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it's my fault I haven't worded it properly. Treating everyone equally results in the game closing since I haven't connected with anyone, but that's the only way to get onto Sharpe's route.  After the walk, we have the game end and say 'you failed to reach enough affection with a patient', and the game ends. 

But it doesn't cut off of where 'the content for Sharpe's route ends here'. So how do I maintain being on Sharpe's route without it being a game-end? 

Or is there no content for Sharpe after week 3

Yeah you fixed it, but SPOILERS (kinda?) 

I'm struggling to get onto Dr. Sharpe's route, when I do get onto his route the game says 'You haven't bonded with one patient enough' and tbh so far the only way I could get onto his route is by giving everyone the same amount of attention.  So if you could give me some pointers that would really help.

I encountered a bug in the game after week 1 (when Dr. Sharpe reviews my professionalism) literally every single session I click the screen turns black and it just says


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/script/engine.rpy", line 578, in script

    label breaknav:

Exception: Possible infinite loop.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "game/script/engine.rpy", line 578, in script

    label breaknav:

  File "/private/var/folders/p1/1zrh80t501n5xs6zjg9_y13r0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/348930D5-2E7A-45A7-95C6-88A74C2D841F/d/", line 59, in check_infinite_loop

    raise Exception("Possible infinite loop.")

Exception: Possible infinite loop.




Mon Jan  1 17:50:33 2024


TBH i just played the game via a virtual simulator, and it's pretty good. 

But i won't lie I'm not a tech coding type of gal and like i tried to follow the steps but it didn't work. It's just really confusing.

nope, it just says 

The application “A Heart of Butterblue 1.2 Mac” can’t be opened.

and then another pop comes up

Safari can’t open the file “A Heart of Butterblue 1.2 Mac” because no available application can open it.

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hi I'm having trouble playing the game on mac. It say it doesn't have the right application to open?? I've tried downloading on the launcher etc> PLz help

ik it's late but the final CG can only be got through clicking extra at the main menu.

Thank you for making this game.

I did not expect that to happen in cirrus' route and I really thank you for having a panic button. It really helped me. 

AHHHH so excited

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yay, you fixed it. The game doesn't freeze anymore. Thank you for creating a game that brings so much joy. Also, I have read some of your posts about extra content. I would be happy to see the letters Emrys and Aerona's write to their mothers. That would be soo cute. Anyways your game is amazing and one of a kind. I hope your pillow is cold on both sides.

sorry but the romance scenes haven't changed they still freeze. I wanted to check the other romance routes to see if the same thing happened, so I was going to start on chapter 3 but when I put in all the details and clicked start. the game just showed the grey screen without the little hourglass.  I played the game a number of times and it freezes when it's the night with lady Catrin ( even choosing not to be with anyone) and at the epilogue with lady Catrin.

Honestly, I think her son cursed me for saying he kinda looks like the CGI baby from twilight.

he whispers this with a pained frown. so you let your hand fall and allow him to take the lead (for Emmys)

lady Catrin visits you in Bryn Arth, morgan silently following she spent years in prison and morgan with Cecil with a shaking voice she explains that Cecil has done experiments on her child that she did not allow. the damage done to his soul will take years to reverse years she'd hoped to repair his mind. but you are not at fault she assures and you shouldn't feel any guilt. she failed to protect him and failed to see Cecil's true nature.

I'm connected to the internet when I played this game. 

The same problem happened at the start of the game when ikemma is being 'killed' but i opened up the file and clicked on mac os and then clicked on the terminal version of the game. And it was fine until those moments.

I've restarted the game and it again happened. I can press the ESC button but it doesn't do anything I can't gt past that point.

amazing game but I'm playing on mac and when MC is spending the night with Emrys. It just freezes and I can't click on anything really.  The same thing happens at the end of the game the screen just suddenly freezes. The problem is just that the game freezes at times and I'm unable to play. 

The only method that worked for me is to download the app on mac and download the game from there.

omgggg it's xyx. I legit thought he looked like Hisoka before he had a route.

The only bad thing about this game is the bad endings. They are really depressing. My heart legit started drowning in a sea of eternal saddness after reading them. 

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Thank you for replying. 

I've seen that you've made couple of games prior to this but I just can't seem to find them. It would be helpful for you to send me a link so I can play your games. Since your newground link isn't working for me (I guess its because of the flash player stuff).

SPOILERS!!!!. (there's 9 endings and the game is really good)

This game is a masterpiece, because even after eating Camile's hand I still like him.

Osgoode is a serial killer, who eats humans (the homeless or others like them) but for some reason I like him. Despite his man eating ways, in a way he is an answer to a question, one of those question that we all know the answer but refuse to state it.

 The question is "Would you still eat your food, if it looked like you, spoke the same language, ect ." Everyone knows that it would be extremely hard to eat, but the answer is difficult. You HAVE to kill it, there's no other option, but killing the food is basically murder. Osgoode is the embodiment of that question. He has to eat humans otherwise he will die and for that I have sympathy for him.

thinking about it, its easier to sympathise him because he's hot. lol

I really like how you talked about the houses on the hill. How on the top of the hill was the homes of the richest but all supplies was at the bottom. Spectacular foreshadowing. 

In ending 6 I found out that Osgoode ate Camille after she consented. This brings the question if Osgoode didn't get caught, would he eat Camille. My guess probably. Osgoode obviously is attracted and likes Camille (or is it because she reminds him of Milton) as he did say that her hair is like sunshine and that he still likes her even though she's mean. The problem is that he doesn't know what his feelings are. 

Camille is not what I expected. From the brief destruction I thought she was a girl who spent her days reading romance and watching Twilight for the 100th time and was trying to learn French so she can be like Lily Rose Depp. You know that girl who doesn't exist irl but online. Instead I got a manipulative  girl, who doesn't give a shit about anyone and uses people to feel loved.

Camille's father I believe he had an affair with her mother and so Camille was born, and truly doesn't love Mr rich guy (I forgot his name). That would make a lot of sense. I remember Leo saying "he always forgives me", so there's my evidence. The fact that Leo doesn't like Mr rich, is that Camille uses her body to get ahead trying to gain power with Osgoode or some random dude in ending 9.  This is all a theory but Leo could be using Mr rich. 

It's really sad to see Camille say her father was a good one. Tbh he's not a good one. After all there's this passage where it said that after parties Mr Rich would carry him to bed. IDK if he was drunk or he was having sex with Mr Rich. If he's having sex, ... Having sex while your kid is in the house isn't what good fathers do. Never the less it only goes to show how damaged Camille is. 

Camille to me isn't very likeable, sliding to the relatable. I like how she reacts when she's kidnapped. She hates Osgoode, but he's the only reason she's alive. #stockholmesendrom. I like how she realises she loves him despite everything after all. 

He's her dream guy. 

I also like how the consent is dubious. Camille consents only because she wants to be free. She doesn't want to have sex but consents to gain something.

In conculsion this review is too Long and I really like this game. Each character has a need to be loved and only each other can full fill that.

 In the end of ending 7 Camille says "if you put me in chains again one of us will die" Osgoode says "if you leave I'll eat your legs".

They're really soulmates.

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red embrace Hollywood is the prequel to red embrace (the MLM otome). As Luka's brother DAVID has already been turned into a mindless blood pet.

We can guess that David has been abandoned by MC (Hollywood), as he is with the crazy master because one day he just vanished.

In Red embrace, there are only Iscari and Mavvar vampires.  REX is mavvar and DOM and BISHOP and ASH (depends on the ending) (mc in red embrace) are Iscari.  

It's confirmed that Bishop is an Iscari and San Fransico is under Iscari rule. 

This could bring up D R A M A as the Mavvar hate the Iscari. In Randal's ending people suggest to him to take control of San Fransico and free the people from Bishops rule. But this is just a theory with no real evidence to back up

Since the sequel is only 3 years after Hollywood and there are  hints that there will be a war. Fractions ,ect, ect. I would guess the most likely leader to let a war happen is Randal. Also in the houses intro for the occupations for the jobs members of each house has, one common trait that all houses have is that they all have cult leader as an occupation. This predicts some serious shit, is this talking about Randal. 

never the less I think Randal finally stepped down as 'leader' as there is 'The three (purportedly) share equal power, a system intended to maintain fairness and balance.' There are 3 rulers in LA. One has been mentioned in the blog and I can guess that one is for each house. Randal and MC must have succumbed to democracy .

It's weird seeing David living such a horrible life by a simple decision that we all made (to make him a blood pet). In red embrace, we can see the consequences of our actions and that's really weird. Because in red embraces Hollywood we don't have any true consequences other than heath's special ending and political decisions.  I guess that MC in red embrace Hollywood would be dead or a top figure in the vampire world.

sorry if I don't make sense, I can't remember some bits of the game. lol

I enjoyed this game. I like how you imagined a common fear and expanded it. The MC is truly a morally grey charater.

are you planning to release the game on mac? 

I'm so excited, your game is truly a masterpiece. Thank you for making it.

About the SA it does make a lot of sense. He mentioned his personality as Randal is fake and the real him is coming out. I guess the reason why he made a new personality.  So he wouldn't be the same guy who got SAed .

Also, the prologue of a new game has come out, Red embrace:m- something. The protagonist was supposed to be a gol but she's a part of the 4th house. Mayybeeee that's the house he's in. 

OR theory. Randal was bitten by multiple vamps at the same time. So he's a hybrid of Isi and Gol.

you have to complete all of t heaths endings to get the red options. The red options are the important options so they dont appear as often ad the whites do.

I would recommend heath's, Marcus and then Randel to understand the whole picture

will it be available for mac

just redownload

have you finished the game because I promise u if absolutely not that.

i cant open the game on mac

Heyy I had the same problem but I used something that worked on a couple of other games. So open the game on finder then clicked open package content after that click on the contents folder then the macOS folder then there will be this black box with green writing. Yeah, that's the game, the only difference is that if u click on that the game opens up on the terminal. So you click on the BlackBox and the terminal will pop up and the only thing you have to do afterwards is press enter. I tried it and it worked, so good luck to you.

thank you 

thank you the link worked.

oh then can you send a link to a swf player that works because i have downloaded one but it didnt work

lolol came back and it did work

Is this game available on mac because I downloaded the thing and it's not doing anything

For the next update can you add a place where players can see the achivements they've got/or haven't got? 

I acquired some of the achievements but I accidentally clicked away from the achievement notification. So I couldn't see properly what the achievement I got and I think it would be helpful to have a place, where players can see the achievements they've got. 

I can't open the demo on mac