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Mistakes? Typos? Sticky

A topic by sonnet009games created Jan 03, 2018 Views: 593 Replies: 7
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Post them here and I'll make the corrections for the next build.

I think it might of been on purpose , but if not than it is a rather minimal mistake. Near the end where they are reading Bahadur's emancipation document out loud it describes  him and says "...Black hair and of yellow eye" and I think it was suppose to be pluralized and say "eyes" . I apologize if I'm wrong, and other than that the writing and the story itself has been flawless.

The market has long since closed for the day, and there doesn't seem to be any patrols.

Should be "don't"

That sentence is fine because making it "there don't seem to be" is not right. "Doesn't" being there is perfectly fine

No, it's not.  The subject is patrols (plural) so it's don't not doesn't (if the subject were patrol (singular) then doesn't would be correct).

I believe I found an error, when Royo is taking MC to her room she states "This is you, Lady MC." I think you should be yours? I could be wrong...

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Right after MC and Bahadur decided to stay in Anisa's house: "Is is just you, MC? Where's Bahadur?" - must be "it" i think

In the prison, when three damaged guards threaten Bahadur with a truth serum: "Bahadur bends his head to apologise once more" - must be "z"

the spelling of apologise alters depending on your use of the British spelling or the United States spelling of the word