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Thanks! Yeah. I've already made a ton of improvements and expanded the game. Just waiting for voting to be over to update the project. 

It actually gives you a random Tetris piece each time now with slow gravity applied to them and you can rotate them. Bunch of other improvements... 

Follow me if you want and I should be uploading in the next day or so.


Yeah. I had a solution which prevented the blocks from being placed on the player but it was buggy and I ran out of time so I disabled it. 

Nice little idle clicker game. Plenty of unlocks to buy. When I first bought the auto-click I didn't think it was working but I think it was just really slow maybe? I could see this being expanded to a full game with this art style.

I like the art-style. Kind of like old school Mortal Kombat had a baby with corporate memes. lol. It gets pretty challenging when the chairs start really speeding up. Controls are tight.

Cute aesthetic and neat idea for a game. It was very challenging.

Nice job! I also had a good laugh the first time I died. lol. 


The game has a great spooky atmosphere and it's a really cool concept. The controls remind me of early Atari games like Tank. It could be cool if the good children gave some kind of subtle clues you could pay attention for. 

Thanks! I had implemented a system where it wouldn't let you place a platform on Brooklyn but it had some bugs I couldn't work out in time so I disabled it for now.

I didn't realize you had already played my game. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I've implemented a bunch of improvements already but didn't want to update it during the voting period. 

The ui/ux is easier to understand. There is a time based score that's displayed on the screen and a high score tracker that saves between sessions. I've added a background to the play area as well. 

I'm polishing the animal graphics and sounds a bit as well. I've added a "death screen" with stats like "animals eaten" and "water consumed" and stuff like that. 

I'm adding a pause function/screen. 

I plan on pushing the update out tonight or tomorrow. 


I used an engine called CT.js

Is the Wednesday one today? 

I'd love to get some feedback on my game. 

Nice minimalist design and a cool way to visualize mental health.

Nice atmosphere and graphics for the ship and asteroids.

Doesn't seem to fit the theme and I couldn't kill any of the asteroids. Nice start to a concept though.

Controls were tight and intuitive.

Game is very challenging. I like the minimalist design.

Nice look to the game. Controls work well.

I couldn't totally figure out what was happening but these types of puzzles aren't really my thing, so I'm sure it was my fault. If it were a fully fleshed out game, maybe some tutorial levels to show how it works.

Fun little game. Controls were tight and responsive.

Could be fun as a whole game with more foods to grow.

Good visiauls and sound. Point and click controls were tight and worked well.

Puzzle was fun to solve. I could see a fun game built around the concept. Maybe you are inside a bigger box when you get out or the protagonist always seems to find himself getting stuck inside boxes. lol.

That was fun. Cool visuals and the controls were tight and responsive.

It would be cool to be able to switch without pausing since you do it so much, but that's just a nitpick.

That as fun. Like a cute Metal Gear Solid puzzle platformer. Controls were tight. 

Great job implementing so many systems in such a short time. I'd play more of this game. You could come up with some cool puzzles with this system.

Visuals have a cool minimalist feel to them and the spider creeped me out a bit (I'm afraid of spiders, lol).

Works well as a prototype and could have a cool game built around it.

Cute game. Visuals are bright and inviting. Controls work well.

Game is short but works for a prototype. I would play through some more levels of this.

Thanks. I had reservations about making people eat foxes but I only had so many stock animals to choose form and no time to customize them to different animals. lol

Thanks. I ran out of time to polish the UX and sounds and music. There are some subtle sounds but they are quiet. I woulkd have loved to add some labels to the UI too so it was easier to figure out.

I haven't done one of these in a few months. Are there still any streamers who play a bunch of the games during voting period? 

I'll definitely check it out. I'll follow you.

I like the graphics and mood of the game. Has a spooky gameboy vibe to it.

I could only ever get one rock and died on my way to the second rock every time. It seems like it could be a fun game though. Lots of potential.



Fun concept.  Great look and feel. Controls are tight and polished. 

It has an entertaining gameplay loop. The foundation for a challenging game is definitely here. If the difficulty ramped up a little more as time goes on I could see myself going for the highscore on an online leaderboard or something like that.

Wow. This game is a tons of fun! I played through to the end and didn't want it to be over yet.

The graphics and sound design are excellent! 

The box is really cute. Controlling him is lots of fun and getting him through the hazards was challenging in a good way. When I failed, I never felt cheated. 

Would love to play a longer version of this is if you keep building it!

A really enjoyed playing through this game. Cool graphics and the controls were tight and responsive. Nice sound design.

It was fun solving the password and I could see a full game being based around this.

Love the look and feel of this game. Controls are tight and intuitive.

The gameplay loop is a lot of fun and I'll be coming back to play more of this.

That was fun. Nice graphics and sound design. Controls are tight and intuitive.

I didn't understand what i was doing at first but figured it out after a few rows. 

There's a lot of potential here for making more complex planting rules as you go. Could be a lot fun.

That was a really fun little physics puzzle to solve.

Controls and physics are tight and fun and the visual style of the game is great.

I would enjoy playing more levels of this with maybe more sizes and shapes of boxes to be trapped in and/or maybe upgrades for Little Moe.

Game looks and controls very nicely. I feel like there is a fun game here but I don't understand how to play it.

One thing you could clarify (in the instructions here, maybe?) is what the colored bars mean. I see that combining boxes together makes the blue, green, and yellow bars fill up but I have no idea what they represent.

Also, maybe describe what makes us die of old age? It feels like I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what it is to try to avoid it. Maybe this ties in to the bars explanation?

Fun concept and cute visuals. 

I feel like the game wanted me to be able to make more money each delivery but it was random chance how many ghosts spawned and they didn't respawn after I delivered to them so really I couldn't see any way to earn more money. 

Nice concept. Smooth controls. Fun to figure out. I could see this being fleshed out into a full game nicely.