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Haha, actually my question was SPECIFICALLY if the only characters for the sketch things were the knights, since I wasn't sure. I'm totally planning on asking for a character from the game though XD - I mean, how could I NOT ask for Errol 

Wow the improvement is so huge on the doctor's sprite! Congrats!

Also, I think I need to say it - it's so considerate of you to warn people about the upcoming themes and adress this stuff in details for those who want to read it. You didn't really HAVE to put exteded explanations on it, as many creators don't, but you still did, and it's very nice. Now, as I'm a person who  throroughly enjoyed Corrupter, of course I'm not one of the people who'd be bothered by the themes per se, but I'm the kind of person who may be very upset depending on the character it happens to, so I was glad I was able to check in the link. As you may remember, Errol is my favorite character, and I think I would be genuinely distressed if it was directly about him.

Anyway, I may be able to become a patron starting next month, and it makes me happy. If I can afford it, I'll gladly take the tier that allows me to get a sketch. On that matter, do I have to ask for one of the knights if I do so, or can I ask for any character? Bet you know where I'm getting to with that XD

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I'm playing on Windows, so no problem with that.

And I've tried both with my old saves from and with a fresh file just in case, so it shouldn't be that either.

EDIT: now, if it's only me, don't worry too much - as I said, I won't be getting all the achievements anyway, so a couple more or less won't change anything. But there's no guarantees someone else won't have the same issue.

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Redeemed my code earlier today!

I've been trying to get the endings I got before the Steam version was released, for the sake of achievements, but some of them don't unlock. It's not that important to me since I won't be getting all endings anyway, but for people who want to get a 100%, it'll be an issue.

The endings that don't want to unlock so far are End 1 and End 3. Keep in mind I won't be able to check for any of Mark's or normal endings as I'm not planning to do them - neither the so called "friendship" one I've discovered while checking the guide for other ways to get some of the bad endings (wanted to see if they're bugged no matter the way you reach them, and yes).

EDIT: End 9 achievement doesn't unlock as well. Same for End 12 (at least on Biel's route - haven't tried on Pol's). Aaand same for End 8. I won't be trying with any more endings so that's it. But I'm sure other people will report if the various normal or Mark ending achievements have problems too!

On a side note, I've discovered another thing that you may (or not?) want to twitch. You actually can't skip the credits unless you're already pressing the skip key before reaching the credits screen. And if you don't set the game so it skips all dialogues, it stops you at the screen before if this is a new ending, so yeah, you HAVE to watch the credits at that point - no matter what I press, it seems impossible go back to the menu until the credits end. The ending is quite short and it's pretty, so it's not an issue if playing the game at a normal pace. But when doing a lot of endings one after another just to unlock them, it gets pretty tedious. And well, since the ending names have been added since the pre-Steam version, the game considers the last dialogue box as "not read" and so yeah, I'm forced to watch the credits XD (I don't want to set it to skip all dialogue just in case there's something important for me to see).

Thank you for your answers! 

I somehow missed the FAQ - it's quite interesting! I understand very well your reasons for removing humans and thus changing the MCs species - obviously you can do so much more like this. I mean, if humans were considered inferior to the beastmen, as you seem to imply with the FAQ, it would have oppened other possibilities too, like a scenario where as kids, no one from the group cared about things like that, but as adults, there would be the fear of that coming into play in any future relationship and stuff. But yeah, it wouldn't help for the part about allowing players to imagine the characters as humans or as animals of their species and stuff, obviously. All in all, it's a clever choice, though I can understand how fans of the original may be bothered by it. As a new player, obviously, I'm not attached to him being a human, and well, as said before, I really like Hiro as a MC, so I'm pretty happy with the path you choose!

Hah, just finished playing the demo! I'm so sad no route is fully complete but it was great anyway!

So yeah, first of, I want to say I didn't actually play any version of Morenatsu before Homecoming, so I'm here with an entirely fresh opinion without any elements to compare it to. 

The game has such a nice nostalgic feeling to it - it's really the first thing that I've noticed about it, and it really made a huge impact on me. I find it very endearing and touching, be it in sad or funny moments. I like the art style, and I'm especially fond of the little profile pics of the characters on the bottom right part of the screen - most have a vintage charm the main sprites lack. But both sets are pretty! I was wondering though - will the sprites get multiple expressions and/or poses later on, or will it stay as it is? And also, are the backgrounds placeholders for fully drawn ones, or will they stay as edited pictures? Just wondering.

Hiro is a very sweet character - I'm glad this game has an MC like him. I instantly felt attached to the guy. I really like how he can be a dork sometimes, but he's always sensitive and caring in the end. It's also interesting to me to observe his self doubt bordering self deprecation and his anxieties. I hope he'll get better during the course of the month. Now, I wouldn't say he's my favorite character in the game, but he certainly is a hero I adore and I'm sincerely rooting for him. Probably one of my favorite BL game MC all in all. I have a question about him too, though. I may be wrong, but I believe I've read somewhere that in previous version(s) of the game, he was a human guy and didn't have so much personnality (being rather a blank page for the players to indentify themselves with). I love MCs who are their own people since I never identify with the characters I play and if the games force me to do that I feel uncomfortable, so if that's an actual change that you made, I'm happy about it. But I'm wondering about him being a human before. Was that really a thing? If yes, I'm very curious about why it was changed. I honestly don't mind him being either a fox or a human, I'd enjoy the story in both cases, and I think it's extremely cute when he rolls his tail around him and stuff like that. I'm simply very curious about what could motivate such a change. 

Now, to answer your questions! Well, as for who is my favorite character, I actually can't decide between Shin and Kouya. I LOVE them both, and it's really hard to choose since they're so different. More surprisingly, Soutarou isn't that far behind them. He isn't really my type, but I really grew attached to him. Honestly, the only character I don't like is Tatsuki. As for the others, well, even my least favorite ones all have some things about them I enjoy or find redeeming at least.

My favorite event is with no doubts the shrine prayer and wish making with Soutarou. I literally teared a bit during this one. Man, so much feels there! Entertaining the children with Kouya was funny too with all the quick reacting and stuff (I'm a huge fan of timed choices, so of course I like it). And aside from that, I like all events with Shin, but with no one being outstanding compared to the other ones - I think I'll wait to have more of the game before deciding my favorite event with him. I can't predict who'll have my nº1 favorite event of all in the end. Well, probably one of my three favorite characters, but yeah... Now, I've also enjoyed the Seven Wonders one - the part about the seventh one was unexpected and hit me right in the feels too XD

Now, what am I looking for the most? That's always a hard one to me, honestly. Obviously I'm looking for the full version, and I'm looking for lots of feels, but aside from that... eh... I guess I'm simply looking for the full game haha!

Anyway, I fell in love with this game and explored a lot of paths in the demo! Good luck with the full project guys!

Hah, Guntur is such a handsome character - it never ceases to amaze me XD

And the bottles are so cute! Ah, I can't wait to be able to watch the movie!

Ooh, I see, I see! Yeah, definitely needed the clarification about the single route romances and the secret romance haha! I guess I'll see if I like the characters I meet, and if I like someone a lot and they're one of the romance'able characters, or one I think may be, I'll redo an adequate playthrough of Rose of Segunda, so I won't have continuity errors.

Thank you for your answers!

AAAH! This was sooo cool! I'm so glad we finally have the (full) demo! I wanted to wait for this one before playing, so yeah.

Well, before diving into my feedback, I wanted to remind once more that since this isn't mandatory, I didn't play the solo and the girls' routes, as that's really not my thing. But I'll do my best to properly review the rest!

First of all, the backgrounds are really pretty. They seem improved from the first game, if I'm not mistaken? Anyway, I like those and I like the new clothes - very elegant, and all of the little changes alude nicely to a change of times and a tense period. You can really sense from many little thing the country will be at war soon. Now the only thing missing is a proper soundtrack, and the atmosphere will be amazing!

There are some typos and stuff here and there, but nothing that won't be changed with later proofreading, I'm sure.

I'm slighly confused about the choices at the beginning that serve to determine the way you played Iolanthe in the first game. I believe I choose well since she doesn't seem out of character compared to how I left her, but well, hard to tell for sure since the demo was quite short. But I'm not saying it was too short either. I wouldn't mind a longer one, sure, but it was enough to see what's happening, some of the situation the country is in, get a nice glimpse of how is Iolanthe's couple life, and be hyped for what's coming next - so no complaints here!

Now, the characters and routes. Well, funny thing is, my route ranking is the same in this demo as it was in The Rose of Segunda, with my favorite being Frederique, then Leo, followed by Bastien and finally the prince. The girls were last back then, but as I told before, I didn't try their routes here. Interestingly, despite what you said about his route in the latest update post, Bastien's route wasn't really unexpected to me. I have more or less predicted they WOULD be back somehow to the Parisi, and some form of deep emotional troubles - both things would be necessary for one part to make the route possible and for other part to make for some interesting tension and stuff. 

As for my detailed thoughts about the routes so far, well, I'll go from my least favorite to my favorite.

- Guillaume: well, him being my least favorite doesn't mean I don't love him - that ranking is only comparative, with the other characters I like more. Now, his route was actually the most surprising one to me, to be fair. I didn't think he'd support his father so much and that he'd be so much in denial of his bad ways. It makes for interesting tension, and I'm wondering how the situation will end in this route. Strangely enough, it's the one that felt the less romantic to me too, it was too tense, maybe partly because it felt too tense since I simply couldn't agree with him on some of the things he was talking about. That's basically all I can say for now about him, I think.

- Bastien: I've already shared some of my thoughts about him before, but that was basically about the fact I wasn't really surprised by his route here. So, onto the route itself! It was a VERY interesting one. Honestly, it would be higher in the list if Leo and Frederique weren't SO DAMN AWESOME. Ahem, sorry! It was really heartbreaking, to begin with. It always made me so sad to see Bastien suffer because of what may have been happening in the first game, and with all the awful stuff that happened between the two games, ugh! I feel really bad for him because of his father rejection, the bad reception of the marriage and all the different issues he and Iolanthe have to face against. But it's even more painful to see how he reacts to that. And what makes it worse is that his reactions are totally understandable, especially considering he's quite introverted. It also saddens me to see the always so strong Iolanthe struggling with keeping her head up and not feeling too tired by all of this. All in all, I expect greatness from this route when it'll be fully released.

- Leopold: well, I love the guy as always! And I like the fact that you can be on the "bad" side if you're doing this route (if we consider Guillaume's is the "good" one). Leo is and always was my kind of character - one who's disgraced and kind of an underdog if we talk about good suitors, but who has great ambitions too, and who'll be truly gratefull and sweet with the main character if hey choose him and truly love him. And well, I gotta love the intrigue in this route. Seeing how Iolanthe and Leo are in perfect synch and harmony with each other, and how they can create such elaborate plans on the long term all to get what they want is really cool. I also like the fact you can choose if Iolanthe is helping Leo out of love, or if she really shares his dreams and ambitions. While both choices obviously promise support, the undertones are really quite important. I don't think their harmony and, for the matter, their marriage will truly last if they're not on the same page. And if they're not, they'll have to seriously talk about this. But well, personally, I really like to show full support there, as opposite to Guillaume's route where I can't always agree. And besides, I believe it's truly important to Leo to know he has Iolanthe's full support. When he actually talked about that... well, it was truly touching to me.

- Frederique: ah, the best for last! Well, what can I say... I had a litt-HUGE soft spot for him since the very beginning, in the first game. I just can help it, he automatically puts a grin on my face and makes me feel happy. He's such a lovely character, and his relationship with Iolanthe is so sweet and daring and strong at the same time. I have a trully hard time making a review here - I love him too much to think straight. Well, all in all it's nice to see they had a happy life, at least up until now, and if you fully develop the whole spying scenario you put in place for this route, it may be the most interesting one, even if we're not talking about the romance itself. But I'm REALLY wary of Iolanthe's and Frederique's mother in this route. I hope she won't pull anything crazy and awful on them. So yeah, it makes me tense too haha - so much emotions in this one. Oh and also, it was so nice to finally see them share a kiss, albeit a brief one. Man I really hope for a kissing CG in this route, aah! I'm rarely really hung up on that, but in this specific case I missed it so much in the first game. Well, no point in me rambling on and on about this one, you get the gist of it, and at this point I'll be only repeating myself and squealing on every little detail.

And finally, some questions. 

I've seen lots of choices that seem to basically determine how Iolanthe feels about this or that (for example the ones in Leo's and Guillaumes routes about having children), but don't seem to be relevant to how  the route will progress. Are they really only there for fluff, or do all the choices have some kind of deeper purpose?

Also, does each route have more than one ending?

And last - you talk about a secret romance? I guess you must play on the solo route to get it, am I right? And are they a man or a woman? If you can tell without spoiling too much, of course!

Yes, thank you!

Don't worry, I can totally wait, I just wanted to have some kind of idea. Must be complicated without getting a script, my god! And releasing the game route by route is not a bad idea. Besides, if you do that, I'll definitely play all of the routes haha - sometimes if I like a route too much, I can't do any other after playing it, but that tends not to happen if I get to play the routes one by one like that, unless I really dislike a character.

Hey there!

Yeah, I've read Arcade Party's post about that. It's sad, but things happen - that's life for you. I'm happy you'll be going on with the projects though! I was kinda hoping it'll be you!

You've updated us on Tomai, but I was wondering if you have some infos to share or any form of approximate idea about when you'll be able  to release AWOO? If that's too early, I totally understand. But well, it's one of my most awaited games, so I had to ask.

Anyway, have a good day!

Hmm I choose my wording badly, sorry - I get that I got what is called the "ending" - I meant the "actual ending of the story" if that makes sense. Basically, I consider the epilogues as part of the story, and I don't want to have them "cut" in any way - even if it's only a couple of scenes. So yeah, I may have used the wrong words, but I've checked the Patreon page when I've reached the point in the game where it tells me about the normal or Plus epilogue, and I've commented only after getting all the info. And well, I'd rather wait and be able to play the entire chapter rather than playing the cut version and then replaying it full - waiting to be able to get the epilogue is extremely frustrating, but playing the normal one now would be even more to me, believe me! I know how Patreon works, don't worry - I know I won't get continuous updates. But that only makes the fact I can't pledge now even more accurate XD

Don't get me wrong, I will pledge if I'm able to because the game sure deserves it. I just wish the store page did say the exact differences the Patreon version has. I usually avoid checking the Patreons of games I like right now, because well I'm broke, so I don't want to tease myself with things I can't get. Thing is, in this case, I had no other way of knowing about the fact Plus even existed - well, other than checking the forum threads but I didn't want to risk spoilers - I always check that once I'm done playing.

Well, I've played Dimitri's route only, so far, and with only "kind" choices. 

Before I give my opinions, I must state one complaint I have, as it'll affect what I can tell about the game. I'm sorry for doing so as I don't like to start on a bad note but oh well, it's not really about the game itself either. It's the stuff about the Plus version. The store page sure says becoming a patron gives you access to more content, but as nothing is specified, I was thinking about side stories, bonus clothing parts or whatever. I never thought it also included actual endings, especially since the feature listing seems to list the "mature" scenes as part of the game as it is. While I'm absolutely not against some endings being playable only for patrons, I think it's very important to state so on the store page - and I mean, clearly tell people what is in the regular version and what is added in the Plus version - or at least do so at the beginning of the game, as part of the tutorial or explanations or whatever you fancy. I was playing and was really into the game, and then I reach the final chapter and suddenly the game tells me I can't play the "full" ending if I'm not a patron. Thing is, right now I'm utterly broke and well, I'm picky about endings so I won't play the normal one. So I'm stuck without an ending until I manage to get some money to spare on becoming a patron. Again, I wouldn't mind if I knew beforehand. I'd have waited before starting the game at all. Now I'm sooo damn frustrated. So yeah, not an issue of the game, but of stating clearly the differences between the regular and the Patreon versions on the store page.

That leads me to a question - when I'll finally be able to get the Plus version, will I have to start from the beginning in order to have access to the full game, or is it some form of patch, or will it detect my save and be compatible with it? The chapters in Plus may not cost gold, but I kinda don't want to go through all the special requests again just for that either, if possible

Again, I'm so so sorry about complaining so much here. I liked the game and I was really into it - but that makes the sudden force-stop all more frustrating. I hope I didn't sound too agressive about that - it wasn't my intention.

Now, for the game itself. As told, I enjoyed it. Well, at least Dimitri's route, and well, until the second to last chapter. Though the story left me very disturbed since I've been facing a lot of similar problems than those in the route, and well, I must admit it made me quite anxious at some points, but oh well, it was still very interesting and the other elements were making up for the stressful parts. Dimitri is a very cute character, and I kind of love the "second chance" kind of love stories. The fact the new romance is the brother of the previous one makes it even more interesting. Though I must admit I don't hate Alex either. I'd almost be interested in a route for him - another kind of "second chance", let's say. Well, I say that, but I'm sure I'd feel guilty about Dimitri if I Alex had a route and if I'd be playing it.

I'm glad the clothes making part of the game isn't overbearing, as stuff like that tends to bore me to no end - but it was nicely balanced, so nothing to say about that - it was totally okay. 

Characters. Well, as I said, I like both Dimitri and Alex, and most of the side characters are pretty cool too. MC is pretty okay, though sometimes she can be too naive or in denial to my tastes, but I think that may vary depending on her background / route. On that note, I have a question - do the kind or fierce choices lead to dialogue changes before the ending? Like in the way she acts "by herself" during the course of the game, I mean?

Well, it's hard to do a full review for now - I'll post something more in depth when I'll be able to finish the route and after playing the other avaible one. But if you could spare a moment for your time for answering my questions, I'd be happy! And again, please don't feel bad about the first part of my comment - you did a great job on the game, and it's totally worth a paid version and all - I'm really only bothered by the fact I couldn't know about the fact I wouldn't get the full ending before reaching the actual ending in-game. 

Oh I'm sure I'll love it!

As for the dreams, well, I have quite different dreams than most people - I hardly ever have dreams where I appear. So basically, it's like watching a movie. And even when I play a role in the dream, I'm almost never myself, like in the "me I am when I'm awake". In those cases I'm often one of my characters. Konoi is actually a wolf demoness that appears in my dream since I was 3 years old, and I'm always in her body in those dreams. They don't happen often, but each time she's older and lot of stuff have happened in her life.

A lot of the stories I create were actually taken from my movie-like dreams. So I can't really tell that a character visits "me" in a dream since I'm basically not in the dream and I obviously can't interract with them XD. It may be due to the fact I never identify with characters in fiction. For example, when I'm playing a romance VN, I don't project myself into the MC - instead I help them achieve happiness. I'm like a guardian spirit. Well, of course in  games like Baten Kaitos (not a VN, but oh well) where you actualle ARE the main character's guardian spirit, I identify with the caracter I play since it's basically the  role I always think I have when I play - with the exception I can also talk with the main character this time. Though, I tend to argue with Baten Kaitos' hero quite a lot, but that's funny too.

I think because of that, I have dreams about characters from games and series way more than people who are themselves in their dreams, as the dream can be "in context". So yeah, it was my first time dreaming about one of Bermuda's characters, but I often dream about Rama since I love him so much.

Happy to know the progress is going well - congrats on finishing another chapter!

I understand oh so well the desire to skip on the middle part in a story and go from the intro to the juicy segments XD - I have the same thing when I master RPs and I have to write my scenario. I always need to fill the middle part with interesting things for the players to enjoy, but I can't go on with the main story yet, and it frustrates me. Funny because I don't feel it as much when I write other kind of things. I guess it's because it's SO frustrating in RP that I don't feel it anymore in other circumstances haha

But seriously, you CAN'T imagine how eager I am to play. Can you believe two nights ago I've DREAMT about this game. How obsessed one can be, eh? Can't exactly remember what was in that dream, aside from the fact it was about Kah'lil

It sucks, but I totally understand you. I'm in an extremely dire situation rigth now myself - I can't find a job that can sustain me, I live in a place where I can't pay my rent right now and I have to deal with an outright crazy person (sorry for the harsh word, but believe me, it's true) but I fear they'll throw me out if I act about that, and I can't get myself to draw or write anymore because of all the stress, so it prevents me from trying to go on with my projects, and the added stress of that prevents me from looking for a better "regular" job too... It's a nightmare, so yeah...

Anyway, it at least you found a way to get out of this shit, then I'm happy for you!

Yay thank youuu!

Ah, finally got to play the demo till the end! It's really a great game!

All the characters I've met so far are interesting, though I'm sad I couldn't meet more of the main cast. 

The art and music are gorgeous. I'm just frustrated because the game runs slow as hell and lags all the time - it's a bit hard to play because of that. But well, other than that and the need for some proofreading, it's really awesome.

Well, I needed the scrollback only because I couldn't save at choices. I think it's the first time I play a VN where you have to hit Escape in order to do so - couldn't have guessed XD

Definitely a great game! Can't wait for the full version! At least the wait won't be so long at this point.

I loved the characters and their sillyness at some points, and also the whole scoring and personality system, though I'm wondering if the score will affect the ending or some other things. I also can't help but notice the game has "7 romanceable characters", but it seems there are only 6, which means secret character. Nice!

Teo is definitely my favorite of the bunch, though Ashley isn't far behind.  They're so lovely.

I have only one complaint about the game - the fact that right-clicking the mouse doesn't bring up and close the save menu as with most visual novels. It bugs me to no end and I always right click before realizing it doesn't work. I also wish I could save during all choices - I always save at each choice, so I can check various outcomes of my actions and also they serve as checkpoints, since I like to re-read parts of routes I liked, and having a save at a choice helps me with knowing that's the right moment in the game. Not to mention not having a scroll back option prevents me from easily going back before  the choice to save at that point. I mean, can understand the desire not to let people save at choices, but I'd really like to be able to open and close the save menu with a right click at least.

Other than that, I really have nothing to complain about with this game - it's really great!

Well, I'm a bit late to the party, but I've just played the demo, and it was very nice. Extremelly pleasing aesthetically, and it was cool to have a fully voiced game - and even cooler to have a voiced MC - I really dislike when they are mute.

I wish the demo had a couple of choices too, so you can see various interractions with each character, but that's not a major issue per se. 

As for the characters, well, I like them all, though none is one of my "types", sadly. I mean, as I said, they're all enjoyable anyway, but I don't have a huge crush on anyone. My favorites are Jeremy and Jaiden, but I have a hard time deciding who I like the most between the two. Maybe Jeremy if I had to choose. Well, the good thing about not having a huge crush on one of them is that I'll probably be able to do all routes. Sometimes if I like a character too much I can't force myself to do any other route  than his. 

Aah, so excited for this! I'm quite broke this month, but since I have until late february to get the discount anyway, and the release won't be this month anyway, that's quite fine XD

Can't wait to actually play it!

I mean, it's not like I can watch the movie now - the things I was talking about I take that from the trailer and elements from the second movie. The movie won't hit the theaters until february 6th or something like that in France, so yeah, almost a month of wait yet. So I won't be able to really talk about it for a long time - I just hope I won't get spoiled by the internet in the meantime. It's like freaking Wreck-it Ralph 2 - we have to wait until january 23rd! Usually we don't have such delays, but the newest Asterix movie came out by the end of the year, so they delayed most of the US animated movies so the french one would score more entries. I'm so pissed when they do that. Well, at least they didn't delay Into the Spider-verse.

These cards are gorgeous! I love them all so much!

Yeah, I've noticed the reference too, actually XD

Though hmm... When I'm talking about not liking the direction the story may take, I'm not talking about the dragon romance, even though that romance may be a step towards what I'm talking about. But I'd rather not tell it now in case someone who doesn't like that kind of stuff and haven't noticed the same things as me reads the post.

I'm excited about the Lion King too, though I must admit I actually don't like the first movie, except as an introduction to the second one and to Lion Guard. But the Lion King 2 IS actually one of my favorite Disney movies ever. I hope the new movie will change the elements that I disliked about the original Lion King. That would be great!

Glad you've got only "almost" fevers, and not full out fevers!

Yeah, I'm excited too about HTTYD3, though I'm also very worried about how the story will end, because of the overall vibes the story was giving so far - and it got even worse with the vibes of the trailers now. Well, at least the white dragoness is gorgeous.

Hey there!

So, I've finished the game for the first time (I mean, with a good ending) after fighting with it for quite some time. First of all, I must congratulate you for making a game where I hit a few bad endings unintentionally before getting to my first good one. After so many years playing BL and otome games, I became pretty good at it and I usually can get the endings I want straight ahead!

So, I did Pol's ending, and I really loved it, despite it being somewhat bittersweet because of all the stuff happening and that Tirs discovered. Still beautiful ending. Tirs being Tirs, it was very touching to see him choosing that path in life.

Next character I'll do will be Biel - can't wait to try that too. At least now I won't be tricked by the game anymore haha!

As for Marc well. I didn't like him in the demo, and now I hate him XD - so I won't be doing his route, but that's okay, I'm not aiming for all endings so it's fine. I'm very satisfied with his fate in the ending I did - and I suppose it's the same in Biel's, so yeah, I'm happy with that.

Overall, the story surprised me - I honestly didn't think it'll go down that path. I was expecting something more si-fi. But it doesn't make the game any less good - I really loved ill from beginning to end. 

Honestly, I have only one complaint, and it doesn't seem it's on the list of your to do things for the update, so I'll mention it. I'd love to be able to adjust the text speed. I'm a very fast reader, and the slow advancing text is bothering me a lot. I tend to set it on the fastest possible without it being entire messages appearing at once. But well, that's a minor thing, obviously.

So yeah, again, congrats on the release. Can't wait for My Burning Heart now!

Congraaats on the full release!

Going to play right now!

Waah, so cool! I'll wait for the proper demo but I'm so excited to play!

I have one little question about the game though. In the first one, you had to play all the routes to unlock the last one. Is there something like that here too? I'd rather be able to play any route from the start, especially since I don't want to bother with a loveless route and I'd also gladly skip the routes of the characters I did only to unlock the last one in the other game. I may not do the game at 100% if I can skip on some routes, but I'll enjoy it 100% more XD

Always happy to listen and help if I can!

And happy holidays to you too!

Aww, tootache is awful - I have some teeth issues at the moment too.

Funny thing about what you said - I actually NEVER noticed Rama's route has no kiss scenes (and god knows how many times I've played the game) until the Steam version. And I wouldn't have noticed either if it wasn't for the trophies - since you put trophies for the kissing scenes, so obviously he doesn't have one. I tend to notice stuff like that, so it means I think the route is very satisfactory without a kiss scene. I dunno, I liked it just the way it was. But then again, this is the most satisfactory route ever to me, so yeah, I guess some people may be bothered by that? 

OOC choices may be a very cool thing, actually, as long as the character thinks to him/herself something like "I don't really know why I did that". Heart no Kuni no Alice makes an interesting use of that. While romance choices heavily depend on the character you're romancing, you also have a hidden "sense of responsibility" stat. That's basically Alice's urge to go back on Earth and finish what she had to do there, go back to her life and put it straight and things like that. A bit like Tamara's thoughts about her having to deal with her uncle and stuff. Since at the beginning Alice wants to go back, the in-character choices are those that add sense of responsibility points. But if at the end of the game you have more than 3, she'll feel like she must go back on Earth which basically grants you the bad ending for any route you're currently playing. For her to stay in Wonderland and get her happy ending with your chosen bachelor, you have to go a bit OOC on responsibilty choices.

Nooo why are you doiiing that to meee?!

Ahem, I tend to hate friendship endings in games, so it may impede me from 100%'ing the game XD - but don't worry, that's my own issue.

Though now you made me curious - why should his route be a turn-off to some people? I mean, not asking for spoilers about events here, but rather I'd like to know if you're saying that because he's an antagonist per se, or if some elements of the route or the character's behavior make you fear that?

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Oh yeah, could you tell me where the achievement "Reksa left" is supposed to pop up? I thought it was after he discovers the truth about Tamara, but I didn't get it. Though it might be in Rama's route too, after one of the meetings with him. Just want to make sure it isn't bugged too.

EDIT: neeever mind, totally forgot there was a way to "fail" his route and that it was surely related to that XD - silly me. Got it without issue once I remembered that. So yeah, only my favorite route left now.


I'll be doing Reksa's route now, so I'll just drop a message if I spot anything else

I guess I'll put I got it for free since patreon is a fully optional thing - that is, if I find the button to put that XD - never done a review for something I got a key for before.

Anyway, as for Mitra, well that was a fast fix XD - tried it, and it works perfectly now!

Haah, I'm so eager to play Bermuda Triangle!

In the meantime, I've started to replay Legend of the Winged Ones' Steam version, starting with Mitra's route as it's the one I like the least. And I FINALLY did the "normal ending". As expected, hated it, but well, the "going back home" is my biggest pet peeve in fiction ever so yeah, normal XD - I only did it for the achievement. And well, it's a bit mean to Mitra but I wouldn't be able to do it to any of the other two, so it has to be on his route.

Now though, I have an issue since the achievement for Mitra's good ending doesn't seem to unlock, and I've tried a couple of times just to be sure it isn't a bug on my end. So yeah, I guess you should look into it when you have time.

On a side note, I'll write a review on Steam of course, though I first want to replay all the routes, but I wanted to know if I should tell I got the product for free or not, since that's a thing on Steam? I'm honestly not sure since I got it by recieving a key that was not because I did a purchase on another site, but at the same time, it's true that I recieved the key because I'm a patron and thus, you still recieved money from me? Really confused about how to proceed XD

Now this looks interesting and gorgeous!

I'll follow the project! Good luck guys!

Congraaaats! Downloaded it already - I'll play it as soon as I have the time! And a good pal of mine purchased it too XD

Oh my, the new artstyle is so gorgeous - haven't seen it before because for some reasons I forgot to subscribe! Now I have to replay it!

Oh, yeah, there it is, in the spam box, of couuurse XD

Idiot gmail is idiot - thank you!