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The free game will have more things set in as in there's less things you can change as well as fewer love interests ... I think Since they said the open world mode (paid one) allows you to alter reality more.

Ooofers, your welcome, you might want to try cinderella phenomenon, it's a fun game.

Aaaa, waitting for the day the demo is put back up haha. It looks like an interesting game. Hope you'd be able to sort out the problems soon. 

Fighting ;)

There's several game's i'm keeping track of right now, and I have to say within the list this game is the one which contains the most potential. Starting from the beautiful art - can I just say that Renan is freaking adorable, hyde too), to the detailed background and how the characters were fleshed out.

Honestly at first, I downloaded this game on a whim since I was trying to make my friend play bl with me but I never expected to get so fixated and addicted on a game. This game (well the demo) is a freaking masterpiece, nearly perfect if not for the few grammar mistakes. I mean, heck I wouldn't  mind paying if you ever start a kickstarter page or patreon, haha. 

Anyways, this is such a good game with tone of potential, and I just want to thank you guys for creating such a game (like really). I'll be waiting so don't go dropping of the project haha.

Fighting :>>

Ahaha, I get what you mean, the same thing happened to me too, like what should I do? It sounds really important,s hould I just og for the shota since he's my roomate or should I keep balance? And when I finally came to an option feeling really excited as I read through the dialogues... This is the end of the demo T-T

Aaaargh, I'm really curious about the plotline too, it has such a great story.

oh and the game might've been long live the queen

I don't think I know the game you're talking about, but if you're looking for a similar game then how about 7kpp (also known as seveng kingdom princess problems). It's not finished yet but the demo's great and nearly complete to boot. In the game you're going to play the role of a delegate who represents their countries in hope pf alliances, the gameplay itself relies on both choices and stats with romances possible for both gender. What's quite interesting is though, you can chose what kind of character you'd play as (6 choices as of now) so as to enjoy a variety of conversations. 

Another game hat might be good to play to pass time is:

- Rose of segunda: The game is set at ancient times where you'd play the role of a duke's daughter who's attending the prince's ball because her mother hopes for her to be the next queen. There's a total of 3 male li 2 female li and 1 secret li. The mc personality and choices changes depending on the choices you make along the story so the replayability value is quite high. The dialogue and routes quite interesting and the prince is on the cheap side too, so highly recommend this game. 

- Royal alchemist (demo): The game's not finished yet right now but the emo is quite long and interesting, in this game you can chose to be either male or female, both of which are the next royal tutor of the 3 princes. Just like queen's crown and 7kpp, it uses both stats and choices for its gameplay and has eye catching artstyle, music, dialogue and plot along with routes which are unique in their own right. I haven't replayed it in a while but I think they'veupdated the demo so all the cgs are now colored. Try giving it a try if you have time.

Also not sure if you're going to takw this possitively but if you're interested in bl or bromance too then, I highly really illy recommend Valentyne- necromancer (something). It's a bl yaoi game which focuses on the life of the main character (name changeable) who's sent to study at the royal academy so he can control his newfound magic, only in that world, there are zombies. Yes, ZOMBIES which turns into popsicles if left on the road. The art for this game is really gorgeous, to the point it could rival or even outrank several otome games, the dialogue, plot and chemistry in the game is really great too. So if you're an open minded person with tons of free time, PLS TRY GIVING THIS GAME A CHANCE. IT'S a really freat game, I promise. 

WELP, that's about it for similar pc games, good luck ;))) 

UHM, I actually went through the same hting (well assuming the message you got was failure/forbidden), if so all you need to do is sign in before downloading the game.

Gah, and I was really excited after the demo too T-T I just hope Lee would suddenly upload the complete game and say surprise, you guys were noisy so I had to do this to shut you up tehee ;) But I don't think that's going to happen.

yup, finished replaying the demo with 6 points in charisma, 7 in intelligence and 1 in strength... no matter what options you chose, there's only 2 CGs in the demo.