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Our Lovely Escape

Alongside your cute coworkers, you diligently work to create indie games. All you're missing is a girlfriend! · By Reine Works, Top Hat Studios, Inc.

Have Kickstarter backers received their rewards?

A topic by FlareBlitzed created Sep 29, 2019 Views: 148 Replies: 2
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Hello Reine Works, heard from 1 or 2 of your posts that prior the release of Our Lovely Escape that anyone that pledged enough to receive a copy of the game will receive their Steam code before the release comes out. Additionally people would of received their chosen ringtone from another post a while back, unfortunately though I have yet to receive any of the rewards mentioned (I chose the Retailer option when the kickstarter was active). Any help on this would be thoroughly appreciated! :D


Some Backers have already received their rewards, and we're still sending the rest of them out. Please keep in mind that we have to manually e-mail everyone, including checking ringtone choice and then copy&pasting Steam codes.

Everyone will have their keys in their e-mail before the game can be downloaded on Steam tomorrow. If in doubt, though, please make sure to check your spam box of both the e-mail attached to your Kickstarter account and the one you entered into your e-mail preference box on the survey (if they're different).

Timing's almost impeccable, before sleep posted this, after sleep an email from you. No worries and thank you very much! <3