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I did enjoy the game, I got a few of the endings gotten almost all the cgs for the respective routes barring 2 each. But all that I got seem to have zero positives in sight at all. After putting so many hours into the game already in the hopes of getting some kind of happy or just a satisfying ending with even one of the leads or on my own, instead I was left with a sour aftertaste and the hollow feeling that all my work and choices up until then meant squat. Like I said I did enjoy the game, but unless I find out there's a better ending that apparently is extremely not obvious or easy to get, I am not willing to pour another 20 hours into this game. Good job devs for making a pretty good game, but this is my only complaint.

is it still being translated to english? i hope...

I really do enjoy this game, is it still being updated with more content?

I'll leave the game on my watchlist just to see if there is any progress at all but I'm not going to actively look for updates or hope about it anymore. Stuff happens, so when its done its done, if it doesn't get done then it doesn't.  Simple as that.

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yeah its alright now, apparently my download got corrupted so i just redownloaded it and it worked fine! Though I have run into a few errors during the game itself the errors cause it to skip entire days it seems and even the ending itself. I'm not sure if the problem is on my end again or not though.  If there is a way to fix it I'd gladly like to know. either way though I adore the game so far! :) its very well made and the art is lovely. Oh an i am using a windows computer. If you need the traceback logs of the errors i can provide them.

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just wondering, is there meant to be no sound in the game? because no matter what i do or check there is absolutely no sound at all.

Let me just say first, I really loved the game. It's very interesting with how you laid the characters out. I loved all the eccentric characters and how they developed, I'll add more to this when i finish more of the routes but for now I only have one tiny disappointment. Rod's good ending, well I think its his good ending. It just felt so...clipped and for a good ending it felt almost sad.

i lok forward to seeing this finished!

when will english be released?

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Wow, very well done for just a demo. It left me wanting to read the full thing. I look forward to seeing the full game soon as possible haha, must say the romantic interests are very well thought out and not to mention amazing. Keep it up! :)

I adore Tor, I really hope he gets a full route. Absolute favorite character in this entire demo, he is so sweet.