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Finally decided to buy this game which has been on my radar for a while 'cause it was on sale and boy ho boy. I mean, *gestures at all the comments on the topic*

I played Randal's route, and I really enjoyed the game! (...until the end) The art, the music, the writing, it's all really good. I liked the touches of humor here and there, and I love the big WoD influence. VTM was the first RPG I ever played, so this vibe is defo something I like. For most of the game, I really felt like i was doing something?

(spoilers from now on) I started getting really uncomfy around Randal's sex scene. Im the kind of player who saves a lot and tries different outcomes while im still in my main playthru, I don't have the time to spend 20+ hours in a VN unfortunately. SO after the awkwardness of the scene, i went back to choose other options. I wanted to figure out what was his deal when he said he was dirty and i was too pure and didnt want to corrupt me -- finally chose the options when I agree to not do it for now and his answer...made me feel bad about having the scene previously? Like, i initially thought he was worried about hurting me so I assured him I was okay with it and we did it. But now it felt like he had some trauma he needed to work through and i forced him into having sex?? Which would make me a rapist?? That's awful, I felt horrible. That's not a game I want to play!!! I tried not to think about it too much, esp since I was now playing from the save where we didnt do it. Of course, after that I sided with the rebellion, and despite all the options i had (went back trying for a few different ones) it always ended in a bloodbath, and i kept it really worth it coming out on top? But then you just see a hollow Randal, absolutely broken from being stuck in the role of a leader, and it broke my fucking heart. After that, I had to look up a guide to try and figure out a different ending. I tried doing the leader ending for Randal, unsuccessfully (not enough iscari rep i think). And then went to this topic, and reading all of this, really relieved me. I didn't fuck it up. That's just how the game is. Bleak and depressing. I'm bitter. I didn't sign up for a fucking tragedy. I'm sorry I'm gonna be antagonistic, but to the devs: fuck you. I know that's not nice but christ. These endings are an edgy teen's understanding of what a drama is.

i struggles a bit with the camera while holding items (especially the glue, very finicky) but i had loads of fun!!! i made the lil birdhouse and lost a full hour just enjoying making it! looking forward to what you'll do next with it!