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Oh, I get it!

I'm sure I won't have any trouble to get the other endings with the tips if I managed to get the happiest one on my own! Thank you!

Oh, I see! I didn't think about it, but it makes sense!

Yeah, I figured so, about the escapism thing, and don't worry - while I didn't like this specific aspect, everything else was great and Teal is very cute and charming, so it wasn't too hard to overlook either!

And I totally understand about the ending of part 1. It's not like I'd WANT it to be different, since it was a great scene in my opinion. But if it was possible, I'd have tried to do the other ending too, of course XD

I've finished part one RIGHT NOW, and I feel the need to comment on the spot!

So, first of all, the general aspect - I love it! The art style is very pleasing. It's not too saturated with details, but remains very polished and fits the story and characters perfectly. Music is also pretty nice!

I really like how you can choose the main character's gender (up to non-binary!) and the sexual preferences. It may be a bit surprising, but the ability to choose the prefereces (and the fact that the other characters adapt to that) is something I see far less frequently than the ability to choose the MC's gender. And it was a really pleasant surprise!

The characters are also very interesting, and I love how you can influence the way they see each other in a very realistic and complex way by including very random choices such as working or not and things like that.

Now, this has it's downsides too, but to be honest the downsides are more about my personal preferences than about it being a bad or a good thing per se. Actually, I think lots of people would like it - I guess I'm the weird one haha! So, what I'm talking about is the very relatable situation Teal is in, and the overall realism of what's happening in their life. The game talks about escapism among other things, and to be honest I often need some of it to be able to overcome troubles, and this game itself is some kind of escapism right now, since I'm basically in the same situation as Teal is right now, except I don't even have a work. It's kind of stressful to play a game trying not to think about the troubles you have for a while on days when you can't do anything about it, and seeing the game shows you the exact same situation XD - but well, as I've said, I think most people would think it's appealing, and besides I guess I stumbled upon this game at a bad time too.

Now, depressing things aside...

------------------SPOILER WARNING!!!--------------------

That ending got me so traumatized oh my god nooooo!!! I... had a feeling something like that may happen, but that was still awful! I mostly expected that test with the AI will end, and Joyce would be forced to leave, not something like that. But it also makes me curious... is there a way to actually prevent that from happening, or is it the default ending for part 1 (minus small differences depending on the choices, of course)?

I also like Snow a lot. I wish they were older and also a romance option haha! The part when Teal was so adamant about their theory on the book without knowing Snow was the author was really cute and funny.

Anyway, creators, if you read this - thank you for making such a lovely game! It's always a pleasure to have a game featuring a (hopefully) romanceable AI/robot/other character!

Posted in AIRIS comments

Aaand I'm already back after finishing the game (the previous comment here was from me too)!

I utterly loved it! I mean, I only did one route as for now, but I feel like I don't actually want to do another one, wich is a good thing despite what it may seem. When that happens to me it means I loved the route and the character so much I couldn't force myself to do someone else's!

So yeah, if you read my previous comment, you may have guessed it, but I did Lyall's route! And oh dear I loved them soooo much I can't even hnnn! They're really my perfect type of character, and wow the route was so interesting. I really loved the conflicting emotions all around, about trusting the king or not and so on. It was such a dilemna at times. Aaand the romance part itself was so sweet and heartbreaking at times too.

Okay, basically, I've loved it, and that's it!

About negative points, well not much. I've noticed some typos or missing words here and there, and also you got the pronouns wrong a couple of times (used masculine instead of gender neutral for Lyall) - but I get that pain, as both of my mother languages don't have gender neutral pronouns for people and masculine is the default haha - I mostly say it because it may be a bit more offensive for some people than it is for me, as I'm not non-binary and I'm used to it in my languages.

Now I'll go on with the spoilery part, so heads up for people other than the devs who may be reading this!

-------------------------SPOILERS AHEAD!--------------------------

So! As I told you before, I did play without walkthrough, and I've reached Lyall's ending 2. I loved it a lot since I really have a soft spot for that kind of endings actually. I mean the kind where the main characters manage to save the world(s), but they're not reverred as heroes and end up travelling far away and starting anew in more peaceful circumstances, and not tied anymore to their previous responsibilities.

I'm really happy about this ending since I've not only loved it, but also it felt so... I dunno... natural, I guess. I've tried to really balance my choices. I've tried to match somewhat Lyall's mindset by trusting the king when his actions could have been justified and with wanting to protect the world, of course. And well, as for other matters, I've basically answered the most logical thing in my opinion, depending on the circumstances of each choice. Very often when playing otome or BL games, some choices feel "forced", as in - I need to choose that in order to get the good ending, even though I wouldn't have done or said that if it was truly my choice. I didn't feel that way a single time in this game, so congrats on managing such a feat! And also thank you for that!

Now have a final thing I'd like to discuss - the other endings.

Since I got ending 2, and I assume each character has 3 endings (and one joke ending?), it can mean two things: either I got the "middle" ending, happiness wise and all (wich would mean one is worse and another one is better) or I got the best one as it would be the truce ending (while one other would mean the triumph or earthlings and the other the triumph or airians). Is one of these theories right, or am I totally wrong about that?

Also, do you have some tips about how to get Lyall's other endings? While I won't do the other routes, I may be interested in exploring this route fully. I mean, I'm sure I'd be able to find the other endings by myself if I really tried, but since I've already experienced the story I don't want to try it lots of times either.

My wild guess is that for one of the endings you need to be quite fatalist and very supportive of the king, so you'll blindly obey, and for the other one you'd have to be very optimistic and against the king, so you'd have the strenght to rebel? But of course that may be wrong!

I also have no clue about the joke ending! If these are character linked too, I'd love some tips about Lyall's one too, while we're at it haha.

Wow okay, sorry for my never-ending comment - it's really waaay too long haha...

But in any case, thank you for making such a lovely game, and I hope you don't mind me asking for tips here.

Posted in AIRIS comments

Oh this game looks gorgeous, I love the style, and the characters look so engaging! Someone already told that before, but it's always nice to see non binary characters in otome games!

I haven't started playing yet, but I can't wait to be able to!

One little note though - if I understood correctly, people can get a walkthrough by donating on Patreon. I think it would be easier if you offered a pay what you want option here on itch.io too, and people would be able to download the walkthrough file if they pay at least $1. People are often like me - too lazy to check on an external site! I'll try playing without a walkthrough anyway, since I don't like using these - but well, anyone can get stuck sometimes haha.

Anyway, I'll tell you what I think once I'll play the game!

Replied to xolf in SoulSet comments

Thank you very much!

You have the link to the steam version too somewhere in there, if you haven't seen it. It's easier to use thanks to the sections feature

Replied to Nayru in SoulSet comments

Thanks again for the key!

Here is the Steam version - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=864815829

Replied to Nayru in SoulSet comments

I don't have a twitter account - do you have any other way? Even if you post it here, if I redeem it on the spot it should be okay?

You can also send me a note on DA - I believe you have an account?

I'm very sorry for taking so long - I bet you ended up finding your answers, but if you still need it, I'm done - http://konoi-and-noir.tumblr.com/post/157285475522...

I was so busy lately I couldn't do it before...

Hey again! I'm finally done with the guide!

I wanted to do it before, but in the end I didn't have time, sorry about that...


I'd also like to post it on Steam, but it won't allow me if I don't own the game. Do you know when will you get the Steam keys, so I can grab the game on there and repost my guide?

I've already commented about the demo before, and now what I've played the full version, I must say I loved it even more than expected!

This game is soooo unique in so many things - like the "faceless" MC, the optional subplot and so on. Not to mention... it's so pretty!

I really like the characters, though to me Piper isn't really a romance candidate, but a great support in romance and in life - I couldn't do her romantic route because of that, though I've tried it in the demo. January is a sweetheart, and I did his route first - and I loved it. But oh my god... "that awful moment" got me... it got me so much... I didn't expected something like that to happen... how COULD I expect that... My heart broke at that moment... Though well... I can't deny this is also a unique thing in a visual novel, that's for sure.

And then... I did Kea's route. And I'm so badly in love with them. I expected them to be my favorite character from the beginning, and I expected to like their route. But expecting it and actually playing it isn't the same thing!

I only see one minor downside - after "that awful moment", you should... flip around Seer's sprite I think - given the circumstances, left and right should be inverted.

But well, as I've said, this is the only negative thing I could say about it!

So... thank you for the wonderful game! I had a great time playing it!

I've played the demo, and I really enjoyed it. I like Alice in Wonderland inspired stories, and this one is pretty interesting and unique in it's setting. It's nice to see how the alternate world is actually similar to ours, but still not the same. I may usually rather very fantasy oriented worlds more, but as far as Alice based stories go, this is an intriguing take on it.

All of the characters are pretty nice, though I don't know if I'll try all of the routes. I'm also lucky because Emil is my favorite so far, so I had a couple of chapters to do.

Can't wait to play his full route!

I see - it definitely seems interesting them!

It's a nice touch to add so much events exclusive to the love life, and the first point in particular is interesting. I mean, the part about learning some major things AFTER the relationship started.

Well, I guess that'll be all as far as my questions go - thank you for answering!

Oh dear, after playing the demo, I can only say I can't even begin to describe how awesome it is! I loved every bit of it, from the art to the music and, of course, the story and the character. Everything was great and so intriguing, and it's nice to have a quite long demo. Though I was soooo sad when it came to an end, oh my I can't wait for the full game now!

I'm always affraid when a game's MC is advertised as "strong willed" to be honest, at least when it's a girl, because for some reason people tend to make really infuriating emotionless girls I can't relate to in any kind of way, only to compensate the numerous candid and naive heroines. And I like the naive ones more than that... But Nora isn't like hat - she's a person with normal emotions and charisma, wich was a relief!

I have to say I love Spencer too - he may be my favorite character so far, and I'm very curious about what happened to him, and eager to dive deeper into the relationship and try to mend it if possible.

As for the other guys, Elliot may be my favorite right now, but this is subject to change.

In any case, I'll stay tuned for updates - I'm sooo curious about this game!

Okay, thank you!

Yes, I'm playing on Windows. I don't know about mobile devices, but yeah, I guess me having a computer bought in Spain and set to spanish makes the game to start in the same language as the device, by default.

I may wait for the updated demo before playing. The language thing, okay, I could do with it since I understand spanish, obviously - and it would be only for the intro anyway. But the stretched image really bothers me.

Anyway, thank you for your quick answer! I'll stay tuned for updates!

Ooh okay, I understand now! Maybe it would be interesting to tell the players about the food and books thing somewhere, somehow? When you see the very cheap clothing and then the very expensive books or food... it looks like the prices should have been the other way around. I mean, in a realistic way. While if the player knows about it, it makes total sense!

And thank you, that's good to know, so I won't freak out trying to meet everyone and not managing to do so haha!

Oh, and another small question. You said in the game description the climax of the romance doesn't happen by the end of the game, and you play being in a relationship and all that stuff for a while. This is the only aspect I'm worried about because when you do that, the risk exists about the romantic path becoming less interesting after that. So, do you have events planned for that or anything similar? I see things like fight are possible, but I guess this is something else.

I'd really love to play the demo for this game, but as it is, I can't make it a pleasant experience because of some issues - I'll try if there is a way for me to do something about that or if the next demo does.

The first problem I'm experiencing is that the game launches in spanish, and it seems I can't do anything about that until reaching the main menu. I really don't want to play in spanish, but I don't want to change my whole computer's language in order to play a game in english so yeah... And well, since the story begins before even you're allowed to access the menu, it's a problem.

The second issue is that I don't like playing on fullscreen, and this is even worse here because the art is deformed on my screen as it stretches is. If I exit fullscreen mode, not only the window is way too big, but I don't see an option to change the ratio of the image, so it remains stretched.

Any help please?

I hope I'll be able to play at some point - maybe the problems I experience are my own fault for not noticing an option or not knowing how to change the config, that's why I'm asking.

Played the demo, and so far this game is really cool - I can't wait to see the full release.

I like the job system, and some of the other mechanics that are not implemented yet will be pretty nice too, I'm certain.

And of course, the art is so pretty... Can't wait for the CGs!

The only complaint I have are the prices of items like books and food at the restaurant (this is expensiiive and obviously unrealistic), but I suspect this is intended for the player NOT to be able to purchase these things in the demo. Am I right about that?

I'm curious - if exploring the right locations at the right time, is it possible to meet all of the cast in the demo?

Hi there again! I finally had the time to play the second chapter, and I think enough things have changed in my overall opinions to complete the questions again, so there will be SPOILERS again!

But first of all, I must tell one thing. In my previous comment, about the first chapter only, I said how much I loved this game, but also that I was a bit disappointed because only Lilié's route was being made at the time being, and that I liked Aldrich more. I was a bit upset since I didn't really like or care about Lilié as a MC, while she's okay overall. Well, I've decided that I'll replay from the beginning, and I'll try other answers and actions and so on. And I have to admit, with that she really grew up on me. I ended up really caring about her even before starting the new chapter, and of course even more after doing it. So yeah, now I'm even more eager to see the next chapters!

Oh, and I also wanted to mention - I see you corrected the bug where the date quest couldn't be completed. I've downloaded this chapter before the change, so I had the bug, but I also had it for the basement cleaning quest - might as well say it now, in case it was overlooked or something. Also, does that affect something in the story? If something happens when you finish all the quests, I'll download the game again - otherwise I'll let it be.

And now, onto the questions!

1. Did you enjoy it overall?

That you already know! Yes, a lot - no need to go to lenghts again with this one!

2. What was your favorite part?

The ribbon quest still is one of my favorite parts, but I also liked Basil's plotline, and oh dear, the first part of the second chapter... All the stuff in the mansion, with that crazy Emilie. I was so on edge and uneasy during the whole thing - but in a good way it was really great. And oh my, the ending part of that arc.... nooope :(

I wonder, does this arc exist in Aldrich route? Since you're "controlling" Aldrich and all. I mean, sure the characters do lots of things on their own, but I guess you can choose a bit more if he does something or not, right? (if you don't feel like spoiling, feel free not to answer to my question haha)

3. There are a lot of comedic moments, but was the drama included in a way that was able to put the comedy aside, or did it just seem an odd jump from comedy?

So far so good!

4. Who is your favorite character?

I'm still deeply in love with Siegfried and upset about him not being a romance option haha! And I still love Aldrich, and now Lilié too. Now, about other characters, now that I did his storyline, I really care about Basil too - I genuinely wanted for him to be happy. And also, Santana. I kind of liked him from the beginning, but he didn't appear enough for me to have a clear opinion. Now that I've seen him a bit more, I can confirm he's very cool and that I like him a lot!

Still, Siegfried remains my number 1!

5. Who did you start to romance? Did you find it difficult romancing the person you wanted?

Well, since I did different choices than before and all that stuff, this time I've actually tried romancing Aldrich, and I have to say doing so is very interesting and really helps in understanding the characters. I don't regret doing so!

Now, do I find it difficult? Well, yes and no? I mean, he isn't too difficult to please and I do believe I'm doing well enough, but since I don't know how far can the relationship go at that point, I don't know if this is actually true - I could as well be ruining the ting without noticing (well, I don't think it would be THAT bad, but you get my point haha)

And I'd love to see screenshots of the outfits you guys put together!

Here you go - http://sta.sh/01103mlilejv

Thank you again for the wonderful game! I'll be waiting for the next chapter!

No, I've been unexpectedly very busy and didn't have time - sorry

Replied to Nayru in SoulSet comments

Apris was a surprise to me, honestly!

I didn't really know who to start with, so I've decided to start with the two characters I liked the least in the beginning, Apris and Yvonne. I picked one of them at random, and so, Apris was the first route I did...... and while going through his route, I liked him more and more, and he ended up being and staying my favorite haha!

And thank you about the guide! I'll make it soon then, and I'll post a link! I'll probably repost it on Steam later anyway, but I figured out people may need it earlier than that since the game is pretty hard! Since I'm at it, I must thank you for making it quite hard, actually. I've grown very good at visual novels since I play TONS of that stuff... And having a truly callenging one was a real treat!

I was given an OK, so I'll make it and post it on my tumblr.

But if you want me to help you before, you can message me through tumblr or deviantart (I'd rather not spoil here in the comments)

My tumblr is http://konoi-and-noir.tumblr.com/ (and it has a link to my DA page)

Replied to mia14j in SoulSet comments

Sure - my tumblr is http://konoi-and-noir.tumblr.com/

You can either message me, or wait a day or two until a make the guide - I'll post it there anyway!

Since I was given an OK, I'll be making it soon!

(Edited 1 time)

I've finished this game a couple of days ago, and I must say I loved every bit of it, it was AMAZING! The demo was good, but oh dear the whole thing... just wow... I think Apris' route was my favorite, because of the sheer fact I love him so much. But the last route (including the required things to reach it) were awesome too! (yeah, trying my best not to spoil haha)

Can I make a guide of the game since people seem to have a lot of trouble? I'll probably post it on tumblr, then make a Steam version when it's released.

Yeah, I have my own notes and folders about all the details, though I don't know about bubbl.us. I'll check that out later!

It still needs polishing before I put anything online though, even if I consult things with my irl friends quite often.

And sure, I'll tell you!

Hey, don't worry about the late reply!

I don't have the title yet, since while I have the overall story and the characters and all that stuff, I still need to work on a lot of details before I can make a Lemmasoft page on it, and I don't want to think about the title before being sure of some story details.

The romanceable antagonists will be a female imp and a chicken-man - yeah, it sounds ridiculous that way, right? But they'll be serious characters with sad backstories, actually. Though they won't be the main antagonists.

If you're interested, I'll link you the Lemmasoft page once I get it!

I'll sure be looking forward to it!

In the meantime, I've played a couple more times, and I believe I've seen all of Viktor's scenes now. And I love him more and more - I really hope he's the secret character. But if he's not... well, I'm intrigued about what is the deal about him. He seems to have a crush on Ambrosia, and her friends won't stop talking about that too... I'm so curious haha!

Hey! It's me again! While waiting for the game, I did a quick fanart of Toa! Feel free to repost it if you want!


Hope you like it ^^

I've finished the demo right now (well no, I've completed the survey before coming here), and I'm utterly in love! I'm so hyped for the full game now - honestly, it's awesome to see a very complex otome game so full with choices, and all of them at least a little bit meaningful!

The only thing I'm sad about is not being able to interact with all of the bachelors in the demo, but it makes sense of course. It's just me wanting to know them haha!

I've answered the questions from the LemmaSoft thread, so I'll put these below since I don't have an account on there. But before doing that, let me say I LOVE the presentation of your game! The narrative style, the intro to the clan from the prince's perspective, how the clans are presented, and all that details that add up to make a very immersive experience. I think none of the questions really cover that, so I wanted to tell it before!

Oh, and keep in mind I've answered the first set of questions before playing and the second one after, so you can see my honest opinions and how they changed or not. Oh and a warning... long comment incoming haha!

Before-demo questions:

1. Are you interested in playing Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces)? What do you make of it so far and is there anything you're particularly curious about?

Yes. And the thing I'm really curious about is something you said about the game: "Do you want to be independent? Go for it. However, that doesn't mean someone won't fall for you - perhaps, even to the point of resorting to blackmail or kidnap..." - I have a weakness for relationships that start REALLY badly, and if the MC being kidnapped by one of the guys but then slowly falling for him is a thing, it woulld be really interesting. So yeah, I'm curious about the whole thing about guys falling for the MC even if she doesn't necessarily tries to court them.

2. I'd love to hear your opinions on the characters. Do you have a favorite? The entire cast has yet to be revealed, but from what you can see so far, who would you befriend, romance, and/or antagonize?

From the descriptions, I like them all, at least a little bit. The one I like the less may be Night, but I still like him. My favorite before starting the game is Chase, with no doubts, because I love trolls and I have a big weakness for runts, and he's both! Onyx and Alexandrite are interesting too, because I like characters that are despised or said to be heartless - though I don't always like them once I get to know them in game (usually I either love or hate them, actually - depends on the direction chosen for their behavior).

3. How do you think you'll play the game? Would you try to make a bunch of allies? Use your charm to forge peace? Or just try to live your life, keeping out of trouble?

I don't know yet - I must get to know the characters and the world. I guess I'll play with my guts! Though I don't think I'd like to rely on charm.

After-demo questions:

1. What were your expectations going into the game? And how did Beauty and the War (X Playing Pieces) meet or contradict them?

I've expected a more classical VN with less freedom and choices of actions - it was quite nice to be thrown in such a complex game! Other than that, I did expect for it to be quite unique, since I've played "Don't take that risk" before, and I see how you're not affraid of making very unique and bold choices about your games. I wasn't disappointed!

2. Tell me. How did you spend your two days? There are a lot of choices, so I'm curious what you decided to do and who you tried to befriend.

I've started with going to the forest and things like that on the first day, but I've tried to focus more on the wounded on the second day, though I wanted to remain balanced and help with dishes and so on too, when I was able to. I've tried to be friendly with everyone, but I've decided to focus on Chase since he was the character that I liked the most before starting the game and I had decided to try his romantic path.

3. What are your thoughts on the story and the characters now? Do you have a favorite? What were you feeling during the last scene at the end of the demo?

It's hard to talk about the story before it really began - at this point, I'd say it's a "setting" rather than a "story", to be honest. But overall, I'd say I'm pretty intrigued about how it'll all unfold, and what's the deal with the situation in the intro of the game. How dit it all end like that? By the way, I like how you're not playing AS the main character here, but you're "guessing" what she did and all - nice feature! Now, about the characters... I like all of the characters I met until now, and as far as the bachelors I know go, I stick with Chase as predicted - he's really awesome! But I think I actually like Viktor even more, even though I talked to him like... once? But he left a strong impression on me! Now, the last scene... it was stressful, but it made me consider Wind as a more interesting character that I originally thought! Oh, and Onyx seemed cool too (oh dear, I'll have to play this game sooo many times - all the choiiices!)

4. What are you looking forward to seeing in the full version?

A route for Viktor? Pleeeaaaase tell me he's the secret character - I want it sooo badly! Oh and also... a walkthrough. No, seriously, I consider myself pretty good at VNs, but I KNOW this one will be really hard, and it would be nice to have a walkthrough or at least some kind of hint guide about how to achieve certain things.

I've finally played this game today, and I must admit it was a unique experience. It clearly fits the asylum theme, and I think the MC isn't really "well" neither if you do the "best" ending because well... who would do that and act like that?! I like how you put the thing about the darling couple in there, because they both really have issues there. I hope they'll manage to find hapiness in that weird relationship anyway.

Speaking of this ending, could you tell me what the guy says the first time he speaks in french during the ending monologue? I mean, do not translate it - french is my mother language. But for the love of all good things, because of his accent I can't understand the end of his sentence. More specifically, what does he call the MC? After getting this ending a couple of times, I ended up hearing "chou-fleur", and it doesn't make any sense and kinda ruins the moment, so I'd love to know what does he actually say. If it makes any difference, I'm playing with the cool and alluring voice option.

Sorry for the weird request, and thank you for making such an interesting game!

Oh, I didn't check tumblr in a while. Makes sense now! And I love Beau's design too... I think design-wise he's my favorite of the bunch!

In the meantime I did the endings of the other princes too, and while Mer is still my favorite of the ones currently accessible, I must admit I love them too. Snow was a very pleasant surprise since I usually don't like characters like him - but he's really cute and lovely.

Well, as I said about Mer's ending - I liked it, a lot. The issue isn't the ending itself, but the transition between the climax of the route and the ending - with some more explanations it would be perfect. I don't know about his other ending because I tend to stick to the first I got if I like it enough, and it was the case here.

And don't worry about the late reply - I don't always recieve notifications either.

No worries, I can wait - I understand it takes a lot of time!

Oh by the way, I've checked the Lemmasoft page, and I've noticed you asked if we'll be happy if you added a route where we can romance an antagonist... Yes, yes and YES! I love antagonist routes - these are often my favorite routes in otome and BL games!

I'm in the early stages of creating a VN too, and two antagonists are included - I really like that a lot, so it would be a shame not to do it if it's possible (not all antagonists would be good for that, of course). Though usually antagonist routes are pretty different from the "regular" routes for obvious reasons.

Oooh okay, I get it now! Thank you for explaining it!

I'm eager to see the changes in the remake!

While I think the game had a lot of issues - probably due to time restraints since it was for a jam - it was still intriguing, and I hope it'll get great when it'll be remade!

Overall, I think I got the story and the characters pretty well, but I'm just confused about one of them... so...


Who is actually James? My theory is that he's "Kitty"'s brother, either true or simply for that weird roleplaying "game". I mean, they live in the same house, and you can see two white cat portraits in there, one with a blue ribbon/scarf, and one with a reddish pink one. The blue would be Kitty I guess, since she has it all along, and the other one may be James since his clothing underneath the jacket show some kind of reddish hue, plus they have the same sprite body type in the speech box Maybe the girl did mimic her "brother"'s crybaby behaviour in order to gain Alex's trust easier...

Can you tell me if I'm right or wrong? And if I'm wrong, who is James. I must admit I really can't figure it out, if my only theory is wrong haha! Well, at the beginning I did actually think James WAS Kitty, but the colors doesn't match and it would raise new questions so yeah... I've discarded that...

Hey! Sorry for not answering before - itch.io didn't notify me of you answer...

Yeah, you shouldn't be worried about using characters like Rama - dating sims of all sorts are full of characters with lighter stories and less tortured minds. While a character like him is uncommon and I understand the doubts you may have felt before the release, I think it's nice to have such a change of pace from the usual formula, and all of my friends I talked to about the game liked the concept of that character.

Angst isn't a bad thing in a VN game about romance - it's nice to see it taken really seriously. The only thing that should, in my opinion, be avoided is not allowing a character to have a good ending. I mean, in a game where the whole point is to reach a happy ending, it's always very sad if one or more character doesn't get that. A good example is the BL game Kuro no Tsuki - it isn't a very good game to be honest, even if I like it because of fond memories related to it. But one character in the game dies if you do his ending, while he lives in every other route. That's the kind of things that shouldn't be done haha!

I kinda understand why some people would think Rama's route is too "slow", but I think it's necessary for a character like him, and his route doesn't lack events - the only thing that is slow paced is the romance progression itself, not the amount of encounters with the character. So yeah, in that case I'd rather say it was not a route suited for the people who said that rather than a weakness in the route itself - I'm fairly sure lots of people like it as much as I do! It would have been very "random" if suddenly the romance appeared at the moment when he may die in the forest after not progressing much before. But even at that moment, while he opened up a bit, it wasn't quite there - it was subtle enough to make it a logical progression. At the same time, I actually did see Tamara's feeling growing stronger and stronger before that point, wich is some kind of progression, even if Rama wasn't showing the same things. I think some people discard the MC a bit too much and focus only on the love interst they're pursuing. I think the MC's feelings are important too for the progression of a story.

Oh. My. God.

As you may have guessed from my review on it, your first Nusantara game is one of my favorite visual novels ever (I was pestering yet another one of my friends about it moments ago, really!). I didn't notice this page because I was dumb and I didn't subscribe to your account. Actually, I didn't get a notification when you answered my review on the other game, and I've just read it right now (I've subscribed after that, and noticed the new game haha).

Anyway, enough of that... I'M SO EXCITED oh god I want to play this gaaaame!

Sorry, I got really excited there... Ahem, about the bachelors, it's the same thing as in your first game - two of them catch my attention, and the last one... not that much. But I'll give him a chance anyway! So, the ones I like are Arya and Guntur. I don't really know who's the number one - Guntur is a safe guess since he's my type of character, while Arya is more on the intriguing side. I'm so curious about the secret route now! But I don't discard Kah'lil anyway - he appeals to me more than Mitra, so it's a step up anyway.

And this time, I don't have the weird feeling about one of the sprites being inconsistent with the others. Remember, I've mentionned that about Tamara's sprite in the other game. You said it may have been because of the blue hair, but I finally figured out that it was the skin - her way lighter skin had a subtler shading and she looked more "flat" than the other characters. Here I don't see the problem anymore! I must add that the sprites look gorgeous (and the backgrounds too).

You're totally right about making it a commercial game - I'm sure it'll be worth the money, and I'll gladly purchase it!

You wouldn't even believe how much it made my day to see this game page. I'll be sure to check the Patreon often for news of all sorts.

I've played through the game today, and I must say I loved every bit of it. The art is great and I love the overall mood of the setting, but more than anything I really love the story and the major plot twist. And while I'm not fond of Rou, I really enjoyed Lem and his route - wich I did obviously choose.

I really like the ending I got, and I'm kinda wondering if I should to the other ending for Lem, since I believe I know the choice that determines the end. But to be honest I'm affraid of the other ending, and while I'm curious, I also kinda don't want to see that.


This is also the first time ever I like an ending about going back home instead of choosing another world - I usually hate that stuff more than anything else, so it's a biiiig achievement. Oh, and I'm usually not fond of childhood friend romances either. So yeah, this game makes me like things I usually hate, wich means they are very well presented in my opinion!

I've just played this little demo, and I must say I really love this game. I really like games set in oceanic worlds, and unfortunately, this isn't something I come across very often. It's also nice to see how different are the main characters one from another! I like the different shapes, sizes and all that stuff.

The story seems very cool so far - got me very intrigued, and I want to know what'll happen next!

As for your questions:

--Anything unclear that you wish had been better explained or would expect to be explained as the story goes along?

Well, it seems pretty clear to me so far - of course some things are a mystery yet, but that's not unclear, simply not explained yet, like what is Riu's backstory with the Pena, since he said he wasn't involved with one "directly" and stuff like that.

--Am I too wordy? I know this is a problem I've had in the past (look, I'm even rambling now!).

I don't think so?

--Do you relate to Makani? And even if you don't relate to her, is she at least a protagonist you're willing to root for?

I don't really relate to the characters I'm playing in games, but yeah, she clearly is a protagonist I love and root for. She's really great! You know one thing I hate? When visual novel creators want to make a "strong female protagonist" at all cost, and she ends up being a cold badass capable of anything, wich is just as flat as the dense clumsy maiden. Here the protagonist is a warrior, sure, but she's well balanced and I like it.

--Got a favorite character?

Riu! He's so cool and cute in a way! I loved him since the moment I saw him!

--Would you want to play through the rest of the story?

Hell yes!

--Anything that just needs fixing?

Some minor typos and things like that, I believe. But I can't say for sure for all of them since my english isn't that good.

Overall that was a great experience, and I'll be stalking this page for future updates and new chapters!

Thank you for making such a nice game!