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Mon-cuties for All

Starting a new chapter in your life, you move to a farm and enter the world of monster farming! · By Reine Works

Suggestions Sticky

A topic by Reine Works created Dec 12, 2017 Views: 996 Replies: 13
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If you have any suggestions for us for Mon-cuties for All, please post them below. Thank you!


Hello! I adore the style and character of your game. My suggestion is to allow players to choose a body type without assigning labels like, "masculine, feminine, androgynous" to them. ^u ^


I'm having a lot of trouble with the clicking aspect; not being able to click it enough in time and my hands cramping up a lot.  So, maybe another way to help them change forms or less clicks?


If you buy a bunch of treats and other items from the store it should help you with that. I mean my hands hurt now too, but with buying things from the store I never had any trouble with those time limits.

How do you give your monsters treats? I don't believe the game tells you how to do so.


You don't actively give them the treats, I don't think. I think they work as a passive boost, as in simply having bought them boosts the amount of points per click you get in the future. Although you're right, I don't think the game currently communicates this clearly.

I didn’t even try buying the other things in store, which was a little silly. Thank you for replying!!

Hi there! This game is very addicting, I love the mini trivia involved! I think adding on questions about the game and your company along with general knowledge is a great touch.  The animals are very cute in every form and all unique to each other.

Here are some recommendations as a player:

  1. This game gets tedious very fast, you never really know where you are. When upgrading or tending to the animals, there's no tracking on when they will evolve. I'm not sure if this is intentional, but it would be nice to have some marker of their evolution. Also, going back repeatedly to the menu afterwards just to go back and tend again gets very repetitive. Adding an option to stay in that menu, even for the quiz as well, instead of automatically being redirected to the main screen would be sooo great.
  2. It's not explained in the quizzes that second place still means you got all the questions correct. This is a small thing, but in the beginning I assumed that because I was getting second, I missed 2/3 of the questions. So I was confused why sometimes the quiz would exit when I got a question wrong and why I would sometimes get second place. 
  3. Adding any kind of movement to the game so you're not stuck on the same menu every screen would add some diversity to the game. It's highly addictive but you're always looking at the same thing.

These are just some things I'd love to see in the game! It's a lot of fun, I love the art and the idea!

Hiya Reine Works! Okay first off I'm going to rave about this game for a bit- the moment I saw it I just FELL IN LOVE. Just from the thumbnail! That cute little birdie friend, the art style, the logo design IT WAS JUST.... -chefs kiss- Wonderful! Attention grabbing! Adorable! I immediately was drawn in. Scrolling through the page and seeing all the cute monsters? -double chef kiss- LOVE these designs! I don't think I've ever had this much hype for a concept, it looked so unique! Inspired, sure, but absolutely unique and stand alone. Monster farmer games and mon-based games in general is just something that gets me SO excited and this is gearing up to look like something that scratches a very specific and very needed itch. So good job!

Now I'm not going to comment too much on UI Design or anything since I'm aware that this project is going to be going in a different, and more 3D, direction (hype!! hype!!) but I will say that with what you had you were going in a great direction and I have oodles of faith in the next rendition!

Now... my gripes. I'm very much hoping that with the switch to 3D graphics these things will be fixed, but I feel they're worth mentioning!
(Spoiler alert for anyone who has yet to play, of course!)
- One: Ohhh please don't use a clicking system in the next update... My mouse felt like it was about to break, my hands ached so I had to pass off clicking to my boyfriend, and it lacked any engagement. I spaced out, clicked a ton, and then came back and was like... oh right I'm playing a game? It was very creative for what limitations Ren'Py has, so kudos on that, but hoo boy.
- Two: This is a bit more of a personal gripe but... when the monsters evolve into human-y forms I feel so bad leaving them outside in a pen!! If you don't want to invite the into the house maybe we can make them little rooms in another building? Maybe if you want to stretch it's worth maybe we can decorate their cute little rooms? I just can't stand the idea of leaving these adorable human-y creatures outside or even just in a barn!!

I think that's pretty much it that I can think of! I really appreciate the "androgynous" option in the customization. Being someone who's non-binary I've been really enjoying the move lately to being able to portray myself much more authentically in customization. So I think it's a great step in the right direction and I'm really excited to see what more you have planned for customization options! I also really like the art style, as I've mentioned, just all around! The monsters, the human customization art, the backgrounds, they look great and I think they'll translate great into 3D!

All in all I'm super hype to see where this goes! I strolled through your other games and it's clear you're a very competent game studio and I think what you have going here is really unique and exciting! Great job!

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Communicate what treats do better, I can't tell what they do. Thank you :D

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Whew! We've gotten a huge influx of posts since putting Mon-cuties in the bundle. Rather than responding to each of them individually since some of them are quite long, we'll leave this here: we'll definitely add/change what we can within the limits of the game's engine. Some parts may actually be recoded from scratch where possible. E.g., we always planned on redoing the clicker section for convience, but we're honestly not sure how viable it is within the limits of Ren'Py, but we'll do our best. We'll also have a UI overhaul at some point for sure.

We're glad you're all enjoying the game! It means a lot to us!

Maybe add a back button when you click "tend to your monsters" button. It was tedious to have to click on monster and then go back to the options screen Espcecially if you clicked the wrong monster. Loved the game though!


Don't get me wrong the game is really cute! It's just almost instantly repetitous? Like maybe a larger library of tunes fordifferent times of day would help or greater diversity in questions that can be cycled through or be given like difficulty settings .   That said the existing music thus far is fantastic, it's catchy and fun to listen to. Same with the art style. The 6 current monsters are cute, as is the main protagonist. That said the game feels very empty when it comes to the game itself, though the few events with the current pets are cute. Maybe interactions between pets would be something to encourage still interacting with them after reaching a tertiary form bc I'm not sure what is there to gain once they hit their max.

I had the same issue as others being unable to tell that second place in the contest meant that all questions were still correct, so a minor change in dialogue would help I think.  Only other thing is possibly adding more skin tones to the game, or diverse hair styles. 


Got this game through the bundle and the style is so cute, the backgrounds are very nice and thank you so much for the inclusion of masculine/feminine/androgynous for character selections. I have a number of the same points as other people (kinda repetitive, treats functions is not made apparent, clicker is really rough on my wrist, etc) but instead of flooding you with that feedback I have a few suggestions.

First: The premise of farming monsters is cute, but the monsters don't seem to produce anything substantial? Like you farm a creature typically to get a product out of it. There's the monster show, but that only appears to be a trivia quiz game for the player avatar so I don't get the sense of like "Oh my little Tanuki showed off its transformation magic at the show and everyone was delighted!" or "My harpy's down feathers are so soft, we managed to sell some home-made pillows at the show!" It just feels like I'm grinding out and remembering questions to earn money to raise adorable monsters that don't really do anything once they're done evolving. I saw "monster show" and thought "oh, it's going to be like going to a fair/farmers market, and this'll be where my monster competes for prizes or where I sell feathers/wool/etc" but it's just trivia.  It kinda leaves me wondering what is even the point of farming these guys in the first place because the in-game mechanics just... don't seem to support my taking care of these lil cuties. Even if it's only a dialogue change at the end of the show it'd be nice for the monsters to actually be mentioned.

Mechanically, Maybe make it so that monsters produce something when they're full grown whenever you complete the "Tend" action, even if it's something nebulous/vague like some sort of magical resource that the Heroes use.  And then, when you go to the Monster Show you come back with funds based on how much resource your farm has produced, perhaps in addition to the trivia or maybe completely separated, and a message that mentions one of your monsters.  

Or if you want it to be more like a "show" maybe have the option to bring a single one of your monsters with you, and compete for prizes. The happier and better developed the monster, the better. Maybe even a little boost from having the brush and treats.

Second: it is really easy to lose track of the passage of time within the game and time doesn't seem to have a meaning. It doesn't seem to matter what time of day it is when I tend to who or when I go to the Monster Show, it's all the same. Everything just kind of runs together, and so it gets tedious. As a suggestion, Instead of having the game flow be >morning > afternoon >  night > morning with nothing to break it up, maybe have morning> midday> evening, which you spend in the farm menu and then a Night phase that changes the perspective to the inside of the house, and potentially a random event could occur.

Maybe a neighbor comes over to give you some extra cookies he baked (and some maybe some game hints/encouragement!), or one of your monsters gets really spooked by something and demands to stay in the house for the night, or maybe your farm gets attacked and you get dialogue of your monsters fighting it off, and in the morning one of your monsters is "upset" (because it's injured) and you have to Tend it. It'd be a good opportunity for some short dialogue with some small effects on the game that could break up the day to day, but also wouldn't mess up the harmless, gentle air the game is going for.

You might also consider adding a "down" day. Once every few days the avatar just goes "today is my day off!" and maybe give us a few different simple options with dialogue encounters like exploring the wilderness around the farm and finding some things that'd make good "treats" for your monsters. Maybe you find a wild monster that is gentle/docile enough that you can gently coax it into an open slot on your farm.

Overall this game feels like it has a lot of potential and I'm glad I opened it up.