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Hello AxelVejarDossow, glad you enjoyed the video! ^o^ I've been wondering around in the areas in which I can access and I can't find anything new to interact with to progress through the game, even with the Crimson Knife acquired late into the video. Any help with what to do next I would be very grateful! :)

Lovely game with retro style graphics! :D Without looking at videos, I'm guessing that 3 of the 4 endings are only possible if you inputted something very specific on the last two questions on the Ouija Board, though it would be something too specific to look into unless you owned a copy of Unity, along with digging into the game's files to get the right answers to trigger the other 3 endings. The only one I got was down in the Basement where we could play with Toby.

Cool to hear, thank you for investigating into this as frame rate & how much a game is consuming ones CPU & RAM is a problem when the game consumes too much. :)

Hello Studio Madeline Chai, this issue occurs on the currently newest version (1.0.2) where both my computer and the game lag severely after the main menu when the girl introduces herself. Uncertain if Renpy can handle the assets placed, some people's computers in VN chat rooms have not had this issue, where others (and myself) have this lag issue. Thank you for your quick reply btw! :D

Hello, I've tried playing Project Halloween, unfortunately after clicking play on the main menu, not only the game, but my PC became incredibly laggy/framey. Shouldn't be an issue that would occur with a hex core i7 processor, a GTX 1050 graphics card & 24GB ram  for a visual novel (on Windows 10 and downloaded the Windows version of the game), any help with this would be thoroughly appreciated as I really want to play this game to its fullest. :)

Greetings, I've played through Monochrome and I really enjoyed the game as a whole, particular liked the twists at the end of the game with what happened there! :D

There's so much Flare to this game, looking forward to the Spooky Month release! <3

I did it, I did the wishlist thing. ^o^

Oddrietta's a pretty scary game, mainly made me jump when turning on the flashlight with a particular monster in a claustrophobic space launches towards you. Looking forward to playing more! ^o^ 

Hello, throughout the explorable area of the game at this point, there are only 3 sofas, 2 in the tea room with the floating book, and one in the dress room, none of them are interactable when you click on them unfortunately, I also tried interacting with the chair in the centre of the dressing/cloak room at all angles, nothing happens when entering Enter on them.

Hello, I'm having trouble with progressing through the game, I have the White Rose, Flashlight, Blue Potion, and Magazine Page, along with solving the riddle on the secret door on the ground floor. However, after that there is absolutely nothing else to interact with throughout the entire accessible part of the game that is the ground floor, interacted with everything in every room but with absolutely no success, is the remake bugged or am I missing something important? Referred to a walkthrough on Steam, but the dresses part that is mentioned just doesn't exist at all, I helped the ghost out, but there is no such interactable in the game to get that part of the game to work if that puzzle is in the remake. 

Delightful short halloween dark themed visual novel! ^o^ Got all 3 endings! <3

Enjoyed playing Fertilizer, quite morbid in one particular area of the game! :D 

A really adorable game! :D

Midnight Train is too low down in the popular category, this is a hugely underrated gem among RPG Maker games! 💙

Thoroughly love the demo of Calamity Nova with all the different choices that the player has, the route can be a wholesome one, along with ones that could be disastrous in the future (the choice with the grades paper for example). Looking forward to seeing the full game when it's finished! ^o^ 

Really enjoyed playing Magical Meow-Meow Warrior! ^O^

Really enjoyed playing Don't kill me Jacob!!! ^o^ 

Really enjoyed playing A Witch And a Ghost! ^o^ 

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Hello Arcadekitten, I've really enjoyed my time playing through the current 3 chapters so far. Favourite character: Intro! ^o^ Really loved the It's Not Me, It's My Basement reference in the game with the Doctor included at one point, thought I recognised that distinctive face somewhere! :D

Quite liked this short, dark out of this world experience! :D 

I thoroughly loved playing through Busstop Love Match, I could only get 3 of the 4 endings as one of them no matter what combination of choices I made was possible to get to the other ending. Regardless, I love the multiple usages of skeptical smiles, like Monika smiling sweetly in DDLC, along with some references here and there to DDLC. Also purple hair girls 👌💜


Really nice game with only 10 days to work on it, wisps can be a little tricky to handle when going to the kitchen, nice mechanics of the chef wisp to move it. ^o^ 

Really like this short, horror comedic visual novel! ^o^ 

I made a video covering the demo of Alchemical Reaction, I quite like the demo presented along with few of the possible romances briefly shown. :)

Smol playthrough for a Little Lamb ^o^


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Thoroughly liking my experience of Turtle Head Unmasked, can't find a particular area on the 2nd floor that Emma mentions about. :)



Really cool horror game, and very important for self-reflection on those who have been directly affected by the current pandemic. Whether you have it or know someone who has, along with lockdown scenarios, it's been otherworldly in its sheer magnitude on how it has changed our way of living as people. 

Thoroughly loved the atmosphere from the get go when entering the game, combination of black & white background with the snow visual effects makes an eerie, ominous environment. Loved the demo & looking forward to the full game! ^o^ 

Thoroughly enjoying the alpha to Project Kawasaki so far! 💜

Part 2:

Really enjoyed playing through the demo to Melancholy Love! <3

1st hour of Once More. <3

Hello, I purchased "I'm Oh, So Busy...: A Week with Yoshimi" on itchio a few days ago and want to play it, but neither the "renpy" application file or the "renpy-32" application are opening the game on Windows which is the operating system I'm on. Anybody else having this issue trying to open up the game?

Slightly smiling face

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Part 2 <3

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First 2 hours of the full game to Starlight Shores, encourage everyone to purchase & check out the game for yourselves! Still on the fence? There's also the demo for free that's also available to play. <3