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"Every world has rules, a world that sets up it's rules and then just breaks them itself isn't worth the time or effort to read about."

So you decided to scientifically explain the the rules of Degraman's world from the demo which is 5 chapters long? =) Wow, nice approach) Many things in the world where we actually live still don't have  an explanation - like we still don't know whether God exists and if we came from monkeys or Adam and Eve. Yet you still try to explain the rules of a fantasy world from the demo?)

"If they plan to add an explanation as to how the love thing fits into the science of their world, I would completely support it."

That is just how the things work in that world between quansies. They are unusual creatures with super-powers so their romantic relationships might have their own unusual rules.  Why does it need some scientific explanation if many things in the real world can't be explained by science? 

"My snark is mostly just a way to point out how ridiculous some of this stuff is. When they do weird stuff with no connection or explanation, things that are unnecessary and have no ties to the plot or story line, honestly it's just annoying. "

I think that in fact it was you who couldn't understand the "connection" :) If you weren't so preconceived and narrow-minded,  you would see that most of the things made sense.

And you know what's really ridiculous? How hypocritical you are: writing that you wish all the best for this project and that you're glad that the creators aren't discouraged, yet trying every possible way to offend their game and to discourage them.

If you're trying to sound smart, at least try not to contradict yourself.

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"Probably gonna fight them naked too. I'm not sure."

Lol, like can you be anymore toxic? I understand that you have the right to express yourself online but it sounded like you were just trying to find any reason to complain about the story instead of trying to at least understand MC's character, her circumstances and her background. I really hate to participate in comment wars like that but I just couldn't help myself and needed to speak up. The tone of your comments and your complaints sounded super toxic and full of prejudice. The most ridiculous part of your comment was when you were trying to find a scientific explanation of MC's ability, "activated by "love"".  X)) Like, are you for real?!))) Do you realize that the story is happening in a fantasy world where most of the things can't be explained so easily and sometimes don't have any explanation at all? Next time you write a comment, please, try not to humiliate yourself.

The guy is a painter. It might be that painting naked people is a casual thing for him). Also he's used seeing people naked because of his abilities. I suppose he doesn't realize anymore that it's actually embarrassing for others). Just my thoughts).

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Oh my gosh, you sound so toxic. If I were the creator of Ebon Lights, I would be happy that my game is in your blacklist :) 

Hmmm...Actually one of the choices in the game was to slap the guy who painted you naked. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

The demo was amazing. Thank you for all the incredible work you, guys, have done. The story looks very interesting and your art style is a masterpiece! It was quite challenging to get a good ending in the 4th chapter - some people might need a walkthrough  ;)

The demo was amazing! Thank you for all the great work you, guys, have done. The story looks super interesting and your art is really a masterpiece. It was quite challenging to get a good ending after 4th chapter - I think, some users might need a walkthrough)

Looks good)
Pity, that it's only PG-13.

Sorry, and what about Seth's route?

Is the game finished?!!=))

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I also agree with the reply of ZukieBabyIroh!. Seth and Robin are both very strong and creative personalities and their romance will probably be very passionate.

I'm so happy if you are still working on Seth's route!  I've been looking forward to his path the most!
It's really interesting and unusual how their relationship starts with "one night stand". I think it's the first otome where I see something like this and I really like it. Anyway, I expect lot's of passion, love/hate drama, jealousy and tension between Seth and Robin. I think those two have so much in common and Seth's route has so much potential.

I'm sorry but is there a chance that one day Seth path will be accessible? Are you still working on this game?

It's pretty easy without using the walkthrough.
I think the story is very important but if developers claim that it's an otome game then the romance is as important as the story. Unfortunately, it seems that developers didn't work enough on the romance in this game. That's why many people complain.

It's pretty easy to get on the romance path.
The main problem of the game is different.

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My thoughts exactly! I'm not asking for a refund but I feel somehow cheated because it's not an otome game as was promised...

How about The Second Reproduction?)

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I never expected that this game would have many steamy scenes but some kissing scenes wouldn't hurt. 
In the description it's written that Spirit Parade is an otome game. I personally think that an otome game without kissing scenes is weird. I don't mean that they should happen in all the routes but till now I haven't seen even one kiss. I like the story and the character development but I think romantic part of the game is very important as well. I've played Mikio's and Hayato's route but the romantic part and relationship development between them and MC were quite poor.
I'm sorry but if I knew that all the routes were going to be like this, I wouldn't buy Spirit Parade. This is a game where there is a bit of romance but I wouldn't call it an otome.

I've just played Mikio's route and there wasn't even one kiss :(  Will all the routes be like this - without kissing scenes?

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Hello! Will the mc be customizable? Can I create female mc?

Thank you for your reply!

I've just downloaded the game. Is it normal that the voice acting is missing? And I would like to ask if you know when Haiyue's route is going to be released? He's my favorite) 

That's cool!

The game looks amazing!You've done a great job.
I've noticed that there are many very talented otome makers from Russia!

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I'm sorry but will it be possible in the future to make the protagonist blond and  with straight hair?... Or at least just blond?)

Is there a chance the game will be released on 14th of February?

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WOW! Nikolai is fantastic! I love his personality! He's so hooot , sassy and intriguing, and his design is marvellous! I also like that he's mean) Can't wait to play his complete route.
I can't say I'm interested in dating Cailean or Deka... let's say they both aren't my types but Nikolai made me fall in love with him!
Greetings from Italy) And good luck with the game.