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of course, let's change all the concept of the game so that it's to your liking! Like there aren't enough games with male MC to play...

I'm for the bad, sexy boys >:))
Ray looks very promising)

All of the characters seem goody two shoes... Not my cup of tea

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What does "sex-neutral characters" mean?

same here :)

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It's nice to know that there will be some minor dialogue changes thus the gender of the protagonist won't be just a formality)

I also wanted to ask whether the guys will react and act somehow differently in the story based on which mc(male or female) we choose?)

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The game looks very promising! The art is so beautiful)! It's so nice that we can choose a female mc)) Sorry, I want to ask if the game will contain some sexual content? The guys look so hot!

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Loved Felix route! That was something incredible! He was very extraordinary character and I really enjoyed how his relationship with mc developed) Not to mention how hot and sexy he is :)

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What about 18+ hot scenes in the future?) Is there a chance they will be present in the game?
Are they even possible considering the choice of pronounce function?
I mean I choose to be a woman/she/her but I still feel like the characters don't perceive me as one. More like the pronounce choice doesn't even matter in the game - the characters don't change even a little bit their behavior towards me. I feel like I'm just gender neutral for them or something...

Are you planning on doing season 2 for it??

I absolutely loved this game and I loved Ran so much! Everything was exceptional about this project! Please, make more amazing games like this!
I would love to play part 2 of Ran's route.

Do you have any news about the game?

so what?

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Can't wait for Felix's route. Sorry, do you have any idea of when it's going to be released?

thank you for the answer)

Anyone knows if it's possible to get together with Axel or at least to have se* with him?

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I think I'm a very bad girl... Is it normal that I want so badly the priest? :)
He's one of the sexiest 2d beings I've ever seen!

p.s. I'm so happy with the content warnings! Eventually some mature, dark game with some gore)
The developers of this game are amazing!

Sorry, I just wanted to ask: will the love interests react in some way differently to the mc, depending on which sex(pronouns) you choose? Or they don't have any preferences whether you're a male or a female?

Content warnings:

- Unhealthy relationships

... *is running like crazy to download the game* :))

p.s.  love you, guys!

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Amazing story! I absolutely love this game! Its every aspect is perfect!

that's a pity... I wish the mc would be visible in the game but I respect your choice...

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WOW! That was soooo good! Amazing work! And Cirrus is so freaking hot, sexy and handsome! Looking forward to the full version) You guys are amazing!
p.s. The only con for me was that the player don't see the MC during the game. Unfortunately this often happens in games where players can choose the mc's gender and pronouns. And I can't fully immerse myself in the story where I don't see the protagonist.

Is the MC visible in the game?)

hi, sorry I just wanted to ask if you're planning to release other routes in the near future?)
I loved Theo's route! And I just can't wait to play others', especially Felix's route)

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Looks interesting and the art style is lovely)

I guess it's not going to be released...

YES!!! It's finally released!!! :)))

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"Every world has rules, a world that sets up it's rules and then just breaks them itself isn't worth the time or effort to read about."

So you decided to scientifically explain the the rules of Degraman's world from the demo which is 5 chapters long? =) Wow, nice approach) Many things in the world where we actually live still don't have  an explanation - like we still don't know whether God exists and if we came from monkeys or Adam and Eve. Yet you still try to explain the rules of a fantasy world from the demo?)

"If they plan to add an explanation as to how the love thing fits into the science of their world, I would completely support it."

That is just how the things work in that world between quansies. They are unusual creatures with super-powers so their romantic relationships might have their own unusual rules.  Why does it need some scientific explanation if many things in the real world can't be explained by science? 

"My snark is mostly just a way to point out how ridiculous some of this stuff is. When they do weird stuff with no connection or explanation, things that are unnecessary and have no ties to the plot or story line, honestly it's just annoying. "

I think that in fact it was you who couldn't understand the "connection" :) If you weren't so preconceived and narrow-minded,  you would see that most of the things made sense.

And you know what's really ridiculous? How hypocritical you are: writing that you wish all the best for this project and that you're glad that the creators aren't discouraged, yet trying every possible way to offend their game and to discourage them.

If you're trying to sound smart, at least try not to contradict yourself.

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"Probably gonna fight them naked too. I'm not sure."

Lol, like can you be anymore toxic? I understand that you have the right to express yourself online but it sounded like you were just trying to find any reason to complain about the story instead of trying to at least understand MC's character, her circumstances and her background. I really hate to participate in comment wars like that but I just couldn't help myself and needed to speak up. The tone of your comments and your complaints sounded super toxic and full of prejudice. The most ridiculous part of your comment was when you were trying to find a scientific explanation of MC's ability, "activated by "love"".  X)) Like, are you for real?!))) Do you realize that the story is happening in a fantasy world where most of the things can't be explained so easily and sometimes don't have any explanation at all? Next time you write a comment, please, try not to humiliate yourself.

The guy is a painter. It might be that painting naked people is a casual thing for him). Also he's used seeing people naked because of his abilities. I suppose he doesn't realize anymore that it's actually embarrassing for others). Just my thoughts).

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Oh my gosh, you sound so toxic. If I were the creator of Ebon Lights, I would be happy that my game is in your blacklist :) 

Hmmm...Actually one of the choices in the game was to slap the guy who painted you naked. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

The demo was amazing. Thank you for all the incredible work you, guys, have done. The story looks very interesting and your art style is a masterpiece! It was quite challenging to get a good ending in the 4th chapter - some people might need a walkthrough  ;)

The demo was amazing! Thank you for all the great work you, guys, have done. The story looks super interesting and your art is really a masterpiece. It was quite challenging to get a good ending after 4th chapter - I think, some users might need a walkthrough)

Looks good)
Pity, that it's only PG-13.

Sorry, and what about Seth's route?

Is the game finished?!!=))

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I also agree with the reply of ZukieBabyIroh!. Seth and Robin are both very strong and creative personalities and their romance will probably be very passionate.