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Only Iscari in demo?

A topic by MimtheCrazy created Sep 30, 2018 Views: 614 Replies: 6
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I keep rolling Iscari, regardless of my choices, is the demo limited to this? Thanks.

In the beginning you get to choose which house you want to be a part of.

If you skip the intro, you get to choose your house straight


I thought the demo was Iscari only at first, too!  When I asked the devs, though, they told me you could get all 3 houses from the intro choices.  I've managed to get Golgotha since then (the thing that tripped me up at first was choosing how I felt when the vampire was about to bite me; turns out Golgothans feel *fear*).

Does the mission change if we are in different house? It would be weird if a Golgothan tries to disrupt their own meeting right? :'D


It doesn't change in the demo!  The text does mention something about you feeling bad/wanting to make it up to the other Golgotha, though.

I chose fear when I was about to be bitten but my character was a Mavvar, so I don't think the House is chosen based off that alone.