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I just got Randal's secret ending last night and dear god, you're right. It's terrifying. I saw your post before I ever unlocked it but I was expecting Randal to go on a killing spree or something. I did not expect... well, *that*. It made it hard to sleep, man, damn.


Tell me about it. Randal's beardless face will haunt my bad dreams forever!


I hate to say this but I thought he looked kinda hott without the beard... Then my heart broke when he gave me that scornful look


You are right, he DOES look hot without the beard. Actually, I've thought "I wonder how he looks without the beard" for most part of the game. It's just that when you finally see it, well.... let's just say by that time I wanted my bearded teddybear in casual clothes back. *whimper*

Yasss! I was thinking my whole time playing through the vanilla ending that he was just a big ol' teddybear. I felt so fuzzy with him before.