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Hello VIOLET, any there any restrictions of people being able to perform a let's play/playthrough of Dead Wishes? ^o^

Bunnies & donuts have landed on itchio! <3

The screenshots look really pretty, I'd love to see an English version of this game! <3

In the maze just before the bad ending, hugs the walls and you'll find the hidden path. (Ensure you didn't give the key back at the start of the game). :)

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Hey there, the only ending I seem to get is the bad ending, any clues to take on-board to acquire another possible ending? :)

Edit: Never mind, found the hidden path. :)

Also loved going through both yours and Yobab's notes, adds a really personal touch when the player sees it. <3

You're going to make me cry, my voice isn't that wonderful to listen too but thank you so so much for the wonderful comment! :P

The itchy nose while recording sympton is...unique! ^o^

I thoroughly enjoyed playing the full version of the game, more thoughts in the video! ^o^

See the full download is up, congrats on completing your game! :D

Hey there, The Beat named Eliza looks really nice! When the full version with the extra minutes are added, I'll perform a let's play of it if you don't mind? ^o^