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A very enjoyable solo experience! The prompts are creative, the layout and atmosphere are great! The game can get really dark really quick, exploring the solitude of great power. Had a day-long playing-writing session and soon would again

Oh, hope you resolve everything!

congrats, a beautifull photo!

The art is gorgeous! Nova is quite a character too)) Can't wait for the release. Which will be the first one (if it's not a sercet)?))

thank you! =*

That's pretty scary( In Russia too, you can quarantine the big cities for a while, but not the 9/10 of the populace(( Stay safe, Chiel!

Yikes! D: stay safe!

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A, I got it) I tried a Reaver Ash (I guess, Reaver instacheats?), and the option to read the note was there

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The voices are just TOP!)) love the actors, cant pick a favorite)))

On the tech side - sometimes Ashes voice (#3) is a lot quieter than the music and every other voice( Even with the sliders in the settings turned to min-max their voices(

And there's no choice anymore to open/give back Braums his note?

Oh, they are so cute))))

XD oh boy, do I feel dumb)))))))

It worked, thank you))))))))

Thank you!

I'm still a little confused - I tried R(ight)-R-R,





L-L-R combos - all give me the same outcome =(

Thanks! I thought maybe I caught a bug or smthg))))

Hi! Trying out Ur's route. and always getting "in space no one can hear your scream" line and then - the menu. Is it the bad end or I'm doing something wrong?


The fix worked, thank you!

Thank you for your quick response and the build! ^^ I'll try it

I can send you a save right before it or a log (if there is any), if it would help in any way

Hi! Trying the game out and its lovely! Jupiter's route was awesome)

I encountered a bug (i think) in Neptunes route - after the perfromance, when Terra shows up ("geez, its hard to navigate" line), the game kicks me out in the main menu(

I got it, thank you!!

Oh, thank you very much!

Im really looking forward to your debut on steam) some of my friends (for some reason) don't want to plays games from itchio, maybe I will be finally able to share your games with them!

great news! congrats!

If you skip the intro, you get to choose your house straight

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*internally screaming and reaching the microfone*

O, then be prepared xD

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omg, i have so many errors and typos, im so embarassed ><

If you'll make a FD i'll be the happiest vn-fan on earth ^^ the new CG are so cool and I cant wait for the voice acting) If not for my accent I would totally apply xD

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One word - AMAZING.

Okay, I'm kidding, you won't get away with only one word, I'm too hyped for that :) I would like you to know that I am simply in love with TPG. I play more VNs than I care to admit, but seldom I get so involved. It's enough to say that I didn't skip seen text and read it more than 3 times :D

The writing is smart and funny, the characters are deep and lovable, the art is unique and stylish. And the music complements it so well!

Now, to SPOILER territory

1. What did you think overall?

It's one of my favorite VNs, really. I'll force my friends to play it and they better like it!)))

2. Were you satisfied at the end of the route you played?

I played all the routes and all endings: Braums as Reaver, then Shika, Paris as Cubi, Rafael as Shika, then the extras ("the sercet route"). I knew I would like Rafael best so I left him for desert :) I think that its the best order to play, 'cause I feel the Rafael-Shika is kind off canon because off the secret route))

now I want a fan-disk were the big bad is killed off and Rafael can chop veggies in Ashes restaurant :D

I greatly enjoy the "roadmovie" genre, the humor and MCs with personality, so the game hit me in all the right spots. 

The boys. oh, the boys.

Personally, I liked Braums the least because of my general dislike of the crybaby-shota types. But I quite enjoy tsunderes, so it kinda balanced it)) I laughed so hard from the comment below about him being a fashion disaster, it's so true :D Still, I would like to complement your writing - normally I just skip or completely ignor this type of LI's, but Braums got to my soft spot. Storywise, I didn't quite get his age - is he younger than the MC? Because of that his romance felt more like a teenage crush, rushed into courtship and marriage

Paris - ooooh the steamy bits ;) good thing red cheeks don't glow in the dark. I still have reaver-Ash/Paris to run through, I wanna see the dynamic, but it was quite fun when NPCs commented Cubi-Ash with pink hair and Paris as siblings) so cool

And Rafael is my favorite, omg i'm going dangerously in fangirl territory, make it stop! Or no, don't. His sprites were absolutely gorgeous, all that emotion! He's badass, but a little socially  incompetent, but not in an awkward way (I hate to feel embarrassed for characters), so sweet. The flirting parts were just hilarious, I love hin so much)))

3. What was your favorite part?

Apart from all said above, I really liked the GUI style and the system design (that it shows immediately if you chose right and that you can scroll back and rechoose, and that you can skip to next choise if you want). Generally I play otomes with a walkthrough because I hate skipping 10 routes a thousand times 'till I get it right, so its great

The customisation was fun and that it actually meant something (even your eye color is sometimes) - funX2. I liked that Ash had I different personality and background, the playthroughs felt different for me (like a Shika-Ash and Rafael with all the Shika culture and hand stuff). Don't know if the gender makes such a difference, didn't try male Ash

But most of all I enjoyed the writing and lighthearted atmosphere. I had such a good time with the game

4. Least favorite part?

Why is it so short? *crying*

On a serious note, the ending (bandints + last night) felt a little rushed, like there was intended to be a couple more scenes somewere there. The whole pretender intrigue was simple, but it's not the point of the game so its ok)

And yes, some of the paid VNs took me less time to go through, but any amought less than infinite of TPG is short :D

5. Did you find any bugs/typos?

The extras didn't open the first time I played but then they popped out

6. Other comments or suggestions

Actually I was circling around the game for quite and amount of time and didn't consider it because of the yaoi tag (I don't play pure BL games). But then I read the description and that was the end off me

7. Would you consider sharing the game page on Twitter to spread the word?

I'm not from the english segment of Twitter (so please excuse me for my poor English), but I certainly would like to share screenshots and screams!

8. If I made a commercial game would you consider purchasing it?

I already bought Arena Circus GK, now I'm waiting for the whole thing to be done to play it all together


Yaaay great! Really looking forward for that!

as he should be! ^^

The  Live2D art is beautiful!

Hi! Played the demo, and now I'm hyped)) The art's so sweet and I sense great adventures! What is the ETA?

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Omg, bought the game after playing the demo - its so great! Pity that the voices aren't present in the full game yet, the acting is wonderful. 

Waiting for Haiuye so much ^.^

Also, is the 4-th CG (between Shuye and Mikio) in the game already and I missed it, or is it Daochan's intro CG and will be available later?

Thx for the great work!

ow wow, I thought it was the other way around (character -> design)! But either way it worked out great! 

I have a spoiler question about the alkonost-gender thing ;D is it OK to ask here or better wait?))

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Hi! Encountered some sort of bug - after the first choice (to follow) I get Jake's first remark ("what's going on"), and can't progress after that - only skip. Pkaying on windows


Awww, the demo was great! Personally I enjoyed Nikolai the most ('cause I love the asshole-guy type in general). And his design! Magnificent!

Looking forward for the whole game!

I dreamt of mermaids all night after playing your amazing demo ;) Feelt the need to register to tell you that xD Also love your what if answers at tumblr)

Can't wait for the full game!