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Keep your good work,  thank you for this update <3

I loved Royal Alchemist, I can't wait to see Royal Order, the main character and the LI look gorgeous and the premise are very interesting (and this time I will get the guide to nailed everything without needing to do a excel document XD)


ooooooh exciting!

Hello, this look very cool, as long it's not resell, I was wandering if you allow modification? For example, if I want to apply a filter on some of them, photoshop an object on it etc.

"Neeka please edit this" XD I laughed so hard

Thanks for the info, I will wait for this moment then <3

Hello, the game look really cool, I backed the KS too bad it didn't worked, do you have an estimated date of release for the full game? 

It's really an incredible job, do you have a portefolio somewhere? Do you take commission?

very nice, thank you!

Je sais que c'est très dur étant moi même développeuse, bon courage!!!

ça à l'air adorable, je vais jeter un oeil quand j'aurais le temps, est-ce que c'est le jeu complet ou une démo ?

I second this, I usually replay the game before starting a sequel so it will be a nice addition <3

It's fun and quite, and diverse, and it definitely looks like a retro game

Looking forward for the full game, I am very intrigued!

Take the time you need, it's very hard to create a game, I am excited to see it finished!

OMG I am so happy to hear this! Thank you for the heads up, looking forward for the full game!

Thank you for your answer! I am very happy to see that the development continues! Looking forward to the next kickstarter!


So happy to hear this! Thanks for the heads up ^^ 

Is the game still in progress? I know the fail of the KS was a huge stepback, but I really liked the game, so I hope it's still under development !

Is this game still in progress ?

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I have seen this project as a cartoon on twitter, is the game still a thing?

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Eeeeh, I think i can put it in my "dead project" collection...

Hello, I appreciate your offer, but I do not wish a refund, it's not a lot of money and even if the game is not for me, there is clearly a lot of work into it nonetheless. 

I really think the content warning is better now, and I appreciate you take the time to modify it after my feedback. If I am nitpicking, I would say occasional should be replace by frequent in this sentence: "and contains occasional descriptions of sexual violence."

I don't know how the games turn afterward, but in top of some scenes clearly mentioning rape like the sacking flashback, on my playthrough I didn't see a single scene on Clodia point of view without a servant being sexually harass or assaulted. The whole concept of sex slave also technically falls into the sexual violence umbrella since they don't have the choice. Occasional really gives the impression it's a one or two time thing, which is not since it really feels like one of the leitmotiv of the game.

Thanks again for listening my feedback, and I wish you the best luck in your future projects.

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So… The art is gorgeous and the world building interesting but the game wasn’t for me and I think it’s mostly because of my expectation when reading the features. I was prepared to have some depiction of sexual violence (like maybe a final battle with murders and rape in the chaos or something...), but I didn’t expect it be ever-present. I played a bit (I think I did around 6 point of view change), and I feel like there isn’t a scene without a depiction of some kind of NPC being sexually harass. It really made me uncomfortable all along, and the fact that all the characters seems sexually obsessed didn’t helped me to feel more at ease. I really had the impression of playing a porn game, even if their is no graphical sex scenes (graphical as in « detailed action and anatomic depiction »). Once again, I expected sex scene, and I love them in general, so it’s not the issue in itself, it’s how much sex is gratuitous and ever-present.

For example (small spoiler) when the ex slave decide to casually masturbate in front of one of the main character ensuing a really weird and long conversation about her hand being clean or not. It just made me so uncomfortable, and feel so gratuitous. Especially since the previous sentences already stated more than clearly she was at ease with her own sexuality and borderline nymphomaniac. And it’s just an example among others... (End of spoiler)

Anyway, I don’t recommend the game for people who like romance with a bit of smut like me, I think the game should be more identify as porn, not only mature...


Nice! Courage <3

Hello, just checking if the game is still alive o/

Really nice work!

Nice, I am very happy to learn that the project is still going on. best of luck for your new project, I look forward for the King route!

Take care of yourself

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Hello, I am wandering if you have any news on The King route. It's the one I was expecting, and I am quite worry since there is no official news on this project since 2019... I know development take time, but at least I would like to know if the project is dead or still on track, especially considering you are running a Kickstarter for a new project. 

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Oh okay! It appears as a new release to me, so I was confused, I will buy it then ! <3

(Too impatient to play non finished story XD)

The CGs look very very pretty and the story sounds so cool (I like badass main character).

Thanks for answering me !

Hello, I have a question, is the game finished or is it a chapter-like game where the story isn't fully finish yet and only the chapter 1 is available ?

Anyway the game looks amazing !

Any news on this game ?

Ah nice, this will do ! I look forward to test, even if Bastien was the my least favorite LI XD

Hello, I was wandering how much time will the game stays in sales ? (To know if I have time to wait for my salary or not >.>)

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How can we know if we have the good version of the game ? My game crashed, so I deleted it and downloaded it again from my itchio account, but from the message in the opening, I doubt I have the right version.. 

Edit : Fix it, I have the right version now!

You can count me in for the early access ! Also just to recap :

- On 18th we will get Bastien's route 

- On first quarter 2021 we will get Sofia's route

- Other route will come through the year of 2021/2022

Am I correct ? Anyway I look forward to get back into segunda ! I loved the first game so much and you have improved since then, it will be a blast

Hello, just wanted to know how the develpment was going. I am looking forward to the king route, do you have a release date for it ? ^o^

So hype so hype so hype so hype so hype.....