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Thank - It was my own fault - only have 4hr before the deadline and I wanted to do a game jam. I did not think it would have gone so bad - Doing math in my head in real-time is crazy - It was a good experience for me.

Thanks you very much for giving it a try - the center of the wave should not hit the island because it will stop the wave - well that was my idea.

Instruction where not clear

Thanks you for just giving it a try - instruction where not clear 

The mouse need to be at the bottom to steer the wave. Making a game in 3hr is hard

I know, right - I wanted to do the jam but only had a very short time to make it. +-3hr before the jam ended

You use the mouse at the bottom of the screen to move the wave around to go over the island.
But thank you for just opening up the game.
I live-streamed the dev - if you want to have a laugh.

neat - it gets crazy after a while.

Love how they stay in the boat - not sure if I need to do something else.

Neat - music was nice - took me a bit to know the BUY and Sell are buttons

I suck at driving - very cool well done

Neat idea - would like the velocity to reset between screen. It got a bit crazy

Neat game

Neat game - alot of deapth

Banging  sound track - well done

Well done 

(1 edit)

cool game - I would like to see more wight to the fire and sword attacks - Unity particle system :)

I think the cursor is a bit big and it off the point on my system.

Art is good well done.

Cool game

Got stuck opening a door I think it was the fourth chamber.

Could you also be more clear that tab shows the contents of the box.

The trail of the weapons looks cool.

Hello, Thank you - I think the art made the tutorial :).  I have learnt so much by doing the tutorial but not sure when I will do another one.

Thanks you for making this. Used it in a YouTube video

Thanks you for making this. Used it in a youtube video

Thanks you for making this. Used in a youtube video.

So fun - love this kind of game

Neat game

Cool game -not to easy - well done

Cool game - had fun playing it- the music is awesome. Range feels like it does too little damage and I thing the melee attack is a bit to powerful. If you think about knock back.

Fist - very cool game - 

Sencd whe you hit the button can you give a bit more feedback that you hit the button
Particles or screen shake

Please dotnot get the pitchforks out

Cool game - does the ice caps melt ? I did not see if the oceans got bigger ?

Very neat game -
Bug - allocating people to jobs the people screen is behind the work/output list

This is very neat - I like the idea that placing building next to each other changes the price.

Cool - I really like MagicaVoxle - Are you using the godot plug-in ? I want to build to games using it Voxle not a big fan of pixel art. I think voxle looks nice. Like the stuff Solo CodeNet makes.

Had fun playing this game 

very cool game - loved the 2.5D or of look. Well done

Thank you very much for pointing this out. Would you please let me know if you find any more bugs? We will be pushing a new version on the 17th of July 2021. This bug will be fixed in that release.

Thank you very much for taking the time to play this game. We will be releasing new version around 17th July. Should have most of the bugs fixed from the game jam. We will them be working hard to forge this prototype into a full short game experience.

Love the art

Something small, but I find it very difficult to read the test on the page - I had to highlight it to read.

Cool game - Had a lot of fun

Very clever idea - Nice risk and reward system. Good job on the dialogue system.

Nice game - Love that it is so colorful - welll done.

Good game - Makeing a game in 48hr is hard - well done

Fun game - Well done