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Aah, I'm so hyped! I'm getting so excited about it since you're nearing completion by now, at least writing-wise.

Good luck with the angst!

Yesss Kahlil looks perfect like that!

PS: but seriously, he's so pretty XD

Heh, that was the fanservice post haha!

Guntur looks gorgeous! I definitely approve of the changes!

As for Kahlil, I think you don't have to define the muscles as much as in the second version. But if you want him to still look a bit more lean, I'd suggest you to go for the base of the first version, but do the belly and hips region more like on the second one, maybe in that same zone, start outlining the abs but only the overall outline of all the abs, not each individual muscle. From where I stand, his belly looks okay in the second pic, but the more you go near the pecs, the more it's too much muscle? That's why I suggested that. Does it make sense? I'm not even sure XD

Now that was a very complete survey haha! Anyway, completed it - hope it helps!

Hey good new - I finally got back my main computer, and the new built works fine on this one, so I'll be able to enjoy the changes you made in the update, FINALLY!

That also means I shouldn't have any more issues in the future since this is the computer I normally use to play most games.

Though I DO have a bug, but I think it isn't on my side. F4 closes the game and F5 restarts it, so I can't manage to switch to windowed - but that's not really a problem. I'll tell you if I find any other bugs in this version later, since now I can play it.

Aw, period cramps are awful - I always feel as if I was dying, so I can understand your pain - hope you'll feel better soon!

Great chapter but my god that evil ending!

Now I'll be dying while waiting for the next one!

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I think it's better if the attack cards appear only during the super special techniques. Makes them even more special!

More of a Tales of effect than a Persona one I guess, but I like it more that way.

Thanks for your answers! (and so fast haha!)

Yeah, I'll join the Discord, but I'll do it tomorrow - it's late here, and I have work tomorrow morning, sadly. No point in joining now and staying up late to check the channels - I know I won't be able to help it so yeah, waiting till tomorrow is for the best!

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Okay so first of... This game is gorgeous! Both the art and the music are AMAZING!  Man I wish the demo was longer! 

I was surprised by the amount of CGs, honestly. I didn't think it'll have so many. But the thing I'm the most amazed with is the opening. Once finished, it'll be the prettiest thing ever. I just can't wait!

Anyway, enough with the excited talk! I hope the kickstarter succeeds - it seems to be going smoothly so far so that's something!

As for more in depth opinions, well... first off, let's put a warning for people who are not the devs...

--------------SPOILERS AHEAD--------------

So, with that being said and done...

Let's start with the overall story. It's interesting, obviously - I wouldn't be so excited otherwise. I'm not very fond of the "hero being exiled from his homeland because of a misunderstanding or something along these lines" trope, but the rest of the story so far makes up for that, so I don't mind that much. The whole weird dreams and marking appearing on arms thing  along with the forest setting remind me a bit of Lamento, but considering Lamento is one of my favorite games ever, it's a compliment! 

I'm curious about the bloodlines - it seems to be a major plot-point, maybe even the main one, but obviously it's too early to know anything more about it. 

Unsurprisingly, Leos is my favorite character - he's just exactly my type so yeah, nothing I could do about it. I just wish there were more of him, but again, I'm sure I'll see him at some point before the final release, in the next builts, so I'll be waiting patiently.

What was unexpected on the other hand was for me to like Fawn as much as I did, and not only because he's the only love interest Raen really spends time with in the demo. I usually don't like characters like him, at least as love interest, but he's just too sweet, so yeah. Still, Leos remains and will remain my favorite.

Not much to say about Cyne right now for obvious reasons, but I can't say I like the Speaker. Not necessarily because of what he did during the demo, but simply because I don't like his aura or something. He makes me uneasy. 

As for Raen, he's a sweet main character, and I think it's lovely that his name sounds a lot like "Rain" - I didn't really read it that way before hearing the voice acting, but I like it. Also, I don't really know if it's because of the art style or if it was on purpose, but he seems to be a bit cross-eyed and for some reason I think it suits him a lot and makes him look even lovelier. Though... is it actually on purpose? I don't mean to insult if it wasn't the case, maybe it's just me who sees it that way - but well, I think he looks pretty that way in any case!

I'd like to ask a couple of questions too!

- I see you put a rough estimation of the release date you're aiming for, but I'd love to know if you have any estimates for the next built releases, either public or beta (both are fine to me since I've pledged as a betatester)

- It seems the game will be very long. Do you know how many hours more or less? I'm just curious about what to expect!

- Thank gods the game will be mostly about the story and character evolution and stuff, and not focused on the mature content - it would be a shame! But I can't help but notice you said "while there is a multitude of NSFW sex scenes" - does that mean there is more than one or two scenes per route? In most story focused R-18 games of that style there is only one or two adult scenes per route so, again, I'm curious!

- Are you planning to add the opening (and ending/s if you plan on having an animated one) to the image gallery, or make a gallery for movies? It would be great to be able to re-watch that little gem anytime!

And I think that'll be all!

Good luck with the project - you're doing great so far!

Guys, you did it!


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Go ahead! It's for you, so as long as you don't sell it, you can put it in the game or any website you want! 

Hah, sadly it doesn't work at all on the other computer I have on hand - can't even start it, but oh well, it's an old japanese vista one, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I guess I'll wait and retry on friday or something - I should get my work computer back by then, and maybe that one will run it correctly. I'll just play something else in the meantime.

Yeah, I've tried switching to full screen, but it stays the same. I'll try on another computer maybe - it seems the game works for someone else so yeah. But it's weird considering the previous built was perfectly fine

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Wow I've tried playing tonight but it's still glitching out as hell for me. Busts are spazzing on screen and still squished, CGs are so zoomed in I see only a small part, and the first map is on the far right - so far I can't even see the entire room. 

EDIT: here, I did some screencaps of the beginning. Can't catch the spazzing cause it's too fast -

I'm not catholic, but I do respect all religions and I always loved all temples, churches and cathedrals. And this one is one of the most beautiful I've seen. And I mean, my workplace isn't even far from there - it will be so depressing tomorrow...

Ah, thanks for telling me! 

Though I don't know if I'll be playing tonight with the stuff that's happening in Paris today. I live slighly outside of town so I don't see it from my windows but well, I'm following it live on TV. 

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Wow, even if there is not any story progression, you still added a TON of stuff. I guess it's enough for me to replay heh.

EDIT: eh, for some reason it seems I'm unable to start the game with the update. Looks like it's searching for the autosave directory and can't find it so it won't start. It says:


Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'H:\Games\Demos\Rising Saga Origins\www\save\file4.rpgsave' "

That is my directory, sure, but yeah, the previous version had whole folders full of stuff, and this one has only the exe file. I think that's the issue. If I copy paste the right folders it launches correctly though. 

But there's another issue too - the busts appear squished down (like, shorter and pudgier) - like there was a problem with the compression of images or something - looks like old format games stretched to our modern panoramic screens. Portraits in the textbox look fine though.

Hope that helps - I think I'll wait for the image bug to be fixed - that kind of stuff bothers me a lot XD

No problem! I'll take a look at the update once you post it, though I won't actually play it since it isn't anything major.

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Haah, I've finally played it, and it was sooo cool!

I'm not usually into bara - honestly if you were not devs I trust completely, I maybe wouldn't have bothered with the game, and it would have been a shame!

Just to be sure I had the best ending - I won against Fabius on day 2 and solved the mystery on day 3 with him helping Aelius. Does that seem right?

Anyway, it was an amazing experience, and I really hope you guys manage to make that extra scene you've talked about as an answer to one of the previous comments - I'd love to have more content with these guys. If that extra scene comes to be, will it be some sort of epilogue that would happen after the story? That would be so great!

By the way, on the last day, is it possible to get the best ending if you don't have the ring with you? Assuming you can avoid getting it on the first day or get rid of it by giving it to the artisan, of course. 

Well, now the wait for My Burning Heart resumes haha!

Soo, I've played it!

It was really sweet. I'm not usually into fully realistic VNs, but the characters and story were really compelling. I also like the CG art a lot. 

I didn't get any bad ending along the way, so I guess I made the good choices overall!

Oh thanks! Looks interesting!

Aw, it has been rough for you guys I see. Don't worry, it's nice to have some news even if late, and to know you didn't drop the project! And well, when I'm getting too impatient, I replay the old version of the game and after that I'm fine haha!

You mentionned you have a personal commercial otome? What is it? Does it have a demo up? If yes, I'm wondering if I actually know it already!

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Hey there again!

So, I finally got to play the demo, and I must say I adore it!

So far, I've tried only the choices that favored Kadan - well with the exception of also trying to flee the city when I had the opportunity by the end, because that seemed quite hillarious to do at that moment - too bad the demo ends before you can see any consequences if you choose that. It's nice to see the other options lead to some more content. 

I'm not sure if I'll try the other characters before the full release - usually when I play a romance game chapter by chapter, I stick with only one character till the end, and then I switch to another route once the game is done and I did all the endings I wanted to do. 

So far I like the characters overall. I think the two I like the least are Aiden and Roxas. Aiden can be a bit irritating sometimes and Roxas... let's say I need more time to get to know him. So yeah, I still like them both, just not as much as the other members of the party. I can't say Kadan is necessarily my favorite of the three by the way - I choose him more or less at random between the three I liked the most since I don't have a favorite so far. Now, I must say I like him a lot - which is weird considering he shouldn't be exactly my type. Usually guys like him are my least favorite in games. But for some reason, I really like him - go figure. 

Now, I've seen the game will get a ton of endings - I'm curious how many are you planning per character, if you have an idea (cause well, some games feature a lot of neutral endings or game overs that count as endings, and I don't know if it's the case here)? Also, if you don't mind revealing that of course, are you planning more than one good ending per character?

I have two very small complaints too. The first one is about the intro - it was getting very awkward with no one telling Rue what the deal was about the engagement, and even more than that, about who's the man she's getting married to. But please keep in mind I don't think the intro was too long or anything - if anything, I wouldn't mind a longer intro - I like the build up. I'm only talking about the part of telling the poor girl who is the guy she'll be forced to marry, for goodness sake!  

The other one is actually about Kadan's events specifically. Well, at least I think it's specific to his route. It's about Lorelei's vaccine. I really feel like taking it should be an option, not something Rue does whether you like it or not. I don't mind if she's forced to take it in order for the player to get the good ending at the end, or even in order to progress the story past a certain point, sure. But while her purchasing it is fine, having her take it automatically right at the start felt a little weird. But that may be only me, and honestly since it's a plot device I'll accept it - I understand it may be crucial for any alternative on this route. But if it isn't absolutely necessary, may I suggest for you to consider adding the choice? Of course, if you were to add that choice, I guess you'd have to add one or two prompts later on to take it if you didn't.

On a side note, in relation to what I was asking before starting - now that I've played, I REALLY think it would be great to have a route for the king! Of course it would be shorter and with less choices and endings, but yeah, I really think it would be nice if it was possible to just reach the capital and meet him and for Rue to end up falling for him despite her initial disgust. Yep, I definitely have a soft spot for that kind of scenarios. I don't really know what do you have in store for the full adventure, but so far, it seems the easier way to implement that would be to just sit at the inns or camp or whatever at every occasion, and basically get the most uneventful journey ever haha! I guess it may work if you make it an unlockable route so people can only get the choices related to that if they did all the other routes? I mean, it would be boring if you did that on your first playthrough- but the last, why not. I usually despise routes that unlock only after doing everything else, but in this case it could work well I guess?

Also, I've seen you did an Indiegogo campaign that didn't work out. I think most VN players are more used to Kickstarter, to be honest. I support some games but I don't even have an Indiegogo acount nor do I download games there, so yeah... If it's something you can do, I'd suggest you start a Kickstarter campaign (with a smaller goal maybe) with your next update, and advertise it in the news post. Also on top of the game page.

Anyway, that being said, I really enjoyed the demo and I can't wait for new content! Good job and good luck!

Yess, it is here!

Congrats and thank you!

Of course I don't mind!

I may do more later if I feel inspired

Haha, thank you for your kind words! 

Aah, can't wait for the update, so excited!

Also, well, don't worry about not being able to pay, really. Not only do I love the project so it would be fun - especially since I've had a loong artblock for months and anything that inspires me is good to take - but also well, since I'm in the making of my own games but it will be the first time and stuff, having my name appear in another game before that would be a nice publicity and a matter of payment too. It's not the same as if I was offering a personnal commission for free - if that makes you feel better.

And I'm happy you like the drawing! It's very simple because my working computer is broken right now and I won't get it back before a week or two. So this is sketched and lined on paper and has a pretty basic coloring using my mouse on another computer. But I can vary my shading style pretty much so yeah.

Hey again!

I was sketching earlier this evening and well, here you go -

Well, it still HAS some ending variations / choices, so that's fine!

I get very bored with true kinetic novels, so I'd rather ask beforehand. Thanks!

Is this a kinetic visual novel, or does it have multiple endings?

Oh my, I'm getting overwhelmed by cuteness

Haha, I guess I could play Jupiter's route now. But I'm pretty sure if I play Pluto I won't be able to play any other route after him - he's waaay too much my type of character. Not to mention I always had a fascination with Pluto - I even have a personification of it too among my OCs, so yeah haha. That's why I must be careful with the route order I do.

Oh my god.

This game seems to be perfect! But I'm sooo conflicted! I'd like to play now, but the first batch acually contains mainly characters I'd like to do the routes at the end. So I guess I'll be waiting, and it's haaard!

Or maybe I should try Jupiter... hnn, tough decisions!

Yeah, I can understand - it's important to make something you'll be proud of!

I may play till the message pops up then! Thanks!

The game seems interesting and promising, but I'm unsure if I should play now or once the overhaul is done, as you're saying the whole ending will change. Do you know when will you release the final version?

Thank you so much! This is a lifesaver! I'll be able to enjoy and understand the story and universe so much more haha

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Very interesting game and characters with an original art style! Not to mention, you take inspiration in myths not necessarily that often used in visual novels. Playing this was enjoyable and I'll be waiting for the next act!

Now, I do have some complaints (that may or may not actually be questions). During the whole thing, I was under the impression I've missed some important lessons and that I was basically lacking the knowledge to play the game properly. Let me explain: we have some vague background stories for the MC that depend on the chosen species, but no info whatsoever on the species themselves. I don't even really know how these species look aside from what I can see during gameplay while looking at other characters. And not only that, but well, there is close to no information about the world either. I know some creators approach their stories by revealing info very slowly and letting the public piece things together, but it really  feels like it goes beyond that at this point. If I understood correctly from reading the comments and one of your posts, it seems you had an unfinished game made earlier called Gehennam and that was absorbed into 1001 Days. If that's the case, I suspect it was that game that was an introduction to the world and species. But I didn't have the occasion to play it and well... I'm utterly confused by 1001 Days' lore and I feel like I'm missing on SO MUCH. Like, I don't even know what my playable character really is and I'm unable to make a mental image for them, let alone design them.  Even if it's in the form of a storybook lore dump upon starting, the game would really benefit from some context. Or, if the info is accessible somewhere, like on a personal blog or something, linking to the lore and species related posts would suffice - at least to me. 

That being said, if you DO have some website or whatever that would explain me more, I'd happily take the link and have my issues resolved haha! 

Aw yeah, I'm excited for Blood and Lust! I've been waiting for the full version before even playing at all, so I'm happy I'll be able to test it out soon! 

And oh my, the sneak peak is just exquisite! I'm not one of the people who absolutely wanted Harun to have a good ending, but this pic alone makes me glad he will! Now, with how Harun is and how Adnan is too, I'm not positively sure it is from the good or bad ending yet. My first thought would be good because Adnan doesn't seem tense or furious enough for it to be the bad one, and I'm pretty sure Harun can get pretty extreme in both cases, but oh well, you wouldn't make be bet anything on it haha!

In all seriousness though, My Burning Heart is the one in-developement game I'm the most hyped about right now. I'm so so excited to play it. I've invested for the betatesting tier in your kickstarter. SO. WORTH. IT. 

Yeah, I understand. Me offering means I won't make you pay, just in case you're wondering. I'm working on my own games that are in a veeery early stage, so even the publicity would be payment enough.

Also, I've finished the demo! Spotted a couple of bugs by the end so I'll just put it here.

- In the main lobby of Turtula's home, you can walk through the fountain, if you approach by certain angles.

- When talking to Lady Ira and upon reaching the choice, she says at some point in her dialogue box "Su exciting tale." - I suspect it was meant to be "Such an exciting tale." but got cropped, somehow?

- When investigating the murder room, you can "climb up" the curtains and walk on the walls and out of boundaries from there. I've noticed because the dog did so first - it was quite funny

- Aside from that, I've just realized, but neither the in-game menu nor the main menu have a close/quit game button. You can return to the main menu from the in-game menu, but that's it. And if playing in full screen (haven't even checked if you can change that), you can't even click the "close window" button. Best way seems to be alt+tab and then right clicking the game in the task bar and selecting "close the window", but yeah, not the most intuitive thing.

Okay, now I think that would REALLY be all! Well, I'll be waiting for the next update excitedly!

Thank you very much for all of your answers!

The thing you said about the endings that are not good or bad per se but depend on what people think makes me excited, as I'm a person who can think the "bad" endings of some games are the most beautiful things ever, and the "best" ones are awful and upsetting haha! Well, I don't always think like that, but it happened enough times already. So I'm glad it may go in that direction here too. Unexpected endings are nice.

And yeah, the fact the game is very LGBT+ but at the same time doesn't revolve about that is something I've actually noticed and appreciate. It looses it meaning if it becomes the focus for the sole purpose of showcasing it or boasting about it. You made a good job so far!

On a side note, if you're in need of some art assets at some points - like new portraits or busts for characters with a very specific look you'd have in mind or monsters or anything really, you can ask me. I can't do stuff like sprites or tilesets, but as far as regular drawing goes, I can do a lot of different stuff. Of course I don't want to impose, but I'm an artist too and I'd be glad to help if needed!

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Hey again!

I've been finally able to play the demo! Well, I haven't finished yet, but I just started on the investigation mission, and it feels like a "last quest of the arc" type of thing, so I'll share my thoughts right now even if I still have things left to do.

Well, first of all, really, the game is simply amazing. I felt attached to the characters very fast, and the story is compelling, at least to me - it's exactly the type of fantasy I like, with the added freedom you have by being an indie dev. 

I must admit I enjoy the music a lot - I'm a sucker for in-game songs (as in, songs with actual lyrics). 

I'd like to go a bit more in depth about the characters and stuff, but before that I'll point out a couple of things that may be considered mistakes or simply that I would add. 

- There's a faint square around Erika's portrait - like a border remaining from the original file or something like that.

- The game would benefit from an auto toggle for battles. It's fine at the beginning, but for people who grind a lot like me, it's nice to be able to just let the characters attack alone once you're in late game.  Also, I'd really add a text log - sometimes I get a bit finger-heavy on the mouse, and since the game is set to start skipping if I let my finger down, I may miss some text. A log would allow to go back and read it.

- As usual, a gallery wouldn't be bad either - it's nice to be able to look at the CGs anytime. Maybe even listen to the music.

Well, now for more in depth things!

If someone else than the dev reads it, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!

I like how you have such a huge array of choices all the time. It's nice to be able to really shape the main character as you wish. The karma system is nice too. Considering the MCs demonic predicament, I can imagine how badly it may end if you have bad karma later on. I'm curious as on why the demon was divided into two parts though. Many mysteries ahead!

So far, I like most of the characters. The only one I'm not so fond of is Myrana - she's really not my type, but I can tolerate her so that's okay. Icarus is very nice too, but fortunately I don't feel frustrated for not being able to romance him with a male MC - somehow, I'd rather have friendship than romance in his case. On the other hand, part of me is sad Kuro isn't an option - I adore him! Buuut... hands down, my favorite character so far has to be Tyran. My god I love him so much! He's exactly my type - personality and looks both! And now I understand why you told me he's hard to categorize haha! Well, that's fine, he's awesome as he is. I'll be definitely going for him, as far as romance goes. I actually like Killian a lot too, but he simply can't compare. And well, I like to romance only one character per playthrough, even if the game allows me to pursue various characters, so yeah - Tyran it is. 

This makes me slighly curious about how the bathhouse scene unfolds if you play as a girl, but that too, was fine the way it was. Man I love this game and this character haha! 

With that being said, I have a couple of questions too!

- How many acts total will the game have?

- And how many endings too? Are they per character, or are the character specific endings more like added to a global ending depending on how you played? Or is it something else entirely? Also, aside from bad ending/s at the end, are you planning some sudden game-overs caused by bad choices? Sorry, I'm always very curious about ending technicalities!

- Is it possible to get a good ending for the main story of the game but fail the romance I was trying to achieve?

- Will the saves I make still work in future updates? I don't mind replaying every single time, but depending on the answer I will grind more or less!

- Are the character portraits in the text box original art, or edited RPG Maker assets? The style seems like it would be the later, but I don't really recognize the specific pictures.

- And last one... Well, it's about Tyran again, and it's the most spoilery question I suppose, but so far the game didn't make it really clear and well, I guess I'd like to have a confirmation one way or another. I've been referring to him as a "he" and well, the game does so too. As far as I'm concerned, he's simply a trans boy, so that's it. But it may actually be the other way around - a "crossdressing" girl. By instinct, I'm inclined to pick the former option, but I'm not sure either, so yeah... basically how does he feel about himself in that aspect... Is it something you can tell me?

Well, I think that'll be it. Sorry for such a long post and for the amount of questions and stuff. If you'd rather not answer some of the things I asked, I'll understand, so don't worry about telling me... well, that you can't tell me!

I'll finish playing after some sleep and work!