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If you want to make a VN, I definitely recommend going for it! I am also a chronic un-finisher, but making these games has really helped me get over that hurdle.

Besides Ran and Bahadur, there will also be a route for Royo (who you have met) and Amir and Jamal (who you have not). There is more information on all the love interests in the Wilder tag on my two tumblrs, if you're interested.

Thank you ever so much for this long, detailed feedback! I am delighted that you enjoyed Ran's Story -- and very grateful that you took the time to say so. Bahadur's Story should be coming out before the end of the year, and I can only hope that you enjoy him, too. :-)

Wow, thank you! :-) Such kind words.

Ohhh, that's great! Thank you for playing, and for leaving this comment. I hope you enjoy the upcoming routes as well. :-)

Thank you! I hope I can continue to shamelessly manipulate your emotions in future stories. ;-)

Oh, wow, thank you! This is an incredible compliment, and I'm grateful that you took the time to write it. And it's wonderful to hear that you've enjoyed playing and re-playing multiple times. I'm so glad!

I'm not sure why you're not able to buy Ran's Story. I haven't had any other reports of purchasing issues. Sorry I can't help with that.

There are no current plans to release Wilder on Steam, but that may change in the future.

Unfortunately delayed (no duh, right?) but very much in progress!

Thank you!  :-D

I'm glad you enjoyed! And thank you for playing Aloners, too. Your words are too kind, and I appreciate them so much!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment. Can't tell you how much I appreciate it! There are definitely a lot of different aspects of the world still to be explored, so I hope you enjoy the upcoming stories as well.

You're welcome! :-) I hope you enjoy!

Aw, thank you. :-) I'm so happy that you enjoyed it!

(Sorry for the late reply!)

Thank you!

(Sorry for the late reply!)

Thank you very much -- for the kind words and the support. :-)

(Sorry for the late reply!)

I'm glad! And I'm glad that you enjoyed Aloners, too. Thanks for this comment. :-)

(Sorry for the late reply!)

Thank you! It's such an important part of the games I write, that players feel like they have agency without being punished, so I'm very glad that you felt like you could be the heroine you wanted to be.

(Sorry for the late reply!)

Sorry! :-/ No immediate plans to make this available on Steam. Hopefully one day, but until then itch.io is the only place to buy Wilder: Ran's Story.

I'm so glad that you loved him! And thank you for writing this comment. I can't tell you how much I appreciate knowing that you enjoyed this story the way you did.

(Sorry for the late reply!)

Thanks! Another route is upcoming. No release date (to avoid any more disappointment).

Hi there. This is a (sadly) not uncommon problem that some people have with games made in Ren'Py. 

Usually it is the user's antivirus program falsely assuming the .exe is malicious and deleting it when you extract the files from the .zip. I'd suggest that you tinker with your antivirus so that it understands the .exe file is not malicious, or else disable it just until you've extracted the files from the .zip.

You can download the demo from the official page. :-)

Thank you for purchasing! I'm really glad that you enjoyed Ran's Story.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :-) More is on the way!

Thank you so much! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. :-)

I'm glad that you liked the Teen/Mature choice. The best of both worlds, right?

Bahadur's Story will be next, so I hope you enjoy that. And there will be epilogues for all characters included in the full version of Wilder, to be released after the individual routes are done.

Haha! I know it's a long wait. He won't be ready for April, but soon. Hang in there!

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Bahadur's Story is next to be released, actually. :-)

LOL! Thank you so much! (And more is a-comin'...)

I'm glad! Thanks. :-)

Aw, wow, thank you so much!

Thank you so much! :-)

Thank you for playing, and for your kind words. I can't wait to see if anyone else is able to push Ran off his throne for you... ;-)

And the missing dialogue box should not be happening. If you are still having this issue, please email me (sonnet009@gmail) so we can get it fixed. You deserve a 100% working product!

I'm glad it didn't disappoint! Thank you so much.

Oh, I'm so glad! :-) Thank you very, very much for playing, and for sharing your response.

There are 5 routes, to be released one-by-one, followed by a complete edition. The demo can be downloaded here.

Sort of. In the world of Wilder, the magical-granting-wishes djinn are a thing of the past, or maybe even of legend. Modern djinn in this world have very little what is called "old magic" in them anymore.

Thanks for playing!

There are two endings, Bitter and Sweet. Parts of the mystery left unsolved will be addressed in other routes.

I just posted a guide to Ran's Story here.

And the gallery will not be present in the individual routes, but will be present in the complete edition that will be released afterwards.

Yay! Thanks!

And don't worry -- I'm still hard at work! :-)

Oops! Hope work wasn't too rough for you! ;-) And, thank you!