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OH. MY. GOD. This looks SO COOL and promising! I just can't wait for it to be finished now- I'm already in love. Can't really say much more to be honest haha

Both the sketch WIP and the story are very sweet, but that left me wondering. You say the story is a spoiler for some scenes, but well, I don't know the scenes by numbers haha. Is this a canon thing if you don't make things right for Basil and Carlota? Never went that way even though I've played at least 5 times, so I wouldn't know haha

Well, that was my second choice, so not bad haha!

Still, aaah... we need some Santana art haha

Well, what can I say, I really adore them haha!

Though, I'm sorry Lucy, but I like Santana more XD

6 - Santana and Lucy (as probably expected from me XD)

Yeah, I can understand. At least I'm sure the game will be awesome!

And going to check it! Don't worry about you taking your time - I was just worried it didn't reach you because of the problems you had

It's hard not to feel invested since the characters are so fantastic haha! And There's something really compelling to be about not knowing everything about the character I'm controlling, too.

And thanks! I guess my years of playing visual novels of all sorts helped me haha

You're welcome! Glad I could help!

Hmm well... I couldn't really do a walkthrough but...

------SPOILERS AHEAD------

I've tried to always choose optimistic and respectful choices. Admitting faults if needed or backing down if Brandon's opinion seemed right, but I've tried not to hesitate either when the MCs opinion seemed to be the more reasonable one. I believe that when talking about music and so on, I've always picked the options that would imply the MC knows about the bands and events Brandon was talking about, even if I wasn't, and I've never asked directly about how was school, only if he feels good / better, how was his day and so on. Also, I've always acted in favor of meeting IRL at any possible point, and reassured Brandon that it's normal for people to be different online and in real life, but that the MC would never think of him a weird or anything in real life. In cases where the MC was telling him it's impossible to meet because various family reasons, always told him he'd rather meet him, or stay online longer or whatever. After the argument, I've decided to apologize every time it was possible and say the MC deserved Brandon's anger, and to be honest about having a reason for ditching him and telling it was because he got nervous to meet him.  I dunno if that's important, but when saying hi and goodbye, I've always chosen the polite and friendly options, but without being too familiar, like calling him bro and so on.

Hope it helps!

Aw, that's very sad news, but understandable considering the circumstances. Still, I'm sorry to hear that.

By the way, considering the issues, I'll ask it here, but have you recieved the e-mail I've sent you a while ago? With all the issues you're facing, you may have not. Just in case - I'm the person who, a while ago, offered to maybe try out for the colorist position you needed for AOGSR. Becaue of a ton of problem in real life I kinda went silent after asking you a few questions, but I'm definitely free to try out - it could at least make it a bit easier to you.

Such a sweet little game! Short and simple, but I've enjoyed it a lot, and the truth behind the events was interesting - it was nice to see a game like that with something more than romance.

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Just finished a playthrough of the game... and oh dear... I'm literally crying. It's not even something close to home to me, but man I got so invested in the characters! Not only the game is gorgeous music, art and GUI wise, but the story was so beautiful!

I must say I've REALLY enjoyed the twist by the end. I was wondering what was off with my character because of some of his reactions that were not up to me, but I honestly didn't expect that, it was great. 

I got the "so let's go where we're happy" ending, and I love it so much! Am I right to assume it's the best ending out of the 4?

Anyway, I'm really in love with the game! Thank you for creating such a gem!

I'll re-download later then!

Well, I liked Atreus' route too, don't get me wrong - I actually tend to like monster transformations more, to be honest haha. But I don't know, in this particular case, I liked the other one too. The both corrupted one is the one I liked the least I think

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You did it! Congratulations!

Gonna play it tonight!

EDIT: just finished playing, and did the three endings! It was a cool game - perverted and sad in a way, but interesting. I like the fact that in the end, you're playing as the antagonist not the heroes.

It had some small errors, probably due to the short deadline, but only one really bothered me - if you go for the "both corrupted" route, if you choose Ollin for the third scene, the game will assume he was corrupted with the minotaur, and state he's still a virgin (same thing happens in the final scene). In my playthrough of this route it was slighly awkward since I actually did corrupt him against the orcs. And the villain even says so during the dialogues before the last scene. But well, other than that it was nicely done. My favorite "route" was the full-corrupt Ollin one. It felt like the more "natural" one to me, and besides I like his new design at the end of that route a lot!

Anyway, congrats again, and good luck with finishing FotS now!

Oh yeah, makes sense about the sleeping bit - but since I didn't knew if they did or not haha XD

Should have thought about that - I forgot it was a nanoreno projecct - silly me!

Oh, that feature sounds nice - I'd definitely love it! I'm a sucker for lore, especially if the universe is interesting and have a rich history

Wow you're fast haha!

Still looking awesome! I really like the antagonist's design!

I have two questions, actually!

1 - Is this game set in the same universe as FotS?

2 - Will it be free? I need to know if I must save some money haha!

Thank you! And thanks for answering about the species thing! It's so sad the shika and cubi are extinct now, man. Oh and by the way, when I say same setting, I mostly mean the same universe - not necessarily the same period. Not that this is really important since you answered anyway haha

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Took more time than I thought since I was busy, but I’m done with the demo! Well, I did try only one background, but I usually stick with one choice forever in things like that, so yeah, that’s fine. Well, I’ll answer your questions now!

1. What did you think overall?

I really loved the game a lot. I’m brimming with happiness that it has the same setting as Arena Circus – I like playing more than one game in the same setting so I can discover more aspects of the world. Very excited about the newly introduced species too, and happy that I can choose which one to play.

2. Which character are you most excited about romancing?

This is a surprise even for me but… all of them? It doesn’t happen often, but I love the three of them a lot. Rafael is my type – I like awkward characters like him a lot. Braums is very cute and I’m overall curious about him. And Paris… well, this is the biggest mystery as I usually hate childhood friend romances (except if the friendship has gone awry and it’s also about reconstructing it, which isn’t the case here) and I usually hate that kind of flirty characters… and yet, I still like him a lot, and I love how he and Ash interact. Maybe it’s the fact Ash is so unaffected by his shameless flirting XD

3. Did you find any bugs/typos?

I’ve spotted one thing that strikes me as awkward – on the species selection screen, if you pick a cubi, the backstory says “Ash was abandoned in Belldale when they were an orphan (…)” – didn’t you want to say that they are an orphan, abandoned it Belldale when they were a child or something like that? Maybe it’s just me…

4. What would you like to see most in the full game?

Hard to tell, honestly. I don’t really know what to expect from the game – it’s pretty mysterious as of now – I have a hard time predicting how the adventure would flow. I guess I may like to see bad ending styled game overs. I mean, the main characters are doing something obviously dangerous with no prior experience because they don’t know better. Things can go in a bad direction very quickly, and I like to see the consequences of bad choices in games. Seeing some heartbreaking bad endings or game overs makes the good endings even better – it’s like, you see the good outcome after seeing how bad things may have unfolded. It makes them taste even better.

5. Other comments or suggestions?

As I said before, I really like the fact you’re able to choose the gender and species of the main character, and how it affects the story. Of course, since I’ve played with only one main character, I don’t know the exact differences, but I’ve seen lot of dialogue exclusive to the species I’ve chosen – the shika. I must add I love the shika – they’re beautiful and so interesting – I’m genuinely interested in knowing more about the species as a whole, and playing Ash as a shika is a good way I think.

As for not so good things, I’m somewhat confused by the choice system, to be honest. I hated the bakery choice for example – I was outright confused as of wtf are these choices I don’t understand it haha. I mean, unless you’ve seen this specific food presented in this specific way, you won’t know what is it. It would work if Ash was clueless about it too, and if you choose blindly only by the looks of it, but they seemed to know what said food was. I had to pick every one of them, see what Ash says about what it is, and then go back to my choice and so on, and only after that pick my actual answer. Not having at least the name of the product was a bit of a hassle, honestly. The “regular” choice icons confuse me too, but somehow I managed.

A question now! Since the game seems to have the same setting as Arena Circus, I’m curious… where are the humans? It may be a coincidence, but I didn’t see any human in the descriptions all along – all the characters I’ve met were described as cubi, shika or reaver. Obviously, if it’s something important and a spoiler, don’t feel like you must answer me XD

Also, will you actually get to choose the routes you’ll travel? Braums asked Ash to choose the safest route, and I’m wondering if the players will actually be able to choose the path they’ll travel, which would determine what will be happening during their time on the roads.

Oh yeah, and last one, is this a free game? Just want to know if I have to prepare some spare money haha! I mean, it says it's free, but Arena Circus is free and yet you can pay for bonus content.


Anyway, except for the choice system I’ve really liked the demo! Can’t wait to play the full version!

Aaaah so excited now! It looks soooo so cool! Gonna test it this night and answer the question after that haha

Hey - don't worry, it's my bad. These latest days have been so hellish I didn't have time or energy to pick samples and send the emails I need to send. I should be able to sit down and do it today or tomorrow though. Sorry about that!

Oh, seems very promising! I'll be waiting for the release!

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The sad music isn't bad for the start of the scene, but I'd change it when the courrier arrives, since at that point you know it's good haha

Thanks! I'll email you tomorrow - it's late where I live and I'm tired!

Don't worry, I realize you can't pay, but that's okay. Honestly, I need my art to be advertized a bit, so working on a game and appearing in the credits would be my payment, if that makes you feel better haha! Do you have an email adress I could use to send you samples?

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Hi there! Nice to see things are going on, albeit slowly! I hope things will get sorted out quickly!

If you haven't found yet, I may be able to color, but before going through sending emails with examples and all, I'd rather ask here - how much would the coloring style need to look like the one you already have, and would it be for sprites, backgrounds or CGs and so on? I can tweak my style only to some extent, so I need to know beforehand haha

(Edited 2 times)

Wow it's so nice to see progress on the game! I can't wait to play the final product!

On a side note, if for some reason you need creature art or CGs, I can contribute. I really like your project and I know finding artists for monsters and animals may be harder to find than human character artists. So yeah, feel free to ask if anything. If you're interested I'll show you examples later

Hi again! 

Okay, so, I've played the updated demo - though I didn't visit absolutely every option for now - I'll leave that for the full game or for when I'll have time to spend on it. I must say it was nice playing without being frustrated by the stats haha! But that makes me curious - what were the requirement tiers before? Either there is a huuuge gap between what was asked before and what's asked now, or I was always unlucky and trained the "lesser" skills more than the most important ones (then again, I'm really bad at that stuff haha)
I also love the improved art - the small adjustements and the new backgrounds both! Which makes me think I believe I didn't say that before, but I really enjoy how the art style for the characters really is reminiscent of old medieval paintings on wood - in the poses, the style of the faces and all that stuff. It's obviously intended that way, but I'm curious - is it actually your "normal" style (well, or the artist's, if you're not the person who's drawing) or is that peculiar style made for the game? Oh and also, will the map on the menu screen be colored or left as it is?
I would also like to make another suggestion - wasn't able before since I couldn't "win" the previous demo. Maybe you should change the music for the last day if the players gets a favor? At least once the courrier arrives, I mean. That music feels pretty sad considering the scene - I got an immediate reaction of "don't tell me I failed AGAIN even now?!" when I heard it play haha!

Anyway, thanks for the awesome update and good luck with your other project!

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Thank you!

Yeah, everythin's clear, and it's nice to know you'll put "encounters" with both forms!

The song I'm talking about is La Da Dee, by Cody Simpson. If you want to check it out, but it may be risky if it gets stuck in your mind again haha!

I've observed that I'm not that bothered about skip options appearing when the subject is gore, because it's rarely a touching or emotional moment, at least in that sense. But I don't know, when it's about romance it definitely bugs me a lot - for example, in this specific demo, it's a lot less frustrating if you choose the option to go to the gay bar than if you stay where you are, since the scene is only a random thing with a random dude in the bar

Oh I see, thank you!

I've tried to train literacy in some of my playthroughs, but since I'm too bad to even get high scores in the other things, it was impossible haha! I'll wait for the updated demo then!

And I understand, don't worry - it's better to take your time and make the game that'll make you proud rather  than rush things. It'll be most satisfying for the players too!

I've finally been able to replay again - for the first time since the original demo - and I love the changes in the backgrounds, the point and click part and the overall direction it's taking. It's really a gorgeous game. And I'm still overwhelmed by Pol's sweeteness haha.

I don't have much more to say than the first time other than that, except that I can't wait to hear the characters' voices (it did reach that kickstarter tier, right? - don't remember well). I'm also still slighly bothered by the skip adult sections prompts that break the immersion - I really wish for a menu option where you could switch between "enable all adult content", "ask about individual scenes" and "disable all adult content", but I believe I've already mentionned something like  that anyway. I'm just really upset about things that break immersion haha - and if I feel it early on, I'm mostly worried that it be worse when the things'll get truly romantic.

Well, that would be it for now I think. Though, at the risk of being obnoxious - and sorry in advance - what is the current planned release date, if you have one? I can't seem to find anything about that. Sorry if it's "hidden" in plain view and I'm the blind one, or if you simply don't want to answer for now!

Thank you and good luck with finishing and polishing the game and all!

Hiiiiii! I've finally played the new demo! And I'm soooo excited! It was really awesome to have more dialogue with everyone and discover more things and  connexions about them. 

As always


I think one of the more interesting thing were Jolene's additions. It was funny to realize how is she related to other characters haha! And besides, she's a really funny character. I'm curious - is the song she's talking about (in her 6th round, I believe) the one by Cody Simpson?

Also, in her 4th round I believe there's a typo - she says Pasty instead of Patsy.

Aside from that... I've been looking at the store page, and I see Some Guy in the love interest section? Is it real? Did my dream of him being an option came true?! Aherm...

And also, another question that suddenly popped in my mind after replaying... Well, that might be too spoilery for your tastes so feel free  to tell me to wait for the release haha. But since the game'll have mature scenes... will the characters be in their human or their wolf forms during that stuff? Yeah, that's random haha...

Anyway, can't wait for the full release!

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A very interesting game so far. I really like the aesthetics and the music choices are awesome. The story is appealing to me, though a small part of me feels like it's a missed opportunity to forbidden romance (I like BL games in medieval settings where homosexuality would be a sin), but the twist the other way around is interesting too. 

Unfortunately, I'm bothered by the stat raising - I don't really like when visual novels use stat raising mechanics and I'm SO BAD at it... I didn't manage to get a good outcome from the demo yet, despite multiple tries - it's a bit frustrating haha.

I think it would be nice to know the actual scores we must reach in order to succeed - I don't mean telling the player which stats they need to raise for each knight, since it's up to us to figure it out, but simply know how high the stats should be.

I'd love to know, if you'd be willing to tell me, but if not, could I at least know if my assumption of needing 3 stats per knight is accurate? And do all knights need the stats to reach the same numbers?

Haha, I'm so sorry for all the questions - stat raisers are SO not my thing, but I want so badly to play this game XD

Also, an important note I can't stress enough in games like that - you should put a warning on the store page telling that the game is NSFW. I don't mind, but some people may not like it, or simply want to know before playing with people around. 

On a side note, I must say I love Errol so much. I'd really like to do something for him, and I feel like the plow plot is related to that, but being so bad at the game I don't think I'll be ever able to purchase it without a guide haha. But anyway, I hope there will be a longer plotline related to him!

Well, that's about it! I'll probably be trying again later, but now I'm getting tired. Good luck with finishing the game too! Do you have a planned release date (or an estimation, at least)?

You're welcome! I really hope the game will be popular, it deserves it. And of course I've recommended it!

Well, the little errors/bugs are not that bad, so I don't think it'll cause any problems to leave them. But at least, if at some point you want to make an update or something, you'll be able to do it at the same time  if you'd want to

Created a new topic A lovely little game

Haha, I usually write comments, not topics. I hope it wont come out too weird, but oh well, I felt like I had to write about this game after playing it!


First off though, I need to say that this will be mainly directed as a feedback to the devs, sooo, if you're not one of them...

--------------------SPOILER WARNING!!!--------------------

Well, first things first, I must admit this is a game I almost didn't play, and it would have been a shame, truly. Why? Well, the art style isn't really appealing to my tastes (please don't think I'm saying it's bad - it's simply not my cup of tea), and more than that, I'm not fond of romance games with only one route - what can I say, I like my choices haha. Fortunately, it wasn't a kinetic one (that's a huge no to me, usually), and well... I tend to play all the BL games I come across, so I've still decided to read the entire store page. And I came across the notice. When I saw one of the main themes was post-traumatic stress I knew I needed to play this game. I’m always VERY interested in the subject and how is it depicted. Funny how the notice’s purpose is to avoid people getting triggered by the subject and prevent them from purchasing if they can’t handle themes like that, but that’s precisely what convinced me the game was worth purchasing!

So yeah, now onto the meat of my thoughts… I. LOVED. THIS. GAME.

Seriously, it made me so so happy in so many ways. The subject is very hard, and I think it’s treated very well – better than most depictions I’ve seen so far. And the fact that the characters are so damn cute and lovable helps getting invested a lot. Honestly I liked all of them, even the side characters, but Sachiel and Luca sure are something – I may have wished for choices before playing, but once I’ve started, I knew I wouldn’t have chosen anyone but Luca even if the game had multiple routes, so congrats on making him so appealing to the player – well, at least to me haha. It’s also nice that he wasn’t all glum and depression and stoic face – it was cool to see him smile and joke and do or think stupid things too. And Sachiel… well, he may outright be one of my favorite (male) MCs in romantic visual novels. He’s incredibly cute and mellow, but also proactive and persistent, and I like that mix of traits. Plus, he made me laugh so much each time he started tripping over himself and freaking out when talking to Luca – the guy is so sweet, absurd and hilarious at the same time. I feel like most of the time Luca’s thinking the same thing about him heh…

So yeah, the characters are lovely, and the story is well paced too. It’s not an extravagant scenario different from anything that has be made before, but it works perfectly and actually makes the character’s backgrounds and relationships stick out even more and be so more impactful.

I feel like the choices could have been more numerous and trickier, but that’s because I’m a hardcore visual novel player – I can understand not everyone likes those games to be too challenging, and I feel like making it hard to “win” wasn’t the purpose either, so that’s fine. On the other hand, surprisingly, I think the fact that the mini-games are so easy is a good thing. I believe you can’t loose in the “regular” mini-games, am I right? I see them not as a challenge per se, but as a way for the player to “feel” first-handedly the work the characters are doing and how the time is passing for them. It adds a lot to the immersion. And then there is the really important mini-game of the anxiety attack, and I love how this one is unforgiving and an instant game over. Since the other ones are so nice, peaceful and easy, it makes this one really dreadful, in a good way. Though I’ll admit that I’d have liked to see some story around it – consequences to your failure, if I may put it that way. But well, it’s still fine the way it is.

Now, more about the artistic side. I’ve said before that the art style wasn’t really suited to my tastes, but funny thing is that while playing, I ended up liking it more and more simply because it fits the story so well. And the CGs are genuinely lovely on another hand, so that helps. And I must say, I’m in LOVE with the GUI. Seriously, this game has one of the prettiest menu designs I’ve ever seen – both the visuals and the sounds effects. I could just stare at it and hover over the buttons to hear the sound effects. So precious.  The music is also pretty and fitting, by the way.

As for problems or bugs I may have spotted… I didn’t catch any typo, but then again, English isn’t my language, so it’s easy for me to miss. I had a bit of trouble with the mini-game where you’re decorating the arch, and you have to put the nails. For some reason, once you choose to use the nails and on which part of the structure, then when you pick the hammer it won’t highlight the right part of the structure. Or rather, it will highlight it along with one of the side boards, and the characters will say it’s the wrong one. To make it work you only need to click on the actual part you put the nails on, and click when it’s not highlighted. Ugh, I feel like I’m not very clear, but I can’t really explain it better… And also, small inconsistencies or questions… At some point, I think it was shortly after or before decorating too, Luca put on his hat, and then in some of the conversations along he didn’t have it anymore, and then he did again in the next scene. Maybe it was intentional since he could have taken it off, but it felt a bit odd. Also, when he cries by the end, I see tears on both sides of his face, but depending on how badly was his left eye damaged (and from what they’re saying it seems pretty awful), I’m not sure if the nasolacrimal duct is actually working on this side either. Nitpicking here, but I tend to pay too much attention to things like that. Well, it might not be damaged enough for it not to work, anyway… Oh well, I need to stop rambling!


On a side note, I didn’t try the neutral and bad endings, but… basically, I’d say I’m too coward, or rather, I wouldn’t want to do that to the characters. Meh, that’s okay though - sometimes I simply don’t need or want to see how things could go wrong, and I’m happy with the  good ending alone.


Well, I’ve been going on for really long, so I’ll end it now. But overall, I must thank you for making such a lovely game. It’s heartwarming to see how you could make such a beautiful thing from not so beautiful past experiences, as it seems, and it fits the game’s message so perfectly!

Oh I see - yeah, the more endings the better, even if they're simple bad endings haha

Haaah, I somehow didn't realize some of the routes were completed haha! Welp, I'll have to try that! 

I guess I'm one of the culprits for Wynn's route being so damn long, and I'm kinda sorry about that, but at the same time I'm so eager to play it haha!

I see Sho has three routes too. May I know if someone purchased the same bonus for him as I did for Wynn, or is it your doing? Just curious, no need to ask if you don't want to!

Also, I hope you'll get better luck from now on!

Oh, I didn't even realize the same person was making this one and The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, which I'm playing right now actually. I really enjoy it a lot so far, and I can't wait for The Rose of Segunda! Good luck!

Congrats on the second route release!

Weird paypal glitches set aside, I've downloaded it and played as soon as I could, even though I was a bit apprehensive because of how much I loved Hayato's route (I often fee guilty of doing another route if the first one had so much impact on me and the characters). But man I loved it a lot! Even more than Hayato's I think - the route and character developement was great, and the fact that Mikio is right up my alley as far as character go in visual novels did help of course. 

Well, I still hate the Good Ending 2 because I despise that kind of endings haha, but the Good Ending 1 was pure perfection. It was also nice to see a route with far more choices. While it was as easy as Hayato's, it was less straightforward. I still don't have  the courage to try and do a bad ending, but that's okay, I don't need it haha.

Aaanyway, thanks for the great route, and I can't wait for the dragons now!