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English is my first language and I don't know the difference ether.

They have updated!

If you do a kickstarter for this, you should let us backers of Gilded Shadows know. You have consistently made quality games so I would throw even more money at you guys. If you release it without a kickstarter you should still let us backers know, so I can buy even more of your stuff. Keep up the good work!

I Just got your email! I am so glad you are back! I loved this game. Your other game Princess of Ruin was the game that got me hooked on (and now obsessed with) visual novels and otome. You have been a big influence on me. After I found your comic by recognizing your art and heard you were working on a new game I couldn't help but be exited! Now with your email it feels even more real. I cant wait for your next game!

OK thank you!

Have you done the backer kit yet? I some how missed the kickstarter and was hoping to still get in on it.

I know you were talking about making a walkthrough for this but making it a Patreon exclusive. Are you still doing that and, if you are, at what level would I need to donate to get access to it?

It still is but vary slowly do to heath problems. 

Found this again and still sad it got dropped..

Is this still being worked on? 

Thanks! I just didn't know you had partnered with them. I will check them out! 

Just re-found this in my computer and gave it a play after so long. It was just as good as I remember! I will forever cross my fingers that you make another game. 

When this is finished will there be a guide? 

Awwwww sad I missed the kickstarter. This looks good. I can not wait for the full release! 

I just found this. It looks so good. Missed the kickstarter but did I miss the backerkit store as well? If so sad otome fan noises.

I cant wait!!!!! I know it is a long shot but when all chapters are out is there a possibility of getting a guide for it?

Agreed! Tûjo is the best. Love that man. To bad he is not a love interest. Haha


.......... I can't wait for the next chapter.

Looks good! Hope it has not been canceled.

Got it on steam. Great game for the price!

looks good. I cant wait  for the full thing!

ooooohhhhh I get it now. Thank you! :D

I cant seem to get bad end 4.

It's out! :3

They have said and I Quote.

"Hello all! I must sadly report that due to the busy schedules of all team members, this game is currently on hiatus with no concrete release date! We thank you for your interest! We are truly invested in this game and hope to continue working on it in the future!

Thank you so much!"

That was posted in 2017.... I hope they start on it again.

No news in 2 years? It looks so good but it looks dead. :(

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i deleted the old file and I just re installed it and it is still happening.... :( my saves from the old version are still there if that means anything. 

i have run in to a bug. i am on PC for reference. on choice 3 the timer doesn't stop after making my choice. i have tried to click past it fast or keep clicking to get far enough past it to stop the timer but as soon as it reaches 0 it rewinds to say she was slapped. if i try to scroll wheal back at that point it will not let me. also the empty timer will stay at the top. i have also tested making different choices earlier. no change.


it is sad to see a game like this never be finished...

two words. LOVE IT! i got this years ago and decided to replay it and this time leave a comment. I cant wait for more romance from you guys.

I love it and I want more! I can not wait for the full game. the writing is great. It really punched me in the gut at the end.

I just wanted you to know that I love this. I love this so much! I had just got done reading 2 just ok visual novels. This was a much needed breath of fresh air for me. The writing is phenomenal and I will admit it was difficult NOT to laugh out loud at some parts. I wish it was longer though. I really look forward to what you guys make next!

Thank you!

I just have some questions. How many endings does it have ? Is there romance? If there is multiple endings is there a skip read button for when re-reading?

I agree. It just looks... off somehow.

I can not wait for it! It looks so good.

I just found this again! I remember playing this games original demo a long time ago. In fact I still have it. It is just as good as I remembered and I am glad to see it is still being worked on.  :D