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Collin Visser

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Neat game not sure what to do with the tin can - well done

Fun game - Like he audio when they say "that is my bike "

Thank you - that is a good idea

Thank you for your feedback

Well done - thx for giving it a try

Crazy fast movement - neat well done

Neat game 

Fast past game well done

Neat game - a bit to fast

Neat game - well done

Very neat - well done

Awesome - fun game

Neat game - well done

Neat game - well done

Well done - very cool game

Thanks you very much for taking the time to play the game.

Thank you very much 

Cute game - like the music 

Thank you so much for playing the game - Bug bug bug - sorry about that.

Thank you so much for taking the time to give the game a go. 

Thanks you so much for your comment and playing the game.

Thank you for giving it a go. I ran out of time to make puzzle levels

Awesome thank you - will eat more cookies - strange that the player model did not look at the enemies and shoot. Sorry about that.

Thank you very much for giving it a go. I need to get the animation of the reload working with the reload timer maybe 

Neat - bit to hard for me - good job

Neat - auto scroll with a story - the team did a lot of good work.

Neat - a bit crazy on the knock back of the gun - good job

are good - not 100% sure about the movement - good job - got stuck when I need to shoot the gun

Neat - well done

Neat - boomer shooter - good job - ghost are a bit to easy

Neat art - a bit to hard for me.

Neat rag doll 

Awesome - really good - knock back on the shot is a bit crazy

Neat - nice tune - a bit to much static - i think - good job

Neat - small thing the screen jumping when you jump - would be nice if this as smooth or zoom out the camera maybe - good just using javascript.

neat idea - did not understand what I need to do - shoot was fun

Neat game - a bit to zoomed into the player or movement speed need to go up - well done

Neat game - hard to control for me - good work on sound and death of the pumpkin - hat flying off.

Banger of a tune - neat game - would be nice if it got harder over time - more ghost coming done and maybe speed them up a small bit over time.

Neat game - would like a reload animation so I know when I can eat the human. - cool game