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Aaah it's finally out! I've been waiting for it for such a long time! Going to play as soon as I can, and I'll be back to tell what I think!

Very interesting game, both story and art wise!

So far, I've played only once, and, if referring to your answer to a previous commenter, got the Beach Ending? I think so at least? A bit weird since I was pretty sure I got high affection - I guess I messed up XD

I think a proper guide to the game would be helpful, even though I'm planning to try harder when I get the time!

Anyway, it was a cool game!

Very sweet story!

From what I understand from your "additional comments", you may add a confession and ending scene, and maybe some special ones? It would really benefit from that, since it becomes a bit repetitive the time you manage to build up your relationship, and I think it would be nice to at least have a confession and some kind of ending. Or does it have an ending but no special ending scene? If it has one, I didn't reach it, but that furthers my point - some special scenes would be great so people won't stop playing thinking there is nothing else to see, like I did.

Anyway, I'm eager to see possible updates!

Glad I can help you with the Spanish bits! I'll give you my email by note on DeviantArt, since I don't like it being randomly published here, even though it's not that much of a secret either... oh well... XD

And I've checked the last maybe-to-be bachelor! He looks very cool - hope you'll get enough with the  funding so you can reach that goal. But well, even if you don't I'm sure the game will be amazing anyway!

As for the hard clicking, no, definitely not my mouse. It disconnect sometimes, yeah, but the sensitivity and all is fine. After all, I don't have any issues with other games or even other menus and selections in Bermuda, so well... I don't think my mouse would selectively malfunction for that XD - but maybe something went wrong when I extracted the game...? I'll try re-downloading it later!

And I see, about the stats. Well, it's interesting! I'm not fond of stat raising in VNs, but it seems pretty casual - I've managed with very hard ones so I'm sure I'll be fine!

I think at this point, finishing the game with female MC and male Kuro would be the best - the other options will be more like an extra!

And yeah, from what I've seen of the story so far, it would be weird to put another true romance option, though I get what you mean with the one route with a romance that isn't a true romance. I think it may be interesting for many reasons, for example to see Kuro's reactions. Honestly, I don't think I would like to romance anyone else in this game anyway - at least "seriously". He's a great character and I'm really interested in the romance, so yeah...

And also, thank you for following me! I'm not ready yet to post public things about my game as I have a lot of work to do before, but well, you'll obviously get notified when I'll publish something!

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Demodemodemodemodemodemodemodemodemodemodemodemo!!! *hyperventilates*

Chieeeeeel this is so greeeeaaaat I can't eveeeeen!!!

Erm.... yeah.

Yesterday I replayed Rama's route twice and I was frustrated because I wanted more of Nusantara content, and when I've checked itch.io... I see the Bermuda Triangle demo is out!!! Oh joy!

I've finished it right now, and now I obviously must comment and give some feedback!

It will contain some SPOILERS, but I don't know if anyone except the dev will have the courage to read such a lenghty comment XD


I'll start with the negative points, so it'll be out of the way, and then I'll resume the squealing haha! So yeah, a couple of mistakes or weird things:

- When characters are walking, the sound effect for the steps is... how to put it... Too fast / frequent. It sound like a group of people walking. That's okay when it's Maya and the boys, but with only two characters (like when she's walking alongside her dad), it's weird

- Couple of time mistakes at the beginning. When Maya says she has an appointment at 11:00, she says PM (when she talks about it for the first time), but then her mother says 11:00 AM during breakfast. And after breakfast ends, Maya says it's 11:20 so she must go, but I guess it was 10:20, right?

- Now, the one that really hurts... I'm sooo soooo sorry, but I'll be blunt here - the spanish bits are awful... I won't point out the mistakes and weird wording in english since I'm not confident enough in my english and I'm sure enough people will be able to help you. But in spanish at least I can help, so bear with me! When the girl asks for help in finding her mother, you put "ayúdame a encontrar a ella", but the correct form would be "ayúdame a encontrarla". A little while after that, the girl refers to Maya and Kah'lil as big sister and brother. You... really don't say that in spanish. Even actual siblings don't call each other like that, so random strangers... it's... really no. Same goes for the end of the event when Kah'lil speaks with the girl's mother. Even if spanish isn't his language, so he may actually make mistakes, you don't call a random woman auntie, so "tía" is a no-no (it's like calling someone "dude", in english, or something close to that, except if you're talking to your real aunt - or uncle - of course) - he should simply call her "señora". It's even worse since calling someone "tía" or "tío" is some kind of very familiar slang-like thing. It's not an insult, and same age good pals often call each other like that, but it would be disrespectful to call a random woman like that. Also, "¿Cómo podría pagarte alguna vez?" is REALLY weird. In case of an adult speaking to a stranger, the "-te" suffix is weird, you'd use the more formal "-le" ("pagarle"). You should also get rid of the "alguna vez" - it means "sometime", and the whole sentence would mean "how could I pay you (familiar or speaking to a kid) sometime". It would be correct to say "¿Cómo podría pagarle?" Or even "¿Cómo podría pagarle por esto?". "Usted es bienvenido tía, estamos felices de ayudar" is wrong too. "Bienvenido" is masculine, you'd use "bienvenida" for a woman. But it means literally "welcome" as in welcoming someone to a place, so it can't be used here anyway. You'd use "de nada" or "no hay de qué". The correct sentence would be "De nada señora (or "No hay de qué, señora"), estamos felices de ayudar" - and replacing the "tía" for reasons stated above. You might also want to recheck the exclamation and interrogation points, you missed a couple of the opening ones here and there ( ¡ / ¿ ) - I know it's a pain - spanish IS a pain - I lived in Spain for years and my mom still lives there, so yeah... I was fortunate to be very young when we moved there, otherwise I would have suffered a lot to learn it XD. If you ever need proofreading for spanish, french, or polish, feel free to ask me anytime, really - I'm fluent in all three and I'd gladly help you!

- I like the fact Maya does tarot reading! I do sometimes too! But I'm wondering about the method she uses, as I don't recognize it at all. If it's a made up method, that's fine, but I'm a bit bothered by the use of the Death card, since it rarely means literal death - it's often a quite positive card, actually. And the fact she tries so many times makes it worse since I grew more and more irritated each time haha

- And finally, once you get to the point you must choose the duties you do, it seems it's hard to click on the buttons. I mean, they don't always respond - the hunting one was the worst I think - at first I thought it isn't avaible or something - I had to click a lot of times!


Welp, lots of little things - never pleasant to point out mistakes, but at least it's constructive feedback I guess... So now, onto the good things!

- First of... I LOVE the characters! Oh My God I love them sooo much! I think Guntur is still my favorite at the moment. But remember how I told you before the demo was out that Kah'lil really didn't catch my eye? FORGET. ABOUT. THAT. I fell in love with him the second he interacted with Maya for the first time! He's... so... cute... and.... hnnn <3. I guess at this point Arya became the one I like the less, but I still like him a lot - he simply is that kind of character with whom you need a lot of time to get to know them, so obviously the demo isn't enough. I mean, of course we only know a tiny bit about each boy, but he's obviously the harder one to approach so yeah, I'll have to wait haha!

- It was implied in the previous point, but I love Maya too. She's such a tease, and I always admired pole-dancers, so yeah... I really like her. And it's nice how she's sooo different from Tamara too. Your MCs are so cool! But I also like her family, and the whole family thing actually. For... well... obvious reasons, Tamara wasn't close with her relatives, and the present day part was very short, in Legend of the Winged Ones. But since Maya is sooo close with her family, I really like the fact you get that long intro where you get to experience her day to day life. I found myself curious about but also dreading the day of the second meeting with the Goddess, since I knew it would be awful for Maya. I wish more VN games had that kind of slow starts. It's mostly used in RPGs, but not so much in VNs, and I always liked that.  Anyway, basically, I really enjoyed exploring lots of different options there, and seeing her interact with her family.

- The little note about what Maya is thinking about in the menu is SO FUN! I love that gimmick! It's my first time seeing something like that. I wish the contents would change more often though, but I guess it's hard to do - I mean, it would be lots of work.

- A FRIGGIN YEAR IN GAME?! Now I understand why you said it'll be longer than Legend of the Winged Ones! Can't wait to explore the whole game!

- Yay for timed choices! I love timed choices! And it even has a time bar that is decreasing! (please, you'll have to teach me how to do that once I'll get into the programming of my game haha - I'll need that too since it'll have timed choices!)

- Music and art is great, as always. And I love Kah'lil's twitching ears and moving tail - so cute!

- Mini-game seems fun so far! But I can't have a final opinion with only the easy diffulty level.

- The mirrors are gorgeous!!! (sorry, not so constructive but had to mention that somewhere XD)


And last, some random comments and questions!

- First of, sorry I can't help for the funding - I'm in a VERY tight spot, money-wise, right now, and I really can't spend a single dollar or anything. But if I get out of that mess, I'll be sure to give at least something!

- Is it possible to meet Guntur before he barges into Maya's garden? I met Arya and Kah'lil before their main encounters ( I mean, you can see them even though you don't interact), but not him. Of course, he may have been in prison and not have any previous encounter, but I wanted to be sure!

- Sooo... 3 love interests and one secret unlockable love interest... Sure, I know about that but... both the love meter page and the gallery page have FIVE sections (well, 6 in the gallery if counting Maya), so... What is that about? A secret-secret love interest? Another character important enough for them to get a love meter and gallery section? Haha, I'm pretty sure you won't answer this one, eh?

- What is the stats' purpose? Is it used to unlock some events? I've noticed each stat has the color of one of the characters, but well, diligence was my higher stat even before the duties were avaible, while Arya was the character I had the least affinity with, so I don't know how much is it related...

Phew, that was one hell of a comment! Sorry about that! You know how much a fan I am, so I couldn't help myself haha! Hope it'll be helpful!

Well, having only one romance may be an issue - honestly, it really depends on how it's done, so yeah... In this case, I really like it!

And yay for bad endings! I'm writing my own game too, even though it'll have all gender romances (choice between a male or a female MC, and all gender options for both), but I'm also putting a lot in the overall plot and bad endiiiings! Bad endings are so fun to write haha

Very promising so far! The art is beyond gorgeous, and it being in black and white / greyscale really adds to the overall mood.

I'm very curious about the full game!

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Finished playing this demo right now, and I must say it was a big surprise, and a real blast too haha!

So yeah, first things first, I usually really dislike games that don't have custom art (well, at least custom sprites). It bothers me when different styles are used, or when I see the same "characters" in various games. I mean, I understand why would you do that - not everyone can draw and / or commission artists. But while I'm not picky about art quality, using stock sprites is something that I can't get over... Now, as I said, "usually". I mean, it still bothers me here, but normally I wouldn't have even tried this game after seeing that. But it was SO intriguing that it was enough to make me bear with it and play anyway. And man I'm glad I did! Even though I can't wait for the updated art with expressions added for everyone and so on, I still got SO immersed that I almost forgot about the stock sprites! So kudos to that! And I also have to mention I like your music choices, especially for the mage chapter.

Now, back to what actually wanted to say. This game is really unique in so many things. 

First of, I don't believe I've ever seen a game with a concept like this one, with this weird thing about travelling through different worlds and having a different backstory each time - even if it actually is part of a bigger plan, but still. I mean, I've played my fair share of games with travelling between worlds, but not executed that way. It was really refreshing! I really want to know what the hell is happening there!

It's also well... quite amazing that you've managed to make this into some kind of twisted and creepy magical girl!

Now, obviously, I have to mention Kuro. He's so demented oh dear, I can't even believe you put him as the (only!) love interest! Now, don't take me wrong, I wasn't complaining - I think he's awesome! I mean, he's creepy and twisted, but awesome. I like how he's written, and I like the fact he's the polar opposite of what you'd expect from the MC's love interest in that kind of story. Their relationship seem so unhealty and so sincere at the same time - it's really weird.  Now, I'm used to otome games and I like characters like Kuro, so the only bad endings I got were from sheer curiosity (I didn't even try one in the Student chapter) - because of that, I guess I'm missing on lots of hints about the overall plot, but I still got to see that fascinating, sad and horrific thing when you choose to go downstairs (won't spoil the details, you know what I mean haha) . Thanks to this specific bad ending, I'm even more curious about Kuro.

It's also very interesting to see the MC being already in a relationship from the very beginning of a game. I don't believe I've ever seen that done before, unless it's an unsteady relationship where you'll end up deciding if she'll stay with the guy or fall in love with someone else - so it would still be a basically regular otome. I mean, it must exist in at least some game, but not that I know about, and since I've played lots of otome and BL games, I know what I'm talking about haha

Also, did I mention I love Kuro's voice acting? Well, now I did!

So yeah, basically, a very intriguing game that manages to keep me on edge and get me crazy involved.

Can't wait for the next demos and, of course, the full release! Keep up the good work and good luck. And also thank you for making this game!

It was short, but very lovely so far!

I really like the MC - he looks so gorgeous and seems cute overall - more than lots of male MCs in visual novels. The other characters seem interesting too, even though I haven't seen lots of them. And well, I like the overall concept of the story - it's promising!

Can't really say much more as far as this demo goes, as it was really short, but I can't wait to see more of it!

Wow... this game just made me cry. But in a good way, don't worry! Just... the feels... oh my, the feels...

I got the true end, and it was so amazing and made me so happy! I kind of started playing only because I had nothing else to do, but I don't regret one second of it. The way the characters are fleshed out, the glimpses you get of the world, the story progression... it was great from start to end.

I will probably play it again, even though I'm not planning on trying to get the other endings since I got the best one and I'm in love with it. But well, when I can't force myselt to do any other ending than the first one I got in a game it means it was so perfect that I feel totally fulfilled, so that's fine.

And well... Fulfilling is a good word for describing the ending. It was sweet and lovely, but not too sugary or mellow. More often than not, when you finish a visual novel or text adventure game, even with your favorite ending, there is at least one little thing that bothers you or that you'd like to be slighly different. Here, I wouldn't want anything to be any different - it was perfect.

Well, I feel like I simply repeat the same things at this point sooo... I guess I'll end it now? Anyway, this game really made me feel better even though I have lors of troubles in my life right now. It was truly a great moment, so thank you very much!

Very interesting and actually unsettling text adventure!

I don't usually play the browser games / text adventures, but something in this one appealed to me, and I don't regret it for one second!


I got the creepy as hell but still great ending where he's a venomous human eating creature that uses the main character to get him prey. And I'm wondering if all of the endings are totally insane like this one, or if you have at least one that is... well, I won't say happier, but I dunno... cuter? Just wondering how much variety it has, as I may not retry right away, but I'm still curious!

Anyway, great work here, I really enjoyed it a lot!

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Aah, really great game!

Since I don't usually play BxG, I did only the boys' routes, but I've still enjoyed it a lot. The art style is very unique and fits the mood and the characters perfectly, and even though very vibrant colors are not my thing, it really looks nice with this art style and story.

Did Ash's route first, and he's really the kind of characters I like seeing in that type of game. But then I did Rust's route, and oh dear, I love it so much! I can't say wich one is my favorite, to be honest!

Though I must say it's the very first time I see a work of fiction that depicts PTSD and IS NOT something in a modern Earth setting - it was actually very interesting to see!

Now, onto little things I think could be improved!

Well, first off, it would be really nice to be able to access basic options outright from the main screen, instead of having to get into a menu - like save, load, skip and preferences/options. Yeah, I also mean it would be nice to actually have a preferences menu. I'd love to be able to change the music volume for example. I had issues with it, by the way. It was very soft at the beginning, then super loud when loading the game, then again very soft and so on.

I'd also love a gallery menu for the CGs. Even if you only have one CG per route, it's always nice to see these anytime you want. I usually have tons of save slots so I can see my favorite moments of a game again and again, so having or not a gallery isn't a big deal (though I always like to have it), but with only a few avaible save slots, I can't really do that, unfortunately.

Now, my main issue was unfortunately that the game was made with Tyranobuilder or something similar, right? It seems tyrano-games are very unstable, or at least none of my two current computers AND my previous one can make them work properly, so it was a massive ordeal to play, and I even had to go through a total crash of my computer, after getting the game to break entirely. Basically, after I did Ash's route and started a new game, once I've reached the chapter where you go to pester all of the other characters, Wysp was going to get dinner after only one scene (the first one I went to see, opposite to the first time I've played where I saw them all), and then I was locked on Ash's route, even after doing only Rust-related scenes and choices. Aaand the game was crashing when skipping. It ended up breaking so badly and making my computer lag so much I had to restart, and then I had that massive crash. At least I was able to finish the game once I've managed to restart.

So yeah, about that last point, I don't know if you can really do something about it or not, like optimizing the game better or something... I figured I'd say it anyway just in case, but if you can't help it well... that's okay, I still can make it work more or less. I always had issues with tyrano-games, but since it was worse than the usual I wanted to point it out.

Oh, and sorry if my comment seems awkward at some points - english isn't my native language, and sometimes it makes my wording weird.

Well, sorry for ending it on a sour note, I hope that's okay? As I've said, I understand if you can't do anything about that last point, and the game was still great and so cute!

Thank you for making it!

Aaaah! I just finised playing the demo, and oh god it was GREAT!

Everything is sooo cool and pretty - the art style, the characters, the music...

I love BL games, so I'm always excited when a new one comes out, and it's even greater when it has an interesting and unique concept, like here. I'm also happy to see the full version will have a R-18 version. I'm not that much into adult content, but I like to see it sometimes, and I think it'll be great in this game thanks to how the characters are and look like.

So yeah, onto the characters... I LOVE them. All of the romance options range from "oh, really interesting" to "uncoherent squealing" in my heart haha! The non-romance characters are very cool too. Gladys is amazing! She really gets you into the story.

Who is my favorite? It has to be Louis. You know, the first time I've seen him, it was on a third round, and Eddie was like - omg he's sooo my type. And I was thinking the exact same thing haha! And not only he's absurdly gorgeous, but I love him as a character too. And his bonus scene hit me so hard in the feels oh dear!

Now, I must say I also really love "some guy" - man, he needs a route too, I'd love to see him as a secret character or whatever!

By the way, I really like the bonus scenes too! Not only you can see the routes will be varied tone-wise, but it's also nice for the scenes to really exist in the story as dreams. And the characters look great! I love the human art in the game, but man the anthros... I'm in love too! It's nice to see artists who can do great in both humans and animals or anthros!

Now, I must say I did dislike ONE thing in the demo. One single thing... The fact Eddie doesn't like the new Beauty and the Beast! Haha, sorry, I had to point it out as I love it beyond reason!

So yeah, basically, no serious complaints! Congrats on the awesome game! And thank you for it!

Now, the difficult wait for the full version shall begin...

Oh okay, I see! Since I got the Ending 5 as an alien after a few tries, I understood how to get an alien MC (though I like to think they are not human anyway, only human-like, because aliens yay!) - but I didn't try to be mean to the kid, so I didn't get to see him as a human. It may seem funny, but I can force myself to make the MC kill him for the sake of getting endings or CGs, as it's awful but quick, yet being mean all along is too much for me haha! I like him being an actual monster anyway, so I won't force myself to go down a path I really don't like.

Though I must say it again, I really enjoy the artistic direction. As you can't exactly see how does the MC look, you can easily imagine them as any kind of alien, even if their silhouette looks human, as you don't see any details. For example, I like to do things like eat the meat raw, but still getting the "human" ending. Since they eat the meat without even flinching, you can really think they look like a human but actually aren't one.

Yeah yeah, I'm replaying his waaay too much I think, but I enjoy it a lot

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I've replayed a bit more to do more endings, and I think I've spotted two mistakes in wording/spelling (though you may want to check it with a native english speaker). First one is when the main character tells the kid they don't have to be ennemies and all that stuff. It says "we can help each others", but I'm pretty sure it should be "each other". The other one is in the Ending 5, when the MC says the kid found them. It says "And now I know that I was lucky that he did" - I don't think it's a mistake per se, but the first "them" isn't necessary - "And now I know I was lucky that he did" seems more natural.

Other than than that, I actually have a question so...

SPOILERS (I guess?)

I did some more endings, and I got a variation to the true ending where the MC isn't human or human-like. After that, I've checked the walkthrough out of curiosity about that, and it says "Most of the pictures are variation of the same ones, based on who(or what) you are and what the creature is" - I get it that the MC can be man or woman and human(-like) or not, but can the kid's appearance vary depending on your choices? It looks like it from what it says in the walkthrough, but I didn't get to see it in the game and I'm curious.

I'm not a native english speaker either, and I know I'm not perfect grammar-wise haha. So while I didn't notice anything weird, I make a lot of mistakes myself and I don't always notice mistakes other made.

Posted in BLACK comments

I've discovered this game by chance as itch.io recommended it to me, and I've downloaded on a whim, and I must say I don't regret anything! I've played a couple of times and did endings ??, 7 and 5 so far (in that order). And oh my, that Ending 5! It made me sooo happy! I love that kind of happy endings, and I'm glad it's considered the "true ending"! I may try other endings later, but for now I'm happy wth this one.

I really like how the game manages to be unsettling with only a few art assets and sound effects, and have a very unique style. I really love the overall artistic direction, and I like the fact you can get so many different endings - it's really nice for such a short little game.

Thank you very much for the great experience!

Aaaah! Finally I was able to play! And it made me soooo happy I don't even... hnnn I loved it so much!

I can't really say much more than after playing the demo, since all the things I liked in it, I like them in the full version even more, of course.

Now, I really like how pervert you can be if you want, or how childish sometimes, for the matter. Sometimes the dialogues really made me laugh!

And of course, the ending was so cool! I love open endings that leave you space for interpretation, so I won't complain about how you dealt with it!

So happy right now... Thank you for the wonderful game!

Aw, sad thing it's already 4:30am here, so I won't be able to play today, nor tomorrow as I'll spend the day with friends. Damn time zones!

You're welcome! Hope it helps!

Aside from that, haven't noticed any issue!

Well, I've played it, and it's great, but yeah, I suggest you forget about it for now if you don't want to die, as it's far from completion XD

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Soo! I've got one of the romantic endings, and everything was fine on the ending page too!

And the ending was definitely cute as hell haha!

But I've seen another bug, that I believe wasn't there before, or maybe I didn't stumble upon it. First thing I've tried with the new version was to get defeated in the maze, just in case it leads to an ending. It didn't, so I've realoaded my game, but I was starting the next fight with -20HP. Because of that, even with healing, I was defeated on the next turn. So I've started a new game from the beginning, and I was starting with 0HP this time. I was able to continue anyway since after a few tries I've managed to heal and the princess dodged the hit, but well, something isn't right about that, obviously

EDIT: oh yeah, and I don't know if it's a bug, but I usually save at each choice to see the various ways it can unfold depending on my answer, and if I do it here, it takes me back not to the choice itself but to the beginning of the conversation. And if wanting to save at the last scene of the game, it still takes me waaay back to when they discovered the edge. It may be a design choice as I've seen that before, but it usually doesn't take you so much back, so I figured I'll point it out.

Oh, I see! Thank you! I may try another occupation, but I want to clear the game as a cartographer first, though mechanic would have been my second choice, so I'll definitely go with that next, then.

I don't think the demo is too short, actually. Well, it IS short, but it offers a nice amount of choices so you can really see the game's mechanics, and you get to understand the characters just enough to make you interested. I've played longer demos that didn't left me as fascinated by the game simply because of the lack of choices and all.

And don't worry, I can understand that you want to focus on your main project. To be honest, Queen's Crown is one of the games I'm most excited about at the moment, so I won't complain about that haha! I think I've played the demo for that one three times by now!

Thank you for letting me know! I'll retry when you upload the new version then!

I've played this game something like 2 or 3 days ago, and I'm SO SO glad I didn't know about it earlier. The wait has been AWFUL for such a short period of time... I can't imagine the suffering if I had to wait for weeks! I'm glad to hear it should be done by friday!

I've really loved the demo a lot. I really have a soft spot for romanceable artificial beings, may they be robots, androids, AIs, dolls or whatever, so yeah... perfect game for me! And man, that android is cool! I can't wait to see how you can influence him and how the relationship will develop!

And I already see the same greatness as in Queen's Crown, about the MCs developpement! I love when a game allows you to really choose the MCs behaviour, personality and all!

Speaking of her, I have a question! Does the choice about what you were doing in the crew impact later choices? I'm really fond of the cartographer option, and I'm not planning to change that any soon, so I'd like to know. I tend to say yes because of the option that allows you to tell you know Amalthea and you could set a faster course, wich would be logical for a cartographer, but can't say for sure.

Outside of that, I loved the mood in the game. The ambient music is fitting and the background are very interesting because of the 3D render. The only thing I'm not fond of is the art style. Too "heavy" for my tastes, if that makes sense. But well, I'm not picky AND I like the character designs, so I'm not complaining!

Anyway, I've talked for long enough haha! Thank you for the demo, and can't wait for the full version!

Very intriguing game, I must say!

The art is very pretty and I really love the overall mood. The story is interesting for a short like that, even though I figured out pretty quickly what was happening in that world of theirs.

I must mention there is an error on the ending page though, as the game registers only the last ending you got. If you get another one, the previous goes back to "locked", and well - it's a bit troublesome with keeping track of what you did (I'm playing the Windows version, if it can help you).

So far, I got three endings, but since I want to discuss them...

-------------SPOILERS AHEAD!!!----------------

So, I got the boy's love ending (and it was so funny XD), and two of Calder's endings - I've reached the end of the maze, and did both choices at the end, one leading to the "true ending", and the other one to the "what people want" one.

And oh man, I don't know what do I think about the endings... Even though I figured out the thing about their world, the ending were so sad. Living in ignorance isn't good, but seeing the princess die for the truth was awful too.

Now, by no means I'm saying the endings are bad (as in poorly executed) - they really got me, to be honest! But I'm curious - is there a way to get a happier ending? Calder is so cute, and I'd love to get something more romantic with him. Well, I'm asking since the game's tags include "romance", so yeah. Since the game is short, I don't ask for any hints about how to get other endings - I only want to know if I can get a happier ending than them going on with their lives and that's it.

Anyway, in any case, thank you for this lovely little game! I won't forget that experience!

Oh, I get it!

I'm sure I won't have any trouble to get the other endings with the tips if I managed to get the happiest one on my own! Thank you!

Oh, I see! I didn't think about it, but it makes sense!

Yeah, I figured so, about the escapism thing, and don't worry - while I didn't like this specific aspect, everything else was great and Teal is very cute and charming, so it wasn't too hard to overlook either!

And I totally understand about the ending of part 1. It's not like I'd WANT it to be different, since it was a great scene in my opinion. But if it was possible, I'd have tried to do the other ending too, of course XD

I've finished part one RIGHT NOW, and I feel the need to comment on the spot!

So, first of all, the general aspect - I love it! The art style is very pleasing. It's not too saturated with details, but remains very polished and fits the story and characters perfectly. Music is also pretty nice!

I really like how you can choose the main character's gender (up to non-binary!) and the sexual preferences. It may be a bit surprising, but the ability to choose the prefereces (and the fact that the other characters adapt to that) is something I see far less frequently than the ability to choose the MC's gender. And it was a really pleasant surprise!

The characters are also very interesting, and I love how you can influence the way they see each other in a very realistic and complex way by including very random choices such as working or not and things like that.

Now, this has it's downsides too, but to be honest the downsides are more about my personal preferences than about it being a bad or a good thing per se. Actually, I think lots of people would like it - I guess I'm the weird one haha! So, what I'm talking about is the very relatable situation Teal is in, and the overall realism of what's happening in their life. The game talks about escapism among other things, and to be honest I often need some of it to be able to overcome troubles, and this game itself is some kind of escapism right now, since I'm basically in the same situation as Teal is right now, except I don't even have a work. It's kind of stressful to play a game trying not to think about the troubles you have for a while on days when you can't do anything about it, and seeing the game shows you the exact same situation XD - but well, as I've said, I think most people would think it's appealing, and besides I guess I stumbled upon this game at a bad time too.

Now, depressing things aside...

------------------SPOILER WARNING!!!--------------------

That ending got me so traumatized oh my god nooooo!!! I... had a feeling something like that may happen, but that was still awful! I mostly expected that test with the AI will end, and Joyce would be forced to leave, not something like that. But it also makes me curious... is there a way to actually prevent that from happening, or is it the default ending for part 1 (minus small differences depending on the choices, of course)?

I also like Snow a lot. I wish they were older and also a romance option haha! The part when Teal was so adamant about their theory on the book without knowing Snow was the author was really cute and funny.

Anyway, creators, if you read this - thank you for making such a lovely game! It's always a pleasure to have a game featuring a (hopefully) romanceable AI/robot/other character!

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Aaand I'm already back after finishing the game (the previous comment here was from me too)!

I utterly loved it! I mean, I only did one route as for now, but I feel like I don't actually want to do another one, wich is a good thing despite what it may seem. When that happens to me it means I loved the route and the character so much I couldn't force myself to do someone else's!

So yeah, if you read my previous comment, you may have guessed it, but I did Lyall's route! And oh dear I loved them soooo much I can't even hnnn! They're really my perfect type of character, and wow the route was so interesting. I really loved the conflicting emotions all around, about trusting the king or not and so on. It was such a dilemna at times. Aaand the romance part itself was so sweet and heartbreaking at times too.

Okay, basically, I've loved it, and that's it!

About negative points, well not much. I've noticed some typos or missing words here and there, and also you got the pronouns wrong a couple of times (used masculine instead of gender neutral for Lyall) - but I get that pain, as both of my mother languages don't have gender neutral pronouns for people and masculine is the default haha - I mostly say it because it may be a bit more offensive for some people than it is for me, as I'm not non-binary and I'm used to it in my languages.

Now I'll go on with the spoilery part, so heads up for people other than the devs who may be reading this!

-------------------------SPOILERS AHEAD!--------------------------

So! As I told you before, I did play without walkthrough, and I've reached Lyall's ending 2. I loved it a lot since I really have a soft spot for that kind of endings actually. I mean the kind where the main characters manage to save the world(s), but they're not reverred as heroes and end up travelling far away and starting anew in more peaceful circumstances, and not tied anymore to their previous responsibilities.

I'm really happy about this ending since I've not only loved it, but also it felt so... I dunno... natural, I guess. I've tried to really balance my choices. I've tried to match somewhat Lyall's mindset by trusting the king when his actions could have been justified and with wanting to protect the world, of course. And well, as for other matters, I've basically answered the most logical thing in my opinion, depending on the circumstances of each choice. Very often when playing otome or BL games, some choices feel "forced", as in - I need to choose that in order to get the good ending, even though I wouldn't have done or said that if it was truly my choice. I didn't feel that way a single time in this game, so congrats on managing such a feat! And also thank you for that!

Now have a final thing I'd like to discuss - the other endings.

Since I got ending 2, and I assume each character has 3 endings (and one joke ending?), it can mean two things: either I got the "middle" ending, happiness wise and all (wich would mean one is worse and another one is better) or I got the best one as it would be the truce ending (while one other would mean the triumph or earthlings and the other the triumph or airians). Is one of these theories right, or am I totally wrong about that?

Also, do you have some tips about how to get Lyall's other endings? While I won't do the other routes, I may be interested in exploring this route fully. I mean, I'm sure I'd be able to find the other endings by myself if I really tried, but since I've already experienced the story I don't want to try it lots of times either.

My wild guess is that for one of the endings you need to be quite fatalist and very supportive of the king, so you'll blindly obey, and for the other one you'd have to be very optimistic and against the king, so you'd have the strenght to rebel? But of course that may be wrong!

I also have no clue about the joke ending! If these are character linked too, I'd love some tips about Lyall's one too, while we're at it haha.

Wow okay, sorry for my never-ending comment - it's really waaay too long haha...

But in any case, thank you for making such a lovely game, and I hope you don't mind me asking for tips here.

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Oh this game looks gorgeous, I love the style, and the characters look so engaging! Someone already told that before, but it's always nice to see non binary characters in otome games!

I haven't started playing yet, but I can't wait to be able to!

One little note though - if I understood correctly, people can get a walkthrough by donating on Patreon. I think it would be easier if you offered a pay what you want option here on itch.io too, and people would be able to download the walkthrough file if they pay at least $1. People are often like me - too lazy to check on an external site! I'll try playing without a walkthrough anyway, since I don't like using these - but well, anyone can get stuck sometimes haha.

Anyway, I'll tell you what I think once I'll play the game!

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Thank you very much!

You have the link to the steam version too somewhere in there, if you haven't seen it. It's easier to use thanks to the sections feature

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Thanks again for the key!

Here is the Steam version - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=864815829

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I don't have a twitter account - do you have any other way? Even if you post it here, if I redeem it on the spot it should be okay?

You can also send me a note on DA - I believe you have an account?

I'm very sorry for taking so long - I bet you ended up finding your answers, but if you still need it, I'm done - http://konoi-and-noir.tumblr.com/post/157285475522...

I was so busy lately I couldn't do it before...

Hey again! I'm finally done with the guide!

I wanted to do it before, but in the end I didn't have time, sorry about that...


I'd also like to post it on Steam, but it won't allow me if I don't own the game. Do you know when will you get the Steam keys, so I can grab the game on there and repost my guide?

I've already commented about the demo before, and now what I've played the full version, I must say I loved it even more than expected!

This game is soooo unique in so many things - like the "faceless" MC, the optional subplot and so on. Not to mention... it's so pretty!

I really like the characters, though to me Piper isn't really a romance candidate, but a great support in romance and in life - I couldn't do her romantic route because of that, though I've tried it in the demo. January is a sweetheart, and I did his route first - and I loved it. But oh my god... "that awful moment" got me... it got me so much... I didn't expected something like that to happen... how COULD I expect that... My heart broke at that moment... Though well... I can't deny this is also a unique thing in a visual novel, that's for sure.

And then... I did Kea's route. And I'm so badly in love with them. I expected them to be my favorite character from the beginning, and I expected to like their route. But expecting it and actually playing it isn't the same thing!

I only see one minor downside - after "that awful moment", you should... flip around Seer's sprite I think - given the circumstances, left and right should be inverted.

But well, as I've said, this is the only negative thing I could say about it!

So... thank you for the wonderful game! I had a great time playing it!

I've played the demo, and I really enjoyed it. I like Alice in Wonderland inspired stories, and this one is pretty interesting and unique in it's setting. It's nice to see how the alternate world is actually similar to ours, but still not the same. I may usually rather very fantasy oriented worlds more, but as far as Alice based stories go, this is an intriguing take on it.

All of the characters are pretty nice, though I don't know if I'll try all of the routes. I'm also lucky because Emil is my favorite so far, so I had a couple of chapters to do.

Can't wait to play his full route!