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Nathan Prescott. Rich kid that's buddies with Victoria and bullies Max in the first game.

Sadly, not yet. I haven't had a lot of free time thanks  to classes. 

Markus though. I'm looking forward to his route, it was a tie between him and Randal for my first play through. Sorry I couldn't help out :(

Thank you much! I didn't know you needed to be in the same House in order to get the special endings, so you really helped me out there. Off I go to angst/pine over Randal some more.

Can anyone help me out on getting Randal's? I have two of his...the Co-morbid ending and the Mark David one. But I kinda wanna unlock  all of his before I move on to Heath and Markus. 

I chose fear when I was about to be bitten but my character was a Mavvar, so I don't think the House is chosen based off that alone.