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theres only one route right

hi is there another way tht i can buy this ? i dont use paypal.

their working on another game rn they prob just taking a break from this one.

I swear Jude acts just like a person im close to in real life. Short replies and everything lol.

Ah one more thing ! On Mac I've ran into this problem when I press esc to exit out the settings.

yea i think angus is my favorite, his personality just pulls me in.

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Didnt play this yet but i feel like the deer is gonna be my favorite character lol. 

Edit: I  was right. Im really interested in this game now.

Nazir immediately became my favorite when i saw him

Man...Echo and Repeat just hits me everywhere. Like speechless. 

the way i just fell out my chair-

Miss this game

Hii, I didnt see this thread wow lol. But I think the game is still being made. I checked their twitter and the last thing that they liked was Jul 30th this year! Im not sure though and idk why NinjaDukey was being so rude lol.

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I lovee Ramos route. I love the people we meet and the way Ramos and the MC act. Cant wait for moree ! Thank you for the hard work !

Ahh your backkkkkkk

Hii for Anthony theres 3 things you can do to him (before you help him) Touch and Inspect but i cant figure out the 3rd one T^T

Omg that wasn't the smartest question.. I totally forgot Halloween was on a Saturday-

Is there going to be one on the last Saturday of this month?

Ok, thank you !!

Is the soundtrack gonna be released when the full game is out? I really like the music.

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Will Kyrex be a route? 

Edit: I asked that way too early .. wow.

I've always wanted to try playing the OG Morenatsu but i never could find it do you have a link to it by chance?

Also will Bam ever be a route ? Im lowkey interested in him lmao.

Wait is every character a verse besides Dozer? Cause the first scene with Spencer made it seem like he was a top then later on he seemed like a bottom so is he a verse?

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This game is amazing, the art style and story is really good ! My jaw dropped when they said they knew my favorite character is Jude... (at the end). I feel like I'm gonna love Jude so much.

I was doing Brymor route but it ended with a dream. Did i do something wrong?

Then dont play lmao why do you have to be so negative? I understand this is your opinion but dude...

Is the beast hunter a route (dateable)?

Is this a Top only game? I wanted to be a Bottom for Kevin lmao.

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im still hoping for a new update

I dont think there is gonna be a next update.. Scroll down in the chat to find out what happened

Yea I cried at the end when he was talking to Tora. What did Tora do though?? He said "Im sure they won't wait for no matter how much i regret what I've done". That really hit me in the feels..

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OMG wait Torahiko from Morenatsu!?? That surprised me. I love this.

Im very interested in Brymror and Garreth

I think they are still working on it. It says updated 36 days ago . They just not telling us anything T^T.

sweet, ty !

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is there nsfw scenes too or no?

i think this is abandoned ;-; it had so potential

maybe hershel felt guilty?

Omg try Owen and then tell me who's your favorite between Sissel and Owen cause I cant ;-;. I like both their personalitys and etc. Though I might pick Sissel.

idk who my fav isssss ughh Owen or Sisseeel... Both of their personalities is my type...I love them both alottt. I might pick Sissel though. Also I like that every character has a tragic back story. Shows how a person can be going through alot and still smile. That scene with the camp fire is so nice. They all look relaxed and have no worries.