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Yeah, I think there's a gap in the poker mode. I find this Texas Hold'em (Microsoft Studios/TikGames) to be much more compelling. I think part of it is nailing the in-poker-game audio, visual transitions, labelling and AI difficulty. I bought the sprites - so will probably use them again but I doubt we'll see this game specifically move beyond poker. Sounds like this might have been a front-page/search/new games find rather than through the Yaoi Game Jam?

Nice start. Really hit me (emotionally speaking). 🙂

Liked this. 3000 allergies omg omg. I can relate.

Just because I think my answers are hidden pre-voting - I think this is a non-qualifying entry all. The code is minimal and met the deadline but I can't pretend all the model imports, house building, lighting and dealing with Godot import quirks were done in less than three hours. 🙂

Oh man! 😔  I couldn't recreate this issue. It was an issue in a very early version but that was long before it came to posting this listing. You're definitely meant to be able to exit and retry. Originally you used the escape key to do this, but web browser security means you can only hide the cursor on a click - so that option was removed and the "x" is now a button.

Could be a browser issue, could be a platform issue. Will keep hunting. If anyone else experiences this issue please post with browser version and platform. I'm on Chrome 101 (Mac OS X), Safari 15.1 (Mac OS X) and Edge 101 (Windows 11). Could also be a small screen resolution issue if the content overlapped on full screen.

Huge points for the very unique drunk driving mechanic. I've not seen that anywhere else.

This may be the closest to the theme of any of the submissions. Good work!

You use gravity, very clever.

I'm going to try that. I wasn't sure how to kill the boss. 😁

Roasting the chickens after they are bombed is a very nice touch!

Nice one-button game. Always like too for sound effects but your's gives the game an 80s vibe.

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Yeah UI was definitely jettisoned to meet the deadline. Originally I'd hoped to have no Get Ready but I found I kept scrolling the page instead of controlling the plane. 😁

A life counter would be cool and you could increment one life per stage complete.

I definitely want to add mobile, once voting is over (I've exhausted my 3 hour limit so can't now). My friends won't play it otherwise.

Always difficult to get something really compelling. But maybe a challenge for the next game jam.

Thanks! 🙂

Sweet I won! Very good! Love how lightweight it is and that there's a winning ending.

Thank you so much! This was the best part of a tough day! 🙂


This is very true! I need to give you a bigger shout-out. The mini-games are pretty much all Cosmo's work. As is pretty much all of both Greed games! It's a great a tool Cosmo!

I reckon you almost certainly did! And if you picked 7-something in the first box you won on the hardest difficulty. Nice work!

I got some ideas about how to make it a little more obvious what's going on. Thanks for playing!


Really interesting puzzle platformer. Played the whole lot. Enjoyed it more than Celeste! 😁 Agree it needs a tutorial. I think the exit door is a little buggy too. Originally I thought tiles were disappearing for no reason but then I realised they're collapsable tiles. Enable the full screen button too if possible!

Really clever concept - shows just what some interesting physics can do. Largely progressive but brutally difficult gameplay. I like it.

Outstanding. I need to get in to 3D development. Some of the games are mind-blowingly good here for 72 hours.


Nice but kind of want to play for the highest score in 60 seconds with a timer "you can't stop".

Very nice! Extra points for a working games (a fair few of the ones I've tried thus far didn't load). I think you need to separate the hole and flag sprites. I probably disadvantaged myself by playing with a trackpad. 5-star for closely following the limitation.

It's in the credits. They the work of the brilliant Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych in their game Greed (also a sample project for ct.js)! Usually I put a fair bit of writing in the description discussing said things. But this time I switched it up and left it blank.

😎 game. I think the tools should be clickable.

Great game! Excellent concept (gave it five stars). Really fun! Would have been nice to see an end-point for the game (like after seven days maybe?) Selling everything at the close of the seventh day is harsh but 'ems the breaks with investing.

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I think you could take this pretty far - I'm imaging a "dating sim"-type game with several different girls you can take on different dates like this one, with more challenging puzzles and humor. 

I've been thinking about this heaps and really like the idea. Unfortunately my friend has roped me into his business idea at the moment - but when that wraps up... 😁


Thanks! The minigames are 90% what came with ct.js which improved the turnaround time heaps!

Epic start! I also got the "Game dev to be completed." I'm picturing Moon Lander simulation at the end which would be awesome! I've had a few troubles with some of the games but this did the simple stuff well! Good work!

Absolutely loved the boat rocking physics! It's such a good idea and I've never seen it before. Loved how it could tip you off the edge. With a bit more work this could be a really sweet arcade game!

Maybe it's just me but I'd just go ahead and update it during the voting. First and foremost, the jam's a learning experience more than a competition. Some may have already voted. Liked the 3D-ish nature very haunting.

Oh it was an unranked game jam! Still probably for the best - I really liked your game! Definitely much more puzzle than mine.

All of Europe and 100% happiness. Deeply satisfying. Seems to bug out if you enter zero as the quantity in some sale/buy menus.

Add an easy difficulty! Really solid!

Frankly more fun and less buggy than Microsoft Flight Simulator. Amazing work.