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This looks like fun! I can't wait to go OOC though

That is happening to me too. I had to put it to the lowest setting. It's a big game!

I just played it. It's so good! I like Samantha a lot. 

This game was scary. It mixes supernatural and real life horror. When a teenager is by themselves, it would be scary if someone came to the door. 

I enjoyed it. When we slept with Diego I wish we could have cuckold king Henry VIII. 

This game is SO GOOD! I just finished a romance ending with Lacey. It was happy and I am satisfied. In one of them I didn't want to get married, but stay partners, and in another I told him that we were going to have marriage, babies and puppies. Both scared him. 

I feel bad because with the exception of Lacey, I have a hard time telling apart the pale male elves with black hair. I mix them up a lot. I hope by playing this game more I will see their individual beauty. 

We really do need more. Have you read the The Parenting Simulator on choice of games? It's really good.

I guess thats what happens when you live in a free country. People get to have opinions of your opinion, whether you ask for it or not. They don't need your permission.

I haven't found the best endings yet, but I found the ending with Randal when you join the Iscari to be very sad and one of the romantic ones. He was willing to give EVERYTHING away to be with your character. And that is big for someone who loves his Independence and freedom.

If your taking a pass, I would highly recommend that you play it when it's on sale. The endings can be duds for many people, but the journey is worth a few plays. It's haunting, funny, and dark.  

The creator stated on her tumblr that the comic is taking a back seat to the game now!

I don't know what they are working on. They could still be continuing it. Or maybe working at it at a slower rate. It's an extremely ambitious game.  A long game with lots of choices.

I'm so excited for this game.

Yeah I was so disappointing. I've been looking at this project once a month and to see it canceled is so disappointing.

The game don't take the risk was just a simple gamed released when this game was in the works and it really took off. There was all of this interest for a product already made vs one epic game that is still in the begging stages. Now there is a comic made for it. Development on Beauty and the war is probably going slow while the creator spends time on Don't Take the Risk universe.

Sometimes creators spend time on a products that flop, however if you create something that struck gold with everyone, you work on it.

I just wanted to say that I played this game recently and I it's really good.

oh my god this game is so good. I especially love glasha. All of that loyalty! I wish I could romance her. But I'll take her buddy for life. 


I did wonder when this game would come out, but after seeing don't take the risk, I completely understand. That game blew up and you have to seize the opportunities. 

This seems like a fun game. It loves to freeze though! I tried saving a lot but if I forgot, it freezed again!

Ok thanks! 

I cannot create a show. I have already unlocked the research, I select everything, and the continue button won't highlight. What am I doing wrong?