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Penguin ManView game page

8-bit NES-ish platformer boss rush made for Retrogradejam 2
Submitted by Aldeas (@AldeasMemtis) — 4 hours, 57 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Era "Feel"#53.9383.938
Audio Design#103.4383.438
Graphical Presentation#103.9383.938

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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A pretty fun game overall. Some of the fights were pretty tough, especially on hard mode. The sprites look good, and although I didn't care that much for the music, together, they help to sell the game as an arcade-style one. My main complaint was actually with the controls; Penguin Man's jump height is always the same and can't be controlled by how long you hold down the button, which feels a little awkward. Still, good job overall!


I'm really impressed with this one, the graphics are not super polished but there is a lot of unique art (and all those cutscene graphics!). The gameplay is really fun, the bosses have a good amount of variety. I'm really impressed and grateful that you put in remappable controls, and I'll be darned if I wasn't invested in the story.

My one complaint would probably be having a continue option, as Lion King was a pretty brutal fight and it was unfortunate to have to play through bad whale and electric mouse to get back to him.


Oh my goodness that was loud.

This seems like a decent start, though I would probably work on telegraphing your bosses attacks a bit better, particularly with Lion King. That massive red ball of hurt sorta came out of nowhere haha.


Great game! I've really enjoyed it.


some really good fight in here!


This reminds me of a very silly Ninja Gaiden. I think I have to give 5 stars somewhere just for the image of a burning igloo. My one unasked-for tip for audio is to make sure you normalize the music so it is approximately as loud as the sound effects.


I love the characters and animation here. I particularly like the expression when you or the opponents get hit by the attacks. It's a Mega Man style boss rush, that's the main inspiration I see. The standard shot has a cool down, though I found that waiting in between invulnerability cycles when shooting the bosses had me pacing my shots correctly.


Very fun, and charming :)

Also very "complete" thanks to your inclusion of an options menu, dialog, story/cutscenes, and a hardmode.

Great job! ^_^


It's fun and quite, and diverse, and it definitely looks like a retro game


Ok, It's look like megaman but give me some unique experience!

You make a great variety of actions in the bosses. Your sprites are so fkn cute and the plot is very fun XD.

Congrats for the good work. I hope see more of your job in the future XD.


Thank you for your post and playing the game I'm super happy that you found the game fun to play !
And I'm glad that you felt the Megaman inspiration, I love this game so much that it means a lot ^^


I love the different characters and the unique boss fights + story elements. The whole thing was really well presented and super fun to play. The difficulty curve is pretty good too- I can't beat the final boss yet, but he feels like a good challenge. Overall, awesome!


Thank you so much for playing it and for this awesome post :)

I'm glad you had fun to play it, I was afraid that the two final bosses were maybe too hard, but this reassures me !