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I don't have enough words to express how much I loved Alexander's route! the DLC was worth every coin

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What can I say, this is an amazing game! I really loved the plot, the sprites, the mc and LIs. This game is a treasure! And special thanks to the devs for the amazing dialogues and for the steamy scenes. I hope you will make more 18+ games like this in the future)

There are those of us who actually want to date this fuck boy character and are patiently waiting for his route :)

There's one thing I wanted to ask. Does Alexander has a soulmate as well? And if he finds her, is there a chance that his "religion" will go through some changes?

I've read your post on Patreon about how you had to look for free backgrounds and not all of them looked suitable. I wanted to ask, have you thought about trying to generate backgrounds in a neural network? I know that there are neural networks that generate very beautiful backgrounds that can be used for commercial purposes.

It's a pity that the author isn't accepting new signups on patreon at this time. I would gladly support this brilliant project.

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Thank you for protecting your story and not betraying yourself to satisfy some group of people. It's a shame some people can't undestand that the pronouns choice would completely change the plot and the story wouldn't come out as it was planned by the author.

This game is just incredible! I agree with other reviews that it's a breath of fresh air! Please, don't stop creating amazing games like this)

I won't get tired of repeating how beautiful is the art style of this game)

Love it! But I wish that I could customize at least my MC's hair colour Are you by chance planning to add some minor customization?)

I don't have children but this warning is bothering me too since I might have kids in the future(and we all once were kids if you think). Makes it seem like having children is something bad/disgusting/disturbing e t.c...

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I couldn't care less about your reports, lol))
I'm reacting to you pressuring the artist. I'm not against a transgender protagonist, I'm against the author changing their story under pressure. You write long messages trying to convince the author to add a scene to the story that was not originally planned. You want to adapt the plot to suit yourself so much, that you forget that this is actually another person's story that they want to tell.

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This story is not about becoming a trans! This project is about the story and idea the author wants to share. I'm sorry to break it to you but the world doesn't revolve around your trans issues so that the author tailors his story just to suit you. You didn’t even think about the fact that the author of the project might not know the medical and most importantly psychological details of gender transition, or that the author might simply be uncomfortable writing about it in their story.

Try to be considerate not only of yourself.

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"Content warning:
References to having and raising children"

What?? lol)))

Is this BxB or can I play as a female MC?

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I loved it! Adrian was my favorite! Really unpredictable, funny and sad at the same time))

I wish there were more dates and events with the love interests. The game lacked relationships' development. I couldn't get to have even one date with the snake guy Basil, even if I was nice to him and decorated my restaurant according to his tastes. In the end of the game there was his CG - that's all the "relationships" we had :/

I loved the concept of the game and its design but I would do some work on the stories...

Can't wait for next days to be released! I LOVE YOUR GAME!

Is it possible to romance Alexander as well?)

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I'm a huge fan of Game of Thrones so I can't wait to play the full game)
Thank you for making this game so steamy)

This looks super interesting! I'm so happy that it's a dark romance game and it's 18+. It's not easy to find a game like this)
Btw, the MC looks totally gorgeous! I'm already in love with her)
I can't wait for the full game... 

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I'm sorry to write this and I don't want to insult anyone but Gilda looks like she's 44 years old, no way she's 24.
The guys on the other side look gorgeous and their age

Can't wait for Nikolai's route!
I'm cheering for you, guys!

My favorite character is Vere and I can't wait to romance him)
I wanted to ask, if I choose a female character, the only thing that will be affected is what pronouns other characters will use in relation to me? Or will it somehow affect the plot or the attitude of the characters towards me? I mean, maybe some characters prefer male characters a little more than female characters, and vice versa? It seems like Vere is more into guys... but maybe it's just my impression)

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So far, I've only finished playing Rey's route. I like Ray a lot as a character and he has a pretty interesting story, but I was expecting his route to be more steamy and have faster pacing. I guess, most of the route I didn't see enough passion and interest on his part towards the mc. Even if such behavior was logical to some extent since he was fixated on the past. But I expected more of a struggle between the ghosts of his past and his feelings for the heroine. But it seemed like the only time he really felt the inner struggle was in the car.

Looks lovely :)

Well, then this is exactly what I need :)
I'm not into ordinary boys(I have enough of them in real life)) But I like creepy and insane love interests in games  (✯◡✯)

Judging by the comments, Eric's route sounds like something I would enjoy ;)

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How I would like the game to have more romance and dialogues and less stat-raising/making money...

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Loved the story) Especially Earl Darlington - he was my favorite)
Is there a walkthrough?

Sounds pretty complicated). I thought there were like 2 types of asexuals - those who are repulsed by sex and those who aren't against it...
And graysexual sounds like someone who has very low libido but on rare occasions get aroused nonetheless.

like asexual?

of course, let's change all the concept of the game so that it's to your liking! Like there aren't enough games with male MC to play...

I'm for the bad, sexy boys >:))
Ray looks very promising)

All of the characters seem goody two shoes... Not my cup of tea

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What does "sex-neutral characters" mean?

same here :)

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It's nice to know that there will be some minor dialogue changes thus the gender of the protagonist won't be just a formality)