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Oh my god.. i can't even express how much i love this game! I've played all of your games and they just seem to be getting better and better as time goes on.. this one had such a deep backstory to it that it kept me hooked and playing it non-stop, your artwork was so beautiful as it always is and i look up to you and aspire to be an amazing artist like you one day... I loved every guy in this and i know it's hard to create characters that everyone will love but they're so beautiful.. i like Karma/Klaude the most though.. i even cried at most of the bad endings and (SPOILERS:) when some of the characters really close to me died like Delora or Parfait.. :,( Thank you for creating such amazing games, and please continue to do what you love.. <3

This demo is amazing!! I'm so excited, i hope the game gets released soon! So far my favorite routes are: Corvin's, because he seems quirky and (tbh he's beautiful.. i mean look at that hair and those emerald eyes) and Elliot's because he seems somewhat like me. The art style is so stunning i can't get over it! I wish i was as talented as you, i love the music even though as you said it's subject to change and the settings/backgrounds are amazing and really make me enjoy and feel what the mc feels in each scene. I'm hoping i can find a way to rekindle the relationship with me and Spencer... he surely can't always go about getting angry and arguing. I made an itch.io account just to comment on this lmao. Good luck with the development :)

P.S. Damn, Ewan is sexy O.o