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I've had a question on my mind, will there be future games that are set in the Soul set universe?

Replied to Nayru in SoulSet comments
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You should do a poll to see who eveyones favorite character is....ps. mine is also Apris

From what Ive found out in my playthroughs, you need to gather the other endings like normal and bad endings to find the clues.

From what I've read it is, they are just waiting for paper work

Replied to Nayru in SoulSet comments

I get it now XD I think its because I assumed that all five had four endings each so I know now the she doesn't. I'm assuming that not all characters will have a certian amount of bad endings, though now I'm having a hard figuring out if Apris has a true and normal ending... At any rate thanks for the help!

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I'm also having trouble for Yvonnes' Bad Ending B, I've gone through her route several times and still haven't gotten it. I was also wondering if a digital copy of the artbook will eventually be for sale?

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Will an ending guide be released? Also does every character have four clues? Loving the game btw!