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Thank you, it helps! What I'll do is that I'll start the game, and I'll go through the beginning of the story. If I see the choices never go in a way I should like, I'll leave it at that. Otherwise, I'll continue playing!

Thanks again!

Hey there! I just found your game thanks to a friend, and I find the premises interesting, especially with my love of angels. But I would like to ask a question before I actually try it out, since it may contain a type of content I can't really enjoy, if that's okay with you?

In stories revolving either about the MC seeking revenge or the MC being a "villain", I love to play a "redemption" or "forgiveness" path. Is that a thing in this game? I'm not really able to enjoy a game where the "evil" or "vengeful" path is forced, so I prefer to ask beforehand!

Thank you in advance!

Thanks for your answer! Glad to hear any playstyle is "valid"!

And about that - "so I can have Knight Valência answer this one for you if you want." - sure! Thanks! <3

And glad my feedback was helpful! It's always fun to write my thoughts about a game!

Thank you!

I did actually check the content warning list, before I asked buuut... It didn't really answer my question. But well, if you think there are endings I should like, based on what I said, then that's okay, that's all I wanted to know. Like, maybe in the end I won't be a huge fan, who knows, but at the very least, it wasn't a situation where you'd say "no, you certainly won't like it", so that's fine.

I will play the demo later, then!

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Hi there! I stumbled upon this game today by sheer chance, really, and I found myself compelled to play! And wow, I really enjoyed it a lot, and I can't even tell if it's "more than I expected to" or if it is "just as I expected to". I KNEW I would like this game, but at the same time,  I really didn't know what to expect from it, so it leaves me so confused (but very pleased regardless!).

Since you made lists of questions to answer, both for the main game and the Extra Story, I will answer these and then complete my feedback with whatever wasn't encompassed by these!

Base questions:

  • What's your favorite character?

Well, it's hard not to love Mathias, so I guess it would be him. Interestingly enough, I would have expected Mandra to be my favorite, but somehow their brother beats them. It's not Mandra being less to my liking than I thought, though, but Mathias being more to my liking than expected. I also really like Valência, even if she isn't an important character! She may even be my second favorite, somehow. That aside, I like the main character a lot, even if I would have a hard time figuring out where they stand compared to other characters, with how the player shapes their personality to an extent.

  • Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?

Only one path. While (as opposed to strictly text based interactive fiction) I DO play more than one "route" in most visual novels, in this case I couldn't NOT go for Mathias' romantic path, and well, since I want to always have the same main character, regardless of romance, I could not change their personality or outlook on things.

  • What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?

I love it! But I don't think it's exactly BECAUSE it's black and white, and rather regardless of it. Though that isn't accurate either, since it implies black and white should be worse than fully colored. The truth is I simply don't care either way, as a rule of thumb. I guess it's because I read a lot of mangas, so yeah, black and white is pretty usual for me, and I mostly see the art-style and that kind of stuff rather than the colors or lack thereof. At least, I can say the art-style fits the black and white aesthetic a lot. So the end result is gorgeous!

  • Is there anything about the world of Five Kingdoms you'd like to know more about while playing?

Not exactly at this point. Like, there are things I'm not sure I understand well, but that seems intended with how the narrative is structured - things to be revealed at a later point, bit by bit... Well, no, maybe just... What IS the "Dragon Commander"? Obviously it's the MC, but that's WHO they are, not WHAT. I'm curious about why that title, and what does it entail exactly.

Extra Story questions:

  • Did you enjoy having a more intimate look at your Dragon Commander's past? Should I make more of this type of thing or nah?

Yeah, I liked it a lot. It helps in knowing little details about the MC, and how they were before the events that seemed to truly change them. It's a good example of well placed showing instead of telling, basically. A bit of exposition about how they all were back then would work, sure, but seeing it, playing through it... The impact is bigger.

  • What was your favorite and least favorite thing about this update?

I'm not the best placed person to answer since I played the entire thing in one go, having discovered the game only now. Now, generally speaking, I really like the way you write more intimate scenes. Like, yeah, at this point "nothing" truly happens, even implicitly, but they have... that kind of beauty. Like, they are very delicate and enchanting? These are the best words I can find! Now, I find your style very beautiful overall, anyway. It's hard to put into words, really - beautiful is the best word. I think it has to do with the rythm of the narration. Very slow, very vague, with information coming very slowly, things becoming clearer here and there, new mysteries and question showing up too...  It's both very epic and very quiet and appeasing.

And there was nothing I disliked, so... If I was actually following updates per se, maybe I could have answered that part but as it is... yep, only positives.

  • Which character would like to learn more about?

The main character! So yeah, basically, I want to know more about what happened to them, their past, their family... And Valência because she's a very secondary character so we know sooo little about her! Obviously I can't really tell any specific thing I'd like to know about her since I know almost nothing to begin with.... AAAAH WHY DO I LIKE HER SO MUCH???!!!

  • Do you feel you're having enough space to create your own Dragon Commander? 

Hmm yes? But you're talking to a person who largely prefers to have a main character who is their own person, with only some player input into their psyche, behavior and so on. So while this game has the perfect balance to please my tastes, I don't know what other people may have to say. My go-to requirement is: "either have a MC who is a fleshed out character and leave little to player input, or leave EVERYTHING to player input, with dozens of choices to back that up". Basically, I don't like the "in-between" where it feels as if the player should have full agency over the MC, only to be lacking in term of choices afterwards. Since it doesn't fall in this in-between, I'm happy!

Well okay, with both lists of questions answered, I don't think I have a lot to comment on anymore. Good music choices? But that's it I think!

I DO have a question, though!

So, I like the way the choices work - how they either shape the protagonist's outlook on / approach to things, or their dynamics with the various characters, in terms of relationships. Generally speaking, it's all pretty clear and neat. 

But with that being said hmm... how to phrase it... Let's say I did play games that actually revolve around a simple system, but where there IS a "good" and a "bad" way to play. Meaning that while the system is simple and the choices easy to interpret, the player actually has to balance their stats and choices, because some playstyles (for example being always as nice as possible or as mean as possible) are not viable - you'd have to balance nice and mean reactions. In these games, you'd get a bad ending (sometimes even a game over) if you don't balance things "correctly". 

And, as I'm sure you figured out at this point, I was wondering if that is the case in this game? The setting, style, etc, remind me of some of these games, so I'm naturally wary and I prefer to ask. If it IS the case, that won't deter me from playing, eh! It's just that it's a thing I prefer to know beforehand! Not going to lie though, I DO hope it's not the case and that I'll be able to continue playing selecting the generally nicest / softest answers, because I enjoy this so much! <3

Anyway, I think that's truly it now!

You really created a little gem here, and I'm excited for more!

What a sweet game! It was very funny and enjoyable, despite being so short. Kind of makes me want to know more about what happens in the "good-good" ending in more detail! 

I had a surprisingly hard time (well, for a game so short, obviously) to find the second bad ending, but eh, I managed! When I saw that option that leads to it, I KNEW what would happen (cause come one, you don't DO things like that!). 

Fun fact: I've just checked if you made other games and I see "Adarna", and I think "oh, funny, it's shares it's name with that bird...... WAIT! It IS about that bird OMG!!!" - aka, me as a mythology/fairytale/legend freak, too used to being the only one to know some stories! I'll have to check it out next!

Hi there! So, I'm actually commenting before playing the demo, but I have a reason! The game is extremely appealing to me, generally speaking (not to mention you talked about Demonheart and that's one of my favorite western indie VN/RPGs), but I found myself intrigued (and in a sense, worried) by the mutations concept.

So, on one hand I love the idea of these transformations, and besides, this seems to be like the kind of game I adore, with a ton of bad endings to collect and that would make the good ones even more satisfying when played last. On the other hand, what I enjoy the most in games with personality stats is having a MC with a VERY defined and often extreme personality, and you said the transformations were "warnings" about that. A warning usually implies the thing it warns against is... well... bad. And I find myself worried I'd be "punished" by playing the way I like to play (so, a very very defined / extreme in their personality MC)...

Obviously I know you can't say much about that without entering heavy spoilers territory so... I don't know, can you tell me ANYTHING related to if I'll be able to get satisfying endings with my playstyle? I know I'll get madly attached if I play even the demo only, and I would prefer to avoid the frustration of not having a single ending that I'd like.

If it helps you in answering without revealing story details (you know, so you can just tell me "you should be okay" or "you may not like it", without details), in any kind of stories about the MC being transported to another world, I like it when they stay in said world (sometimes I get really really upset IRL if they go back to their world, actually - that's legit a content/trigger warning I wish could be included in games!). I also like transformations, as long as it doesn't mean the character looses their mind. I tend to appreciate open endings, but I still do like it when the main couple can be happy together.

Okay, I think that's it. Sorry for the very extensive and weird comment that isn't even feedback, and for the questions. If you'd prefer not to answer at all, that's okay - I'll come back when the game is released and when telling me would be less spoilery!

Oh, it's always sad when these things happen. I guess I was fortunate enough because while I discovered the game a while ago, I planned on playing when chapter 8 released (though I was too busy lately to notice the news before). If I had played, I would have been heartbroken, even if your position is understandable. I hope it doesn't sound mean to say it like that, but I prefer not to play now as to not get attached to a project that won't get finished, but I'll still be looking forward to future projects though, since this one caught my eye!

Again, I'm sorry these things happened to you, but well, things happen when people work together on a project - sometimes it doesn't work out. Still, I hope you won't let that demoralize you!

Hey, I have read your recent tumblr update, and I hope things will start to get better for you now. My life is hectic as heck atm too so I can relate.

I'm very eager for the changes you're planning to make to this project and very hyped for the update when it comes! But first and foremost, take care of yourself!

I'm so happy the first demo is out, even if it's short! I can't wait for more!

Will we be able to customize things about the MC's past, how they lived before, what happened exactly when they lost everything, and things like that?

As expected, I already love Tanner! And it's funny to picture him next to my very short nix, considering how tall he is.

Well then, that was amazing!

But now the cliff hanger's gonna kill me!

Ah! I'm so happy this was uploaded! I've been following the tumblr for the past few days now!

It's a bit short for me to give proper feedback, but having something to play was nice!

I have noticed two small "maybe issues":

I believe Lorcan's name was mentionned for the first time (in the narration) before he actually told his name to the MC. Not sure anymore - I didn't recheck.

When the MC goes to see Gray, it says "and it isn’t long before you find yourself ducking under the low doorframe." - my MC is very short, so I don't know if he'd have to duck?

That aside well... I'm mostly eager to see more!

Ah, just got to play this demo, and man I love it!

I'll be honest, I was a bit wary since I like having nice and gentle MCs usually - I don't mind a protagonist who already has a personality, all the opposite - but from what I've seen in the comments, I was certain it wouldn't be my type of personality, which would make it hard to care for the character...

And I was pleasantly surprised when I realized the MC is really not that bad, though it depends on the choices.

I went with the Harry background, for the scandal, and honestly that part and the outcome genuinely touched me and made me sad. I didn't expect to FEEL so much when reading that.

I like all the characters that appeared so far, really. Val especially hits all the right chords. But at the same time, I'm already SO invested in the backstory with Harry that I want to follow that story, at least for my first playthrough. Though well... it WILL be painful considering the situation, not to mention it IS the very reason of the whole mess MC is in to begin with. But the way MC "spoke" about that affair in the narration... I feel like it leaves it open to interpretation - maybe they truly have some fond memories that come back sometimes, and that's it, and maybe they try to convince themselves it was only fun time and that they can't feel love that way, because of some sort of denial of actual feelings. I really hope the game will allow to go both ways, depending on the player's wishes / choices made!

I also have a small question about the Harry plotline. I'm aiming for the past affair + future romance path anyway, but is it possible to NOT go for the past affair, and to still romance him in the present timeline, or is it restricted to MCs who had that past affair?

Anyway, I think that's it! I have nothing to complain about nor did I spot any issues, really! I can only wait for more, now!

It's okay, these are not major issues or anything, so still thank you for answering them!

By the way, I didn't think about a huge explanation for the age thing, eh, just one line in the passing, or something not dedicated to it per se, like during a lesson or whatever. But again, that's not a big thing in itself! I don't have a problem with it being as it is, it just felt a bit strange to me. I guess I'm the type of person who is more about context and setting than paralels to our modern society, so I don't mind younger characters in setting like this one, even if there is romance, but I guess I understand it can bother people. I honestly even didn't consider it was a factor!

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Eh, I get why it may be strange for the hair color to appear on the ID (height makes perfect sense, you know, as it may be relevant for some missions, like infiltrating a place where someone too tall or too short would stand out too much and stuff). I was saying that because as someone who plays a TON of games, I like to have reminders of what my MC looks like when I boot a game again after an update, in case I have doubts about specific physical traits in any given game.

As for the other thing... it's funny because I was actually saying that because it kind of is a reminder that this is a romance story for me, when my MC finds every form attractive by default. I suggested offering a choice as to give the opportunity to be indifferent, but another option would be for MC to think they are objectively attractive, without necessarily implying they find each form hot - that would leave it even more neutral. But this is just my perspective eh! I'm not insisting here, just claryfing my point of view at this point, since I feel like my intention about that didn't come across as I intended. Though yeah, it's a bit of a tricky situation anyway, since this IS the same character. I guess I'm also biased towards the idea of Siruud finding all these hot bodies, and MC being "meh, looks better in his original form" XD

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Ah, I love this! It hits my arthurian obsessed self right in the spot! Generally speaking, I love stories of resurrection (though I would have liked a warning abuout the amnesia) and I love when stories mix old legends and tales with futuristic settings, so really, what's not to love!

I have encountered a few issues here and there though. Nothing that big, I believe?

- In this segment Riley's pronouns switch from NB to female and I don't think it was intentional, since it is in the same sentence: "For some reason Riley decided that you were the best person in the world. Or at least you were the best "big brother" material that Siege Perilious had to offer, because from the moment they could walk Riley was following you everywhere she could."

- Would it be possible to make the color of the selections pop out more compared to the rest of the text (or make them bold or something)? It's okay with choices at the end of the page, but with things like selecting the eye and hair color and things like that, I barely noticed these were actual choices - at first I thought the appeareance was preset.

- When talking with Rowan after talking with Felix, and asking Rowan if they are really friends, the following conversation is a bit weird since my MC's talk with Felix has gone quite well, so I don't know why is he suddenly talking about Felix as if he was so inconsiderate, and why there isn't any option for my MC to tell Rowan he WILL give Felix a chance with certainty (instead of just "trying" and with "no promises"). MC noted himself how Felix is nice and "adorable" past the "prickles", and nothing happened to make him backpedal on that opinion. Same goes for most of the things MC thinks on the page that follows, if the "try to give him a chance" option is selected - it paints Felix as really unpleasant and MC has a lot of reservations about him, while their previous interraction was nice.

- By the end of the first meeting with Eydis (if she's the last person MC goes to meet, at least), I got a strange error after being friendly when she asked if MC would be volunteering to try what she bakes from now on.

Also, if baked correctly, a maple-bacon muffin must be absolutely delicious and now I want to try baking that IRL. The mere mention of that made my mouth water. Yes, this is very relevant feedback. 

Anyway, I think that's it. Aside from these few issues, I really enjoyed myself a lot and I'll be waiting eagerly for more!

Ah, very cool game, at least on Siruud's path! Though now the cliff hanger will start killing me haha! I'm really eager to see more of the story!

I only had two minor issues. The first one is VERY nitpicky, but I'd love to have MC's hair color on the "ID" (as in, the "stat screen"), for the sake of memory. The second one is a bit more serious I guess (though not that much either!) - it made me a little bit uneasy that MC was forced to find all of Siruud forms attractive instead of letting the player select if they like a specific form or not, or decide which one they prefer. It may sound a little weird, but these forms vary GREATLY, so it would make sense to like one while disliking another - everyone has specific tastes, and I'm sure our MCs too! But that's the only thing, really!

Ah, I really enjoyed that one! Though I can't wait to meet Berhane - they are the love interest I'm truly interested in.

I like the writing style and the interactions with the characters - though I can't talk about flavor text since I only have a single MC and I can't look at the code to see the variables outside of the game itself.

I did not notice any technical or continuity / choice consequences related issues, really. Maybe one thing that bothered me a bit was at the start of chapter 2, there was that little segment that starts with "You looked much different than when you first arrived. Better rested, of course, but also fitter. Learning combat with Sir Mansoor was already bearing fruit and you could see the results in your reflection." - it was a bit strange to me since my MC's stats did not reflect that, considering I had no martial prowess increase in chapter 1 so the stat was 0 at that point, but it isn't a big issue either since there is an increase a couple of pages after that.

One thing that I found a bit strange is that MC wasn't yet on the throne at 18 years old. Usually, in settings like this one, I'd expect the new monarch to take the throne when they are around 15 or 16 years old, so the MC being considered still too young at 18 was very strange to me. Maybe it would be good to add a more detailed explanation about why is that. Like, a past monarch that took the throne at that age and went mad with a power they were not mature enough to wield or something like that. Really, it's just a random idea. This isn't that big of a deal either, though - I guess I'm nitpicking a bit.

Thank you so much! Time to replay the old content once more, and then onto chapter 5!

You're so great, I love you all for what you do!

It's out

I am!

Yeah, there was an update below saying they have issues. Still hyped haha!

I mean, I slept in the meantime, but that aside, yup, waiting again!

Eh, that doesn't necessarily help! I'm on the discord, and still refreshing all the time XD

Don't worry, it happens to everyone! Thanks for the update though!

So far, I have only played one route. I've actually been waiting for the route selection chapter (so, the one we're now waiting for!) to play all other routes that I'm interested in. That being said, I have replayed that route so many times I can't even count anymore. I tend to replay this game like once a week at the very least. But keep in mind I did discover it like 4 months ago, so this is the first time I'm waiting for an episode.

I'm not replaying right now though, since it's always better to play from scratch when a game updates to avoid bugs and so on. It'll soon be 7am so I really have to go to sleep. Hopefully, the chapter will be released when I wake up. I'll only replay chapters 1 to 4 then, with the new built. Considering I wait till night to play so I can be alone and truly enjoy the new content, it'll be cool to be able to replay the old content during the day so I won't get TOO antsy.

I'll probably do so since it's 6am and I wouldn't have time to play much anyway, but then again, I usually go to sleep around this hour, so I'm not disturbing my usual sleep schedule.

Ah, what to say, what to say. Well, I have only one, a silver haired male kit whose name is Hal. He's actually on my icon. And if you're on the discord, you may have seen him before.

He looks very androgynous and is very short. His gills are more apparent than on most half-kits, though still just as useless. His gills flutter a bit when he's flustered, and that happens often. He also has a bad habit of constantly playing with his hands or holding them against his chest, or really, keeping them occupied in any way. It's mostly a mechanism to cope with stress or embarassment.

He's very gentle, pure and emotional, advocating peace whenever he can, and extremely opposed to violence, even if he would defend himself or his loved ones if needed. Also, he needs to be needed, so he really tries to help at any possible opportunity.

That aside, he really wants to be friends with everyone, and is a serial hugger, despite his usual nervousness and shy demeanor.

Overall, I really went for that "sheltered jewel" feel - a beautiful and innocent prince who never faced the horrors of the world and who tries to make friends with everyone, desperate for love and affection. He has a hard time dealing with being betrayed or with the idea people may stop liking him, which also means he's extremely forgiving even if someone wronged him.

Haha, funny coincidence!

Though our feelings about Damon for you and Cal for me were not exactly the same, it seems. I can't say I disliked anything about Calderon, I just.. didn't see anything that would attract me in him. Physically he's not my type at all, and the rude and seemingly cold guy is a hit or miss for me, as LI, and I didn't feel like it would be a hit at first. So I simply didn't care at all. But I liked him almost immediately once he appeared in game. It might seem strange to have an actual opinion after only seeing pictures of him, but I usually have a VERY strong instinct about characters, and I know from start who I'll like and who I won't. So I guess I too have to give props to the writers, since they fooled my instinct.

But I think the way I decided my traveler would be impacted things too. He's extremely sweet and wants to make friends with everyone, so he just perseveres even if someone is rude or cold at first. That sure helps with people like Calderon or Damon! Or to get through that awful post-reveal phase with June! On that topic, June isn't my type either, honestly. But I was somehow attracted to him from start, though I knew he wouldn't be my favorite.

That's cool! The way I got into the game was SO weird. Honestly, Vexx is the one that truly is "my type", and under normal circumstances I would have played his route first, and maybe only.

What happened is that I first saw art from Star Crossed Lovers, and I thought Vexx wasn't a love interest since he wasn't listed on that page (I didn't know it was merely because it was a DLC released prior to his reveal as a LI). So I was thinking we saw a lot of him on other pages because he was an important character and that's it (really dumb but eh). I thought I'll really like Damon the most from the LIs when I was thinking Vexx wasn't one. And Calderon was actually the ONLY guy I wasn't interested in, from looks and aura alone.

Then I started playing the actual game, and I fell in love with Calderon after only a couple of moments with him on screen, unexpectedly. So I went for his route. Then I realized Vexx was, indeed, an option. That made me happy, and I decided to make it part of my traveler's BG that they were romantically involved in the past anyway, but I still stuck with Calderon as my first playthrough. 

So yeah, the character I thought I'd like the least became my second favorite. I can't help but see his romantic path as something that was "meant to be" in a sense. On the other hand, as total opposite, I see Vexx's romance as something that truly "shouldn't be" - as in, after all the stuff that happened, the traveler shouldn't be able to still love him. My traveler is a sweetheart that wants to help him anyway, but the fact that love can't survive what happened will stay true for most of the routes. I like that "love that shouldn't be" trope, so it's also another reason for me to leave that route for last. It'll be that one exceptional timeline where that first love would be stronger than anything.

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Calderon. And I'm interested in all the guys (love the girls too, but I don't romance girls in games unless I have to in order to unlock a route or something - or well, if I specifically play a game where all LIs are girls, obviously). 

I'll probably go in that order: Calderon, June, Bash, Damon, Vexx. Calderon and Vexx are my favorites, but I want Vexx's route to be my last one, because I'm certain it'll be the one I'll prefer. Calderon is my main playthrough so yeah, obviously I'll still do his route first. June second because I'm very curious about him and I like him a lot. Bash next cause while I love him he's the one I'm least attracted to, so perfect middle ground, and then Damon cause he's my third favorite so I want him to be by the end.

It's a bit of a weird order and reasoning but eh, it works for me!

I'll have even MORE new content since it's the route selection chapter, and that means I'll treat myself to ALL the routes I'll want to do. Up until now, I only followed one of them, so it'll be a first for a lot of scenes.

(1 edit)

I'm SO HAPPY I've discovered the game like... 4 months ago? I can only imagine how hard the wait was for people who played chapter 4 on release and had to wait all this time. But well, this'll be a great chapter, with the route selection and stuff!

I'm still like everyone else, and think the last hours of wait are the worse haha!

Same - I'll romance all the guys. I don't like romancing girls, but I love them both as friends. I think I like Ryona more than Ayame though.

Calderon and Vexx. 

I always liked romances between royals and soldiers, or said royals' subordinates or guards, so both fit the theme. In my main playthrough, my character was in a relationship with Vexx before the events, and now has interest in Calderon.  

I thiiink Vexx is my nº1 favorite, but I'll leave his route for last so yeah (I'm planning on doing all the guys' routes).

FINALLY I could play this! Yes yes, I know the first demo was out for a long time, but I'm just a weird person who usually follows ONE SINGLE route in games - don't worry, I find that perfectly enjoyable! And in this case, the first thing was that I wanted my character to be a skia, so I wasn't able to play until the second demo.

Aaanyway!  It was awesome! Honestly, because of the setting, I had my doubts for this one. The ambience of the story is not as much of my thing as WTNC and EK, so yeah, it was hit or miss. Fortunately, it was a hit!

So far, the story is intriguing and compelling, and I'm really glad I waited for the second demo. I like the characters - all of them - though the only one I see as a romance option is Blue. Not a bad thing considering my "one route" thing - I won't have to feel conflicted.

And man Blue is gorgeous!

The demo is a bit too short for me to give proper feedback, aside from gushing about how great it was so yeah... Good job on making another great thing, and I'll be waiting for the full game!

I DO have a small question though! I don't do poly routes in games, and well... In WTNC my chosen romance was Alkar, and that wasn't an issue since the game didn't really officially establish anything between him and Omen unless the player followed the poly route. On the other hand, I feel a bit uneasy as I progress in EK, since my chosen love interest is Raiden (Knight route), and there's already something going on between him and Lucien, so I feel a bit bad for "breaking" it, though it doesn't seem like a very deep relationship so I manage, at least for now... Without spoiling too much, how is it with Blue and Adrien? From the demo alone, I have a hard time deducing what exactly is their relationship and I don't want to find myself in a situation where my MC would break an actual couple. As I said, not asking for spoilers, just a heads up if I'm at risk of feeling unconfortable or not!

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I have a good intuition about characters I like or not, actually. The way Layton is right now, I shouldn't like him, and yet I am crazily attracted. So I'm assuming it'll be the way he'll evolve or truly is more than the way he is now (or well, what he showed to Marion, rather). I'm 99% certain I'll only love him more in the future haha!

And yeah, I assumed the mariage wouldn't have gone well as it is. As I said, I only wished for such an ending in opposition to the "kidnappers" rather than because I tought it would be good!

But yeah, I'm very happy with the news then! Thank you for being kind enough and revealing it to me!

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Hey, I'm back as I said I'll do after playing the Sherwood demo. Took a bit longer than I thought since I was busy - well, if I knew it was shorter I would have played before haha - but oh well.

Only played through it once so far, but that's fine.

So... yeah... well...

I like it less than the Nottingham path, that much is obvious... but.. oh... my... god... Like... I fell utterly in love with Layton. So much that it was hard to even LOOK at anyone else once he appeared. He shouldn't even BE my type to begin with! I'm kind of agonizing that he's not a LI and at the same time praying that he'll actually be, considering his dialogue / scene, and the fact there's an uneven amount of romances for the paths, so far.

And yes, I only played once with no reloading and had his night scene. I feel like I actually SENSED I had to pick the option to spend some time alone, because I didn't even hesitate for a moment. And considering I was interested in Will, by all means I should have gone with his scene...

I have a hard time dealing with my trepidation right now... I'm kind of... baffled... like... I didn't expect that... UGH - it's hard to make an actual review of the route rigth now... 

I can't say if I like him even more than Geoffrey, but clearly just as much.

How comes I hate (and really HATE) beards, and here I am, gushing about the two only bearded characters in your game...

Anyway so... Trying to concentrate...

First of, I'm SO GLAD for the premature ending that allows Marion to decide she'll agree to Robin's offer and go back home. You see, the Sherwood path made me a bit mad because of how it starts. While in theory I DO think it's clever that the Nottingham path actually starts with refusing to submit to the mariage, and the Sherwood path starts with agreeing, in practice I was bothered by it on Sherwood path. Made me really angry at Robin & co that they kidnapped Marion and forced her to change her plans, when she ended up gathering the strenght to actually accept. I guess it's a weird way to think about it, but oh well... I found myself wishing for a way to somehow escape and go onto the Nottingham route from there (with circumstances that would make it impossible to reappear officially or something) - or even for another early ending where Marion would go there and go on with the mariage, though it would be less interesting. It was basically a "I'm willing to do anything to cross these jerks" kind of thinking! And no, I don't hate any of them (well, I guess I dislike Robin, but I don't hate him and he doesn't creep me out like Gui either). It's mere retaliation, let's say it that way haha!

So yeah, basically, while I like this path less, I'm now officially obsessed with a character that is - as far as I know - unromanceable, and that makes me feel very conflicted. I didn't expect that to be my conclusion for this path!

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You're welcome!

Sadly, routes for female characters are really not my thing. In rare occasions, I CAN play games where you romance girls or a girl's route in a game with mixed romances, but only when the protagonist is male - I really don't like GxG content, basically. I don't mind that much not discovering every secret of a game, and playing a route I really don't want to play easily dampens my entire experience of a game - to the point that if it's needed for an unlock I simply check out the "correct" answers in a walkthrough and skip the entire thing. So yeah, not worth it.

Skipping explicit content won't change anything. I don't like any form of censorship, so playing the "soft" version would be more irritating than anything else, to be honest. It's the fact that GxG romances (some veeeeeery rare exceptions aside) aren't compelling to me from a romantic point of view. Alanna and Marion simply don't have the type of personalities I can like in a GxG couple.

As for the guys and Meissa, I guess I'll see. As I said, I will probably play Will's route in addition to Geoffrey's, if nothing more, so I can experience the Sherwood path too. Some games compell me to play all or at least most of the routes, while in others I stick to a single one - it's too early for me to say which one it'll be in this case. Basically, if I like too much the first route I play, or if I find it too perfect, and mostly if said romance was really a lifesaver for the love interest (be it literally or on an emotional level), then I simply feel too guilty to play other routes. Weird, I know. In this case I'll probably be able to see the two paths as alternative realities happening at the same time, but I don't know if I'll be able to do more than one route on a single path.

I'm on a laptop too, actually! But I'm an artist myself, so I think I simply notice these things easily, since this is something I have to be careful to avoid when I'm painting.

I didn't notice other typos though - I mean, English isn't my language so I could have missed something, but I don't believe so? It's a short game, so not much room for typos anyway haha!