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1. What is my gender and age? 
Female, 14 (I think i'm the youngest here oops! Haha.)

2. Where did I find out about Tailor Tales?
I'm a major otome-obsessed freak i must admit, i may have looked for a new otome on itch and stumbled across this one :p

3. Is the art style appealing to me?
Yes, it's one of the first things i noticed! It's so beautifully done and i'm so amazed with the amount of effort you've put into this game!

4. Which (Available) character is my favourite?
It took me some time to warm up to Neil because of his attitude but i loved him in the end and with Dimitri I loved his easily-flusteredness the most so.. It's hard to pick. But i'll go with Neil! 

5. What's my favourite scene? 
I think any scene where i was able to get Neil to lose his arrogant/reserved demeanor and take him by surprise made me really happy :)

6. What's my favourite CG?
Definitely the Neil makeout scene! My face even went all red!!

7. Which character would I like to be available next?
I'd have to say.. Sam,  so far his description drew me in with his kindness and his overall appearance is just stunning, I mean look at those blue eyes!!

8. How many fierce points and kind points did I have by the end of each route?
On Neil's i maxed out fierce because sometimes I just couldn't handle him and I wanted to give him a lil smack, although on Dimitri's I scored the max for kind because he did nothing but treat me with respect. 

9. How much tailoring experience and gold did i have at the end?
I honestly don't know how much experience I had because I wasn't too worried over that aspect but I do know that I barely had any more cash because i kept using it for new fashion items, oops :p

10. Was it difficult getting gold to advance chapters or easy?
It was as difficult as I think it should be if that makes sense? Like not too easy not too difficult, just right in my opinion. 

11. Was it difficult re-creating clothes for important clients?
At first I freaked out once i realized I didn't have the right items but then I was able to calm myself down by realizing that it wasn't a timed thing and I wasn't being rushed so I could take my time and earn the cash to buy the correct materials. 

12. My favourite aspect of the game?
I love everything about it, i can't just pick one thing because it seems perfect in my eyes.. Maybe how much effort that i can visibly notice every new chapter you make and how well you listen to feedback and work to improve any bugs as fast as you can?

13. What do I think of the MC?
I like that I can make her fierce or kind and not a typical/generic character. I can shape her into whatever i want basically and i'm thankful for that. 

I love this demo! I'm so excited for the full release and i loved your other game A2, i can't wait to see what your next project after this will be. I have a few questions: Will this be on steam at all? Will this be a pay-what-you-want like the other game? Thanks for reading this and everyone on your team did a great job with everything!

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Oh my god.. i can't even express how much i love this game! I've played all of your games and they just seem to be getting better and better as time goes on.. this one had such a deep backstory to it that it kept me hooked and playing it non-stop, your artwork was so beautiful as it always is and i look up to you and aspire to be an amazing artist like you one day... I loved every guy in this and i know it's hard to create characters that everyone will love but they're so beautiful.. i like Karma/Klaude the most though.. i even cried at most of the bad endings and (SPOILERS:) when some of the characters really close to me died like Delora or Parfait.. :,( Thank you for creating such amazing games, and please continue to do what you love.. <3

This demo is amazing!! I'm so excited, i hope the game gets released soon! So far my favorite routes are: Corvin's, because he seems quirky and (tbh he's beautiful.. i mean look at that hair and those emerald eyes) and Elliot's because he seems somewhat like me. The art style is so stunning i can't get over it! I wish i was as talented as you, i love the music even though as you said it's subject to change and the settings/backgrounds are amazing and really make me enjoy and feel what the mc feels in each scene. I'm hoping i can find a way to rekindle the relationship with me and Spencer... he surely can't always go about getting angry and arguing. I made an itch.io account just to comment on this lmao. Good luck with the development :)

P.S. Damn, Ewan is sexy O.o