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Any news on the finalization?

any news on release? I’m for Wynrou 👀

Meltinh Antagonists' hearts are the best  :-) <3

I wonder who the hidden character is.. ;o are there absolutely only 3 bachelors in this game?

oh cool. sounds like a 90s or early 2000s gameboy game sountrack! or perhaps, middle ages gametrack haha :') i love it! reminds me of a game used to play on the nintendo ds

You watch kdramas? :)

Oh noooo~ Cool, of all otomes, I like renpy made otomes the best! :-)

Keep it up. I always love to take the Antagonist route first lol Do you play any other otome games?

Cool~ Romance all the way! :-) Keep them up. I cant wait to read the scenes, love romcoms !! How many chapters are there exactly? :o

Miss Designer!

Beautiful! Love the music <3 Would love to be your friend in real life :)

aww it's tough to be a pup mum :3

cool!! looking forward to her bestfriend's route :")

Yay! I love you SweetChiel! <3 Thanks for the hard work~ I'm really looking forward to romance stories so cute <3 hihi lol Can't believe there's 150k++ words :o 

Awwee too bad! 

awwee, how old is your pup? mine is 5 years this may! I still haven't taken her for spaying, it's so expensive ><;

I see! I thought it came from a personal experience ;-) hahah

<3<3<3 May I ask who your inspiration is when writing romance stories? :-)

Yipee!! Can't wait! :")

Good work, my friend! Looking forward to your masterpiece this time around!! By the way does your first game have 3 bachelors only? I remember playing it with only 3 but don't know if the newer version contains added characters! Thanks!!

I will be waiting!!

Cool game! Waiting for the finished product!

Aww shucks. Thanks for replying! Looking for more creative, lovely works of yours! Luv you, my friend! ;) <3

Hello, what is the update about? :O Are there any new people or dialogues?

Yay ENGLISH~~~!!!

Of course! I'm ready for you, Anytime! XD

Hello I've been waiting for the full game since the first demo! :D I love your concept, art and plot! May I know when to expect the full outcome? I can't wait for it to be finished! Much love. xx

Oh. Then an after storyline is good enough. :3 I'm a sucker for good endings! Especially romantic ones like with children/pets!

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Amazing. Can't wait. I have BPD too so it'll be interesting to look at things from your perspective. Much love to you, Xero and the team. 

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This game kicks ass! I ended up being a She Wolf even after pursuing one guy so faithfully... Haha XD Thank you for this wonderful game! I look forward to more of your marvelous works in the future. You're truly a great and talented writer! I just wish the endings had more descriptive things about their love life and marriage CGs or even kids. ><

Oh my. I thought it would be this year. >< I have to wait a full year... I'm going to have to play other games in the meanwhile. XD

No worries. When can we expect to get the full story? :) I love your progress!

Full English Version, please! :-) I love Chinese games but I don't understand.

Thank you Medhea! :) <3

Is the game still in motion?

Please update. :)

Dicesuki... Daisuki...! <3 Congratulations on your success on the game! The writer is a genius! I love games with great stories, not just pleasing to the eyes and ears, but leaves a big impact enough to remember for a long time...! I love it! If ever you continue your work, I look forward to more of your games in the future. 

Much love. xx 

-from your loving fan

I love GirlxBoys games!! <3 

Thank you for taking the time to reply. :) Im looking forward to get playing! Love you 2!

Thank you for taking the time to reply :)