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Update. I just reinstalled it. Now it is working just fine. I will continue playing and see if there is any problems or it is all resolved.


sorry I didn't get to use the game until now. I still have the same issue. it freezes and won't go farther, When I used the demo, it was in the part when the master is attack by the plant in the garden, and the mc have to cast a spell. I have to press bar space to cast it. If I remember correctly. I am going to try to reinstall and see if that can help fixing it. 

I installed the game, and everything is alright until the part when he is supposed to help his master from the plant. It goes to a safe spot and then it freezes and can't do anything to fix it. I reinstalled it and it still keep the same error.

but up to what episode? cuz i got over 50 and one of them above 70 and i only got the options of just julius, just ian, or just henry

yes, thanks. i updated it, but for some odd reason, it was still episode six. i reinstall the game and it worked just fine.

I updated the game before I started the game to episode 7. i went to the about section it says 6.0 but in the download section, it shows that i already updated it. im going to reinstall to fix it.


i started the game with a saved game, but there is nothing new. do i need to restart a new game to see episode 7?

do i need to restart a new game? im asking because i start the game with a  saved game and the ending is the same as episode six. there is nothing new

Although I haven't played the game, I know I will be having a blast once I start it.  I got my paycheck so I can support my favorite game creator =D

but is there an order to select? I have the same question. I think I tried it but didn't give me the option to be with both guys. I went to the park by myself but didn't see an option for both just to pick one of the guys

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NVM, I figured it out

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how can I download it? if when I click download it, it won't do it and there is not folder that I can open or show when I try to download. Everything is automatic and it is showing errors.

P.S is there anyone I can get a refund. I bought the artbook without the meaning to buy the artbook but the actual DLC

yeah. I need clarification, too. It's the game ready to buy? or do you mean is the demo touches done and the game is going to be finished soon?

I found another bug. As you can see I already tried to make my herb into herbal powder, but it didn't work because I got a full inventory. I bought an empty slot, but the herbal powder is still present and won't go away. 

I met the merman. He rescued me but didn't unlock him. I am guessing I have to drown a couple of times before he speaks to me.  Another thing. I tried to hold a mushroom while holding a novel but it didn't change places and I can't recover that book. I gotta talk to the npc again. I hope I will get another one, I hope it wasn't an important book

Here, I am. I got to check the other side of the island (first it was north where I met the old man and the dog but can't tell how to befriend the doggo) and the second one is going west. The problem I see is that when we go from the location we appears to where our MC's ex is unconscious, the map doesn't show the interrogation exclamation that you usually see when you encounter something unknown, going inside the cave, going inside the cabin, talking to the statues, etc. 

I spoke three times with my Mc's ex, but he just repeat the same phrase. It is a nice touch to see the CS when taking a bath. I just dislike how we can only drink and take a bath in one location lol. 

I have encounter one bug? one of the rocks that is in the place before we get to the MC's ex location is sparkling but can't interact with it. Beside that I haven't met anyone else. Just two people and the doggo.

My RAM is 16 GB. processor 11th, I don't think the video card would make a huge difference (since the graphics are not that demanding) but it is the latest. My RAM is the average. Well, tonight, I will check it out and tell me if I get more bugs :D

I want hetero/GL AND BL porn lmao. nah. Anything is fine. I love how the creator is adding all. I am the type that dont discriminate and care for someone cuz of love without labeling a gender or sex. so having a gaming that allow me to play as female and male and have many different characters with a diverse gender is always a nice touch.

Yes, I collected many shells, and even the broken ship/boat got many axes and a wooden stick. I was able to chop the trees, but didn't have any use for them yet. I was able to see like 3-4 statues. The special effects/sparkle effects were present on the ground, around the statue, etc. I will try to check the game tonight and see if I get the same problem or another one.

Just played it again. The area I said that closed the game was the upper right where I was going to be able to go to the other side of the map/island. I met the old man. He gave me a quest. I was able to explore the area and didn't have the problem with the screen as previously. Sadly, after I went to the cave for a second time to get the underwear to swim faster and was ready to exit, the game closed.


It was upper right. Do you know where the statue is in the island? baehind it, going north, there is a green/brown patch. I didnt meet anyone and dont think I went that far. I was able to collect many things. I didn't know that I couldnt use the mouse and only the arrows work. not even the AWSD buttons worked. I though I could be able to see the inventory window on the screen and didnt know got ot press ESC to open a new window on the screen to see the other options.

ok. I played a bit. I have to press space a couple of times when the launcher opens to get to the main menu.Once in game, I could only see the screen find with all the days, hours, and controls before I go to sleep. When I go to sleep in game, The controls are not visible anymore as you can see in the picture. It is hard to see what made my character tired. I didn't know if he was hungry or thirsty. I didn't know he needed sleep or other things. I assumed it was one of those when my character began to walk super slow and annoyed me LOL.

Then, after the second sleep time, the screen went back to normal but when I was eating/drinking coconut, my character's thirsty didn't fill up. I got to always press ESC to open the inventory window/quest/bond window. I tried to walk on one area and then the game just closed by itself. I dunno what happened, but that is how far I was able to go in game.

is the demon only available with patreon? I tried downloading it here, but the launcher only open up to the Meyaoi screen and is stuck there.

love the demo. I can't wait to see the full game out. I'm so buying it.

is the game finished? the last time I played it, it was still in developing and got an error during my playthru

would it be early release just fir patreon or for everyone? i wanna know too

where can I download it? I checked your posts about updates and other things but couldn't find the link to those walk through 

i bought the game. do i need to buy the walkthru beside the game?

omg I love it!

OMG. I can't wait to see the remake xD. 

Thank you. I can know pay attention  more to the morale scale

would there be a walkthrough? xD. I am horrible cuz it's so hard to pick just one romance in my firs path. 

I bought this game. I am so exciting to play it! I'm going to buy the others. I just didnt have time. I know I will have a lot of fun playing them. You always make awesome games

finally have the time to play these games :D 

yes, thanks. I reinstalled it. i can see the icon of the DLC on the main screen now. thanks

I am having a little problem installing it. It says that I can look for the DLC in the main menu, but I cant see that option. I only see the main menu with the base game options. Where should I look it up for the DLC?

This has been a huge problem for me since dlc 3. No matter what the dl goes somewhere and the way u do , just the file and the installer without finding a way to actually  open the launcher is making my experience really frustrating  sigh.

Is there a way to actually  find the launcher in a tablet and see how I can place all files together?

it looks good. I am buying it when I get my paycheck xD