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Here, I am. I got to check the other side of the island (first it was north where I met the old man and the dog but can't tell how to befriend the doggo) and the second one is going west. The problem I see is that when we go from the location we appears to where our MC's ex is unconscious, the map doesn't show the interrogation exclamation that you usually see when you encounter something unknown, going inside the cave, going inside the cabin, talking to the statues, etc. 

I spoke three times with my Mc's ex, but he just repeat the same phrase. It is a nice touch to see the CS when taking a bath. I just dislike how we can only drink and take a bath in one location lol. 

I have encounter one bug? one of the rocks that is in the place before we get to the MC's ex location is sparkling but can't interact with it. Beside that I haven't met anyone else. Just two people and the doggo.