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I'm intrigued. Looking forward to engaging with more of your content!

I chose Max as my first Sire, bc I felt the vibes would align. So, when I chose my outfit and then later when Max arrived wearing the same fit, I felt validated LOL

The soundtracks to play no longer are accessible 

I will definitely be rereading several times upon final release. I find the game already so satisfying and fluid and you're not even finished 馃槶馃挅 Adoring the MC choices of being able to advocate for themselves. And I'm really looking forward to the asexual and aromantic route options, as well. 

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sassed a guy, vowed to kill him, dragged him into a pit, and chapters later am getting kisses and honeyed toast from same person 馃挅 It鈥檚 a wild ride. I could not stop reading. Started this as a little read and adventure before bed and have not slept…it鈥檚 suddenly noon. Looking forward to playing Hazel鈥檚 route 馃グ

However, I did notice a few times that my character mentions being on the auction block when I went the flesh pit route. NGL at the beginning I fully thought I was going down a bad end route but was determined to have my MC go down swinging. Was shocked and delighted by the outcome. 

The beginning says that the MC pronouns will be they/them, but in v2.0.1 the pronouns are showing up as he/him

good end polycule <3

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Hi, I'm really loving the content of the pdf thus far (just recently got it) but I've come across a bit of a confusing layout mistake on page 17 of Pages and right side of page 9 in Spreads; everything is bullet-pointed and aligned the same which causes the five stats to get lost in the rest of the trainings and backgrounds.

Oh! My bad (鉂伮巴堚柕掳蛨) I assumed that the artwork was done for the liking both option (銆冣柦銆)  I'm a little embarrassed now.

I am absolutely enamored by the story, setting, plot thus far, and characters. I can't yet tell who my favorite LI is. They're all so differently charming, and them being randomly generated when choosing liking both men and women was exciting. I'm eagerly anticipating what's to come 醿毼*鈾∥碘櫋*味醿

Here to join the Rory fanbase <3 hahaha he has my heart, too and I'm sobbing.

Hello, does the MC have a canon gender or are they supposed to be neutral? Wondering because Lysandria just referred to the MC as a guy. 

I'm really enjoying this game. A thought I had is that it would be cool if there was a way to insert custom art and sprites into the game for the MC?

I'm having a lot of trouble with the clicking aspect; not being able to click it enough in time and my hands cramping up a lot.  So, maybe another way to help them change forms or less clicks?

Thanks for the reply. That鈥檚 all very exciting to hear!

Hello, I'm wondering if the feature of picking a name has been implemented? It says "x-san" and %familyname% and I'm wondering if I missed something or if it's just the current state of the demo?

Excited to see further development!