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Collin Visser

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Thank you for trying - with the freezing was it on the Windows build or Chrome? If you can help me explain the game better or where I should put the explanation? I ran out of time but I want to put a helper in the game with a dialog

Neat game - liked the idea - good job

very hard core - not 100% sure what the right had side was doing - glad the game restart fast. Well done

Neat game well done - would like space to jump - well done

This was fun - would have liked a bit more particles on death - over all good job

Neat game - different - I see nanoreno just started. Maybe you can add and submit for that - well done

Neat game - well done 

Thank you for giving it a go. There is a room called the end you need to get into it. There is one puzzel just for that room but in total there are 5 puzzles.  Mostly get a thing to unlock. some puzzles you need to die to progress. some you need to teleport to your dead body to move forward. - I would love to hear what improve.
Thank you agin .

Thank you for giving it a try - I have added a note on the bug in the description and a way to play the web version - the issue is the escape key.

If you can please check the Windows build.

Well done - fun game

Very nice game - with a a bit of a story - also not stress typing

Very neat game - well done

Thank you so much for giving it a go - Thx for you comment :)

Thank tyou so much for giving it a go -  It was not clear that R was for reload should have made it flash on the screen. -thx for the bug report.

Thank you so much for giving it a play, I have been waiting to make a game like this for some time. Eye of the Beholder took many hours from me as well :)

the cannon move so slow - well done

Very slick game - well done

Well done - hard game for me -  Would like to have a jump and an arc or control the jump

Neat game - Well done

fun game - the little robots are dangers !!  

Thank you for giving it a try - Grid based movement is tricky - If I do it again I want to try get some momentum i.e. the more you press W the faster you go but I would need to thread the enemy AI .
I really love Quasimorphosis, Jupiter Hell, Legend of Grimrock 2

Thank you for giving it a go.

Thank you for the ideas :)

Thank you for giving it a go - You are correct it would have been beater to have a marker pointing in the direction of the ship on the navigation map.
thx for the feed back

Neat game - did feel a bit on ice - very neat well done

Very neat game - well done 

Neat - need to run in full screen - good job

Neat well done - I did the platforms and the background was to much that same colour. Good first try

Very neat - a good first go.

Loved the music start off slow and get going - neat - I did not like the falling though when you kill some of them - over all good job

Neat well done - could not figure out how to turn but the O key was funny :)

Thank you

Thank you so much for taking the time to play my game.

You an me both - If you can tell me where you got stuck it would help me make beater games. Mayb the into was not clear ? or that 3D to a 2D problem?

Very solid game - good job

Lol - funny game - well done for your fist game

Well done - much beater than my vertion

Good job - it would have been nice to have a restart button. Also make the game slower to start so the player get an idea what is going on - overall good job

Neat game - took me a bit to find I need to move the finger with the mouse way off - cleaver idea