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I really liked the track that began once you spoke to the detective lady :D yay about bandcamp and thanks for the reply!

this may be an odd question but I really like one of the tracks in this game. can I get it anywhere? :)

Yasss! I was thinking my whole time playing through the vanilla ending that he was just a big ol' teddybear. I felt so fuzzy with him before.

I wonder if I unlock it by getting 100% of the game text. Anybody know?

I hate to say this but I thought he looked kinda hott without the beard... Then my heart broke when he gave me that scornful look

I just got Randal's secret ending last night and dear god, you're right. It's terrifying. I saw your post before I ever unlocked it but I was expecting Randal to go on a killing spree or something. I did not expect... well, *that*. It made it hard to sleep, man, damn.

Oh no worries, I actually managed to get through Randal's and Markus' last night. I can help *you* now!

Okay, so I just properly went through Randal's IV ending. Lilttle tip in getting there: behave how you think a Mavvar would behave, e.g. in dialog options.

And here I am, desperately trying to get Randal's secret ending out the way with so I can finally go back to my Markus :'(((( Have you finished his IV ending yet?

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Ohh snap, I didn't realise this. Thank you! I'll have to dig extra hard. Can I ask if these red options are hidden really deeply? Or do i need to sniff them out on my 'time off' as I explore the city?

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So I created a new Mavvar MC to match with Randal for his special ending but the red/crimson text only goes so far as the scene where Randal and MC are both on the beach and Randal's brooding alone. The last thing I remember being highlighted red is MC saying 'I'm not as strong as you, Randal... I'm not sure I could ever be'. Something along those lines.

Then the red just stops appearing and I'm left with vanilla/regular endings.

Was wondering if anyone knew what was up. All help would be super appreciated, thanks!