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The warning sign aesthetic is simply awesome- I love it. The almost parkour style gameplay and the high energy soundtrack make this a really cool game to play. Great work :)

Awesome idea and really well polished for 3 hours. I love the strategy component- it's really interesting trying to plan ahead and figure out how to survive the longest. Really cool!

Such a fun and quirky idea and executed really well! The graphics are awesome- they kind of remind me of Big Brain Academy for the DS. Super cute and super fun! My only (minor) criticism is that crushing the boxes was kinda difficult for me. Maybe it could require a little less speed? In any case, definitely my favourite of the jam :)

This is a really outside-the-box use of the theme, which I super appreciate, and a fun game to "boot" (sorry for the pun). Nice work :)

It's a cool idea, I just wish I didn't have such awful memory haha. I did manage to beat it in the end though, so you didn't make it too difficult :) Having those free checks on a few tiles was a big help too. Nice work overall!

Super cute game, but a little on the easy side, in my opinion. Also, I think the tree stumps should probably be bigger, because I thought they were part of the background at first. Honestly I think it's a solid effort for your second game. Hopefully you keep going :)

An absolutely adorable game, but that last level is brutally difficult! I finally managed to beat it- the end-screen says it took me 4 attempts, but in reality it was more like 40 haha!

This is a super cool game. The concept itself is quite simple, but the level design is what makes it work. There's a good level of challenge and the levels are fun to figure out and beat. I managed to beat it (not getting all stars though) although it took me over 50 deaths haha! I'd say this game has potential to be a full release in the future, so keep up the good work!

Cool little memory game! It took me 144 steps to complete, but my memory is atrocious, so that figures haha! The graphics are really clean dude.

Amazing death sound effect man haha!

I think it's a neat idea to have to make your way through a level while looking both in front and behind you- good use of the theme. I have to say though, that I keep getting a game over and I don't really know why. I'm not hitting anything and the hunter is not near me, so I'm a little confused. Solid game though overall.

This is an awesome concept and tons of fun to play around with. Is there a goal to this game or is it more of a sandbox kind deal?

This is a really interesting use of the theme, and I had fun figuring it out as I played. Adding the ability to customise the level is a nice touch too.

Really awesome, man. Super addicting gameplay, good level of challenge, nice visuals and SFX. It's the complete package! I managed to get to tower 4, but I think I can probably go a bit further.

The first time I played I was like "what do you do?" then a cat killed me in 0.1 seconds and I understood immediately haha! I managed a 46, but it gets pretty tough. I'll keep trying for a 50 :) It's a fun game dude!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

This is such a well done game for 3 hours. I liked the almost Metroid style twist ending too haha! Nicely done!

This is really cool man, I enjoyed wandering around the apartment and finding clues to crack the password. The game also receives bonus points for having a copy of The Room on DVD (the greatest film ever made). One issue I noticed is that when you enter the password screen, you can't exit (the x seems to softlock), which makes it a lot harder to solve since you only get one chance to get information. That aside though, I really enjoyed it. Good job :)

Oh I see! That makes perfect sense, my bad.

This is actually much more fast-paced than I was ready for, haha! I'd love to see some more levels man.

I love the squish effect when you jump haha! The particles are nicely done too :)

Is it just me or is everyone making super cute games this jam? The farming sim gameplay is nice and relaxing, especially with that music, and the end-screen is adorable. Awesome job :)

Nice concept, really cute! With more polish and extra levels it could definitely be a full game in the future, I think. Nice work!

Super cute and a really fun little puzzle game. I love the concept and the elevator music is perfect. My only criticism would be that the game is a little slow-paced, so some kind of speed-up option would go a long way, but I'm nit-picking now. Loved it :)

This looks super cool and I've love to play it, but the web build won't load for me. I don't know if that's only me?

Interesting premise and it is a fun game with plenty of interesting mechanics, but I don't really see what it has to do with the theme. I'd also second the notion that the day should just end when all deliveries have been made. It's a cool project overall :)

Your take on the theme is original as hell, but honestly I'm having  bit of a hard time understand how the game works, and I've probably played 10~ rounds. That may be because I'm not super familiar with the genre. I love the originality though and the game is well-presented for the time-frame.

I think I'd like it if the controls were a bit quicker/tighter, so I could turn more easily, but it's a relatively minor complaint. The graphics are nice and I'm really enjoying that song too haha!

I like your interpretation of the theme, and I found the physics-based gameplay to be pretty satisfying. As everyone else has said, there are bugs if you mash the button, but I won't hold that against you haha. I think it's a fun game :)

This is a fun little game that I think would work great on a mobile device.

"You didn't collect all the frogs in time. The Earth is doomed" hahah! I love it! The graphics are awesome and I really love the quirkiness of the music. Did you write the song yourself? If so, great work :)

Oh man, the overall presentation is wonderful. I love the graphics and the music fits so nicely. The little "hello" when the people spawn is great too :). There's a nice strategic component in regards to giving the people the resources they need while allowing them room to grow. Overall really cool and fun to play!

This is a fun idea, although I don't personally see how it relates to the theme of overpopulation. The controls are pretty interesting. I just wish you could cancel a jump or possibly rotate the frog after you've committed to a jump. Overall, I like the idea and the controls and the presentation is quite nice. It's a fun game :)

Love the idea and the simple graphical style looks great. I agree that it could probably be a little harder, since it can feel slow-paced at times, but overall this is a solid game and a lot of fun!

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Really cool idea and mechanic! This would make a great retro arcade game or possibly even a mobile game. Enjoyed it, keep up the good work :).

Oh and kudos for being honest with the development time haha!

The gameplay is actually quite engaging, mainly due to the frog AI. Running over the frogs and turning them into a smoosh of green slime is fun, but I wasn't able to clear them all out. I don't know if it's actually possible. Anyway, cool retro presentation and overall a solid game. Good work!

The presentation is spot-on. I love the simple art style- it works really well. I played a few times and found that the humans always outrun me quite fast, so maybe it's a little on the difficult side. I had fun though and honestly it's one of my favourites from this jam overall.

OK the music is awesome and I liked the graphics too. I think 80 HP is kinda high though. My finger was getting tired from mashing so hard haha!

I really like the music and the graphics, but I think the game may be a tad difficult (or possibly I'm just bad). The grim reaper never looked cuter!

It's a fun sandbox to play around with and the gravity physics are really well done, so I'd say you did a good job :)