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A member registered Jul 11, 2016

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Hello Sweetchiel! Great to hear from you again. Patiently waiting for more good news!

Heya Sweetchiel, hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration on your special day~ 

Everyone looks so happy in the picture! Congrats!

I love Hiroto Tsuda. I wish he were my bf in real life. (=>_<=) So kawai!

Happy birthday! I hope you have a good one (=^^=)

Is it ready? Please message me when it's out!


Pretty soon you're going to have sweetchiel babies crawling around. haha. 

Hope you'd still make otome games but it's understandable if you don't.

All the best for you!!

Great. Can't wait!

Hello Sweetchiel,

I wonder what you do for a living or what you study in college. Is this your main source of income? Just wondering about the creator now rather than the game. I hope you don't mind. I'd like to know more about you sometime. ><; 

Thanks for the update!

Thank you for replying. Can't wait!

Definitely not choosing Arya. Don't like guys who are potty mouth but my mind might change if he's a tsundere. hehe =") I believe there's another bachelor but it's not on here. it's a secret, right? Lol Again, not choosing Arya ;)

Oh no. Please don't cut Wynrou route. I've been waiting from the beginning. Maybe make some space for it please if it's not too much to ask? I know you worked hard on it.

waiting for wynrou 😆 hopefully he’s a romantic character 

Hope you have a good Christmas and New Year's ! <3

Any news on the finalization?

any news on release? I’m for Wynrou 👀

Meltinh Antagonists' hearts are the best  :-) <3

I wonder who the hidden character is.. ;o are there absolutely only 3 bachelors in this game?

oh cool. sounds like a 90s or early 2000s gameboy game sountrack! or perhaps, middle ages gametrack haha :') i love it! reminds me of a game used to play on the nintendo ds

You watch kdramas? :)

Oh noooo~ Cool, of all otomes, I like renpy made otomes the best! :-)

Keep it up. I always love to take the Antagonist route first lol Do you play any other otome games?

Cool~ Romance all the way! :-) Keep them up. I cant wait to read the scenes, love romcoms !! How many chapters are there exactly? :o

Miss Designer!

Beautiful! Love the music <3 Would love to be your friend in real life :)

aww it's tough to be a pup mum :3

cool!! looking forward to her bestfriend's route :")

Yay! I love you SweetChiel! <3 Thanks for the hard work~ I'm really looking forward to romance stories so cute <3 hihi lol Can't believe there's 150k++ words :o 

Awwee too bad! 

awwee, how old is your pup? mine is 5 years this may! I still haven't taken her for spaying, it's so expensive ><;

I see! I thought it came from a personal experience ;-) hahah

<3<3<3 May I ask who your inspiration is when writing romance stories? :-)

Yipee!! Can't wait! :")

Good work, my friend! Looking forward to your masterpiece this time around!! By the way does your first game have 3 bachelors only? I remember playing it with only 3 but don't know if the newer version contains added characters! Thanks!!

I will be waiting!!