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The art is wonderful! 

This game has a lot of content. it's impressive for a week-long gamejam game.

Congrets! I'm impressed!

The game is wonderful! The art is very beauty and the mechanics is very responsible! 
Congrats! I really enjoyed it!

Very consistent and polyshed game! 

Very cleaver theme usage and art-design. 

The gameplay is very solid.

Congrats! I really enjoyed!

Very impressive for a very first game in jam! 
I think adding some levels for softer progression will make players spend more time in your game.

Anyway, i really enjoyed your game! 

Simple but very fun and polyshed. A perfect jam game! 

Congrats! I enjoyed it too much! 

It is a pity that it is not working in the Chrome-based browser. This game is gold! One of the best of this jam so far. 

Congrats! I'm really impressed. 

Very interesting mechanics and usage of SFX effects. 

The difficult progression is very good here, and the game is lots of fun! 

Congrats! It's a very solid jam game. It's really fun!

I really appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback! 
we are happy that you liked it!

Thanks for the complete feedback! 
I really appreciate it!


Thanks for playing! We hope you enjoyed it! ;D

Thanks for playing! 

Sorry for the difficulty XD. It's intentional.

Thanks for playing!

We hope you enjoyed it =) 

Good game! 
I like the difficult progression here. It's very polished. 

I really like it! 

The game have a lot of content lol. The graphics are amazing, and the gameplay is very complete. 


It's a great job! 

Nice mechanics and beautiful graphics! 

Very clever theme usage; it's very original. 


Very polished game and cleaver puzzles!

I really enjoyed it! 

Very nice graphics and fun mechanics =). 

The theme usage is very original. 

Congrats! It's a fun game! 

Very nice theme usage! 

The game provides an enjoyable experience and offers a satisfying level of challenge.


The way the theme was used in this project is truly impressive. The attention to detail and creativity in the execution is remarkable. The challenge presented is engaging and thought-provoking, and it's clear that a lot of effort went into creating it. The artwork is truly stunning and adds a lot to the overall experience. Overall, I think this game is a great example of how the theme can be used to create engaging and memorable experiences.

Congrats! I really enjoyed it! 

Simple and sympathetic!

The controls are fluid, the graphics are simple but awesome and the parrot mechanic has a lot of potential.

A small change I would make is to change the q button (return to the level selection) by some button further than WASD.

Above all, excellent game! Congrats.

Solid gameplay, fun story, and awesome Music/SFX. Needs some polishment, but ok for the short game jam time. 

Well done! Your game is fun! 

Very relaxing experience, with great audio design, and polished gameplay. 


I really like the art style. 

Very immersive and relaxing experience. For me, it's a masterpiece!

Congratulations, I really enjoyed it! 

Creative idea, good graphics, and excelent audio design. 
Congrats, the game looks very polished =). 

Creative idea and good balancing lel. 

Your game is really fun, congrats! 

Thanks for playing and for the kind worlds :).

Unfortynely, we don't have enought time to add some sfxs and visual increments :(. We gonna fix It when the rating time over. 

PS: we are filing a lawsuit against the gainax studio for plagiarism

Thanks for playing and for the feedback, it's really important for us :).

Probably the game os a little unbalanced, but we gonna make some chances when the jam's over :). 

Thanks for playing and for the feedback, it's really important for us.

We gonna made some mechanics and dificulty balancing changes when the rating time over :). 

Thanks for playing and for the kind worlds :). 

We gonna work in the dificulty balancing and mechanics when the jam's over :).

Thanks for playing and for the very complete feedback :).

Unfortunately we didn't have much time to balance the game and make progress more enjoyable. We'll work on that as soon as the evaluation time runs out.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback :). We gonna made changes when the rating time end. Probably we gonna add another movement scheme XD. 

Thanks for playing and for the feedback :). We hope you enjoyed It!

Impressive graphics, immersive audio design, and solid mechanics! 

Well done! I really enjoyed it! 

Very aesthetic, atmospherical and beautiful. 

The controls are solid and the theme usage is very clever! 

Well done! I really enjoyed it. 

Very complete and polished game! For a jam time, It's really impressive! 

Congrats for the excelent work! 

Looks more like a tiny and released indie game than a jam game XD. 

The game is very immersive and relaxing, the graphics are wonderful and the mechanics combine too much with the purpose. 

For the time we have, It's really impressive and, by heart, I would love for this project to continue.

For me, It's a 5/5 game.