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Set in a fantasy world with its own lore, this otome game will enchant you. · By Reine Works

Possibility of Walkthrough?

A topic by Bella Rose created May 18, 2020 Views: 172 Replies: 2
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I have played the game many times through, but only seem to get Anja's Bad or Normal Endings.  Is there a walkthrough or suggestions of how to achieve the other endings that are available?  I really want to see the other endings~


There might be a small guide included with the artbook, but we don't really do separate walkthroughs/guides anymore since we do tend to update our games post-release, sometimes with new choices/content, and no players have written any so far. That said, if you make use of the in-game affection tracker, you can rollback from choices that don't give you any affection. For the good ending, you want the tracker to be almost completely full. For the good ending's epilogue, you actually want to fill it past what it claims is the cap.

Thanks!  I didn't even realize there was a relationship tracker.  I was playing the game on my laptop, which makes the buttons at the bottome too small to view.  I will definitely take advantage of that!  May I ask how many endings there are completed so far?  I know it seemed like Mimi's wasn't completed, but that could just be because of my choices lol.