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do coach next owo

is the creator ok?

How many datable characters is in the demo

xD  cant you ask around

i wish you made VN's T^T

I keep forgetting the MC doesnt have a picture

omg i never clicked so fast before

is there a zip one?

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is it still continuing ?

If so whens the full release ? 

If theres a accurate date .

O-M-G I’m so in love with this game it has so much potential  even if the English is a bit off its still wonderful . I can’t wait  thank you for making this. Keep it up !!!

I played even though I didn’t understand it at all I ended up getting the good ending with the guy 😭. still love the game

I really hope this comes back I got so into it 😭

make a english version pleaseeee >,<

is there a demo guide >.<

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Is there a mega sync download for this it wont make me download it normally