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the full game will be free because it's a passion project by pinyin :)

I enjoyed the demo but got many crashes because of the whole RAM situation. Many people have this issue and I feel that if you guys added the option of turning animations on and off, many of us could play the game.

oooh thank you, I've been looking for more romance VNs site I've already read so many >.< I will definitely check it out <3

OOF I've only been waiting a year... sigh, well hopefully it gets released (at least)early  2019

;-; they could at least tell us the release date, they did state that if they were to not release it in Christmas they would give us info about the release

no, it's a passion project, so it will be free :)

she doesnt tell them about the man as she wants to investigate him herself, she said she is a curious type, and telling her friends about it would cause alarm and they would tell her to stay away and Lioji would probably tell his dad

I loved the demo and cannot wait for the full release!!!!! I was wondering, will you release another updated demo to experience more or is thistle last demo we are getting?

Don't forget to get some rest too! Take your time over this game because it's off to a great start <3

ah thank you so much, good job on the game I CAN'T WAIT! <3

hi, do you have any idea when the full game or atlas next chapter will be released, I loved it so much and was so sad when it said to be continued, thanks

Omg I love this so much! Please can you let us know how the progress is going and if you're almost finished or not? We won't mind if the release date changes, but just a rough idea?