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Just started playing Devil's Door, really fascinated by the story so far and the voice acting is a really nice addition that provides an extra layer of personality to the characters! ^o^ 

My pleasure, very happy you are enjoying the commentary! ^o^ 

Loving the interactions between the characters in this game, thoroughly enjoying the conversations between the characters! Their expressions are wonderful! ^o^

Had a lovely time playing this game, Veronikka's list is like a set of things that she's adamant on doing before proceeding onto the next phase. Both a happy story and an upsetting outcome, thank you! <3 


Part 2 <3 

Thoroughly enjoying the interactions between the characters in Bistro Days, from comments I have only about 2 minutes left before the demo ends, but there'll be a 2nd video real soon. Thank you and twintails bestie! <3 

FluvStruck demo playthrough ๐Ÿ’— Highly encourage checking the game for yourselves before watching this video! ๐Ÿ’—

Dear 6th diary, where are you. ^o^

Part 2 <3

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Hi ZheroIsland, played through a portion of the demo and I really like it so far. Few things I picked up on when exploring through the game and both of these are related to reloading into the game from previously dying, or going back in.

1. Doors that were previously unlocked using a key need to be re-unlocked to be able to open them.

2. Events like putting the teapot in the cabinet, and pressing the button on the doll do not reactivate when interacting with them.

Most of the time with puzzle solving, the item/objective in question is in the same room or one of the adjacent rooms which is great, whereas in other games they can be on the other side of the game (retracting your steps) which can be tiresome.

Thank you for LIRE, and hope the development of the rest of the game goes well for you! ^o^

Having issues on the books riddle/puzzle too, the book cover doesn't match with the bookshelf genre when putting them in "the right" place.

Yellow book (Planet) matches with Blue bookshelf (Astrology) both being space themed.

Blue book (Knife & Fork) matches with Red bookshelf (Cooking) both being food related.

Can enter & exit out of the door fine without getting the door being different with the Blue & Yellow book on the Blue & Red bookshelves (one, or the other, or both). Unless this is a bug and you shouldn't be able to exit until you get all of them right. 

You'd think the Red book (Flowers) would fit into the Yellow bookshelf (Gardening) as they're both horticulture related. Unfortunately this isn't the case and the door changes to the never ending death sequence.

Pink door (Candy) and the Green bookshelf (Fairy) don't really align, thought Candy at first went with cooking as they're similar. Think this book is the anomaly that you don't put in place as it's not thematically correct for any of the book shelves asides the Red bookshelf.

Thank you & hope there's another angle to this bookshelf puzzle that the community isn't able to look at to make this puzzle possible to solve. :)

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Demo's great, hope the development of the rest of the game goes as planned! ^o^ 

Part 2 (wish I carried on until the end). <3 Love the whole experience of the demo from start to finish, there's a lot of dialogue from just Haku at the beginning which I feel built up the world which we are on, then getting to know characters, there's a lot more character to character dialogue. Sayuri being an absolutely awesome Mum (top Mum). Thank you Noraneko Games & wish you and your team all of the best in the demo's feedback & game's development from now until it's completion! <3 

Thoroughly enjoying Mise en Scene's demo so far! ^o^ 

Really enjoyed the setting of your game with it having a VHS interface, and distortions to the interface when tension raises. :D 

Thoroughly enjoyed playing Moon Archer Shooting Stars! ^O^ 

Thoroughly enjoyed playing the demo of Last Wishes, all of my most sincere wishes for the development of the full game! <3


Really like the character & settings that this visual novel covers, there are so few visual novels that cover necromancy, or a character that's dedicated to martial arts like Izagi. ^o^

A lovely, casual visual novel through the eyes of Hannah, there's a lot here to admire by from the interactions between Hannah & Angie, the fantasy sci-fi themes to the wonderful artistic design that fits so well with a fantasy scenario. The story between the two projected with their weaknesses shared to one another, along with the art has made this little game a star in the night sky! Thank you! ^o^ 

My pleasure, hope you've enjoyed watching it as much as I did enjoying your game! ^o^


Really enjoying the demo to Aquadine so far. ^o^

1 of 3 videos to the gamma demo of Angelic Waves! ๐Ÿ’œ

The ending was very painful, but it gives the player something incredibly important to reflect upon. It's something that at some point we feel feeling down, or depressed. For anyone looking at this who are feeling down, talk to someone about how you're feeling, off-load what you're feeling over bottling your feelings. 

Thank you for making this game Raffy's Playground. <3

Thoroughly enjoyed the first 50 minutes of Lola's World of Wonders. Filled with surprises, romance & a lot of happiness. <3

1st hour of the demo. ^o^ 

Thoroughly enjoyed playing this game, looking through the comments here I'm looking forward to see how you expand Find me.... :D 

Highly approved Waitress! Keep the customers smiling ok! <3

Let's play of Pt1 to Cafe Space Angel, there is an Angel in Space that runs a Cafe.

Consider downloading the game for yourselves people. :D


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The first 40-50 minutes gameplay of Missing Time! 

My pleasure! Glad it was both wonderful & helpful to watch!! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

A cute, lovely wintry tale of lost & grief. Thank you for By Day and Night! <3

Finished the game! The ending was what we all wanted to acquire! <3 

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Part 5

Part 4

Part 3

Me misinterpreting the length time on here for each playthrough didn't help! XD Glad you enjoyed the video! ^^