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it felt like a dream playing through the new update the cgs were honestly so beautiful and the kiss scene was the topping on the cake

idk why but i wasnt surprised when it was revealed that zhokhar was the one you gave a blow job  to in the bathroom.

guys its here..its been a year 😭❤️.

as much as i love the game... i kind of dont like how rune looks </3

wait...the tiger is so hot. will there be more of him?

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so many different endings to the build yet i cant find the cg </3
edit: nevermind just found it 3 min after i sent this lol

is this still the latest build? i cant find it on patreon...if its not can u link it by chance?

the only way to romance arthur is by accepting him during rylan first date right? is it possible to have another chance to romance him? i picked no and progressed far and kind of dont want to restart ;-; ...

so guys the last time i played this game was before richard route got added (i think?)... i know atleast all the basic routes were done...and now im coming back to finally try dwayne and richard routes. pretty confused about how kitchen i have to replay everything to unlock the content thats suppose to be there?

omgg its hereee, happy new years!

i think you should add more tags to this game

yes im using public also and i got it by sleeping at 12 but if its not working for you guys idk.. maybe its a bug.


yall is diego really only a bottom...or does he top too....the sub in me is devastated but i honestly shouldve realized when it was revealed that he finds pleasure in getting pegged. also the jokes in this game is top tier i relate in so many ways especially that one scene where we get to choose if we take our time to bring diego his bag...that hit home LOL. 

Levon, Olli, and Evandro might be my backup plan. Still finishing Diego for the story and messiness though xo.

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if you still didnt find it then you have to do sleep at exactly 12am-12;30

how did you unlock the otter?

whos the MC?

damn well i guess torulf is a bottom thats kind of a minus but the story for his route is so good wow.

for the strip poker how do i get the other cgs? the version where blake is behind

yea i figured i had to do that i just hope i dont skip any of the new content/words by accident D: !

ahh i cant skip the text ive read through already ;-;

punk??? bad attitude??? side character?? damn

this is what ive been saying since release T^T...but i feel like it would be the very very last route to happen if anything.

is there any new content? to read? or is it just bugfix and game icon

time to become a patreon

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also wtf its been 2 years since the last angus route upd ?? omg time flew by whattttt

manifesting angus route into the new year.

really liking this

happy birthday bae

love this upd

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is it possible for a mac build 

also is helios only in one scene? hes the most attractive to me so hoping he shows up more.

ridge best boy

is there anywhere i can download the first vers? i'd just would like to play it.

what is going on in these comments

carlos content yess

oh my god ken content

anyone knows what 3 cgs im missing after the room scene with zhokar? and the last 2 before the river convo with zhokar.

my dear zhokar gang hes coming soon

say no more. time to download

does anyone how to continue the story

i would like to know also

will there be mac?