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Oh thank you! I've moved on, but it seems funny - may try it at some point

That CG is absolutely gorgeous, wow!

And the rival system is nice, something we don't see often. Though, knowing myself, I'll be frustrated we can't romance the rivals haha!

Glad you found a job that seems to suit you better, and congrats on the progress, even if it was slower that you'd like!

Must admit I'm not a huge fan of this Sherlock, but then again I dislike the actor so much that it makes it hard to me to watch anything with him. His only role I manage to like (more or less) is Dr Strange.

But Kahlil and the raptors are sooo damn cute!

Thank you!

I'll gladly replay then, since I was one of the people who were a bit bothered by her lines. I'll give you my feedback in a day or two as I'm busy right now

Hey guys!

I've been notified that you updated the game as I'm following you, and I'd like to know the changes from the previous demo. Since I've already played a couple of times, I'd rather know if I should play this version too, or wait for the next one!

Thank you, and congrats on the progress!

Okay, thanks!


Will the people who purchased here get Steam keys, by the way?

Well, I think Infinity War was great, but at the same time, part of me regrets having seen it now, since I REALLY need the next movie haha - the cliff hanger was too much. So waiting is not a bad idea

Aw, I'm sorry your week was bad. Hope you'll get better soon!

As for Infnity War, yeah, I've seen it. It was great, though the intro left me traumatized for the rest of the movie, to be honest. Then again, I didn't feel as devastated as with the Age of Ultron, so I guess that's that...

Hey, first of, congrats on all the exciting things for your studio! So bad I live in France so I obviously won't be able to come, but oh well.

And man, I'm so hyped for this game - it looks so gorgeous and seems so interesting from the few things we can see. I'm still as in love with TODO as I was before, but I think I'm even more excited for this one - BEFORE even playing the demo haha!

Good luck with the preps you need to do for your demo and with that deadline!

Created a new topic About the planned story mode

Hi there!

I was about to try the newest built of the game - and it'll be my first time trying it out as I've discovered it only recently. I have a question about the story mode - it may have been asked before, but well, since I've discovered the game only recently, I didn't read the entire old questions topic. From what I understand, the story mode will be full fleshed with more than one possible outcome, not counting the bad endings / game overs, and you'll be able to do a purity / chastity run. And by meeting a character numerous times, you'll be able to build a bond. Am I right s far? The question is - will you be able to "romance" a character, so to say, and maybe get an ending related to them? I know this isn't a dating sim, but if you keep on meeting with and interracting with a specific character, responding positively to them, and maybe even avoinding other sexual interractions with other characters, that "could" be possible.

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Well, I’ve finished the entire game now (actually, I did the night following my previous comment, but I didn’t have the time to review it before). Or almost finished, I guess – I’m missing the 9th CG on the first page. Must be something bad ending related or whatever – I won’t look for it actively.

As said before, I really liked the game and most of the routes were really cool. The only ones I didn’t particularly like were the girls’ ones, but it’s simply because it’s not my cup of tea – otherwise they were well written and cute and stuff anyway haha! But well, had to do those to access the unlockable one.

The characters are great in this game, and I honestly have a hard time deciding who was my favorite or whose route was the one I liked the most. I guess it’s either Leopold or the secret character, but it’s difficult to tell.

Now, I have one complaint – something that was bothering me a lot during the whole game. Lots of names seem to be French-inspired. It’s fine, but well… two of them were weird. First, Françoise. While the name exists, it’s solely feminine.  The male version is François. Then, the surname du Jardine. This is even weirder – I guess it was meant to be the “from the garden” surname, but that would be du Jardin, then. Jardine sure means “garden”, but as in the verb – it translates as “(I) garden” / “(he/she) gardens” and a couple of other forms, not the garden as in the location with trees and plants XD.


I’ll go more in depth about each route, but because of that, a little warning:


---------SPOILERS AHEAD!!! ---------


- Charlotte – clearly the route I like the least. She’s a sweet girl, but not my kind of characters, and between that and the fact I’m not into GL games made it boring to me. On the bright side, I really like the message the route makes, about believing in yourself and not letting others tell you you’re worthless or stupid.


- Sofia – slightly better than Charlotte. She was an interesting character, so my only problem was that I dislike GL. But it also was the cruelest of all the routes in my opinion, because of how the final issue is solved. What can I say, I love the secret character, and I can’t even imagine that from his point of view.


- Guillaume – the first route I did, actually. Sweet and heartwarming. The prince is a fine character, and it’s always nice to see guys like him daring to challenge their parents and start to be masters of their own lives instead of listening to them. I wanted to do his route first since it was Iolanthe’s “mission” when she went to the palace, and well, it was a nice warm-up route.


- Leopold – one of my two favorite routes. He was an intriguing character, the sort you know is scheming something and because of that are not sure if you should trust him or not. The reveal about his goals is cool too, and I love the fact Iolanthe can just say “I’m impressed” XD – she always manages to surprise him. To be honest, Leopold almost made me cry at some points because of how lonely he was, and how he had to keep his secrets to himself and endure the stares of the court. The only thing that bothered me in this route is the ending – I love open endings – and in this game they fit really well the overall mood and writing style. Leopold’s ending was nice too, of course, but because of his and Iolanthe’s quite “extreme” plans for the future, it would have been nice to know how it went – even a short scene from after the facts would be enough and would wrap it perfectly.


- Bastien – this is a special case. I love Bastien, and I love master-servant relationships, so this is basically the route for me. And I like it very much, sure. But unfortunately, the route doesn’t add any new spin to the formula – it’s basically what I was expecting from that kind of scenario (+ added cruelty for the secret character XD). So yeah, it works, and I like it, but it prevents it from being one of my favorite routes.


- Secret (how I’d like to use his name, but oh well, I guess it’s better to keep it down, even with the spoiler warning haha) – the second route I like the most – it maaay be my number one, but I’m not entirely sure since, as with Leopold, one small detail prevents it from being perfect, so they’re quite tied. So, about the route itself! It was so extremely touching and… I don’t know, it’s hard to express actually, but I really felt it? It was like it tore the feelings straight from my guts and heart or something. I can’t help but think this route was “destiny” – like this would be the canon one. Well it’s a nice feeling when, for once, I think that about the unlockable route, since often I don’t like it very much in games and I’m frustrated it’s “more special” than the other routes I like more than it. The play scene in this route was one of my favorite gaming moments from the recent months. It got me hard! Now, I did mention a detail preventing it from being perfect, right… Well, it would benefit from a kiss / almost kiss scene like ALL the other routes. The lack of it actually bothered and slightly upset me even. It would have been so precious and powerful.



Well, I guess that would be it! It had some small issues, but overall a fantastic game – I’m happy I’ve been able to finally play it! Thank you for making that little gem!

Oh sure, I'll do so in a moment - thank you for your answer!

I just finished playing one route, the prince's, and I must admit it was really interesting. I like the huge amount of choices and how they impact Iolanthe's behaviour and reputation. And the ending was truly heartwarming!

The sprites and CGs are nice, and the music choices are fitting too. The characters are overall compelling and some scenes made me laugh so much haha! Overall, a really nice game.

I have a small question though - if I understand correctly, there is one kind of secret route? Not asking for spoilers here, I'll manage to unravel it,  but I'd like to know one thing, if that's ok for you to tell. Is that the kind of secret routes that are merely hard to get on, but that can be done anytime, or is it actually of the unlockable type and I'd have to play all the other routes to get it? I must admit I'm not that interested in some of the routes, so I'd rather know beforehand haha! Not criticizing here though - it's just a matter of personal tastes!

And also, thanks for making this awesome game! I was waiting for it since the first announcements!

OH. MY. GOD. This looks SO COOL and promising! I just can't wait for it to be finished now- I'm already in love. Can't really say much more to be honest haha

Both the sketch WIP and the story are very sweet, but that left me wondering. You say the story is a spoiler for some scenes, but well, I don't know the scenes by numbers haha. Is this a canon thing if you don't make things right for Basil and Carlota? Never went that way even though I've played at least 5 times, so I wouldn't know haha

Well, that was my second choice, so not bad haha!

Still, aaah... we need some Santana art haha

Well, what can I say, I really adore them haha!

Though, I'm sorry Lucy, but I like Santana more XD

6 - Santana and Lucy (as probably expected from me XD)

Yeah, I can understand. At least I'm sure the game will be awesome!

And going to check it! Don't worry about you taking your time - I was just worried it didn't reach you because of the problems you had

It's hard not to feel invested since the characters are so fantastic haha! And There's something really compelling to be about not knowing everything about the character I'm controlling, too.

And thanks! I guess my years of playing visual novels of all sorts helped me haha

You're welcome! Glad I could help!

Hmm well... I couldn't really do a walkthrough but...

------SPOILERS AHEAD------

I've tried to always choose optimistic and respectful choices. Admitting faults if needed or backing down if Brandon's opinion seemed right, but I've tried not to hesitate either when the MCs opinion seemed to be the more reasonable one. I believe that when talking about music and so on, I've always picked the options that would imply the MC knows about the bands and events Brandon was talking about, even if I wasn't, and I've never asked directly about how was school, only if he feels good / better, how was his day and so on. Also, I've always acted in favor of meeting IRL at any possible point, and reassured Brandon that it's normal for people to be different online and in real life, but that the MC would never think of him a weird or anything in real life. In cases where the MC was telling him it's impossible to meet because various family reasons, always told him he'd rather meet him, or stay online longer or whatever. After the argument, I've decided to apologize every time it was possible and say the MC deserved Brandon's anger, and to be honest about having a reason for ditching him and telling it was because he got nervous to meet him.  I dunno if that's important, but when saying hi and goodbye, I've always chosen the polite and friendly options, but without being too familiar, like calling him bro and so on.

Hope it helps!

Aw, that's very sad news, but understandable considering the circumstances. Still, I'm sorry to hear that.

By the way, considering the issues, I'll ask it here, but have you recieved the e-mail I've sent you a while ago? With all the issues you're facing, you may have not. Just in case - I'm the person who, a while ago, offered to maybe try out for the colorist position you needed for AOGSR. Becaue of a ton of problem in real life I kinda went silent after asking you a few questions, but I'm definitely free to try out - it could at least make it a bit easier to you.

Such a sweet little game! Short and simple, but I've enjoyed it a lot, and the truth behind the events was interesting - it was nice to see a game like that with something more than romance.

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Just finished a playthrough of the game... and oh dear... I'm literally crying. It's not even something close to home to me, but man I got so invested in the characters! Not only the game is gorgeous music, art and GUI wise, but the story was so beautiful!

I must say I've REALLY enjoyed the twist by the end. I was wondering what was off with my character because of some of his reactions that were not up to me, but I honestly didn't expect that, it was great. 

I got the "so let's go where we're happy" ending, and I love it so much! Am I right to assume it's the best ending out of the 4?

Anyway, I'm really in love with the game! Thank you for creating such a gem!

I'll re-download later then!

Well, I liked Atreus' route too, don't get me wrong - I actually tend to like monster transformations more, to be honest haha. But I don't know, in this particular case, I liked the other one too. The both corrupted one is the one I liked the least I think

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You did it! Congratulations!

Gonna play it tonight!

EDIT: just finished playing, and did the three endings! It was a cool game - perverted and sad in a way, but interesting. I like the fact that in the end, you're playing as the antagonist not the heroes.

It had some small errors, probably due to the short deadline, but only one really bothered me - if you go for the "both corrupted" route, if you choose Ollin for the third scene, the game will assume he was corrupted with the minotaur, and state he's still a virgin (same thing happens in the final scene). In my playthrough of this route it was slighly awkward since I actually did corrupt him against the orcs. And the villain even says so during the dialogues before the last scene. But well, other than that it was nicely done. My favorite "route" was the full-corrupt Ollin one. It felt like the more "natural" one to me, and besides I like his new design at the end of that route a lot!

Anyway, congrats again, and good luck with finishing FotS now!

Oh yeah, makes sense about the sleeping bit - but since I didn't knew if they did or not haha XD

Should have thought about that - I forgot it was a nanoreno projecct - silly me!

Oh, that feature sounds nice - I'd definitely love it! I'm a sucker for lore, especially if the universe is interesting and have a rich history

Wow you're fast haha!

Still looking awesome! I really like the antagonist's design!

I have two questions, actually!

1 - Is this game set in the same universe as FotS?

2 - Will it be free? I need to know if I must save some money haha!

Thank you! And thanks for answering about the species thing! It's so sad the shika and cubi are extinct now, man. Oh and by the way, when I say same setting, I mostly mean the same universe - not necessarily the same period. Not that this is really important since you answered anyway haha

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Took more time than I thought since I was busy, but I’m done with the demo! Well, I did try only one background, but I usually stick with one choice forever in things like that, so yeah, that’s fine. Well, I’ll answer your questions now!

1. What did you think overall?

I really loved the game a lot. I’m brimming with happiness that it has the same setting as Arena Circus – I like playing more than one game in the same setting so I can discover more aspects of the world. Very excited about the newly introduced species too, and happy that I can choose which one to play.

2. Which character are you most excited about romancing?

This is a surprise even for me but… all of them? It doesn’t happen often, but I love the three of them a lot. Rafael is my type – I like awkward characters like him a lot. Braums is very cute and I’m overall curious about him. And Paris… well, this is the biggest mystery as I usually hate childhood friend romances (except if the friendship has gone awry and it’s also about reconstructing it, which isn’t the case here) and I usually hate that kind of flirty characters… and yet, I still like him a lot, and I love how he and Ash interact. Maybe it’s the fact Ash is so unaffected by his shameless flirting XD

3. Did you find any bugs/typos?

I’ve spotted one thing that strikes me as awkward – on the species selection screen, if you pick a cubi, the backstory says “Ash was abandoned in Belldale when they were an orphan (…)” – didn’t you want to say that they are an orphan, abandoned it Belldale when they were a child or something like that? Maybe it’s just me…

4. What would you like to see most in the full game?

Hard to tell, honestly. I don’t really know what to expect from the game – it’s pretty mysterious as of now – I have a hard time predicting how the adventure would flow. I guess I may like to see bad ending styled game overs. I mean, the main characters are doing something obviously dangerous with no prior experience because they don’t know better. Things can go in a bad direction very quickly, and I like to see the consequences of bad choices in games. Seeing some heartbreaking bad endings or game overs makes the good endings even better – it’s like, you see the good outcome after seeing how bad things may have unfolded. It makes them taste even better.

5. Other comments or suggestions?

As I said before, I really like the fact you’re able to choose the gender and species of the main character, and how it affects the story. Of course, since I’ve played with only one main character, I don’t know the exact differences, but I’ve seen lot of dialogue exclusive to the species I’ve chosen – the shika. I must add I love the shika – they’re beautiful and so interesting – I’m genuinely interested in knowing more about the species as a whole, and playing Ash as a shika is a good way I think.

As for not so good things, I’m somewhat confused by the choice system, to be honest. I hated the bakery choice for example – I was outright confused as of wtf are these choices I don’t understand it haha. I mean, unless you’ve seen this specific food presented in this specific way, you won’t know what is it. It would work if Ash was clueless about it too, and if you choose blindly only by the looks of it, but they seemed to know what said food was. I had to pick every one of them, see what Ash says about what it is, and then go back to my choice and so on, and only after that pick my actual answer. Not having at least the name of the product was a bit of a hassle, honestly. The “regular” choice icons confuse me too, but somehow I managed.

A question now! Since the game seems to have the same setting as Arena Circus, I’m curious… where are the humans? It may be a coincidence, but I didn’t see any human in the descriptions all along – all the characters I’ve met were described as cubi, shika or reaver. Obviously, if it’s something important and a spoiler, don’t feel like you must answer me XD

Also, will you actually get to choose the routes you’ll travel? Braums asked Ash to choose the safest route, and I’m wondering if the players will actually be able to choose the path they’ll travel, which would determine what will be happening during their time on the roads.

Oh yeah, and last one, is this a free game? Just want to know if I have to prepare some spare money haha! I mean, it says it's free, but Arena Circus is free and yet you can pay for bonus content.


Anyway, except for the choice system I’ve really liked the demo! Can’t wait to play the full version!

Aaaah so excited now! It looks soooo so cool! Gonna test it this night and answer the question after that haha

Hey - don't worry, it's my bad. These latest days have been so hellish I didn't have time or energy to pick samples and send the emails I need to send. I should be able to sit down and do it today or tomorrow though. Sorry about that!

Oh, seems very promising! I'll be waiting for the release!

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The sad music isn't bad for the start of the scene, but I'd change it when the courrier arrives, since at that point you know it's good haha

Thanks! I'll email you tomorrow - it's late where I live and I'm tired!

Don't worry, I realize you can't pay, but that's okay. Honestly, I need my art to be advertized a bit, so working on a game and appearing in the credits would be my payment, if that makes you feel better haha! Do you have an email adress I could use to send you samples?

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Hi there! Nice to see things are going on, albeit slowly! I hope things will get sorted out quickly!

If you haven't found yet, I may be able to color, but before going through sending emails with examples and all, I'd rather ask here - how much would the coloring style need to look like the one you already have, and would it be for sprites, backgrounds or CGs and so on? I can tweak my style only to some extent, so I need to know beforehand haha