project we made for April Fools 2019.

That said, if there's enough interest in a proper game with the same premise, maybe someday in the future?

Hello! Thank you very much!

For the post-credits scenes, you need 16 or more points. We promise that it's possible!

Thank you for the feedback!

We'd already made changes to the script relating to some of your points based on previous feedback, and we've now implemented a few more that we believe should more or less cover everything that was mentioned re: Anja's first smut scene. I believe you edited in more feedback after I originally read your comment, so we'll have to take a look at the other points for the next update.

It's a bit difficult to entirely correct the personality thing, but we edited the script so that it's (hopefully) clearer that Mizari is egging Anja on, in regards to the flow of progression.

Thank you so much for the review! We're glad you are enjoying the game so far! And yes, there is some meta-commentary written into the script in several places. That particular instance certainly was intentional; we're aware that the way Mizari is first presented is a little insufferable (by design, in this case--a bit risky on our part, but we're hoping people will play long enough to get past the common route). 

Mimi is definitely a team favorite, both in and outside of his route. Hopefully, a few people will share our opinion by the end.

We don't want to spoil anything quite yet, but any lingering questions about the king will definitely be answered in his route. We're looking forward to seeing everyone's reactions!

We're so glad to hear that!

We were hoping to have hit the goal for the epilogues during MLC's Kickstarter, but that was sadly a bust, despite it being the first stretch goal... But, on further inspection, this was probably for the best as the epilogues, based on recent estimates, would total an additional 25,000 to 50,000 words each (so 75,000 to 150,000 words total). In the main game's production alone, we ended up going severely overestimate and over budget for the script. Instead of ~150,000 words, the game is over 250,000 words total.

That said, we haven't entirely given up on them. We've been tossing around the idea of just turning them into a fandisc, similar to what some Japanese otome games have. Probably a few months after MLC's full release, we'll come back to the epilogue outlines, revise them based on some changes that were made to the main game during development, flesh them out a bit more, and then do a fresh budget estimate. The only issue is, the campaign for it would most likely be at a much higher base goal than MLC, so we really aren't sure how successful it would be.

We've fixed all of these and uploaded a new build. Thank you!


We're glad to hear that!

All 3 of Anja's endings are available, and we've confirmed that his good ending works properly. That said, it seems Steam users have also had trouble getting it based on the achievement metrics, so we may lower the amount of points required a little. 

For now--keep in mind that decisions made in the common route do count towards your ending, so it's probably easiest to start a new game and skip through the dialogue, making sure you chose all of the Anja-centric options there (spending time with him, getting to know him, being honest about your thoughts/feelings).

As for bugs--we do have a bug thread on right here. There is a Discord but it's inactive at the moment. Hopefully, we'll have more time to fix it up in the new year.

Please post any story feedback below. Thank you!

Please post all typo and bug reports below. Thank you!

Some Backers have already received their rewards, and we're still sending the rest of them out. Please keep in mind that we have to manually e-mail everyone, including checking ringtone choice and then copy&pasting Steam codes.

Everyone will have their keys in their e-mail before the game can be downloaded on Steam tomorrow. If in doubt, though, please make sure to check your spam box of both the e-mail attached to your Kickstarter account and the one you entered into your e-mail preference box on the survey (if they're different).

Sorry for the late response. Yes, the game has been updated on Steam.

Thank you very much!

(And yes, she does.)


Progress is steady at the moment. Release will likely be delayed until July or August, however, since writing was slower than expected during the holiday months as well as last month. The main art assets for the game have been finished for a quite a while now, so we're really just waiting on the writing to finish.

That estimate is for the entire game, but the word count used for it is a bit outdated. 

It's now 5-8 hours with voice acting turned off, and we're still missing the Backer ending (they haven't sent us their info yet, so it's looking like it'll have to be added in a future update). If you're playing with the voice acting turned on, it's probably closer to 6-10 hours total.

Of course!

Yes, it will. We actually tried to upload it last night, but we're having some strange technical difficulties getting the files to work properly on Steam which, strangely enough, seem to be related to the game's DLC. In any case, when the update's up, there'll also be additional achievements.

We'll continue trying to get it up but there's no ETA until we can figure out the exact cause of the error.

Thank you very much!

Yes, there will be. Each girl has her own separate route.

Thank you very much! :)


Unfortunately, we've never heard of that happening before, and we'd need more information to propose any fixes. How are you downloading the demo? Through the website or through the app? What's your OS?