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Thank you so much for the feedback and for playing! I was really struggling with how to mix things up late in the jam as I knew I wasn't going to have time to add in non-rectangular objects (which would really up the difficulty). The timer and randomization were both easy fixes for this, so glad to see they worked out!

I did not think about players playing this on a touchpad, I'll have to consider this next time! Some ways I might fix this are adding quick move (ctrl+click) which would move objects without rotating to the next open slot without intelligent placement, so all you need to do is rotate or small movements, or adding a longer timer for players who can't input as quickly.

Really enjoyed the way that the theme was worked into this, and the focus on fun and fluid gameplay. Very well executed.

Interesting game and found the use of NPC teammates to be a neat idea. Nicely done.

Sweet game, and enjoyed the control panel. Thought the background was cool and the way you worked the theme into the story was very creative!

Cool game, and really enjoyed the generated levels.

Nice game with sweet graphics! Love a good tower defense game.

Found this to have a fun and unique mechanic which fit the theme of the jam very well!

Congratulations on completing it, and congratulations on making something which was very well polished! Keep on with these jams!

Interesting gameplay with what seemed to be a neat mechanic. I'll admit that it seemed a bit confusing and it was difficult to understand the controls, not sure if I was encountering a bug or not at times.

Fantastic game and very well put together. Top-down RPGs are not my usual cup of tea but I found this to put a particularly fresh spin on combat with a nice aesthetic.

Thank you! My goal actually was to take the best parts of Tarkov (Inventory Tetris) and work it into a game with a backstory that met the theme of the jam. Tvorog is a type of Russian cheese, I just liked the name and it doesn't have any relation to the game itself.

Absolutely love this! The aesthetic is very coherent, the premise is simple but the mechanic allows for unlimited complexity. I really like the last level which gave the player an aha moment and opened up new room for solving problems in a different way. Perfect design and implementation, and a fine example of scoping a jam game!

I eventually figured it out and got a glb exported that works well with Godot. Would be happy to provide that or a gltf if you want to pack it with this. Enjoy your vacation!

This is great thank you! I don't see the blend files though, were they removed?

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The original goal was to tie produced clips to the money, by a function of time of certain types of frames on the clip (e.g. more usable film time on a clip = more money) making the player need to cut good clips without a lot of blank time as the reel spools faster and faster. Really this would only take a half hour to have added but I didn't have the time to finish it today.
As a placeholder, score is calculated simply as a multiple of the number of frames of the latest clip. So I guess really the only difficulty is clipping as big of a chunk as possible (one snip close to the end) before it runs out.

Nice take with interesting presentation.

I was using Ubuntu but I think it's a problem with my setup and not your deployment.

This is really sick. I'm not familiar with ink but I like the choice and it made everything come out very nice. As far as the story itself, it was very nice. I liked how it was poetic but also gave details of a physical environment so the user has to think while playing.

For some reason I had trouble running this one, but it looks very cool from the screenshots. I'm a big fan of 3d environments with lots of small details like this.

Very neat concept with interesting difficulty. Great work!

Solid work, like how simple the concept was but how fun the gameplay came out.

Really liked the gameplay, and the sfx and animations were really nice touches.

Really liked this, it feels like old escape-the-room flash games.

Nice and fun game, and with an engine I'm not very familiar with, cool to see something made from scratch like this.

Liked the flat color scheme and surprised at how fast it was able to be thrown together. Nice work.

This is really nice, thank you.

Really fun but also very touchy with the keys. I like it!

Nice, I got 419!

Thank you! Generation was an interesting problem because I wanted to give the feel of a space station (lots of straight corridors and compartments) while still staying in an ascii map. Parts that I wasn't able to add to the generator included airlocks, and different room types. I had planned for a 'breached' room which would deplete from the player's O2 points and could be refilled with an item.

This is really sick, I like the unique mechanic.