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A really nice tale that touches on some important topics to considered for oneself and our own entirety. The matter of wanting to escape from all of the pain & suffering is a very delicate & dark topic to talk about with the individual spawning out of the bath being the embodiment in Aran's case to be everything that is negative, regardless of it being fearful, sadness and/or anger. Once getting used to the bare figure in front of you, this journey is both loving and terrifying. Thank you Eroraen!

Really enjoyed playing through Hollow Victory, Xael may be an evil demon, but he also has some compassion for Prin despite Xael's current circumstances. An enjoyable read with Ending 2 being the more difficult ending to reach in comparison to Endings 1 and 3. 

To swat a fly may not be the most obvious term of having a fly buzzing around your house being a nuisance & wanting to swat it, but an analogy of eradicating beings (regardless of their size) and that swatting pleases you, or someone else you know or something you believe in. Regardless, Mel's a merciless lass! 

Really enjoyed playing through Classmates, really unnerving visiting someone you barely know to deliver some notes from class, only to find that they are not totally with it in the head. Alongside Giselle, I liked this game a lot! :D 

Lovely tale between Monori and Monoe in White Desert, love the mentions of other characters in Yume Nikki as Monori resides where he found a book that he gave to Monoe. Been years since I played Yume Nikki and this in a way brought back fond memories! ^o^ 

Quite enjoyed playing through this visual novel. The struggles of artists is immeasurable, and from this young artist, it's like the stylus has become its own psychological demon for the protagonist, less time away from drawing will be more time not drawing and feeling guilty from not drawing. One definitive ending and the other is a never-ending cycle.

Good Idea, Good Job, feel there's another instalment with a Good in the title with a 5 lettered word in it. A nice little adventure packed in here, got some Good Ideas here! ^o^ 

A great short GB styled retro horror visual novel. Tala finding herself desperate to fulfil the longest life that she could possibly live by performing the unthinkable to her own family, then the unthinkable to herself down the line, either due to regret or not being able to live alone on a dying world anymore. Wherever Hell is, wherever Heaven is, wherever Purgatory is, you as the Reaper decide Tala's fate. Thank you for making this short tale Yasmine! ^o^ 

Quite fond of Aquapolis of Sins, fewer things could be scarier than an IRL scenario of being trapped with no outside contact in a man-made facility, let alone one in a underwater one. There's a bit of world building at the start taking about 20 minutes for the game to start moving forward in the present, looking forward to the Chapter 2 build & beyond! :) 

Damn Mikari's situation does not sound good at all, being followed whenever asleep as a reminder to not share their secret to anyone.

Really enjoyed playing through Rosetta and the Well, loved the interactions between Rosetta and Galatea, along with the horror displayed being really graphical & gory.

Galatea while being the mermaid is also the victim herself of succumbing to the demon/devil that is the well itself, so Rosetta has the option of knowing the truth and breaking the cycle, or not knowing the well to its fullest extent and replaces Galatea as the vessel for the demon itself to continuously feed without needing to unleash its many hands.

I had a great time playing the demo so far, there are some buildings that you can walk up/on where you shouldn't (the building by the bridge one I remember). Looking forward to seeing where this tale heads! ^o^ 

10/10 would play for cute maids & deep, innovative story & plot points again.

Fated Night was a lovely experience! Custom visuals like the park CG and the UI are amazing, and the mystery between Norah and the protagonist makes you want to discover more, there's definitely something going on between the two from looking through the narrative. The first choice could be considered a bad ending, but with the second choice, if the game has more to it then that choice continues the experience. Overall a lovely little scenario! <3 

It's GGG time <3 

A really sweet tale to experience, not been in a predicament like this myself in person but I can only imagine how people feel when they have certain feelings for someone that they want to convey, but they do not want to come across too direct without feeling that they are going to hurt them in any way. The "sh*t sh*t sh*t" that appear on the screen works for both the character in game, but also as a game mechanic to convey to the player that a possibly bad choice was made in the multiple choice scenarios. Got both endings and hunting for the good outcome was well worth it to see what happens. Lovely game and makes me want to check out Our Wonderland even more now. Thank you Carrot! ^o^ 


The textbooks give me the shivers, great game so far Banya! ^o^ (Part 2 will have two wasps on the thumbnail)


Thoroughly enjoyed playing through UPLOAD The Hint, the relationship between the Detective and AI-DA brings about the questions that one would have with another person as if they were a human being, would you treat AI that has an emotional support system to behaviour like a real person the same as a real person? These can differ from person to person, but the premise of this game is really interesting, along with how the AI disappeared and if AI-DA is helping you, deceiving you or a bit of both. 

A very interesting tale so far with a cliffhanger to end off this experience. Deciding between better grades & taking over the world with zombies is difficult, though in one's heart our grades can be anything if we are the ruler of the world! 😆


Enjoy the premise of the game so far, having issues with Night 2 where the flower painting doll keeps ending the run. There aren't any audible or visual indicators to tell the player that it will soon strike, when the painting changes the night has failed with no means of reacting. The ballerina has the audible cue of when the music gets louder, the amount of time you have left to find the doll is less, the painting has nothing like that and you can end up dying even if you've exited out of the bed by the painting.

The amount of lighting there is at night is great, not too long to be able to see far, but not none where it's frustrating rather than scary. 


My pleasure AlexPaq, I went through my footage very carefully and jotted down what bad endings I encountered and I was very happy to get encounter all 18 bad endings! Aneidea is top tier character! ^o^


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Really fun adventure with Aneidea, the deaths are hilarious with how expected it is for the protagonist to die from their insults to Aneidea in the bad ends. Always pick up the books/stones and absorb them as your own, compliment Aneidea, and you're set for a lifetime with your newfound best friend. Found every ending! <3 


A simultaneously creepy game with the protagonist's methods on gaining the affection of the angel, but also cute because her feelings are genuine & pure once the moment comes! <3 Alongside Yearning for Spring, I thoroughly enjoyed I Was The Cat! :D 

Personally love the Gravedigger the most out of the three lovely ladies. I feel that she has the most backstory along with the most amount of qualities that both the protagonist, and the player possibly can relate to. Thank you for making It get so lonely here, ebi-hime, the yandere-ness is very subtle with each characters's way of killing the protagonist which any sane person would feel is not only horrible but unnatural. <3

The point in time where the game no longer continues through the demo is near the end of the video I posted up. For multiple playthroughs, the functionality of the save system is best if a fix can be found so that more than just the Quick Save can be used. :)

Enjoying the demo so far and looking to play more off screen in the future! ^o^ The premise of Zeta Wolf Chronicles is really interesting along with all of the wolf related features, such as the end of text symbol having a red wolf head, the transitions between some of the scenes having a wolf shape shadow. There are some things I've encountered that are some technical issues from highest priority to lowest.

1. The game abruptly stops progressing after the scene in the school corridor/lockers when you encounter it and progress back to Rayen's bedroom. Just the background and nothing else loads up.

2. The Save function doesn't work when looking to save the game outside of Quick Save, for example saving in Slot 2 doesn't create a Save within that slot and etchera for the other Save slots.

3. There are a few words that have a letter missing throughout the first hour of the demo, unlike the other two issues, this is really minor.

Rooting for Rayen in his pursuit for finding an individual in the future to call his girlfriend, partner, companion, friend etc. :) Thank you AniClashStudios!

Played the castle route to IGSLH and looking forward to playing the other two routes along with any other secrets in wait. The Princess is quite the charming character! ^o^ 

Part 3:

Thoroughly enjoyed playing through My Dark Eden, the characters in the game are really cool with the concept of semi-humans with each one having their own distinction from one another both physically & personality wise.

No Manami route though. JK xD 


Part 2:

Thoroughly loving Blackout Hospital so far Vasilis loves to talk to the player quite a bit! xD (Will put more videos in the comments of this comment as the videos are put up!) :D

A very fascinating scenario with Is Winter Real? with the AI either helping you or acting on its own. Now I'm afraid of opening my curtains every morning! xD