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The Pirate Mermaid

Be the hero or villain of your own fairytale in this fantasy otome visual novel. · By Navigame

Welcome, come on in! Sticky

A topic by Navigame created Oct 08, 2017 Views: 5,575 Replies: 62
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Thanks for stopping by the Pirate Mermaid community forums! We'd love to hear from you about the game. 

Feel free to post here or create a new topic about any questions, suggestions, and other things you'd like to share.

For some reason my desktop won't play the demo but my laptop plays it, dunno if its just my desktop or not.


Hi miyacrown, thanks for the report, and sorry to hear it's not working on your desktop! Can I ask for some more details to help figure out the problem?

Which version of the demo (Windows, Mac, Linux) did you try, and what kind of specs does your desktop have? Also, what exactly happens when you try to open the demo? Does the game crash or give any error message?

Thanks for the reply! But I've managed to get it to work, the first time I tried I downloaded it and extracted it using Winrar. However the game wouldn't open at all. I remembered I had the app on my desktop and downloaded the game from there, this time it opened up and I'm able to play. I honestly don't know what went wrong the first time, it might be Winrar or something.


Awesome, glad you were able to get it to work! :D Let us know if you run into any other issues.

I saw this game and was really excited to try out the demo! Sadly as I try to download the game it does not permit me to continue after the demo is "downloaded" I can not open the demo. I downloaded the Windows demo, have tried to use other downloading methods, and in return I just get an error message. If you could help me that would be amazing! I am really interested in this game.


Sorry to hear you're having trouble opening the demo! Did you get the error message when you were unzipping the download or when you opened the  .exe file? Also, what did the error message say?

UHM, I actually went through the same hting (well assuming the message you got was failure/forbidden), if so all you need to do is sign in before downloading the game.

Hi there! Just had a quick question: I've been trying to 100% the scenes section and I can't figure out for the life of me how to unlock #4 on the sea section. I feel like I've done every combination I can think with the hints on and still can't trigger it. Any hints or help would be super appreciated. Really enjoyed the demo and can't wait for the full game to come out! :)


Hi Kirie, thanks for stopping by! Glad  to hear you're enjoying the demo so far. :) 

To get that scene, try building a really good relationship with Mikali, but hanging out with Malik at the party. I hope that puts you on the right track. Let me know if it works or not!

That worked perfectly! :D I'm really glad I didn't miss that scene as it has lots of interesting implications for Mikali's character. Thank you for the help!


No problem, glad you were able to unlock it! :D

I love the Demo and I can't wait for the full game to come out.  Though there is one thing that bothers me and it's the protags left eye when her eyes get small, it looks like its a lazy eye. Though it could just be the angle she's in and its in the correct position.


Aw thanks, so glad you're looking forward to the full game! 

I'll ask the artist about the protagonist's eyes. To make sure I understand, are you talking about when she blinks, or when she's looking down/to the side? You can take a screenshot of it by pressing "s" on your keyboard, if that's easier. Thanks for your help!


When she looks to the side, it could just be me to be honest. But there's just something about it...


Got it, thanks for the screenshot! I'll check with the artist about it.


I agree. It just looks... off somehow.

Hi! I really loved your game and I'm sure it's gonna be a success once it's done :)

I have an issue with achievement.. How to get music 2?


Thanks for the encouragement! :) To unlock music track #2, try switching the MC's voice acting language from English to Japanese, then replay the intro or ending of the game. Let me know if that doesn't work for you!


Hello I've been waiting for the full game since the first demo! :D I love your concept, art and plot! May I know when to expect the full outcome? I can't wait for it to be finished! Much love. xx


Thanks so much for your support! We haven't decided the final release date yet, but will definitely make an announcement once we do. If you're following us here on or our dev blog, you'll get the news right away. Hope you'll enjoy the full game! :D

Of course! I'm ready for you, Anytime! XD

I love this demo! I'm so excited for the full release and i loved your other game A2, i can't wait to see what your next project after this will be. I have a few questions: Will this be on steam at all? Will this be a pay-what-you-want like the other game? Thanks for reading this and everyone on your team did a great job with everything!


Thanks so much for trying our demo, and glad that you enjoyed a2 as well! The Pirate Mermaid was approved on Steam Greenlight a few months ago, so we are definitely putting it on Steam once it's complete. Feel free to follow the game on Steam here if you want to know when it's released. 

About whether the full game will be PWYW, we’ve been thinking about offering both a free/PWYW and fixed price version. The PWYW version would be simpler and shorter (for example, no voice acting, no hint system, fewer routes/endings, etc.), whereas the fixed price version would have more features and content.  We’d honestly love to make everything PWYW like a2, so that more people could play it. But at the same time, we really don’t want to go broke, else we won’t be able to make more games in the future. :’D

Thanks again for your support, and hope you enjoy the full game once it's out!

I just found this again! I remember playing this games original demo a long time ago. In fact I still have it. It is just as good as I remembered and I am glad to see it is still being worked on.  :D


Aw thanks, glad you were able to find us again! It's so nice to hear from people who remember our old demo and still support us. :D


Hi! I finished the demo recently and thought why not drop by and leave some feedback while I am at it :) 

It was an absolutely amazing experience so far! I remember playing the first demo many many years ago, ok maybe not so many :D But it’s been a while. As I play a lot of vns, they tend to slip from the memory or turn into one big otoge salad, well not this one. And I could lie and pretend this persistent memory of mine had nothing to do with the hot grumpy sorcerer, but... it definitely was more than just that, honest! :D Anyway, it was a huge surprise to discover this new and shiny demo . Even bigger so when I finally decided not to wait and give it a go. 

It is truly fantastic what you turned it into! The game looks beautiful, backgrounds and sprites fit really well together (and they are so pretty). And I never imagined that animations would be that good, it’s such a high quality work. One can feel the amount of love and attention that went into it. 

All things (and visual candies) considered, what impressed me the most was the writing. It didn’t have a dull moment, not even for a bit. It was always quick paced and consistent, and very very entertaining. A lot of compliments for making narrative react on choices. Uhh it was so good I couldn’t stop messing around, experimenting with MC’s good vs evil. Funny moments were very funny, more serious/sad ones fit in just perfectly. I generally prefer the games that have an interesting plot going on, rather than purely concentrate on romance. Here the danger of turning into a lobster is real and probably not even the worst outcome.

Sorry if I am ranting too much, I am genuinely excited. Not to make it too long and tiresome, I will now write a little bit about characters and wrap it all up xD.


She was great! In fact she was the best. And I know it is the matter of preference, but it is just so nice to finally experience a story that is concentrated on the main heroine. She has a character, she has potential for growth, and it helps to build the chemistry between her and everybody involved so much better! I loved her in all her possible variations, I think I prefer a slightly meaner version though >:D

The Sorcerer

Oh the sorcerer, he got me. He really got me. Such a delightful grump, very teas-able. I like the dynamics of what’s going on between him and the MC. And “old man” was hilarious. As was everything else in almost every scene with him. I am still theorising about his connection to the mermaids and suspiciously deep knowledge of basically everything. Yes, very suspicious.  


He is very sweet, but not too sweet. I have a tendency to leave good guys for later, but no matter what he was interesting and grew on me. Also he should wear this gorgeous princely outfits more often. It is not an actual request xD But damn boy! I have to admit he really surprised me with the type of MC he prefered, most unexpected, but very fitting when I think about it.


Okay, so here goes my biggest surprise. I really didn’t know what to expect of him, I had hopes and maybe some fears too. Sadistic and evil characters are my guilty pleasure, but in vns they happen to be a turn off more often than not. And it is kind of a bummer. So I was afraid he will end up being one of those jerks, that love to call the MC “stupid woman”, while manhandling her for his own delight. You probably know the drill, it is not very enjoyable. And I was very very happy to be wrong.

So I am slowly moving to the point where I just applaud and send my loudest fingerling squees in your direction for writing it so freaking good! It was sooo freaking good! It is everything I always wanted from a character like that, no actually it’s more! Their chemistry, MCs responses and the way they both  really enjoyed the interaction  was magical! I think I was crying from happiness at some point. Also it was very very hot :D I want more and I really really need it!


I loved Jack. he was funny and cute and always there for the MC. And by this I mean he was always there to cause trouble. I think they share almost bro-like connection. And I feel very guilty every time she hits him. Really want to comfort poor Jack. 


She was nice. And she surprised me too. I would love to see more of the bonding in the underwater route. Also I know how it feels to be constantly worried, Mimi, I feel you girl.


This lady is gorgeous, I hope we get more of her in the full game. She seems very powerful and I dig her design. I would even play a route like that to be fair, but I am just saying ;D She probably would not approve anyway.

Overall I find GUI easy to navigate, all menu functions were easy to find and a lot of save slots are always a welcome feature. I am extra happy that there are no right or wrong choices and no need to please the guy with the answer constantly. Freedom feels good :). I found the music pleasant as well. I only played with the english voice acting so far, they do sound nice. I think I love Jack’s and Sorcerer’s voices the most. It’s not a big deal but the quality of the sound itself sometimes seemed a bit inconsistent, like there is subtle additional background noise. It wasn’t very noticeable and didn’t ruin the experience. The acting part felt natural though. 

I don’t know if you are interested in feedback to the story and scenes, there were a couple moments that were a bit confusing for me, but it wasn’t a deal breaker or anything serious. I can always write more on that, so let me know if you would be interested in a feedback like that. I am afraid that I am writing too much already and it will end up being a total bore.

I am so looking forward to see a complete game one day. It has enormous  potential. And ok I might be a bit biased, cause the game never stopped surprising me in the best way possible, but it is already one of the best vns I played. And I definitely would support this project on Kickstarter or other platform of choice, when the time comes. Thank you for all the wonderful time I had with this demo <3


Oh my starfish, you are awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to write up such a thoughtful, in-depth response for us. Don't worry, it's not a bore at all - we love hearing from players and have a lot of fun reading all your thoughts!

By the way, I'm happy you liked the meaner MC! I was worried people would only pick the nice choices, which would greatly limit the content they'd see. A meaner MC gets along better with certain characters too. I don't think Malik, for example, would like the MC as much if she didn't give him a hard time. xD And yes, definitely get what you mean about jerk guys being frustrating in otome games, especially when they bully more passive MCs. :/  I think Malik works better with our MC because she's more than happy to bully him back haha, so glad to hear you thought so too!

And yes, please do send us feedback on anything that seemed confusing or inconsistent! We want to make the best game we can, so any areas for improvement are definitely of interest to us. For the voice acting in particular, were there specific lines or characters that sounded off? I can ask our voice editor about it if there are certain ones causing a problem.

Thanks once again for the feedback - we really appreciate it! :D

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Hi there! So! I've finished the demo a few moments ago and filled the survey, but I thought - "why not comment here too". Of course, I won't repeat everything I said there, but still! And you should know from the survey that it was me - I've left my e-mail, and it's similar to my username here!

So yeah, what to say... The demo was soooo good! I was excited about the game before, when I stumbled upon it on Lemmasoft, a while ago, but oh my, now it's on a whole different level. I didn't realize it'll have so much features, like the possibility to choose a japanese voice acting (I'm a sucker for that!), the detailed animations, the elaborate karma system. It was such a treat! I just wish it had the beginning of Malik's route too but oh well, I guess we can't get everything, right? Haha, anyway!

My answers to the survey were quite complete, so I guess I'll focus on the MC and the karma system here. To begin with, the MC is great. I honestly think she's crazy sometimes, buuut that's not a bad thing, I guess XD. Still, I really like how she's such a fighter and rebel. Well, she's a pirate after all! Now, I won't tell you what lots of people would tell - I'm not bored of nice, shy and/or clumsy otome heroines. They can be cute and very interesting - it all depends of the writing, and a cute and gentle girl shouldn't be considered less interesting than a "strong and independent woman". What bores me is when the MC is "only cute and gentle" with nothing going on besides of that, and in the same way I hate MCs that are "only strong and independent" - it's just as uninteresting.  The captain is great because she's a "real living character" that happens to be strong and independent, instead of a living trope of strong and independent women with no soul whatsoever haha! Do I even make sense here? X'D

Anyway, what I really love is that not only she's great, but the karma system really allows you to polish her behavior and ways to approach life in general. I tend to play nice in games that have a morality system, but in this case I'm surprisingly neutral, even though I inch towards the nice side. Basically, it seems I tend to be nice overall, but never let anyone try to get the upper hand on her or anything like that, so she may quickly either ignore the person or fight back, depending on the situation. Not only I think that suits her very well, but it seems to be the perfect approach for Malik's route (he's my favorite character and the route I want to play is his), since he seems pretty happy and excited when she fights with him, but at the same time since I don't play her as a bad person, she still has positive karma even despite of that (I don't really want to be evil either). I'll hope I'll manage to keep the balance or be in the positive in the full game, even while staying on his route - I guess I'll see. 

I must say I can't get over the fight the captain and Malik had in the palace. It was then that I've decided they're both nuts XD. Though honestly, the scene was great, aside of being quite hillarious at moments. The excitement building so fast between the two of them and the way neither of them wanted to let the other one win even for a second was awesome. The captain was thinking about how her heart was racing and about how strong her feelings and will to fight were at that moment, and all these emotions were conveyed all along the scene sooo well thanks to the writing. Even if Malik were not my favorite character by far, after that scene (well, at least if fighting back and not letting him win) I would have been convinced they were the perfect match for each other. But since he's my favorite anyway that makes me... double-convinced, I guess? XD

So yeah, I guess I went on for long enough, especially after already clearing the survey haha! So I think I'll stop now, but in any case, good luck with the game! It's great, and I'm sure it'll become more and more awesome!


Hi Konoi, thanks for filling out our survey and also stopping by here! You're the one who offered to help with translations into Spanish, French, and Polish, right? That's really sweet of you (and it's so cool you know so many languages)! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the demo and characters. We love reading in-depth replies and hearing everything about players' experiences!

I (Aro) actually really like shy and nice characters too! (looks at Mikali and Mimi) They're one of my favorite types, and it's a pity they are often written off as weak and boring. Like you said, it all depends on the execution of the character and how interesting they are. I'm glad you thought our MC was interesting. xD She can definitely get a bit crazy, haha! We wanted to her to start as a morally ambiguous, chaotic neutral type character, which you can then shape as more good/evil depending on your preference. I often lean towards the "good" side as well, but I think the "evil" choices in our game can be a lot of fun.

Malik does indeed like it when the MC fights back - he'd get too bored with someone who just takes his bullying. :'D I'm not sure if as many people know this, but Mikali also likes it when the MC acts strong and assertive. He really admires people who can stand up for themselves, since he's on the shyer side himself. So I think Mikali would appreciate your MC as well! :)

Thanks again for your support and the well wishes. We hope you'll enjoy the full game!

Yep, that was me! And you're welcome! I realize how lucky I am to know many languages, so if I can help I like to do it!

And yeah, Mikali seems to like her too, from what I've seen - he seemed so impressed with how she fought him and then the guards, when they met haha! He even mentionned that once or twice at a later point.

Oh yeah, and also, since I was thinking about the game and all, I ended up having one question and one suggestion after all. For the suggestion, well, something was slighly bugging me and I wasn't able to pinpoint it, and then suddenly I've realized - it's a bit weird that thing don't "float" more since everything is happening underwater, like character's hair resting like on the surface or food falling to the floor (and the whole dishes staying put, actually XD). I assume it may be some sort of mermaid magic, but I think it would be nice if the captain or Jack commented about it - after all, if the characters think of it as unusual, the reader won't be bothered by the detail anymore.

As for the question, I've assumed the Sea Route is for Mikali and Malik, and the Land Route for the Sorcerer and whoever is the other land-dweller silhouette on the start screen. But then I thought that maybe it was actually something like in the Heart no Kuni no Alice games, with a "stay" and "non-stay" route - basically you can stay at the place where the character you want to romance lives or not, but still romance him if you're not staying (and get different events). Soo... which one is it? Do the choice of Sea/Land Route restrict the character routes you can do or not?


That's a good point about the underwater physics! At one time, we actually wanted to animate floating hair for everyone, but it turned out to be too difficult. :'D So our current thinking is that the mermaids do use some magic to keep things put and also use heavier things in general. I think it's a great idea to have the MC comment on it! Maybe we can add a funny scene where she has trouble getting stuff to stay down and another mermaid has to help her. xD

About the Sea and Land Paths, your first intuition is correct. The Sea Path is for Mikali and Malik's routes, and Land Path is for the Sorcerer and ???'s routes. However, all the characters can have scenes in both the Sea and Land Paths (for example, Malik's scene and CG at the beginning of the Land Path), so we encourage trying out both. There's also an option to split your time between land and sea that will be unlocked later on, which will open up a new path with more group events.

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I'm glad you like the idea of the MC commenting on it! And  yeah, her struggling with it and needing help to figure it out would be funny, I'm sure! I figured it would be a pain to animate the hair, but honestly the dishes bothered me more than the hair haha XD

And thanks! It was the most obvious option, but once I thought about the other one, I couldn't get the question off of my mind

it's a great game! The concept is great and the protagonist is hilarious!! Quality soundtrack and voice acting that'll make you want more! I can't wait for the full version already aahhhh!!  


Thanks so much, glad to hear you enjoyed the demo! We'll do our best on the full version too. :D 


I played the demo and it was amazing!This was one of the best visual novels I have played (even though I have not played a lot). I think the animations really make a huge part of the game. But I'm really interested in the release date. I don't want to be rude and I know that you have been asked this question a lot. I would really appreciate a date (can be non-specific)! I wish you all my support and luck in your future plans. 


Aw thanks, glad to hear how much you liked the demo! Sorry we haven't announced a release date yet.  It's hard to say right now because  a lot of factors are involved. We're a small team with other jobs full-time, and the amount of time/money we have for game development varies a lot. We wouldn't want to disappoint anybody by announcing a premature date, so we're waiting until more of the game is completed first. 

Thank you so much for your patience and support! We'll make sure to let everyone know as soon as we have a more solid release date!

Just finished your lovely demo and I honestly have nothing but good things to say about it! For a demo it is beautifully polished and the music is so wonderful, especially the intro theme! I'd say I'm a "veteran" visual novel player and I can definitely see this game becoming one of my most liked. I also really enjoy the fact that you guys work so hard on this even though you do have lives with jobs and such.

Keep up the wonderful work, I cannot wait for another update!


Thanks so much for your kind words and support! It means a lot to hear all our efforts polishing the demo were appreciated. :D We'll do our best to make the full game as good as possible! 

I dreamt of mermaids all night after playing your amazing demo ;) Feelt the need to register to tell you that xD Also love your what if answers at tumblr)

Can't wait for the full game!


Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have many sweet dreams of sweet breams to come. ;) Glad to hear you liked our Tumblr posts too. They're a lot of fun to write as well. :D

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so is this just a demo? where's the full game? or is this a game that has to wait for updates? I already bought it but I just kinda wanna know if this will keep on.


Sorry for any confusion! This is just the demo for now. Any donations will be used to help us complete the full game. If you'd rather not donate now, please feel free to cancel your payment.

just listened to the voice cast, they're so hot, I think I might get heatstroke!   X3 X3 X3 X3 

(before playing demo)  I think my favorite will be Malik. his voice is the best one. (they all fit the characters perfectly, I just like Malik's the best XD)


Thanks, the voice actors were great! They did an amazing job of bringing our characters to life. :D

We hope you enjoy the demo! Let us know what you think once you get chance to play it. xD


I've just booted it up,

like with most games, I like to give a live review
XD no, not a video, I just type my reactions to things as I play the game. every dev that I did this for has loved the input, so I've decided to that here!

aaaaallrighty then!! let's dive right in!  *mouses over to game* AH! custom-made mouse!! oh...that's-...XD I love that, very fitting to the game!!   let's see...what options are there? (I always go to the options when I play any game for the first time)   OOH!!! what a lovely options menu! well made, easy to navigate and understand what each option does to the game! this is one of the most well made options menus I've seen in QUITE A WHILE (better than quite a few AAA games, Kudos to you, Navigame! I am already thoroughly impressed and I've only seen the main & options menus thus far!! can't wait to see what the actual game holds! so excited to meet malik XD
hmm...I wonder what the extras menu holds...
wow... 9 demo endings...NICE!!!! I'm going to be re-playing this quite a bit to see everything (and keep you informed about it along the way, ^_~ )   OOH! a music gallery! I always love it when games have that!! (I do so love to leave some nice bgm on while I work, it helps me focus, and the...what was it again? ah!! 'ocean' it's light-hearted and quite pirate-y and overall it's VERY lovely! (more kudos to you, navigame!!)  a movie reel..AH! scene replaying! I love being able to re-live my favorite endings without having to save the game before them! haven't even played the game and I absolutely adore this!! I'm definitely going to share this on otome amino, and get as many otome fans to check it out! it's certainly worth the effort! AMAZING WORK, NAVIGAME!! THIS LOOKS ABSOLUTELY....well, AMAZING, for lack of a better word.
and lastly for the extras menu, I do love how credits is a smiley face X3

alrighty, NOW let's dive into the game!

"ahoy there!!"  XD what a magnificent bird voice, I bet even a well trained bird couldn't do better!!   ooh!! nice!! I have the option of skipping the tutorial!! that's ALWAYS a plus in my book! let's check out the tutorial!  AWWW diamond eyes, XD cute!! Jack's voice still makes me giggle!  let's see what these, "pretty gold buttons" say. ah, right, they're the standard otome buttons, WELL DESIGNED!! *notices clouds* ooh!! AH! and the boat is even rocking a bit!! *clicks mouse wheel in, and the UI to hides as expected* nice!!   hmm..this is a rather TRIVIAL point, (and you could ignore this, no worries ^_~) but I think it might look  a bit better if Jack is standing on a bird perch, instead of on thin air, a T shape. other than that trivial buggery, everything looks AMAZING and very life-like, despite being drawn and computer animated!! (still loving the music, it fits SO perfectly!! X3)   I've played many otome games, but let's see what Jack has to say, I might even be surprised. -click auto/skip-   auto...skip text...skip to-OOH!!! skip to choice?? OOH! I haven't seen that option in QUITE SOME TIME!! (and yep, I have surprised yet again by the sheer quality I've found in this game, hold up a second, it's my birthday? IS IT CHRISTMAS?? -checks calender- 20th of december..nope on both counts, holy crap! XD maybe I'm just dreaming, and that's why this is SO WELL MADE!!!!!  (as I said to a friend of mine who has never played otome games before,  but loves steak, ''s like eating a PERFECTLY COOKED sirloin for the first time in years after only having whatever meat you can get your hands on. it's like.... going to the countryside and breathing in CRISP CLEAN AIR instead of the polluted air of the city. it's JUST THAT GOOD')  (if i had a couple thousand bucks to throw around, I'd throw it at this game!!)
600 save slots?! oh, sweet Celestia!!!  this game just keeps on surprising me!!  
an ! over the stats 'heart' when I get new info?? that's a new feature!! oh, I quite like that!!!  (is Navigame a AAA dev team?  certainly feels like this with the quality of this otome, I'm even more excited to meet Malik now X3 ) oh...this game is absolutely superb!! can even replay voice clips in the log!! oh...that's nice...that's very nice...  watching Jack flap his wings is mesmerizing...oh...I'm loving this game more an more (this is DEFINITELY going in my list of top 5 otome games of all time)
listening to the prologue....the music is like that of a music box, very twinkly, X3.  the voice is very soothing, like that feeling you get when your grandma tells you your favorite story (even though you've heard it a million times, you can't get enough of it).  'they said father had gone mad' sad... 'next time you see me' he's dead....AWWWW THAT'S SO SAD!! 
intro song....nicely done! 
-what is your name?- YES!!! my name shall be Sayaka (as it always is if I'm allowed to choose) -what is your color?-  hmm, i'll go with a cerulean-esque  blue!! how pretty!
"Captain Sayaka! Richest pirate, awk!"  so cute....  I GET TO GIVE HIM A NICKNAME?! YES!!!!
"that's right, Jackpot" I wonder if that nickname will stick throughout the game....IT DOES! I LOVE THAT!!   laughing bird!! that's one of the most adorable bird laughs ever! aww...the crew is a bunch of fun at all...   XD
-crew- "uh...cap'n? maybe we should be a bit more careful? the waves be gettin' pretty high...

MY GOD XD   not even paying attention!! should I react to him yelling at me after I beat him?, I'll be nice and give him a bandage.
it hits him in the head. XD XD XD  oh....this is gonna be a fun ride, this game!!  why that ungrateful little.....I WAS JUST TRYING TO BE NICE!!! 
ooh! EXCITING MUSIC, AHOY!!!  AWW, don't be scared, Jackpot!! it's ok, little birdy buddy!!   "we're gonna die!!!!" "and I never had lunch" XD   'COME ON, WE'VE MADE IT THROUGH WORSE!! YARHARHAR!!' XD I love this....
that damned first mate...and the rest of the crew is a bunch of woosies, how can they be pirates if they're this wimpy?!   MUTINY!!! UNHAND ME, YOU SEA SOAKED SCALLYWAGS (i may be getting a little too into this...XD)   OI!! GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF MY BIRD!!!!   ooh...the water is so prettily animated......  son of a biscuit tell 'em, cap'n! XD   nononono, don't hurt your own birdie...oh...
so we actually made it to the island with the golden sand... OH JACK!! DON'T BE-....asleep...XD XD....
how do I get the scorcerer on my side.....OOH! FLIRT WITH HIM! LET'S SEE HOW THIS WORKS! XD stunning blue eyes? uh.....he has PURPLE eyes.... WOOOOO SPINNING BIRD!!!   don't panic, jackpot... it's ok...!! MERBIRD!!!! TIS A MERBIRD!! least I can keep jack with me in the water... XD  ooh, magical contract...what should I give him...? imma save here  -GASP- I CAN NAME THE SAVES!!! YES!! that'll make it so  much easier to tell them apart!!  the mermaid prince, huh?
and of course the first merperson I meet is the prince XD.  wooow.... mikali is.....XD.   HOLY HELL, MER-SAYAKA IS WEARING  SEXY LINGERIE!!!! XD XD XD XD  hmm...seas path or land path...? imma go sea path so i can meet malik XD  
after this point, I'd gotten so engrossed in the game itself, I'd forgotten to write my reactions down as they come.  but they weren't all the different from everything that HAS BEEN written, just me fanfgirling over the game ( mostly malik )


It was so much fun to read through your live reactions to our demo! Thanks for taking the time to write them up. My favorite part was the analogy about the steak, haha! It was really sweet and flattering to hear you enjoyed the game that much. :D

It was also really great to hear how much you liked the special options we included - things like the extras galleries, skip to choice, stats updates, naming saves, etc. Even though they're optional and aren't part of the main game, we still put a lot of effort into implementing those features. So it's very satisfying to hear when they are used and appreciated by players. xD

And, of course, it was awesome hearing your impressions of all the characters! Malik is Mr. Popular so far, it seems. xD I hope you enjoy his path in the full game! Also, I agree it would look nicer if Jack has something to stand on in his non-flying bird pose. We'll see if there's anything we can do to adjust it.

Thanks again for sharing your experience with our demo, and we hope to see you back for the full game once it's ready! :D

and I'll do another live review! AWK! 
of the non-romanceable characters, Jack is definitely my favorite, AWK-AWK~!!  

would you like the next 'live-review' to be in text form again, or a video? (i'm good with either one!)


Either sounds great! Please pick whichever one you prefer. :)

Oh man, just finished playing through the entire demo, including all three routes! Also finished writing the longest survey response of all time... oops. So I won't regurgitate any of that here. That said, I'd originally planned on waiting for the full game release because I'm a completionist at heart, but I was lured in anyways. I totally regret it because now I am desperate to get more of these characters' amazing development and backstories, but I also don't regret it because this demo was incredible! The artwork was gorgeous and the writing was excellent. I found myself really loving all the characters-- the MC is amazing and sassy, and I love her banter with the parrot; I'm very much drawn to the Sorcerer's broodiness and secrets, as well as Malik's mischief and wickedness. However, even Mikali, whom I didn't expect to like at all, had hidden depths. I seriously cannot wait for more and hope we get a full release soon.  It's incredible how much detail you've put into this game, from the animations to adorable chibi sequences to the incredible story log and karma/affection meter framework, and all of that attention really shows in the way this game plays! 


My apologies for the delayed reply! Thanks so much for taking the time to do our survey - we love reading long, well thought-out responses. ;) Getting good feedback as we're working on the rest of the game is definitely helpful to us!

Glad to hear you ended up liking all the characters. We're trying our best to make all of them fun or appealing in their own way, and at the very least have an interesting relationship with the MC.  Also happy to hear that you liked things like the animations and story logs! We really enjoy adding those little details, but don't know if they're necessarily noticed by players. So it's good to hear that our efforts are paying off. :D Hope you'll enjoy the full release once it's out!


I really enjoyed the demo and can' wait for the full game to come out. I have to say that my favorite character is definitely Malik, from what little interaction we have with him at the party that he's more than just a bully who enjoys having someone stand up to him, I'm truly looking forward to finding out his full story and what exactly Mikali did to him that makes him nervous around him. I am having trouble getting the "You're a Star" achievement, specifically with the 100% on the Sea Scenes #3 and #4, I read a previous comment and that scene was one of the first I unlocked for #4, and for the Land Scenes #4, #5 and #8, I feel like I've done all possible combinations plus Karma and still haven't unlocked the new scenes yet. Anyway, so excited for the full game and I would definitely donate through Patreon or other such website if you decide to go down that route.



Thanks for stopping by, and glad to hear you enjoyed the demo! It's very sweet of you to offer your support for the game. :)

For the scenes you are trying to 100%, let me know which variations you are still missing, and I can try to point you in the right direction. If you're not sure which variations are missing, you can replay the scene from the "Scenes" gallery in the Extras. A menu will pop up in the top right corner of the screen whenever there is a variation, and the variation you are missing will be grayed out.

Thanks for replying I can't seem to figure out Sea Scene 3 he was bad news and Sea Scene 4 evil karma and the Land Scene 8 he was the worst. I feel like I've done every response, karma and combination there is with no difference made, if you could help me figure it out that'd be great. Thank you~~ 

PS do you have an estimate time on when the game is coming out, the demo truly has me psyched for the full game and I can't wait to completely charm Malik with my chaotic charms of a pirate ^_^


No problem, here are some tips! It's easiest if you turn on the hints in the Options menu too. ;)

For Sea #3,  try lowering affection with Malik, but choose to get to know him better at the party.

For Sea #4, try building your evil karma.  Raise Mikali's affection higher than Malik's, but choose to get to know Malik better at the party. 

For Land #4, try lowering your affection with the sorcerer, but still return to the island.

Glad to hear you're looking forward to the full game! We haven't chosen the release date yet, but will but sure to announce it when we do.

I loved the demo and cannot wait for the full release!!!!! I was wondering, will you release another updated demo to experience more or is thistle last demo we are getting?

Don't forget to get some rest too! Take your time over this game because it's off to a great start <3

Hiya Navigame ^^

I truly love ur work, I also love how the story progress and has an interesting plot

"OMG, this game is 'out of the box'," this was probably what I think when I first play it.

I like all the characters too, and I had played a2~a due visual novel, and totally love the story ^^

I can't wait for the Pirate Mermaid full release, and keep up the good work 'kay ^^

I love playing the game for the demo, I almost completed everything but for one which is the main story in the scenes #4, if you have any suggestions on helping me then it would help me a lot. Btw i'm only 80% done on achievements and only 96% on scenes only the rest is 100% 

Sorry, are you still working on it?) Can't wait to play the completed version.

Hi! So I just finished the demo for the second time (about to go play it a third time haha) and I just had to express how much I love this game already! The characters, the voice acting , it's all just amazing and I can't wait to see more!

I was also wondering if the finished game will be free or will I have to stock up on money to pay for it so I can play it haha!

Keep doing a great job!

To anyone still wondering, the game is still in development, and they have released posts talking about their progress with the game. The link is here:
In  short, they're still hard at work on the game, and so far, the game is around 400k words. Don't worry, they haven't forgotten about us! :)

Hey, I've been trying to 100% the scenes but I can't figure out how to get scene #4 in the sea path. I've tried every  combination and I've tried to do what was suggested in a past comment but I still can't get it. Any help?