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The fine dining is very cult like in this tale! ^o^ 

Intrigued by the story of Serena (the game), along with Serena's (the character) and Edgar's conversations when going through the 3 acts. I felt bad for Edgar since he signed what basically was a contract with the devil, but at the same time Edgar did what he felt was right for Serena. Thank you for making Serena, Eroraen! :D 

Loved the voice actor's work, both the words said and their tone really nails the nature documentary theme. The first ending I got I would be dead! :D 

At the end of the day, some Late Night Talks are nice.

Enjoyed playing through A Day Of Her Life! The repetitiveness of a lot of the text really helps with the mundane life that the protagonist is going through, really reflective of some of our own lives just with different events but with a similar cycle to them, like getting up, having breakfast, lunch, dinner, then go to bed. Due to the dark theme, this isn't for everyone, but it is an important read as this could be happening to someone that you know. 

A nice short dark themed visual novel, thank you to the developers for making Rusting Souls! :D

Thanks for pointing that out! :)

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Thoroughly enjoyed playing through Good Job!. Acquiring all of the endings was a satisfying feat, along with dialogue changes through each time you re-enter the game is awesome! ^o^ Good Job Kathinka! (Edited: "feat" was previously "feet".)

Had a lovely time playing through Haunted Vlogs! For your first game, well done on putting a short horror game with a few different things going on including the two main characters, the dialogue between them and the underbelly of the game being quite dark. Well done Romaniachan! 

Would love to see this game be translated into English! :D


Loved playing through the remake just as much if not more than the original! Thank you for translating this game again Patchy Illusion Team! <3 

Really enjoyed playing through In the Shade of Lilies! ^o^ 


A really nice little experience, really enjoyed playing through We Are Out Of Food, Milton! ^o^ 

Thoroughly scary throughout my experience of this game! I'm well invested for what awaits puns intended! ^o^

Zombie = Check
Romance = Check
Idiot customers who want a simultaneous hot & cold drink = Check
Thoroughly loving this game and the interactions between Sam and the other characters so far! <3

Thoroughly loved playing through Whispering Dream, thank you to everyone involved in the making of this game and its characters! <3 

Hello to who's seeing this! I thoroughly enjoyed going through the game GISELLE and everything that is it in. It has a bit of a lot of emotions & feelings put into a 20-40 minute adventure. I was rooting for Giselle and telling her that everything is ok, and that she is not alone, she should not feel those thoughts that she did while alone in her room! Do what you want to do, rock your favourite hair style etc! Thank you Yuumsarte for making this game! ^o^

Wrapped With A Video

Thoroughly loved playing through the sections of the game that I covered, some secrets are too elusive for me to find including the true ending! ^o^ 

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I wonder if there will be a written non-spoiler walkthrough of Lily's Well at some point for people who are really stuck on the game, but don't want to resort to watching a let's play of the game.

I thoroughly love the experience, so far I've only managed to get enough good rope to get 9 sets of flowers to spawn. Missing a location or a set of tasks to do that allows me to discover the remaining two possible ropes (13/15) that I can't find.

I also can't get the blood footprints to spawn in the woods in the map above the mailbox, along with that I fed the animal the jerky, but nothing changes in the game when you do that, looked everywhere and done multiple playthroughs afterwards, though nothing appears, changes or happens from the action of giving the jerky.

Found Alt End 1, along with the endings you get from having 1-9 ropes found, the visual aesthetics of Lily's Well is absolutely fantastic, along with the game being a genuinely eerie experience. From reaching the plant life, to the various outcomes that awaits for Lily is something bold that I have not seen in games like this for a long time.

From the game's synopsis, there are 13 endings in total, but from a video uploaded by ManlyBadassHero, there are 17 endings in total. Uncertain if 13 was a mistype, but hypothetically if one was told that there are this many endings in the game, then find out that there are more after completing through the game, then that feels a little bit of a kicker.

Bugs in the game I found: 1. The key's sprite when you are in the kitchen off the stool is still there when you pick it up. 2. The knife can be repicked up after using it on the memorial, uncertain if the knife has another purpose. 3. Unique to people who are recording gameplay, unlike other games, Lily's Well takes up a huge amount of hard drive space. I ended up having over 70GB of footage within the space of 2 hours.

Looking forward to playing more of this game and sharing my experience once I'm able to get all 10 normal endings, all 3 secret endings (along with the 4 unstated endings that Manly discovered). Thank you PureIceBlue and have a lovely day! ^o^

Really enjoyed playing through III Days! Got to all 4 endings of the game. :D 

Played through version 1.01 of BOTS, really like the experience so far and looking forward to what awaits with sound, and additional outcomes throughout the game! :D 

Really enjoyed playing the entirety of Dolchio, apologies for all of my mispronunciations of names of people & places! :D 

Really enjoyed playing through the demo of Otome Legends, excited to see what awaits in the full game! :D 

Fascinated to see what a potential sequel to Mind Donor would contain, I really enjoyed playing through the game! :D 

Really enjoyed playing the portions of the game that I covered in this video I made! ^o^

Only got the true ending in Part 2, glad you enjoyed watching the let's play! ^o^ 

First 50 minutes of going through Mansion Tour, I'm really loving the game so far! ^o^

For a game made in 3 days, Idiot Maiden is really well done! Also covered the game here! :D 

Hello AxelVejarDossow, glad you enjoyed the video! ^o^ I've been wondering around in the areas in which I can access and I can't find anything new to interact with to progress through the game, even with the Crimson Knife acquired late into the video. Any help with what to do next I would be very grateful! :)

Lovely game with retro style graphics! :D Without looking at videos, I'm guessing that 3 of the 4 endings are only possible if you inputted something very specific on the last two questions on the Ouija Board, though it would be something too specific to look into unless you owned a copy of Unity, along with digging into the game's files to get the right answers to trigger the other 3 endings. The only one I got was down in the Basement where we could play with Toby.

Cool to hear, thank you for investigating into this as frame rate & how much a game is consuming ones CPU & RAM is a problem when the game consumes too much. :)

Hello Studio Madeline Chai, this issue occurs on the currently newest version (1.0.2) where both my computer and the game lag severely after the main menu when the girl introduces herself. Uncertain if Renpy can handle the assets placed, some people's computers in VN chat rooms have not had this issue, where others (and myself) have this lag issue. Thank you for your quick reply btw! :D

Hello, I've tried playing Project Halloween, unfortunately after clicking play on the main menu, not only the game, but my PC became incredibly laggy/framey. Shouldn't be an issue that would occur with a hex core i7 processor, a GTX 1050 graphics card & 24GB ram  for a visual novel (on Windows 10 and downloaded the Windows version of the game), any help with this would be thoroughly appreciated as I really want to play this game to its fullest. :)

Greetings, I've played through Monochrome and I really enjoyed the game as a whole, particular liked the twists at the end of the game with what happened there! :D

There's so much Flare to this game, looking forward to the Spooky Month release! <3