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Thank you so much! I bought it on Steam. :)

Aaah! So hype!

One question, I feel vaguely silly for asking- are Tom/Peter/Clark the only romantic routes and the other guys are platonic?

Thank youuuu!

(I might have this thought for no real reason, I do not know why)

Think you missed a vag in the censorying, fam. XD

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SPOILERS BELOW (edited to hide things better with spoiler warning)

I got the best ending first run but failed the Triste thing (I think I was too suspicious). 

Otherwise, I must say- this is definitely my favourite route for this game so far.

I LOVE TROS so so much, and, honestly, I found myself a bit disappointed with how TTOW was going about. Each route felt very much like less focus on Iolanthe and her partner, and more like the drama they were swept up in- even though in TROS it was very much the drama Iolanthe was swept up in as well.

Perhaps this route felt different because the drama made *IS* Leopold and Iolanthe's drama, but there's more difference to it.

I found in the other routes it ended up so much more a point game and less opportunity for roleplay. It became moreso 'get the good ending' and that Iolanthe's partner always had seem reason to question her, to not want her. Even in the demo, it felt very much like each route was just going to be 'behold a new problem in the relationship, the honeymoon phase is decidedly over and people are miserable'.

While I understand this could definitely be true for some, and not all whirlwind relationships will be happily ever after, I kept feeling like this ended up being true for EVERY route, and I was honestly scared Leopold's would be the same.

I was very happily surprised that he remained true and loving to her, even if she voiced doubts or worries, as long as she remained honest and trusting. That they constantly worked as a team, and that her opinions had more influence, though it still felt like, to an extent, it was a 'find the true route or fail' story, rather than 'follow your love interest and find your unique way of handling things', as TROS was.

I'm still very pleased with how this route turned out, I enjoyed it much more than the others, and I'm looking forward to the next few as well.

Thank you for all your time and effort into this game, it is very much appreciated. <3 <3 <3

Thank you!

What timezone will the new release be dropped in? :3

Congrats Wudgey!

I'd like to see the promised DLC from how many years ago out first. :(

Is Guillaume still on track for this month?

Aaaah I hope Rheala will be a romance option she's so lovely. ;^;

Yeah my exact thoughts. I ordered it, but lost a lot of enthusiasm when the game title changed hands. New game, but dlc of old one isn't out yet and it's been over a year. Smh.

Ah, I'm struggling! Bad endings repeatedly, don't suppose there's a walkthrough anywhere? XD

*eager anticipation* :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Aaaa how excitiiing!


I finished two run throughs.


Bastien...I will say he isn't my favorite- I love Leopold the most and I'm very excited for his route, but this was very good. ...and so sad. Pieto was so lovely, and I quite liked his route with Iolanthe, but now I'm wondering whether this narrative will continue in all the routes.

I presume not, given everyone has their own drama, but I can't help but worry it's all going to be a bit of relationship drama in this sort of sense. I hope this isn't the case, I want mayhem and hijinx and plotting as the most epic lovey-dovey murder couple ever with Iolanthe and Leopold, and this was so sad aaaaa

But so so good. 



Thank you so so so so much for this game, I've been so hype, this is so awesome. :D


Aaaa still exciting yay yay! :D

Aaaaa I've been refreshing every ten minutes or so. XD

Yay, this is exciting! Glad you guys are posting updates on itch again. :3

Hi, I really thought this project was dead, and abandoned, so this is nice to see. I'd really like a monthly update here, if possible, that would be great.

Will we get a new demo?


Do we have a date for the expansion release yet? It's been a while.

Do we have an ETA for Thorns of War? :D Thank you so much for making this amazing game!

Regarding the new romances- how will they work if MC is already in a relationship? And will MC be able to pursue a relationship if married to Guillaime but not in a romance with him?

I'm so hyped! This looks so so lovely and so cool, definitely going to follow this. :D Options for PC getting braces/having a gap tooth/ freckles + glasses?

Woooo!!!! :D Will we be getting a walkthrough as well?


Aw nuuuu. D: Here I wanted to play it before bed because I have class tomorrow. :( Will it come before midnight, you reckon?

I'm counting the minutes now! :D

Do you have a time zone for your release? I'm not in the US, so I'm just wondering if I'll get it in the day of the 21st. :)

Kien! :D

This was absolutely adorable, and very unique! Not many games give one the opportunity to have a custom personality, appearance, and influence varying relationships. 

Couple questions though!

1. How come Mimi doesn't have the option to say whether she fancies any of the girls when Umi asks her about who she likes?

2. The option you choose on the beach by end demo- is this the set up for the unique routes, and are they always romantic? 

3. How is the personality tracked? Can Mimi potentially be locked out of certain routes/certain ends (notably good/best ends) for having a personality that may or may not work with her chosen LI?

4. Does Stardust Soda have a tumblr? :D

5. Will you guys be releasing pre-orders?

Thanks so much, I'm definitely sharing this with my friends, it's so cute and amazing.

Playing now, the character designs and premise are lovely, but there are quite a few grammar inconsistencies and issues? : o Looking great otherwise!

Woo! Yay for progress, very excited for all your games. :D

Any hints about what will be in the next update? 

I think there would be some talk about why he left the childstar industry, and probably some talk about the disillusionment with the media and how he was becoming someone he didn't want to be- then discussion about why he would come back into the limelight with Robin. Probably some tortured backstory about some drama, because hurt and stuff, and then likely how similar he and Robin are, and maybe addressing the concern that they could potentially spiral each other downhill?

Your work is lovely, and I'm really excited for this, regardless of how long it takes. Please don't put yourself down, art is art, and creativity takes time. We'll all be here when it's out, however long it takes, and cheer you on along the way. :D

Do you perhaps have a discord, where people could theorize or ask you questions about the story/game? I'd love to use it, I want to make all the fanfic already, I'm in love with this series, and I know a couple others who feel the same way. :)

I am SO EXCITED, omg, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa