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thanks for your quick reply that would be awesome. my email is :)

Hey I was just wondering if the Bermuda triangle game will be playable on Mac's as the update seems to have impacted the ability to play games, and so unfortunately i can no longer play the legend of the winged ones :(

this looks good, is there any way this might be available for macs??

Hi that's probably the case then, thanks for the quick reply :)

With the new game it isn't asking me if I want to put in the arena golden password

the spelling of apologise alters depending on your use of the British spelling or the United States spelling of the word

thanks, I can't wait to try it out

looks amazing, is there any way this might be available on Mac one day

hey, I'm just wondering if anyone knows if the new updates out and if so how do I get it

hey I'm just wondering if this will also be available for Mac as I don't think the early release was

these episodes look so cool, just wondering whether or not this will be available on mac

thank you very much, i can't wait to play it

just wondering if there's a possibility that you will make this game available for mac. i haven't been able to play it as at the moment it isn't, but i can tell you that i think it looks awesome.

Thanks for the reply, can't wait for the next update, and hope you guys are doing well

can't wait

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i liked the demo, i think the drawings are done very well and the concept is cool. My favourite so far is Deka.  just wondering if Nikolei will get a bit nicer.  I'm pretty sure if I was the MC at one point i'd end up slapping him, maybe make this an option. ;) Would love to see some humility whacked into him.

Still I can't wait for the full release to see what this becomes. Any idea on ETA?

Also is this commercial, if so how much it will it be?

Thanks for the really quick reply, can't wait to see what it's about

looks cool just wondering if you were planning on making it available to mac

i like the look of this game and think the drawings done very well, can't wait to play the full version

Slight Spoiler if you haven't played yet...


I seriously love all your games and hope you continue to make them indefinitely. I thought it was pretty cool seeing the reaver universe in a different way to that in arena circus. My favourite character in this one was Paris, I love that how they continued to reach for their dream at the end. However, gotta say i'm a bit iffy about the baby, though i did think it was rather funny and probably realistic considering his former lifestyle.

Thanks very much for replying it was very helpful, I almost forgot about posting in this forum. 

just finished playing the demo and i just can't wait for the game release, just wondering if you have any idea when it might be released, and if we have to pay, how much it will be released for?

i know this thread is to report bugs but i didn't really have any problem with the game other than the fact that's not finished. :( Don't mean to cause any offence it's just that i'm so addicted to this game that i cannot wait for the next update. just wondering how the progress is going. i fully support and appreciate the game. i just think that it is so unique the way that you have the whole clothes making thing integrated into the story. Can't wait to see the rest of Neil's as well as the next route update. Though i am rather impatient take your time, (quality over quantity always ;)), I hope everything is well and i also hope you know how much i appreciate this game. 


A fan 

Hi, I was just wondering if you have any idea on when the full version will be released. i don't mean to be rude or ask you to rush I'm just asking as i finished the demo and liked it so much that i can't wait to play the full game through. 

just wanted you to know that this game rocks, i absolutely love the concept it's a really unique take on fairy tales. i've been playing this game on repeat and i can't wait for the sequel. i also wanted to know if you have any idea on the release date for that so i can start a countdown. ;)

thanks i'll try that out and if that fails i'll tell you more about it on the forums

thanks for replying so quick, but the absolutely option isn't popping up at all.

Hi i'm a fan of the game just having a bit of a problem getting any other ending than Broken Promise for Zane , wondering what i'm doing wrong. i maxed out management and trust as well as got all the affection choices.

hi i really want to play this game but i have mac so i can't. i was wondering if you were planning to make it so that mac will be able to run this game as well one day.

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i love zelda and i love this short game, thought the graphics looked awesome and loved the simple nature of the game which meant that anyone could play it. i hope you continue making games like this (hopefully a bit longer ;)) and that they are also still available for mac.

hi,  i was really looking forward to playing this game but whenever i try to download the mac file it tells me it's damaged

Hey i think all you have to do is go to your purchased items and download spirit parade it won't be the demo that you get and should include Hayato's route


is there any way that this will become playable on mac

love the game just wondering if there's another one coming out soon, and if so, do you have any idea when

brilliant can't wait. thanks for the quick reply

i thought it was really good would love to know if you're planning on completing it 

hope not it looks really good

Don't mean to be a bother but when do you think the full game will be released