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A member registered Sep 26, 2016

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Oh, thanks! I'll add you on facebook when I get back home then!

And I'm happy about the commishes! I'll check that in due time!

Aaah, Harry Potter - I have such a love-hate relationship with the franchise. I like the story, but loathe the ending, love most of the characters, but utterly hate Harry himself... So... it's kinda weird to me haha. Contrary to most people, the sixth Harry Potter is my favorite, and I like the movie a lot better than the book for various reasons. But the fifth book is SO MUCH BETTER than the movie - well, at least in my opinion! Anyway, I hope you'll like the books and that you'll find inspiration in them!

On a side note, now that I finally found a job, I'll be able to subcribe to your patreon starting next month, and I'm quite happy about it! Because of that, now is also a good time to ask you if you're actually doing commissions, since well, I'd love to ask for something once I get paid. 

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Ah, Kahlil... You're making me excited with the news now!

It's funny how I wasn't really interested in Kahlil before the demo release, and after playing it the first time I ended up liking him ayway, but he was probably still my least favorite. But each time I replay the demo (what do you mean, I'm obsessed by the game? XD) I like him more and more haha! I can't really say if I like him as much as Guntur so far, but I dunno... maybe? It's like, the more I look at him and the more I look at how he acts, the more I seem to slighly "see" veeery tiny glimpses of what's underneath his facade. It's fascinating, truly.

At this point, I'm starting to think about the order I'll choose for playing the routes. I think Arya will be second anyway, but I'm kind of wondering if I should play Guntur's first and Kahlil's third, or the other way around. I always try to play my favorite route last ( or second to last if one route unlocks after the main ones, but isn't my favorite ), but since I don't know anymore who'd be my favorite between the two, it's difficult. Now, it may also be the antagonist, but I don't know him well enough to be able to tell, so far, so yeah...

Now I'm rambling... The point is, you're making me so happy  with the news posts!

Soo, I've played the demo! And it was so sweet and intriguing at the same time. And also, it is incredibly pretty, and I love the game interface and the overall aesthetics and all - I don't think I've ever seen something that would look like that!

The demo was pretty short, so it's a bit hard for me to do a proper review, but so far I like the story and the characters!

Also, I didn't know you were the ones who did A Foretold Affair - it's a game I love immensely, so of course, now I have even higher expectations from Floret Bond haha. But considering it looks to be even more my kind of stories, I'm confident about it.

Thank you for uploading the demo, I'm happy I was able to play at least a little bit! I wish you a smooth continuation of your work on the project!

Oh my! I was waiting for this for soooo long! I'm so happy right now! Gonna download first thing in the morning once I wake up!

I'll comment on the core game page once I'm done playing the demo! Thank you for this!

I'm so excited about that! Battle scenes are actually my favorite things to write, I enjoy it so much! And I'm always thrilled about a great battle scene as a "spectator" too, to tell the truth haha

And also, I was very busy and in the end I didn't say it with your last log, but I'm so sorry about the art competition bullshit - I can't believe people can show so little respect and/or basic logic when doing their choices, it really sucks. At least I'm glad to hear you still managed to make good progress with the game!

Keep it up! I'm sure it'll be awesome!

Finally managed to find the time and play the demo. It was a very enjoyable and unique experience - I've never seen a game where you play as a character such as Rei. I especially enjoy the fact that while he's a cold blooded killer when trying to discover the Doctor's methods, in his everyday life he's such a grouch and can actually be pretty funny too. It's a nice contrast. I'm also pleasantly surprised by Minami - I don't usually like characters like him, but he really has a charm I didn't expect to see!

The demo was pretty short so I'm not able yet to make a really detailed review, though I must mention something that really bothered me. In the settings, you have the "Censorship" option - but I have no clue if a yes means "Yes, apply the censorship" or if it means "Yes, the gore/sex will appear", or if you'd rather have the opposite, then I don't know if a no means "No, don't apply censorship" or "No, don't show the gore/sex". It's really confusing as I don't know if I have to check or uncheck it to actually get to see the mature content, and even when I was trying both things during the slighly gorey CG, I didn't see any difference so I guess it wasn't hardcore enough to apply for this...

I've completed the demo and the survey, but still, I needed to comment here and tell you just how much I adore this game! It's such a unique concept for an otome game, and it's the first time I see reindeer as romance options! And I love them so much! I've been a huge fan of the poem about Santa's reindeer for years, and I really love the lore about them, the changes in their names, how Rudolph was added more than a century later but became the most famous of them all and all that stuff. Seeing an otome game about them is so surreal and fantastic at the same time!

Donder is my favorite from the bunch in the game, but Prancer, Dasher and Rudolph are not so far behind. I'm also very intrigued by Vixen.

I can't wait for the full version now, but the demo has a nice amount of content, so I'm not frustrated wich is always nice. Though I have a question - does the demo cover the entire common route (the cliff hanger does seem like a route selection), or is there more to it?

Also, your current event about submitting possible quotes for the characters is very nice, and I'd love to participate, but as you surely have noticed by now, my wording is a bit weird sometimes since English isn't my language, so if I submit something, it'll probably have to be corrected to some extent. Is that still okay?

Anyway, I had a great time with the demo, so THANK YOU!

No problem! Hope you had a good and relaxing time!

And yes, you basically understood what I meant, though I like the lineart as it is - I think it's very pretty. Sometimes a style may be thin / delicate, but still have a thick lineart (like in Subarashiki Kono Sekai, for example)

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Yeah, a CG gallery is always nice to have too! Though I'm wondering if I got the best or good endings now haha - I'll have to experiment a bit more with the game! I'd tend to say they were "best" endings, but who knows.

Fun thing is that I wasn't interested in Polar at the beginning, but oh dear after learning the truth about him on the day of the play I was so amazed because I didn't expect that at all haha. I'll HAVE to play his route now, even though I didn't plan on doing it at the beginning.

Honestly, the only character I have trouble with is Jaja. I can't say I DON'T like him, because he makes me smile more often than not, but I have so much trouble understanding what he's saying that it distracts me sometimes. I think it's because english is not my language, so when a character speaks in such a weird way it becomes difficult to me. And while I like playing a character that is pretty young and do routes of (significantly) older characters, I tend to be less interested when it's the opposite. I mean, the age gap isn't really big between them per se in this case, but at Jaja's age it's more significant obviously.

As for the art style, well... I'd say the art used fits the story, but it's not exactly the kind of style I'm fond of, basically haha. I tend to like "thinner" styles, if that makes sense. I think it's rude to show art from other games to compare, so I won't do it, but basically I mean something where characters would look thinner. And I don't mean for them to be less muscular or anything, I'm not talking about the physical attributes of one or another per se, but the overall way of representing things. But as I said, I'm not criticizing the quality of the art or the art style chosen for the game - it's simply not the kind of art I prefer. Now, sometimes I make exceptions too, for very stylized art styles but that's another matter alltogether. So yeah, my style would be something delicate and thin, but I wouldn't say I'd WANT something like that from DSG - I'm an artist myself, so I know very well some people will like your style while others less or not at all - because of that I try to be open minded and usually I can enjoy a story even if the art style doesn't matches my tastes. Of course I would have liked it even more if the art was more like I like it, but that's all. 

The only thing I really don't like is when stock sprites are used, because it's hard to really give the characters all the "identity" they deserve. But it isn't the case here so no problem haha

Oh, don't worry, I'll figure it out - I was saying a guide would be nice overall, but I don't usually use guides unless I'm REALLY stuck. But since I'm a bit busy at the moment so I won't try all of the endings, and liked the ending I got anyway, I wanted to know if there is a happier one for my to try and get. And yes, the one I got is the good one from the Real Route then. As for the other one, I see what you're referring to, but I got only the bad version of that one since I was aiming the main route and used that save file for that choice by the end. I'll replay once aiming for the True Ending then! Thank you!

Getting sick sucks so much, I hope everything's better now?

And congrats on finding a new writer! I'm sure they'll make a great work!

Good luck to all! I'm so glad I helped with this project - I've replayed the demo a bunch of times, and I don't regret it for a second. I really hope it'll all go smoothly from now on!

I've never played the original version, so I have nothing to compare this one to, but what I can say it's that this is a very sweet game, with a very interesting melancholy feeling to it, I've really enjoyed playing it so far!

At this point, I did two endings, both good, but I was wondering if one character could have more than one good ending, or if they all had one good and one bad, or even something different?

The art is not exactly my style, but it's pretty enough and fits the story - it's honestly a matter of tastes here. Though I would suggest you offer the option to play without animations, if you make any updates or for future games - old or very weak computers may slow down because of that, and some players (like me haha XD) can be easily distracted when the sprites move so much. On the other hand, I've really enjoyed the BG art, and the music choices were really nice - really helped in conveying the mood and feelings!

I don't remember exactly the name of the ending right now, it was called something along the lines of what I've said - Good Ending  of the True or Real Route. I'm not sure I understood you correctly (english isn't my language and sometimes it plays tricks on me haha), but if the True Ending is something different actually, and if it's happier, then I guess I'd love to know how to get it. But if I misunderstood something and there isn't, then no worries, I'm pretty satisfied with the game as it is, after all!

Very sweet little game! Part of me would say it was too short, but at the same time it was the perfect lenght for what it was telling us haha!

The characters are all so cute, and I tend to enjoy that kind of very innocent games about first sexual experiences. It's a nice and comforting approach, in a way. 

I think Ray was my favorite from the three boys, but Adam's cute ending was so hillarious.

All in all, thank you for the nice time I had playing this game!

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I'm glad you like the idea of the MC commenting on it! And  yeah, her struggling with it and needing help to figure it out would be funny, I'm sure! I figured it would be a pain to animate the hair, but honestly the dishes bothered me more than the hair haha XD

And thanks! It was the most obvious option, but once I thought about the other one, I couldn't get the question off of my mind

Yep, that was me! And you're welcome! I realize how lucky I am to know many languages, so if I can help I like to do it!

And yeah, Mikali seems to like her too, from what I've seen - he seemed so impressed with how she fought him and then the guards, when they met haha! He even mentionned that once or twice at a later point.

Oh yeah, and also, since I was thinking about the game and all, I ended up having one question and one suggestion after all. For the suggestion, well, something was slighly bugging me and I wasn't able to pinpoint it, and then suddenly I've realized - it's a bit weird that thing don't "float" more since everything is happening underwater, like character's hair resting like on the surface or food falling to the floor (and the whole dishes staying put, actually XD). I assume it may be some sort of mermaid magic, but I think it would be nice if the captain or Jack commented about it - after all, if the characters think of it as unusual, the reader won't be bothered by the detail anymore.

As for the question, I've assumed the Sea Route is for Mikali and Malik, and the Land Route for the Sorcerer and whoever is the other land-dweller silhouette on the start screen. But then I thought that maybe it was actually something like in the Heart no Kuni no Alice games, with a "stay" and "non-stay" route - basically you can stay at the place where the character you want to romance lives or not, but still romance him if you're not staying (and get different events). Soo... which one is it? Do the choice of Sea/Land Route restrict the character routes you can do or not?

Interesting little game, I must admit. I liked the overall mood and the story was cool, albeit bleak and short. But it wrapped up nicely so I have no complaints.

I kinda second the previous comment - a guide would be interesting in this case since I can't see very well how do you get more than 4 endings (I only got two though, but that's because I didn't want to go on the careless or the rude approaches)

I'm not really planning on replaying more, but I'd like to know if there is a better ending (by better I mean happier) than the Good Ending of the True Route?

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Hi there! So! I've finished the demo a few moments ago and filled the survey, but I thought - "why not comment here too". Of course, I won't repeat everything I said there, but still! And you should know from the survey that it was me - I've left my e-mail, and it's similar to my username here!

So yeah, what to say... The demo was soooo good! I was excited about the game before, when I stumbled upon it on Lemmasoft, a while ago, but oh my, now it's on a whole different level. I didn't realize it'll have so much features, like the possibility to choose a japanese voice acting (I'm a sucker for that!), the detailed animations, the elaborate karma system. It was such a treat! I just wish it had the beginning of Malik's route too but oh well, I guess we can't get everything, right? Haha, anyway!

My answers to the survey were quite complete, so I guess I'll focus on the MC and the karma system here. To begin with, the MC is great. I honestly think she's crazy sometimes, buuut that's not a bad thing, I guess XD. Still, I really like how she's such a fighter and rebel. Well, she's a pirate after all! Now, I won't tell you what lots of people would tell - I'm not bored of nice, shy and/or clumsy otome heroines. They can be cute and very interesting - it all depends of the writing, and a cute and gentle girl shouldn't be considered less interesting than a "strong and independent woman". What bores me is when the MC is "only cute and gentle" with nothing going on besides of that, and in the same way I hate MCs that are "only strong and independent" - it's just as uninteresting.  The captain is great because she's a "real living character" that happens to be strong and independent, instead of a living trope of strong and independent women with no soul whatsoever haha! Do I even make sense here? X'D

Anyway, what I really love is that not only she's great, but the karma system really allows you to polish her behavior and ways to approach life in general. I tend to play nice in games that have a morality system, but in this case I'm surprisingly neutral, even though I inch towards the nice side. Basically, it seems I tend to be nice overall, but never let anyone try to get the upper hand on her or anything like that, so she may quickly either ignore the person or fight back, depending on the situation. Not only I think that suits her very well, but it seems to be the perfect approach for Malik's route (he's my favorite character and the route I want to play is his), since he seems pretty happy and excited when she fights with him, but at the same time since I don't play her as a bad person, she still has positive karma even despite of that (I don't really want to be evil either). I'll hope I'll manage to keep the balance or be in the positive in the full game, even while staying on his route - I guess I'll see. 

I must say I can't get over the fight the captain and Malik had in the palace. It was then that I've decided they're both nuts XD. Though honestly, the scene was great, aside of being quite hillarious at moments. The excitement building so fast between the two of them and the way neither of them wanted to let the other one win even for a second was awesome. The captain was thinking about how her heart was racing and about how strong her feelings and will to fight were at that moment, and all these emotions were conveyed all along the scene sooo well thanks to the writing. Even if Malik were not my favorite character by far, after that scene (well, at least if fighting back and not letting him win) I would have been convinced they were the perfect match for each other. But since he's my favorite anyway that makes me... double-convinced, I guess? XD

So yeah, I guess I went on for long enough, especially after already clearing the survey haha! So I think I'll stop now, but in any case, good luck with the game! It's great, and I'm sure it'll become more and more awesome!

Of course I'll show you!

And you actually talked about something I forgot to say. I have the same thing with his music - it's my favorite from the characters' themes. I also really like how it goes well with Lucy's music. While the tracks are very similar, Santana's is wild and quite dissonnant, while Lucy's more noble and harmonious. It's so perfect for them since they make a great pair but are so very different one from another

Hi again!

So, after fighting a lot with my own derps and with the bugs, I've managed to finish chapter 3! (thank you again for helping me by the way)

I'll answer your questions as always, and then make some more spoilery comments at the end. The usual thing XD

Though, since I'll be talking about the new chapter in the questions, I'll go ahead and put a
-------------SPOILER ALERT-------------

1. Did you enjoy it overall? 
Yes, a lot! I got frustrated with the bug, but other than that, I enjoy this game more and more, so nothing new here!

2. What was your favorite part?
I still love the ribbon chase and Basil's questline, and all the part in the manor in chapter 2 was sooo awesome. I believe I've already told that before, but it was so unsettling and weird and creepy and I LOVED it! Now, I also really really love the ball part overall. The one part that killed me was when dancing with Siegfried after dancing with Aldrich. Him being so "you make such a cute couple" and Lilie nearly having a heart attack while denying wildly was so fun and cute at the same time. I love how she doesn't see how obvious it is XD. On a side note, the battle in chapter 3 was AWESOME! I had so much fun with it!

3. There are a lot of comedic moments, but was the drama included in a way that was able to put the comedy aside, or did it just seem an odd jump from comedy?
Still fine with that - as always, I like how you deal with very dramatic moments and very funny ones, and how they alternate, no problems here.

4. Who is your favorite character?
Well, you already know all about my love for Siegfried, but I think at this point I like Santana even more. I don't know why I love him SO much, but well, I love him more and more with each chapter haha. Also, when I was looking at the event list and seeing all the "dance" ones, I was laughing a lot at the "Why Would Anyone Dance With Santana", and then, upon reaching that point, I did laugh even more when I saw that Lilie basically thought that herself XD

5. Who did you start to romance? Did you find it difficult romancing the person you wanted?
Well, you already know it's Aldrich. As for the difficulty, all bugs aside, well, I still think it's not difficult to get on tracks for the romance, but it's actually easier than I thought to miss events or make a bad choice or two and fail with the romance. So I'll say it's easy to start a romance, but harder to keep it?
Now again, I've derped sooo badly with it. While I did the first chapter correctly the last time I've played, this time for some reason I focused so much on the best battle strategy that I forgot about the choices needed for Aldrich's APs, and I didn't realize I was missing things until reaching chapter 3... And the funniest thing is that because of the bug, I wouldn't have been able to get the right events anyway haha. 

On a side note, I think a great addition would be a veeery short description of the events in the Library. Even something as simple as "Aldrich and Lilie eat at the Spice Rack" - it wouldn't reveal anything big, but it would help a little bit people to either locate some of the events or simply know wich ones are relevant to their playthrough. It could be something that unlocks once you finish the chapter even, so there would be no real spoilers at all.

Man, now I want to draw Santana haha!

Anyway, that was really cool! Can't wait for the next chapters! 

Writing "fillers" in long adventures is pretty hard, yeah. It's a lot easier in enclosed spaces scenarios, where while it may be long, the tension rises easily and things may go wrong in many many ways. When it's travelling and other more quiet, relaxed or positive environements, it becomes harder. 

From my experience, it's easier if you have the main idea of the story, then you detail the beginning and do a pretty detailed outline of the ending. Then, you decide about a couple of events or situations you'd like to happen - may they be important for the story, the characters, or simply funny or interesting, even if unrelated with the main story. And you decide about when to put these along the timeline, trying to make regular segments in between. And then it's easier to fill the segments with more random stuff, and sometimes linking two of the events together makes it even easier to come up with the things that happen in between. And after that you can polish the ending part - better not to do it before, since the filler events you come up with may end up being more important than you thought and influence the ending.

Well, at least that how I work when I write stories haha!

Sure, you can email me on kurozora.konoi@gmail.com

Thank you so much!

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Aaah I've been waiting for the new chapter so eagerly and playing for two days right now - since I replay from the very beginning each time, so it's starting to be quite long now haha!

I was planning to make a huge comment with all of my opinions, bug reports and so on, as always, but unfortunately I got utterly stuck in the game. I mean, not stuck per se, but I can't seem to make it to the last romance flag in chapter 2, and I don't want to play chapter 3 without getting the romance right, so in the end I'd really love to ask you for a hint, if that's not too much to ask...

--------------- SPOILER ALERT!!! ---------------

I feel really frustrated about that I must admit since I don't usually get stuck in VNs but oh well, it means the game is really tricky  at some points I guess - or I'm really derping haha (it may be possible since I already derped with the game, but I'll expand on that when I'll be able to write the proper review).

So yeah, if you don't remember my previous comments, I'm trying Aldrich's route. I've managed to get all of his scenes in the first chapter - well, at least the romance / AP ones. But then, I've got a problem with chapter two. All along the first part of the chapter, at the manor, I'm getting the "romantic version" of events, but then I can't seem to get the event called "In the Nick of Time" in the library. I'm utterly confused at what it is and if it's related or not to the romance, but since I was still getting the romantic versions of events after being done with that part of the game anyway, I thought it'll be fine. 

I get the romantic vibes all along until the end of chapter 2 in various events, like the one with the fake date, but then I don't seem to get the "romantic chapter-end event" - I had one in chapter 1, and I assume chapter 2 has one too since you have the "The Yuri Portion of the Program" for Natalia, wich I got in another playthrough. I assume "Love Circus" is for Aldrich, but I can't seem to be able to unlock it, and I'm at loss at what to do. I've tried to advance to chapter 3 anyway, but since Aldrich says he promised he'd dance with Leslie, I guess I failed to achieve the romance requisites of chapter 2.

I also thought the "A Date Gone Well" event may be somehow related since I didn't get it either and it didn't seem to have any relation with the fake date job, but I don't know...

So yeah, I'd really love to get some kind of hints about these events or how to achieve the romance requistes in chapter 2 so the bal part can unfold as I'd like it to in chapter 3.

And also, I know the guide you did could help me, but unfortunately I'm in such a tight life situation and so poor I barely manage to pay for the web, wich I need since it's my only money income, and even less for my food, so paying even 5 bucks for a game guide is something I can't afford now, but this game really makes me feel better, and I don't want to be forced to wait maybe for months to be able to buy the guide or try again and again and start to be really frustrated at the game since I really have no clue about what to do... I'm very sorry if I bother you with that, and if you really don't want to give any hints or solutions, then I'll keep trying, but I'd be really grateful even for some small things. If you don't want to reveal it here, I can also give you an email adress for that or something.

Still, thank you for the great game, even if I'm a bit frustrated right now!

Ooooh I see! Well then, I'm happy I misunderstood haha!

I'm so hyped for the full game aaah!

But in the meantime, thank you for all the wonderful devlogs - I've enjoyed all of them, and they were so helpful in a lot of ways! It's sad to think it's the last one, but oh well, you can't talk about infinite things either XD

Also, the comic is so cute!

Yeah, I think I'll start with Malik's solo routes, and then use the save to alternate more with all of the other characters, and then start again to try routes with the dad and the Lady.

Also, now I'm hyped about that patch! 

And yeah, I think it's really important to make bad endings (whatever they are - not all bad endings are death and guts and blood XD) interesting. Some of my favorite endings in games are actually bad endings, for the sheer great writing or feel of them.

On a side note, I have to say I like Malik a way more than I thought I would! I've started with Burdoc's side for the amends and single-minded endings because he's more my style of character and I really liked him a lot since the moment I saw him, but doing Malik's events made me like him just as much!

Posted in Tomai comments
(Edited 3 times)

Haah! Did 4 endings so far - solo, amends, single-minded and boyfriends, and this is SO AWESOME! It really met all of my expectations! I'll do a little break now, and then try all of the other endings, as I assume they include the dad and the Lady, and I wanted to draw a separation.

Your art is as great as always, and I definitely really enjoy your adult scenes (I'm pretty picky about the writing and illustrations of that kind of stuff). The only thing that bothered me were the evening talks with the dad. I mean, nothing wrong with that per se - it was interesting. But  the fact some of them may repeat in a single playthrough bothers me. I mean, that's not such a big deal, but if I'm to nitpick, it would be that!

And with that being said...

---------------------- SPOILERS AHEAD!!!-----------------------

Your writing is so great I don't even hnnn!!! What I'm going about here is that I'm very - and I mean VERY - picky about polyamorous relationships, even more in games than in series or whatever. It takes a lot for me to like one, and even more to think it's the logical and/or best outcome for the characters. And you succeeded at it soooo well. Since the very beginning I was convinced it was the best way (that's why I tried to avoid it on my first  playthroughs, in order to save the best for last - well, the last for now, since now I'll have to do work-focused playthroughs). I really love the way the relationship progresses between the characters and how it doesn't feel "right" for them if one of them is left out. The boyfriends ending is the cutest thing ever, and it's so nice to see such a harmonious relationship.

Now, I must say  that I really loved the single-minded ending too, though (did it on Burdoc's side). It's really great (and awful XD) to see how things go crashing down from the half point on, if you don't start to take care of the other character. I find Tomai's reactions very interesting, in that he really doesn't see what's wrong, and makes mistake after mistake without even meaning bad. Of  course the ending is awfully heartbreaking and sad, but it doesn't mean it's badly written - it's the opposite! I like the classical otome/BL game formula, but it's nice to see you "stood your ground" with the characters and their relationship. All too often games like that make it "normal" to entirely neglect one or more of your friends to hang out with the one you want to romance only. As I said, I have nothing against that formula as well, it's "only a game", but it's really nice to see a game that actually punishes you for being kind of a jerk haha XD

And one more thing - I love your way of making use of dreams in your stories in order to drop all sort of hints. I love it in Space School, I love it in Tomai, and I'm never bored of it! (speaking of wich, I think I won't be able to resist much longer and soon I'll dive into the current Space School chapter haha)

Aaand I went on for ages, as usual... oh well... XD

OMGOMG thank you for poking me!

Downloading right now!

Aw, don't worry, the most important thing is that you manage to sort out things IRL - I hope everything will turn out okay! We can wait a little bit more!

Thanks - I try my best to stay positive!

And well, I'm glad I was right about most of my assumptions - I guess roleplaying a lot and creating tons of stories DO help you understand other people's characters too!

I think people pick sides (too) easily if they are biased from the beginning, either because they personaly agree too strongly with one of the characters, and can't see they are at fault too, and that the others are also right about other aspects of the problem, or simply because they like one of them a lot more than the others or truly dislike one of them. You tend to have less insight if personal opinions about characters butt in! Yes, Zeggy is my favorite, but Alkaline and Joe are not far behind to me, so I wouldn't simply tend to think "want them to stop hurting him!" and nothing more. 

And also thanks for being okay with my long looong messages! I'm glad you enjoy talking with me, because to be honest I get very analytic and wordy veeery easily, and while some people like that, sometimes I'm affraid I can end up annoying someone too

Oooh, I see now!

Don't worry, you made it pretty clear that the game is more about friendship than romance, and I totally understand and appreciate the idea! I would have played it even without romance at all, especially since I really love friendship stories too (as well as sibling love)!

I wasn't actually worried there wouldn't be enough romance per se, but since you DID put a romance element, you're right, I was worried it would be a bit "rushed" somehow if you didn't put ANY romantic hints before the endings (and I assumed you didn't since you told the game was about friendship and the romance endings were bonus). I didn't think the actual Set 2 endings would be so long! With that, I'm obviously not worried anymore!

Thank you for answering all of my questions ^^

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I'll need some time  to digest the feels of Space School before reading a new comic haha! But I'll get to it for sure!

For now, I'm hesitating if I should read Space School chapter 8 right of the bat or not. Part of me wants to dive into it, but part of me doesn't want to wait for the updates once I catch up to the last page, so it may be better to wait for the chapter to be done... Well, who am I kidding... of course I won't be able  to wait so long haha! I'll probably catch up in the next days or so, so I may start commenting on the website instead, we'll see.

Though I must say, now that I've calmed down a bit, that the character developement is amazing in Space School. They all acted in a quite immature way for a while - all of them in a different way, but it's nice to see them evolving slowly. Even if they made me cry, I loved the chapters 5 to 7 with all the relationships crumbling down and then rising up again. Even though I obviously don't know everything about the characters yet, I could painfully see the point of each side of the conflict. When no one is right but no one is wrong either, it's when the issue is the most painful. And well, the boys are still so young too - it's hard dealing with that kind of stuff even as an adult so at their age... ugh!

An interesting side note is that I'm asexual myself, and oh dear how did I agree with Joe about Zeggy making people unconfortable with his behavior - he was making ME unconfortable, and I understand why Joe ended up kinda exploding on him. It's even worse because Joe seems to have a LOT of empathy - he would have given up on hanging out around Zeggy otherwise I believe. That caring grumpy birb!  But at the same time, even though Zeggy actually made me unconfortable more than once, I still think he's actually my favorite character. His internal struggles struck my heart so hard! And besides, his fragility is so painfully obvious that you can't stay mad at him. Despite all of his social awkwardness and inappropriate behavior, he's sweet and it's hard not to want to protect him. I can also feel a lot of Alkaline's pain there - it's SO HARD to tell someone that you don't like something about them, especially if you care about and don't want to hurt them. He may not have been able to talk about it before the incident at the end of chapter 6, but I still think he was very brave to finally do so at the hospital later. He's such a cutie, seriously!

And well, not to mention I'm hyped about the whole plot. So yeah, overall it's really easy to get sucked into that comic haha!

And no need to thank me! Not only I'm being totally honest, but I guess we can call it even because I'm having a pretty bad time with a lot of things in my life right now, and your comic really helped me morale improve a lot haha!

Anyway, so yeah, I guess that's FINALLY all I had to say right now! I guess the next time I'll be commenting it'll be on the latest update of chapter 8 (or if I submit some fanart on DA)

I really like the fact that you'll have to spend time with the three characters. It's a mechanic that could be frustrating or annoying in some games, but in this case it's perfectly logical in the story!

I think each time I'll get a choice like that, I'll try the three options and choose my favorite event from the tree, and try alternating haha!

But because of that, I'm wondering about the romance part. I understand the Set 2 endings thing (and it's a cool idea, BTW!), but if you can't favor one guy over the others, does that mean nothing remotely romantic or hinting at romance happens before reaching Set 2, or some of your choices when spending time with someone would lead to a more romantic relationship, and you'd have to get enough of that romance "points" to unlock the Set 2 ending of that character?

Ah, I'm asking so much - if you think it's too spoilery, feel free to tell me so and not answer that!

Yeah, Reksa needs some love too. 

I love him a lot myself - it's so easy to forget because of my unending affection for Rama haha! I honestly don't know anymore how many times I did his route. Actually, I'd like to do another fanart with Rama - an idea I want to illustrate since  the first time I've played, but it's very complicated and I need to actually find time to do it!

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Aaand replayed it!

Don't have any real updates on the questions so I won't answer them again, but it was definitely nice to have some more story to play - with this, I should be able to wait until the full version releases! It was really interesting to see the beginning of the actual travel, not only the characters hanging out in the First Sea. It showed a bit more of the mechanics and hierarchy of the group, and I'm eager to see how it'll evolve.

It makes me realize I didn't ask about the endings before. You say it should be easy to get the best ending, so I take each character has at least a "good" and a "best" ending or something. But did you also put some bad endings in, even if you'd have to do it on purpose to get them? It would be fitting since well... their quest IS dangerous because of the Pena AND because of the boys fighting and all that stuff - it seems it can easily become pretty nasty between Riu and Kameckt, and I can easily see it getting worse. But at the same time, not all creators want or can make bad endings for their games, for one reason or another, so it's always good to know, I guess?

On a side note I MUST say it again - I love Riu sooo much I can't even get over it. I liked him since the very moment I saw him and I kept liking him more and more along the first demo, and now I just like him even more. I can't help but think he's extremely cute - it may sound weird, but in my opinion he's the cutest of the three boys - and I'm not talking about looks. Though he's also the one I like the most physically speaking - he's such a beautiful creature. First seeing him was so breathtaking! And those eyes!

Speaking of that, I believe I didn't say it when I first commented on the game, but I really like how inhuman the boys actually look like. They're clearly not your typical "regularly handsome" sea-folk (Kameckt would get a pass in that category I guess, but oh well) - and I love that fact. I don't have anything against pretty mer-people with pretty human faces and pretty fish tails and  all that stuff, but I'd rather have creatures like Riu and Vane anytime - their kind of beauty is different, and oh so fitting for a sea setting.

Am I a bad woman for being a little bit happy than Rama won, even if Mitra's victory would have meant your victory?... haha seems love can make us think bad things...... What? I really love Rama  waaay too much and you know it XD

Buuut... I digress - congrats on your second place!

No worries about MMiaN - I love it, but it isn't the kind of story that I imagine going forever. I was mostly curious if you were planning more or not!

Weeell... about what you said... you know, about hoping I'd find something I'd like in your other works... I've read all of the chapters of Space School that are on itch.io (didn't start chapter 8 on the website yet) in one sitting right after commenting here.... I did it twice....... And I must say it's the first time I've cried (and half forgotten to breathe haha) while reading a comic since... uh... forever? I didn't know it would be the case, but I like it even more than MMiaN. And more than most of non visual novel things I've read these past years, to be honest. So... I'm even more amazed by your work now haha. I think I'll have to do some fanart when I'll have the time!

I won't be able to tell everything I love about this story and the characters because it was a lot of chapters and I must admit the feels are still too fresh and I'm way too excited about it as of now. Honestly, your comics really made my day! But with Space School it was even more "special" - it's that kind of feeling when you read/watch/play something, and after that, you sit back and think it changed something in you. Sooo... I guess I have to thank you for that haha!

Oh! Of course it's worth a replay! I'm so happy to hear that, thank you!

I know it was submitted a long time ago, but I've just discovered your comics while waiting for Tomai's full release (I've commented on that recently too). I've read the three chapters and anthology right now, and it was the cutest thing ever oh dear I don't even... fff so sweet!

I really love the characters here - they sort of strike a sensible chord in my - I'm a sucker for that kind of stories with some sort of ex-slave or whatever and his or her savior AND for master and servant things too, so it's a two in one. And well, they're simply lovely anyway, all backstories aside!

And well, as always I'm amazed by your artstyle too. I can't even get over the fact I like it so much since it SHOULDN'T be my style, actually. I usually like the very slender, delicate, maybe even angular and effeminate style, so the polar opposite of yours, basically haha - but I dunno, something in it is so so pleasing and harmonious and soft and hnn! I'm grateful to no end to AWOO, since I've discovered you thanks to that game! (which I am still awaiting excitedly too, of course!)

Are you planning to do more chapters for MMiaN? In any case, I'll be reading Space School next, I think!

And sorry for not being able to donate anything at the moment! As said in my comment on Tomai, I'm so utterly broke I can't really afford purchasing anything righ now. But when I manage to get out of that situation, I'll be sure to donate something, because your work is really worth it!