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Search the apartment and unlock the laptop
Submitted by markmehere (@flossinspace) — 21 hours, 54 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
How much do you enjoy the game overall?#54.0004.000
How well does the game fit the themes?#262.1002.100

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Gameplay 4/5 - Very interesting type of puzzle game! I do love puzzle games where you have to pay attention to story stuff and the way it's handled here is quite fun! Love all the tiny bits of writing and characterization. A few puzzles are a bit too obtuse though (Especially the team one)

Visuals 5/5 - The models and low poly style is very nice! I love the small details throughout the apartment. UI is good too.

Audio 4/5 - Very nice music through the experience. Nothing special but it's nice!

Enjoyment 4/5 - Overall a nice puzzle experience and one that I was surprised to get so much out of! Wonderful work!

Theme 2/5 - Sadly I don't see how it quite fits the theme. Still a nice concept, but not quite fitting.


Liked the flat color scheme and surprised at how fast it was able to be thrown together. Nice work.


Wow, really well put together! I feel ya when you say "Godot import quirks"... *shudders* ... I love that you managed to get multiple puzzles in there, and the checky reference to The Room ;) 


Neat game - got it on the first try  - Music was a bit repetitive to me - Game worked well.

Godot is an awesome engine.


Ok, I played this for more time than I should have, it's fun, it's perfect, but I did struggle with some of the hints.


Loved this!


Just because I think my answers are hidden pre-voting - I think this is a non-qualifying entry all. The code is minimal and met the deadline but I can't pretend all the model imports, house building, lighting and dealing with Godot import quirks were done in less than three hours. 🙂


A really enjoyed playing through this game. Cool graphics and the controls were tight and responsive. Nice sound design.

It was fun solving the password and I could see a full game being based around this.


This is really cool man, I enjoyed wandering around the apartment and finding clues to crack the password. The game also receives bonus points for having a copy of The Room on DVD (the greatest film ever made). One issue I noticed is that when you enter the password screen, you can't exit (the x seems to softlock), which makes it a lot harder to solve since you only get one chance to get information. That aside though, I really enjoyed it. Good job :)


Oh man! 😔  I couldn't recreate this issue. It was an issue in a very early version but that was long before it came to posting this listing. You're definitely meant to be able to exit and retry. Originally you used the escape key to do this, but web browser security means you can only hide the cursor on a click - so that option was removed and the "x" is now a button.

Could be a browser issue, could be a platform issue. Will keep hunting. If anyone else experiences this issue please post with browser version and platform. I'm on Chrome 101 (Mac OS X), Safari 15.1 (Mac OS X) and Edge 101 (Windows 11). Could also be a small screen resolution issue if the content overlapped on full screen.