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That was a really long prologue, lol, but it was very enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the next chapter! 

Absolutely loved this story! Everytime I see a new update I get so excited but then... disappointment

Still, not giving up on it tho, hope all is well with the author.  I'll be back after a few months 😩

I already know I'm going to love this game :D The story is great so far.  I'm very excited to see more of it!

I loved this, I can't wait for the whole game to be released!

I can't wait to try this 😍 your games never disappoint!!!

They are. Now I'm thinking Roe's father is Azrael. 

He is lol

I've been thinking about watching Supernatural. I always thought it'd be all drama like other supernatural shows so I  never watched. I've watched Charmed but didn't know it was also an inspiration for this. I'll have to replay this again soon! 

Thanks for responding and taking the time to explain! I'm so sorry for the late reply. 


So good! Can't wait to read more of it!!!

I can't wait to play this!!!! 😍

That is a really interesting theory. I also thought Roe might be half human, half reaper. I'm not sure about the whole Azrael possessing Roe's father tho, but I'd actually really like to know how you know all this. 😅

would like to try this game but it can't be installed :/

Yes I am on PC but double clicking does not start the game. I'll try using the launchers, hope it works! Thanks for answering :)

How do I start the game? I've downloaded it several times but not sure how to start it :/

Sorry, nevermind. I figured it out and have been playing all day. 😅 I love the story, and all the characters. I can't wait for season  3! 🖤🖤🖤

I just found this today and couldn't stop playing it! I absolutely love it! But I can't seem to import my previous game.

I wish there was an option to date all of them. 😅 How can I choose just one??