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All the stories sound interesting.  I can't wait to play them

finally have the time to play these games :D 

im playing this game. the brothers can be annoying xD. I am still in the beginning of the game, and I love it. I bought one of your games. I will be getting the other one and will donate for this one, too 07. 

yes, thanks. I reinstalled it. i can see the icon of the DLC on the main screen now. thanks

I am having a little problem installing it. It says that I can look for the DLC in the main menu, but I cant see that option. I only see the main menu with the base game options. Where should I look it up for the DLC?

This has been a huge problem for me since dlc 3. No matter what the dl goes somewhere and the way u do , just the file and the installer without finding a way to actually  open the launcher is making my experience really frustrating  sigh.

Is there a way to actually  find the launcher in a tablet and see how I can place all files together?

it looks good. I am buying it when I get my paycheck xD

I love ur games. I am so getting it

Oh, this game sound like an interesting  one. Gonna check the demo

oh. a horror video game o.o. it is exciting.

I wonder if the romance will more similar to the previous game or more similar to RE:H. I gotta say,  I preferred the previous one lol. I went a full pledged asexual in all my playthru after my second play. I didn't find a fulfilling romance. 

I wanna check if by keeping a human as our blood bag would affect the romance ? I don't know why it is affecting it if you don't start a romance with our victim. Can't wait to check it out heh.

the story is so cute. I love them all

i want cotton or the bunny. i like his personality. i find it cute

mhm. I enjoyed one of the two routes very much. Even the ending was satisfying. I am looking forward to the third route.

is this game complete or still finishing it? o.o

oh, gotcha. thanks =D

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does anyone know where I can find the black flower? and tough wood? and does anyone know how to get the items we need to upgrade the farm rooms? I need a bigger milk/wool/egg rooms.

Oh, I got the black rabbit to ask me to help him find his previous police partner. I thought that would be a quest. I can't find it in the quest list. Is it a quest or just a random favor to find his partner now that they are working with different people?

I have a problem with this quest:
the other quest I am having issue is the delivery of the list asked by the love hotel owner [help with purchasing item]. I got a list of items I need to get from the traveler merchant but can't get it. I already gave him the fans he asked me. I don't know why I can't continue with the other quest.

it is not happening anymore. I guess it fixed by itself? It happened only with the blue slimey boy. But I found that every time I go to talk/ give a gift to skippy/zombie boy and finish the conversation or giving the cookie, I am sent to the plaza lol. Instead of just sending me to the ranch. 

hmm, I haven't bought all seeds, but I see the ones I bought. Since each year has only one season/month. I am guessing it should restock [each seed takes a week or so to produce vegetables].

Are you talking about the pink bear? That bear is not supposed to appear every day in the plaza only in the love hotel. Each character chance location or sometimes they don't appear during the day but at night in their usual spot. 

Just like the traveler merchant that sometimes we see him in the plaza, another times in the forest during the day or night or won't appear that day cuz there are other characters. Or is it that you don't see the pink bear at all [ mainly in the love hotel where they are supposed to be all the time at night]

I found two more bugs. 

It could be just me, but in the second year auction, I went there and bid for the banana outfit. I got it but whenever I tried to wear it, I got an error.  

The other bug is the monsters. I got to bring a lot to my farm. I am able to talk, gift , and ask for items to them when I go to the dormitory window. But whenever I clicked the "monster window" and tried to select the monster to visit them I get an error.

I found three problems in game. 

The gold ingot repeat itself 6x.  The other problem is when reading the calendar. I finished the first year in game and currently in year 2. Every time I go check if there is an event for that week, the calendar show me as if I were in year 1. I have to go all the way to year 2 and check the even. I noticed that the monthly payment for the ranch is there, but the monthly payment for the ones in the ranch is not showing.

The third problem is that once you get to almost maximize or maximize one of the skills [charm, knowledge, courage, etc] the notification that you get, every time you finish reading in the library/volunteer in the police department, make a public speech or in the evening watching romance, horror, news, doesn't tell you if you are gaining a moderate or little success. It just says that you continue reading/watching. 

I don't know others but it trigger me xD. That is why I got to share and see if that is the default or is still calibrating it.

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NVM. I was able to figure it out what I was missing. Thanks for the tip

I have a question with regard to the rpg aspect in the game. Will we gain levels as you continue killing monsters? I am leveling the charm skill that allow me to get stronger attacks but noticed that my hp and strength remains the same. 

I'm still in year 1 and decided to go to the fall forest [lvl2] and my dmg was so insignificant compared to slime forest [lvl1], and they hit to hard that I was dead after getting attack by the first monster in the group attacking me xD. 

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I am a customer that bought the game a few months ago. There is a link where they said that they are offering a refund [in case you were not part of the people who bought the other versions to get the beta access, too]. 

You just need to show your bill info you get after you buy the game to the email they provided in that page [You know the info you get your email, date, hours, and the amount it charged your CC], and you can then buy the $45 or $60 version. 

I bought the $60 version [the one that have the fanbook + the beta access]. Just go to the main homepage of this game and when you click the buy $29.99 or more, type $45 or $60 [the fanbook will be released in the release date] and you will have access to both beta access version [mac and win]

I am checking the game. I can't find the quest list to help me with the description of what I was supposed to do nor the recipe list.

Is there anyone with an idea where I can find it? At first, I didn't know much on how to help the NPCs in the farm recover their HP until I upgraded the farm. 

I skipped some dialogues so maybe that was the information I missed, but isn't there a window or options with the tutorial of what I can get/do with each upgrade in the farm?

Is the damage of monsters in the different maps, the same? or greater? I remember entering the slime forest [the first one I got to visit when I existed town]. I went there two times and was attacked by slimes. I didn't have problems with my HP cuz I got a healer, but in the third time, I got attacked after my first attacked and was killed.

hi, I have a quick question to make sure I get it. I see there are options to upgrade your purchase of $45 +. I sent a email requesting a refund but wonder if I should try to make the $45 or $60 [ which can add a fanbook] now while waiting for an email telling me if I did right? lol or should I wait for the email to my request before doing anything.

I enjoyed the demo. I look forward to get more updates about the game 

Yes, someone who agree with me ! I want a rin route, too.  I want to know his bac,story as well as to see romance. It sucks we can't pick him.

I am a bit disappointed that I didn't get to have an ending with rin lol. I wish I could escape with him to where he was promised to lead according to his goddess.

I will do so. I just re downloaded the game. I am starting as a different protagonist [knight] to see if I got stuck. I can't skipped anything since lost all the saving files after the download but looks like it fixed it. I will play as the other protagonist [ambassador] after this run to see if it has nothing to do with the files I saved as an ambassador. 

I am using itchio app. I downloaded the game and updating it but only have chapter 4. I thought chapter 5 was just released.

oh great, thanks for the link. I will check it out :D

the story is very sweet. I am so sad it is too short lol. I like that those two got to click. I do want to see them together. for Rodric's to visit Alex's world again and get this time to talk a lot and let alex teach him how to play his favorite video game xD.