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Reine Works

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Glad you think so! Hope you enjoy it! :)

Michelle Marie (Kali) & Elsie Lovelock (Anzu) streamed the demo from start to finish today! If you'd like to take a look at the game without downloading it, we highly recommend giving it a watch.


Yes, the game is PG-13. And yes, you absolutely may demo the game. Thanks so much for asking! :)


I'm so glad to hear that you liked the game! And yes, Galaxy Angels had to have its name changed; although I was not informed on the exact reason, I believe it had to do with the fact that the title was one letter off from another series called Galaxy Angel.

It's nice to hear that you are interested in the lore. It was actually written out long before Blossoms Bloom Brightest's story was outlined. Where this was a Yuri Game Jam VN that was written in about 30 days (but had to be delayed due to the art assets), the lore was actually written for another title, with this title meant to merely be an introduction to the universe. 

Now, I'm not sure if that title will ever see the light of day at this point, as the game's lore also seems to be the thing that bothers people most (in terms of those who disliked it). Even if we included a .pdf with explanations as to what all of the concepts were based on, I'd be afraid that wouldn't help. But, I am glad that someone enjoyed it, haha. I suppose I'll have to wait and see how Galaxy Girls does.

Thanks so much for playing!

Thank you for playing & for your continued support! :)

The remake will be a commercial game. As for the price, it will likely be somewhere between $10 to $15 USD.


We're so glad you enjoyed the game!

While there isn't a sequel in the works, there is a remake with 3x the content that'll be released in a few months (http://store.steampowered.com/...). After that, there will also be some extra DLC episodes released for the remake, with one taking place before the game begins and two that take place after one of the endings. Depending on how well that specific release does, there may be more Blossoms games.

Blossoms Bloom Brightest is now also available for free on Steam!



If you're on Windows, you need to extract the .zip you downloaded with 7zip (or any other applicable program) and then run the file called BBBv1.exe in the BBBV1 (the exact name differs depending on which version you downloaded) folder.

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Hi! Thanks for playing our first release!

Because there's already a paid guide above and we don't want to undermine anyone's purchase, we'll stick to only sharing a few tips to getting all of the endings.

Kotoha's good ending (you've gotten this):

- This is the easiest ending to get overall. Just be nice to her.

- You're almost guaranteed to get this ending on your first try.

Kotoha's bad ending:

- There is only one specific choice set that leads to it, so it's technically the most difficult ending to get. May take trial and error.

- You only need 3 affection points with her in the common route to get onto her route. Do not get any more than the minimum points needed. Focus on Sara after that.

- Don't raise her affection at all during her route. Be mean/rude/harsh/inconsiderate.

Sara's good ending (you've gotten this):

- This is the second most difficult to get ending.

- More than anything, be honest with Sara. But, you should also be nice and avoid making fun of her.

Sara's bad ending:

- Bad choices will lower her affection for you. Take advantage of this.

- Be nice to Kotoha and depend on her. Be rude and patronising to Sara.



Three strangers are thrust into an unexpected situation togetherβ€”they awaken only to find themselves on a spaceship called the Blossom.

A mysterious journey lies ahead of them; what misadventures will they experience over the next two weeks?


  • Two to three hours of gameplay
  • Two routes
  • Four endings
  • Four CGs
  • Partial voice acting

Created a new topic Bug & Typo Reports

If you encounter any bugs or typos in any of the demos, feel free to post them here.

Thank you!

Created a new topic New Demo Released
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The new Reflections ~Dreams and Reality~ demo has been released. It is essentially a 2.0.

New features:

  • Switch between two sprite sets in the preferences menu
  • More dynamic sprite animations
  • Two additional CGs


  • Re-edited script
  • Re-programmed entirely
  • Stronger, more diverse voices for Leo, Ronah, Cara, Thiria, and Wynn
  • All new backgrounds
  • All new sound effects
  • Music changes more often
  • Parts of GUI changed

The extended demos for those who pre-order will be made available as they are finished in the coming weeks.

Thanks for all of your support!

Created a new topic New Forums

Hi, guys!

I decided to change it so the game has its own forum instead of a long comment page. In short, the change is because I'd like to be able to post updates on the game here, as needed, and just posting comments every time seems rather counterproductive in the long run.

Over the next few days, I'll be adding some stickied topics with info on the new upcoming demos and also threads for critique and bug reports on said demos.

Thanks for reading!

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. You just made my month, for serious.

Well, I'll finish theirs outlines up ASAP. I'm shocked I didn't notice this before but there doesn't seem to be any sort of private messaging system on here; you can send me an e-mail at reineworks@gmail.com or DM @gamerbum on Twitter and I'll send you more info on the routes (and outlines, once they're done).

I definitely don't want to pressure you to do that but if that's what you'd like, I'd certainly be eternally grateful!

My games are and will always be open to feedback, pre-release or post-release. So no worries to you or anyone else about leaving criticism or pointing out errors for me, I definitely won't be offended or upset. I really appreciate those things.

Sure - thanks so much!

Oh, thanks so much for the comment! I'm glad you liked it! I was really scared that no one would like the story.

Yes, I actually have two other, smaller games in the works right now and the face issue is definitely solved in both of them. Glad you like the art style - I do, too. And I must say, it really shines through in the CG art; I'm always excited when the artist sends me a completed CG.

On the backgrounds - the photographs are just placeholders. All the backgrounds will be drawn. Actually, I will be updating the demo (hopefully in the next one to two months - whenever the artist is finished, really) and it'll have all drawn backgrounds, each with different time of day variations. As well, there'll be two (non-chibi) CGs that I couldn't include originally because, well, they weren't drawn at the time, haha.

On the menu - thanks, I hadn't thought of that. I've actually been revisiting the GUI lately for small improvements, so I'll definitely take another look at it before I release the updated demo.

Eek, thanks. You're right. There is a slight French theme in the game (more in the second half of the common route) but my French is quite rusty nowadays. I'll fix that for next time.

Oh, no, it's not harsh at all. I really appreciate it! Thank you so much! Especially for the French error, it would've been awful if that went unnoticed longer. I think any developer would be happy to get this sort of criticism.

Again, thanks so much! I love getting comments and I'm super happy to hear you like the game. ;=;

Thank you so, so much for the feedback. I'm very glad to hear that you liked the story! I was really nervous to hear what others thought about it since it's a bit more serious than I'm used to writing.

To be honest with you, it's simply not possible for me to switch artists at this point. This project isn't based on revenue share, each team member who isn't myself is paid for their work on a commission basis, and it's quite expensive to fund 10 sprite sets. However, believe me when I say I'm taking your feedback into consideration. As the game's main CGs aren't drawn yet, I will definitely make sure that the characters look more distinct in them, and I will keep my eye out for problems like this on future projects.

I realize you probably won't purchase this title once it's finished because art is a huge part of a visual novel, so I'd be happy to send you a free key once it's done if you think the CG art will make it more tolerable (I'll be updating the demo and screenshots with in-game CGs once that process has started).

Thanks again, and have a nice day!