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Captain Sayaka

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omg.... this has been one of the silliest, most entertaining little goof games I've ever played XD XD XD XD it's fun to watch them THROW THEMSELVES AT A WALL LIKE WEEYYYY IMMA GET THE STUFF BEHIND THIS WALL!!!  I love it.

this is amazing!! I love nanbaka!

I assume this has ALL the personalities.  (BADBOY, HERE I COME)

have you played TT plus?

yeah...... but go check out Tailor Tales, Celianna is REALLY GOOD about keeping her fans up to date with progress (especially if you join the discord) plus it's a FANTASTICALLY BEAUTIFUL GAME

sadly...when a VN goes dark like this, it almost always means it's been abandoned...

nonono, you never bothered me in the slightest! it's nothing more than a big shame that aogtsr seems to have died

pardon?  there has been no update on anything since april of 2018

i just hate that they're ghosting us.

 ON A MORE POSITIVE NOTE. there is a WONDERFUL otome game in development (2 routes completed) called tailor tales, being developed by Celianna, she is FANTASTIC about keeping fans in-the-know about her progress, she even has a discord! (link =

yes, exactly! I've been waiting 2 YEARS  for this much for a 2018 christmas release...


cool! if it's not too much trouble, would it bee cool to share a MC's sprite?

this might be a bit of a silly question, but is MC (your character) male or female?

x3 I did enjoy Erik (but Sam will always be my favorite)

i like sam the best, you?

X3 I think you'd like seduce me the otome


check out my collections for other otomes you might like

I agree completely!


my heart is set on romancing Mr. tall,dark,and death glare.

XD XD I scared the shit outta my cat laughing at that, (he was asleep on my lap, my computer was on my chest) 




kiara:  just being a goofy little doggo
kiara: wonders what's wrong

XD XD #moonmoonhuskies


...pardon the language, I could not withhold my enthusiasm. heheh

lol, huskies are such derps. #moonmoon


yeah, I have good reason to believe they are still working on HPP.
this was posted on their tumblr page (link here if you wish to check it out for yourself) on 8 jul 2017

Hi everyone!
I apologize for the lack of updates! We’ve been on hiatus on and off but worry not, we’re still working on this project!
Here’s a rough status update so far!
Vincent route - All writing/art/code DONE!
Orion route - All writing DONE, Art/Code WIP
Ace route - writing/art/code in progress

so YAAAY!! 

awww, well, damn..... that sucks for you guys. but I am super relieved to know AOGTSR won't be discontinued like so many otomes I'd gotten so excited for.

would you like the next 'live-review' to be in text form again, or a video? (i'm good with either one!)

lol, for some odd reason, I had in my head that it was planned for Christmas 2017, not 2018.  lool, my bad! looks like I have something to look forward to this Christmas, (fingers crossed x3)

think we could have a (very general) eta? like... such-n-such date, give or take a month.

hey, what happened to beauty and the war?

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lol, woulda been cute to see reindeer malix with a tail XD

and I'll do another live review! AWK! 
of the non-romanceable characters, Jack is definitely my favorite, AWK-AWK~!!  

I've just booted it up,

like with most games, I like to give a live review
XD no, not a video, I just type my reactions to things as I play the game. every dev that I did this for has loved the input, so I've decided to that here!

aaaaallrighty then!! let's dive right in!  *mouses over to game* AH! custom-made mouse!! oh...that's-...XD I love that, very fitting to the game!!   let's see...what options are there? (I always go to the options when I play any game for the first time)   OOH!!! what a lovely options menu! well made, easy to navigate and understand what each option does to the game! this is one of the most well made options menus I've seen in QUITE A WHILE (better than quite a few AAA games, Kudos to you, Navigame! I am already thoroughly impressed and I've only seen the main & options menus thus far!! can't wait to see what the actual game holds! so excited to meet malik XD
hmm...I wonder what the extras menu holds...
wow... 9 demo endings...NICE!!!! I'm going to be re-playing this quite a bit to see everything (and keep you informed about it along the way, ^_~ )   OOH! a music gallery! I always love it when games have that!! (I do so love to leave some nice bgm on while I work, it helps me focus, and the...what was it again? ah!! 'ocean' it's light-hearted and quite pirate-y and overall it's VERY lovely! (more kudos to you, navigame!!)  a movie reel..AH! scene replaying! I love being able to re-live my favorite endings without having to save the game before them! haven't even played the game and I absolutely adore this!! I'm definitely going to share this on otome amino, and get as many otome fans to check it out! it's certainly worth the effort! AMAZING WORK, NAVIGAME!! THIS LOOKS ABSOLUTELY....well, AMAZING, for lack of a better word.
and lastly for the extras menu, I do love how credits is a smiley face X3

alrighty, NOW let's dive into the game!

"ahoy there!!"  XD what a magnificent bird voice, I bet even a well trained bird couldn't do better!!   ooh!! nice!! I have the option of skipping the tutorial!! that's ALWAYS a plus in my book! let's check out the tutorial!  AWWW diamond eyes, XD cute!! Jack's voice still makes me giggle!  let's see what these, "pretty gold buttons" say. ah, right, they're the standard otome buttons, WELL DESIGNED!! *notices clouds* ooh!! AH! and the boat is even rocking a bit!! *clicks mouse wheel in, and the UI to hides as expected* nice!!   hmm..this is a rather TRIVIAL point, (and you could ignore this, no worries ^_~) but I think it might look  a bit better if Jack is standing on a bird perch, instead of on thin air, a T shape. other than that trivial buggery, everything looks AMAZING and very life-like, despite being drawn and computer animated!! (still loving the music, it fits SO perfectly!! X3)   I've played many otome games, but let's see what Jack has to say, I might even be surprised. -click auto/skip-   auto...skip text...skip to-OOH!!! skip to choice?? OOH! I haven't seen that option in QUITE SOME TIME!! (and yep, I have surprised yet again by the sheer quality I've found in this game, hold up a second, it's my birthday? IS IT CHRISTMAS?? -checks calender- 20th of december..nope on both counts, holy crap! XD maybe I'm just dreaming, and that's why this is SO WELL MADE!!!!!  (as I said to a friend of mine who has never played otome games before,  but loves steak, ''s like eating a PERFECTLY COOKED sirloin for the first time in years after only having whatever meat you can get your hands on. it's like.... going to the countryside and breathing in CRISP CLEAN AIR instead of the polluted air of the city. it's JUST THAT GOOD')  (if i had a couple thousand bucks to throw around, I'd throw it at this game!!)
600 save slots?! oh, sweet Celestia!!!  this game just keeps on surprising me!!  
an ! over the stats 'heart' when I get new info?? that's a new feature!! oh, I quite like that!!!  (is Navigame a AAA dev team?  certainly feels like this with the quality of this otome, I'm even more excited to meet Malik now X3 ) oh...this game is absolutely superb!! can even replay voice clips in the log!! oh...that's nice...that's very nice...  watching Jack flap his wings is mesmerizing...oh...I'm loving this game more an more (this is DEFINITELY going in my list of top 5 otome games of all time)
listening to the prologue....the music is like that of a music box, very twinkly, X3.  the voice is very soothing, like that feeling you get when your grandma tells you your favorite story (even though you've heard it a million times, you can't get enough of it).  'they said father had gone mad' sad... 'next time you see me' he's dead....AWWWW THAT'S SO SAD!! 
intro song....nicely done! 
-what is your name?- YES!!! my name shall be Sayaka (as it always is if I'm allowed to choose) -what is your color?-  hmm, i'll go with a cerulean-esque  blue!! how pretty!
"Captain Sayaka! Richest pirate, awk!"  so cute....  I GET TO GIVE HIM A NICKNAME?! YES!!!!
"that's right, Jackpot" I wonder if that nickname will stick throughout the game....IT DOES! I LOVE THAT!!   laughing bird!! that's one of the most adorable bird laughs ever! aww...the crew is a bunch of fun at all...   XD
-crew- "uh...cap'n? maybe we should be a bit more careful? the waves be gettin' pretty high...

MY GOD XD   not even paying attention!! should I react to him yelling at me after I beat him?, I'll be nice and give him a bandage.
it hits him in the head. XD XD XD  oh....this is gonna be a fun ride, this game!!  why that ungrateful little.....I WAS JUST TRYING TO BE NICE!!! 
ooh! EXCITING MUSIC, AHOY!!!  AWW, don't be scared, Jackpot!! it's ok, little birdy buddy!!   "we're gonna die!!!!" "and I never had lunch" XD   'COME ON, WE'VE MADE IT THROUGH WORSE!! YARHARHAR!!' XD I love this....
that damned first mate...and the rest of the crew is a bunch of woosies, how can they be pirates if they're this wimpy?!   MUTINY!!! UNHAND ME, YOU SEA SOAKED SCALLYWAGS (i may be getting a little too into this...XD)   OI!! GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF MY BIRD!!!!   ooh...the water is so prettily animated......  son of a biscuit tell 'em, cap'n! XD   nononono, don't hurt your own birdie...oh...
so we actually made it to the island with the golden sand... OH JACK!! DON'T BE-....asleep...XD XD....
how do I get the scorcerer on my side.....OOH! FLIRT WITH HIM! LET'S SEE HOW THIS WORKS! XD stunning blue eyes? uh.....he has PURPLE eyes.... WOOOOO SPINNING BIRD!!!   don't panic, jackpot... it's ok...!! MERBIRD!!!! TIS A MERBIRD!! least I can keep jack with me in the water... XD  ooh, magical contract...what should I give him...? imma save here  -GASP- I CAN NAME THE SAVES!!! YES!! that'll make it so  much easier to tell them apart!!  the mermaid prince, huh?
and of course the first merperson I meet is the prince XD.  wooow.... mikali is.....XD.   HOLY HELL, MER-SAYAKA IS WEARING  SEXY LINGERIE!!!! XD XD XD XD  hmm...seas path or land path...? imma go sea path so i can meet malik XD  
after this point, I'd gotten so engrossed in the game itself, I'd forgotten to write my reactions down as they come.  but they weren't all the different from everything that HAS BEEN written, just me fanfgirling over the game ( mostly malik )

just listened to the voice cast, they're so hot, I think I might get heatstroke!   X3 X3 X3 X3 

(before playing demo)  I think my favorite will be Malik. his voice is the best one. (they all fit the characters perfectly, I just like Malik's the best XD)

lol,  so excited! I can't wait to see more reindeer Malix!

hey, uh... you guys are still alive, right? 

IKR?! I love his eyes especially!