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Now this looks interesting and gorgeous!

I'll follow the project! Good luck guys!

Congraaaats! Downloaded it already - I'll play it as soon as I have the time! And a good pal of mine purchased it too XD

Oh my, the new artstyle is so gorgeous - haven't seen it before because for some reasons I forgot to subscribe! Now I have to replay it!

Oh, yeah, there it is, in the spam box, of couuurse XD

Idiot gmail is idiot - thank you!

Haah, in the end I didn't even have time to play the latest public built - I guess I'll wait for the next one at this point haha.

I like the "hint" system - I tend to prefer games that give you hints about what you did wrong when you get a bad ending than games that outright give you the answers / have guides. 

And the sketch is lovely - sexy knight is sexy XD. Lucky me since he's my favorite!

Yay for Steam version! It seems to be soooo complicated to upload it on there though... Congrats on winning yout fight against evil programming.

And of course I'd love to get a key! Do you need the e-mail adress I use in Patreon? I believe it's the same as my regular one -

So hyped to play it again and get achievements for it!

Yeah, you need to know the characters. And even if you know them, there's a surprising amount of people who think the so called bad ending is out of character. It CAN be, but it depends on how you played the main character during the game, honestly. In my playthrough it was the most (if not only) in-character ending actually haha

Well, as I've mentionned at some point, I tend to like gore, so no issues there. Though I'm wondering what do you mean by "brutal" now. I'm not exactly picky about bad endings, it's more like I don't like some specific things XD (the specific things being the relationship not working out and simply fading away - so yeah, since you're talking about brutal, I don't think it's that).

I definitely think Xillia II's bad ending is a great inspiration in writing - and well, it is VERY brutal, especially considering you have to play the fight involved in it. If you watch it you'll understand haha!

And you're welcome!

Congrats on the steady progress! I'm so hyped for this!

As for your questions, I'd rather have all of the routes ready for the demo, even if it means waiting  a bit more. Now, if you release it route by route, then, from the one I'd like the most to the one I'd like the least, my listing would be: Frederique - Leo - Bastien - Guillaume - Charlotte - Sofia - single.

Aw, that's sweet of you to say!

And well, I don't necessarily need huge bulks of romance progress to replay, but I just want to have enough new things to read. I mean, I love the world of this game and the characters overall, so it's not all about the romantic relationships to me. That's why I think 2 to 3 months "packs" will be enough for me to be satisfy me. But october alone, that's a bit short XD

Haaah, it all seems so cool!

I'm so at conflict with myself here - I'd love to play a new demo, but I feel like the october one doesn't add enough things for me not to be simply teased. But I'm so broke I don't know if I'd be able to pledge anything right now. That would leave me with waiting, but I don't want that either haha! And well, I'd feel bad if I became a patron just for this month in order to dowload and then stopped. 

I hate money related problems XD

Non the less, congrats on the steady progress! Loving it as always!

Congraaats! I'm so happy for you (and so genuinely happy about the sheer progress too haha)!

Rest sure is well deserved after that! 

Well, honestly, I'm quite eager for the steam release of The Winged Ones - it'll be a good chance for me to re-read the entire game (not only Rama's route as I usually do). I need to read some things outside of his route in order to do that fanart I wanted to do, as I need to check a few things. I'm pretty sure drawing Rama could be a good way for me to get past my current artblock at least a bit! 

On that note, you shouldn't worry that much about the steam release I think. I mean, even if some things like achievements are a little buggy at the beginning, this happens to all kinds of people, and you can always fix them later. I've seen lots of cases when broken achievements were fixed waaay after the release (or never), so I wouldn't bother that much even if some fixes are needed during the few days or weeks following the release. Though I totally get how hard it is to deal with that when one has an anxious and perfectionnist personality!

Must admit I'm so curious about the bad endings for Bermuda! Since I don't know the overall direction the story will take, I obviously can't predict the kind of bad endings (or good endings for that matter too haha) you'll do, so it's a shot in the dark here. But to this day, your bad endings from The Winged Ones were some of the more impactful I've played. With Rama's (yes yes, Rama here and Rama there, I'm as obsessed as always XD) being the most impactful and heartbreaking bad ending EVER for me. So yeah, my hopes are high? If I can say that considering it'll make me suffer a lot, that at least I know for sure haha! I think bad endings with a story are usually great, especially if they are the results of failing during the final battle or trial or things like that. I tend to "like" these more than the "failed relationship" kind of bad endings. 

There are also a few bad endings that are genuinely among my favorite videogame endings - and I mean, really among my favorite endings, not among what I could consider a well written bad ending or things like that. Though not visual novels, the two that directly come to my mind are the Julius Ending from Tales of Xillia II and Oersted's "non-apocalypse" ending from Live a Live.

By the way, you said Bermuda has 4 bad endings... Did you mean 4 overall (one per main bachelor and one for the antagonist), or was it 4 only for the 3 main bachelors' routes (so that would be either 1 each and 1 neutral or 1 for two of them and 2 for the last one, right), and the antagonist would have his own?

Anyway, I feel like I'm writing a novel here, so I think I'll stop haha. To sum it up, I'm very eager to replay The Winged Ones and happy about the progress on Bermuda. Don't stress things, rest well, and good luck with the antagonist's route!

Aah, love the BG!

But seriously, good luck with the bad ending writing (and redrafting) - I expect a lot of feels with that!

Recently I've been playing Kokuchou no Psychedelica (Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly), and I'm about halfway done, but it's already in my top 3 otome games. And well, I was thinking how incredible it is that The Winged Ones still is in that top 3 even though it's not even a commercial game. It's also the only indie game in the lot. 

Though I wouldn't want you to feel pressure as to "I hope Bermuda Triangle won't disappoint after that" or something of the sort! I'm pretty sure already the games will be SO different comparing them would be pointless. Not to mention... well, I myself don't feel disappointed in cases like that because if I love a game as much as I love The Winged Ones, few things compare to that anyway, so yeah. It was so much of a life-changing experience to me.

Five bucks is more than fair as a price for The Winged Ones. Even before the current proofreading and without achievements it's one of my favorite otome games ever made. Honestly, it would even be worth more, but I understand it would be weird to charge more as people will still be able to play it for free if they take it here. 

Anyway, congrats in the huuuge word count you've managed to write! I'm really excited for that final fight. The ones in the previous game almost made my heart stop - well, at least on Reksa's and Rama's routes, so I can't even imagine what awaits us in Bermuda XD

On a side note, it's so funny - Guntur was the character who directly caught my eye when you first talked about this game. And well, I love him a lot from what I've seen so far. In the meantime, Kah'lil was the only one who didn't really attract me that much. I think I've said that already when I've first played the demo, or something like that. But then, after playing more times, selecting different answers and honestly simply letting time do it's thing, I'm seriously starting to wonder if I don't like him even more than Guntur now. This is so weird haha. Can't tell who'll be my favorite at the end of the day, when I'll play the full version, but it's funny how without new content my ranking still changed somehow.

Yay congrats!

It's a shame I'm going to sleep in 30 minutes, but I'll definitely play tomorrow!

You're definitely becoming better and better at background art - the castles are gorgeous! Particularly fond of the night scenes.

Aah, I wish I could be a patron so I could support you, but I'm so broke I'm struggling for basic things so yeah - maybe later. And no, I'm not telling that for the H scenes since I wouldn't want to have these spoiled to me anyway haha!

Well, in any case, good luck and good continuation! Take your time - I don't think any of your follower would mind waiting a couple more weeks!

You're almost there!

One more day isn't that much of a wait, and I'm sure it'll be worth it a million times! Good luck, I'm cheering for you (and eager to play too haha)!

Very cool game so far. It's nice seeing a court themed game with modern elements, like television and so on. It's unusual and refreshing!

I like all the characters so far - though I don't know the princess very well for now, obviously.

One thing that bothered me is that at some point the music stopped and didn't resume at all - it would have been nicer to have it all along - but then again, it's an early demo.

Haaah, so soon! Getting more and more hyped!

Congrats on the almost completed game!

That's a cool idea!

Hah, thinking that achievos may be the final push I need to do the ending where Tamara decides to go back haha. Never did any of those since the "going back home" is my biggest pet peeve ever in fiction XD

Ah, it would be so cool to have The Winged Ones on Steam! I'd have an excuse to play again haha!

If you release it on Steam, will it be still free, by the way?

I'm so happy it's finally out!

Downloading right now like a crazed fangirl

I'm so curious about the antagonist route! Speaking of that, could you remind me if his route unlocks once you do all the other routes, or once you do one other route? Can't remember XD

I agree about Depp being a very cool actor. He was beautiful as Edward Scissorhands too. Maybe not my favorite actor, but certainly one I like a lot.

Okay so this seems... so crazy and epic! XD

Must follow so I'll be stalking the progress - it's so promising, and I just love how you describe the features haha. On a more serious note, the art is very pretty. The stained glass relationship page is so charming too

Oh my god! Markus was nice and all, but not really "my type". But Heath? He seems so wonderful - both his looks and the type of character he seems to be!

It's awesome you found a new and great proofreader so fast! And congrats on the commission work too!

As for the music, I love it - the tunes you choose for Bermuda are really right up my alley. Hah, I should start selecting the music for my shorter project too - so much to do haha

Yeah, I'm sure we'll do great! And don't worry, I don't mind you talking about stuff - it's always interesting!

As for partial voice acting, I don't exactly mind it or something, but it leaves me frustrated because I'd rather have full lines haha. So yeah, for my games, I want either a full voice acting or none

I kinda agree with you AND with that post you're talking about. Dealing with OCs is like being both a parent and a god to them. You want the best for them and you'd like to do only good for them like a parent, but you also need to keep the world interesting and balanced, like a god. I guess the most important thing is the equilibrium, and deciding of how much of a parent and how much of a god you are in each case.

Warnings are a fair thing. I'm really into gore so only very few things would scare me off, but some people are sensitive. The main game I'm working on will have some very graphic bad ends, so yeah, I'll have to put a fair share of warnings too. Though I've decided to take my time with that game and release a simpler and shorter one first, that would royalty free music, no voice acting and things like that. Cheap to make, cheap for the players, and I'll get at least some money for my main project. Well, I guess this one will have some bloody moments too as it's about knights, but oh well XD

Well, I agree with your previous comment about one thing - you must reflect on it; do you feel like you need another proofreader or not? Maybe discuss it with the one you have left too.

I don't think it would be a problem to recruit late in the project though. Some people can be pretty fast - as long as you tell beforehand that the project is well advanced, so they know they'll get a lot of work, it should be fine. 

Haha, you saying you dislike writing bad endings made me chuckle a little. I actually love working on bad ends. For the very same reasons I love doing bad ends when playing. I like to see the bad outcomes so the good ones seem even happier to me. You know, like, being happy for the characters since they had such a beautiful ending because you know all the grim alternatives they've managed to escape

I feel like you're improving greatly with the backgrounds along the way! They're so pretty! I like the feel of both interior ones (though the first pic is very nice too).

Aah, so hyped for the full release haha

Didn't do Kazama's route in the remake yet actually, since I leave him for the end. His voice actor is my favorite voice actor ever. I have a literal physical reaction to Tsuda's voice. My chest tightens, my temples tingle and my breathings becomes a bit weird. I LOVE his voice, but it's almost "painful" to me to listen to him so much haha

My favorite is Okita - he always was. But almost tied with him is Yamazaki. I'm SO HAPPY he finally has a route - if nothing else, for the fact you can finally avoid his death. It breaks my heart every time in other routes.  I also like Sanosuke and Kazama a lot. 

The remastered Hakuoki is GREAT! Hope you have a good time with it!

And nice to know you had a good week - mine was a bit hectic, but it'll be more fun this week

Well, I've replayed the game once more to get the bad and the best ending now that you released the walkthrough. I guess I could have done it by myself with enough tries, but it was nice to have it in order to enjoy without getting distracted by trial and error.

The bad ending was awful, as expected, but well, it was short so that's a thing? The best ending though - so wonderful!

Now that I've done that, I have a question if you don't mind . 

Something I forgot to ask when commenting before - when Makani wakes up on the beach after the final battle and the thing with the Goddess, it's said she goes to hug the closest body or something like that. Is it the person you're romancing, if you're on a romance route,  or maybe the person with highest friendship if not on a romance route, or is it scripted?

Man, I must admit now that I did the best ending I'm a bit sad because well, it's over haha. I could do the other endings in regards to friendship and romance, but I'd feel weird if I did - I'd rather stick with the one I did first - and well, if I do that, that's usually proof I've loved the game and relationship, as I don't feel the need to try any other option. 

On that matter, I must add another thing I forgot the last time, but I really like the transition between friendship and romance. You may not remember, but I was a bit worried that the romance option would be lacking or that it would tarnish the friendship aspect, back when we only had the demos. Since the game is about friendship, any of those mistakes would have been easy to make. I think it was a great idea to make Nareen slightly obsessed by Makani's romantic life and make him ask if she feels more than friendship for one of the boys, and then including that talk about the curse that would allow you to select the one. Thanks to that and to how it was dealt with in the epilogue, the transition was nice and smooth and very satisfactory. 

Ah, thank you! I'll remember that! For my main game I insist on having an OST made, but I have a secondary project that will probably have royalty free music and it would fit it too, so thanks!

You're welcome, and thank you for your answers!

I may try to get the best ending later, or maybe with the walkthrough, I'll see it later - I'm pretty happy with the scenes I got during the game as it is, but I'm also curious haha - so yeah, I'll see later!

Haaah I've waited for this game for sooo long after replaying the demos numerous times! The wait was agonizing, but the result sooo rewarding! My god this game made me happy! I finished my playthrough right now, and I'm literally squealing from happiness at this little gem. 

It's so hard to put my thoughts into coherent words right now as I'm a bit overwhelmed with emotions, but I also feel the need to express myself while this is all so fresh in my mind.
Honestly, it was a long time since I last felt this way while playing a game - any kind of game. 
I've already told that after playing the demo, but I really like the characters - all of them. And I've been liking them more and more all along the ride. I was genuinely concerned about them and I've come to care sooo much about them. This game is about people and how they interract and make bonds, and I think you've suceeded masterfuly in that field - seeing them care more and more about each other and understand each other better and better was heartwarming. The overall story was very compelling, and I like the pacing - no moment felt dull to me, as when there was no action, I had emotions, and then action again. Or both haha!

Well, basically I've loved it, no need to dwell on that!
On a more artsy note - music was well chosen and pleasant, and I love watery settings so that was nice too. While I've seen better art from a technical view, it was effective, and I insist again on the fact that I LOVE the character designs. Your interpretation of "merfolk" is so unique and amazing - I love all of the "species", they're weird, interesting and so pretty in their own ways.

Okay so, now I'll go on and answer your questions, and I also want to ask some, but that stuff will be spoilery of course, so I'll start with a warning if someone other than the devs is reading this.

--------SPOILERS AHEAD--------

First, your questions!
--Who is your favorite character and why?
Welp, that didn't change since the very first time I've played the demo - it would be Riu. He's... basically everything I love, honestly. I really enjoy that kind of characters, behavior wise. Also, now that I've played the full game, I also can tell that I love characters with that kind of background stories - harsh customs, not the happiest life because of that, and so on. The way he changes and opens up while the story advances was really beautiful too. And besides, even thought I would have liked him just as much if it wasn't the case, his facial expressions are priceless, and god he's gorgeous. He may be one of the prettiest creatures I've ever seen in a visual novel. Then again, Makani herself isn't that far behind - he's great, and I love how caring she is. Extremely caring yet very strong MCs aren't that common actually.
--What was your favorite moment from the game?
The whole thing? I'm only half joking here, it's hard to choose since I've enjoyed all of it a lot. But I guess I can narrow it to three moments. The first one was the max friendship scene with Riu, in chapter 6. Even setting aside the fact he's my favorite character, the moment was so peaceful, so warm, it made me smile all along. The second one would be the final battle against the Pena. That was one hell of a battle - it was SO epic and genuinely nerve wracking. I was SO affraid for the characters, even with they survival maxed out. And finally... well, the whole epilogue, including the bonus romantic part. Such a perfect and adorable way to wrap things up.
--Any advice or critique I should keep in mind for the sequel/other future games? 
Well, already mentionned it before, the art could be improved a bit, but it didn't tarnish the experience in any way, nor did it distract me from the story. It's just a fellow artist being nitpicky. I guess I've also spotted some typos here and there, but I wouldn't be able to list them like that. I don't like interrupting my playing in order to write down things like that.
--Any other comments/concerns?
I guess I can ask my own questions here, actually. So yeah, I was wondering if I got the good or the best ending, actually. The fight with the Pena was great, but it ended up going a bit badly by the end, and I was left very confused at what happened after that, with all the relics glowing all around the sea, the goddess being mad at Makani and all that stuff. Because of that, I'm leaning towards the good ending, but I can't be sure. I had survivability maxed out for everyone, but not friendship - if I didn't get the best ending, was it because of that? 
Also, do the friendship / romance bonus endings vary depending whether you got the good or the best ending?
And lastly, about bad endings. Do the game feature a unique bad ending, for example everyone dying, or is it possible for some characters to survive and others to die? And how in depth do the descriptions for the bad endings / deaths go? I'm kind of curious about the bad endings - I've always been one to like to see what they've managed to avoid by doing a good ending. But at the same time, I care so much about the characters I'm afraid of seeing /reading that if it's too detailed.

Well, that was LONG, sorry about that - hope I didn't bore you!
I'll probably wait before replaying from scratch, as I'd rather do so with the walkthrough, since choosing who to spend time with each time was pretty hard, but in the meantime, I'll be replaying with the same choices I've made the first time!
Thank you for making this awesome game - from the bottom of my heart!

I agree with the previous comments, the music sounds great - it's really amazing. 

Funny how it would also fit the game I'm working on, even though it's too early for me to think about music right now.

Haha, you're welcome! I can very well picture it as fun to make!

Aww, you're welcome! And glad I could help - it works really well for me, so I hope it'll help you too!