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Timing's almost impeccable, before sleep posted this, after sleep an email from you. No worries and thank you very much! <3

Hello Reine Works, heard from 1 or 2 of your posts that prior the release of Our Lovely Escape that anyone that pledged enough to receive a copy of the game will receive their Steam code before the release comes out. Additionally people would of received their chosen ringtone from another post a while back, unfortunately though I have yet to receive any of the rewards mentioned (I chose the Retailer option when the kickstarter was active). Any help on this would be thoroughly appreciated! :D

Hey, I'm unable to advance through the first Misdirection phase of the game as none of the choices that would be misdirecting work, tried a lot of different combinations but all of them lead to a game over. Which choices does one need to select so the lieutenant doesn't arrest you?

This little bundle of joy is "out of this world"! :D Looking forward to post demo content! ^^

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Greetings IcyValet, really enjoyed playing your short game! <3 The science themes in this game is quite futuristic and dystopian, considering that technology is really advance, along with supplies & reproduction being limited. Nice little game! ^^

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Thank you very much for that, one is able to play and suffer through the game again! :D

Also, Ending 1 is driving me up the is well hidden between the start and the Sleep ending and I'm frazzled on how to get it. Ending 3 as well is another one I'm not finding any leads to solving. ^^

Got to an ending with the text "unable to reset. no recent files have been found. refer to the game's website for a fix." whereabouts can I find your website AHAKuo? Additionally, what files should I input into the game/my computer to fix this? I've even deleted the folder and re-extracted it from its .rar file and it comes up with the same results. Any help would be appreciated! ^^

Hello Reine Works & Top Hat Studios, I've recently uploaded a let's play video of Our Lovely Escape, and I'm thoroughly moved by the four characters and their interactions within the game. Alexis the energetic, Lissa the serious and Mayu the reserved, and of course the protagonist who is very engaging with the three girls (particularly Alexis for the most part) in the demo. Wish the entire team all of the absolute best in the development of Our Lovely Escape, along with other project ideas you have for the future. (I'm personally curious about Mayu, as the quietest ones are usually the most mysterious/enigmatic). ^o^

Can I get a plushie of July? She is the sweetest gold nugget/pumpkin ever! :D

Aww I'm flattered, thank you for your kind words! ^^

Plenty of help thank you! :D

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Hey there, I'm currently stuck on the Fisherman's riddle, the only two things I could think that the answer could be is either something related to the capital letters in Juliet's poem "This Town is Boring by Boringus Papayrus" or something to do with the numbers and letters "4411 LLRR" that one sees earlier when on the rooftop. Certain that by solving it would lead to the third and best ending of the current build of the game. Any help would be appreciated! ^o^

Many congrats on the demo release of Arcadea! ^o^

Leaving this here: 

Hello VIOLET, any there any restrictions of people being able to perform a let's play/playthrough of Dead Wishes? ^o^

Bunnies & donuts have landed on itchio! <3

The screenshots look really pretty, I'd love to see an English version of this game! <3

In the maze just before the bad ending, hugs the walls and you'll find the hidden path. (Ensure you didn't give the key back at the start of the game). :)

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Hey there, the only ending I seem to get is the bad ending, any clues to take on-board to acquire another possible ending? :)

Edit: Never mind, found the hidden path. :)

Also loved going through both yours and Yobab's notes, adds a really personal touch when the player sees it. <3

You're going to make me cry, my voice isn't that wonderful to listen too but thank you so so much for the wonderful comment! :P

The itchy nose while recording sympton is...unique! ^o^

I thoroughly enjoyed playing the full version of the game, more thoughts in the video! ^o^

See the full download is up, congrats on completing your game! :D

Hey there, The Beat named Eliza looks really nice! When the full version with the extra minutes are added, I'll perform a let's play of it if you don't mind? ^o^