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IS it any guide?

A topic by hkqujing created Sep 07, 2019 Views: 6,163 Replies: 19
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Try Heath's route once ane once again that make me tired.Not just impatience's stuff.The choice here is too much.There is'nt any hint imply which one is right.

Then why Heath's identity change so much.Connect to the beginning and the end,I can not believe he has been addicted to drug and also use syringe.QAQ 

And he finally become pessimistic  which contradict to the self-confidence in the beginning.

If that is his true face,I think Saorise is more charming then him.At lest,she has more strong believe .

Finally,guide book is in need or I will get crazy in Heath's depressing atmosphere.


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Do you want a guide on how to get Heath's special ending?

First, you have to get Heath's ending by siding with golgotha and declaring andrei as the leader in the end. I strongly advise you to play as a golgotha yourself for this ending while choosing heath as your mentor, since the golgotha's affections are notoriously hard to raise.

Then go to the extras to check if Heath ending #4 has been unlocked. If yes, proceed to start a new game as an iscari and pick Heath as your mentor.

After that, PICK ALL THE CHOICES HIGHLIGHTED IN RED.  The dark maroon may be hard to see, so do pay attention haha.

Then you get to see your darling boy reveal his true colors (not that he hasn't from the beginning tbh)

For all the other ending, just choose to side with the 1.Saorise 2. the Rebels

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Okay, so I followed your directions and I still don't get it... I never see the right choices highlighted in red (all the choices are red when I'm in an up-close conversation?!), and can't seem to get ending #4, even though it definitely says it's unlocked. What am I doing wrong here?  ;-:


This happened to me too. I had to go through two different endings to make the red choices appear: First I sided with the Golgotha and then with the Iscari. After that, in a new playthrough with an Iscari MC, the red choices appeared (they start to appear after you choose Heath as a mentor), hope this helps!

Thank you for the help! I actually did just that,  I played through another game (after the Golgatha ending) as an Iscari with Heath as my mentor looking for the red choices the entire time, and never found any. Do you happen to know where those should start- is it RIGHT after choosing your mentor? I'm worried about playing through ANOTHER game without ever finding those buggers. c':


Provided you play as an Iscari and unlocked the fourth ending, then the red choices should show up right after you picked Heath as your mentor and then visit him at the bar. To be specific, the first red choice I got was this:

Heath: Why did you came to Hollywood in the first place?

MC (underlined red): I dreamed of being a star... and I knew this was where I belong.

Thank you! I was driving myself a little crazy.  

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So you were able to get your choices to become red?  That’s great!

Mine is unlocked as well, but I do not see red choices.  Maybe I need to side with Saorise instead of Randal on Heath’s route this time around...


That was exactly what I had to do. I ended up going back and getting that other ending. Now it shows up :)

Can anyone help me out on getting Randal's? I have two of his...the Co-morbid ending and the Mark David one. But I kinda wanna unlock  all of his before I move on to Heath and Markus. 

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Every mentor has one ending linked to one the factions plus one special unlockable ending that is only available if you are in the same house as your mentor. Apart from those, Randal also has one extra ending.

Randal I, III and IV: The faction endings. If I remember correctly, you get "Mark David" by siding with Saorise and "comorbid" by joining the rebellion. That would mean that you still need Andrei's ending.

Randal V: The special ending. First you have to unlock it by playing some of the other endings, then play as a Mavvar. Certain choices should now be marked red, simply pick those to get the ending.

Randal II: The ending that made me tear out my hair. I finally got it by siding with Andrei, while also making a deal with Lazarus. (I also visited him a second time in the sewers and heard his story, but I'm not sure whether this is necessary. I also made sure not to tell Andrei about him, but again, that might not be necessary.) After the final fight, you will get a scene in which you notice Lazarus sneaking up on Andrei. When you get the choice whether to interfere, let him murder Andrei.

Thank you much! I didn't know you needed to be in the same House in order to get the special endings, so you really helped me out there. Off I go to angst/pine over Randal some more.

And here I am, desperately trying to get Randal's secret ending out the way with so I can finally go back to my Markus :'(((( Have you finished his IV ending yet?

Sadly, not yet. I haven't had a lot of free time thanks  to classes. 

Markus though. I'm looking forward to his route, it was a tie between him and Randal for my first play through. Sorry I couldn't help out :(

Oh no worries, I actually managed to get through Randal's and Markus' last night. I can help *you* now!

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did anyone get a good markus ending? Am having trouble with him, he doesn't like any of my answers lol but thanks to this comment thread I got a good ending with heath, going to try do his with iscari now. Really need someone to make a guide  


Depends on what you consider a "good" ending, I guess. Markus will always leave, except in his special ending. (Though he will send a postcard, if you side with Saorise.) To get the special ending with him, you have to unlock it first, then play as a Golgotha and pick the red choices when possible.

how to unlock?


You have to get some of the other endings first. If you click on "Extras" and then on "Endings", you will see whether an ending has been already been unlocked, otherwise the requirements for unlocking are listed. Markus' special ending (IV) is the final unlockable ending and as such the hardest to get.

everybody is saying select the option in red...but to me they all look white -_-

you have to complete all of t heaths endings to get the red options. The red options are the important options so they dont appear as often ad the whites do.