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Hi i'm a fan of the game just having a bit of a problem getting any other ending than Broken Promise for Zane , wondering what i'm doing wrong. i maxed out management and trust as well as got all the affection choices.

This sounds like you might be making the wrong choice at the very end.

When the final choice is shown, choosing to leave him ("Of course it was!") will give you Broken Promise even if you have the right stats. 

 Choose "Absolutely Not!" instead. 

thanks for replying so quick, but the absolutely option isn't popping up at all.

That's interesting. This might be better to move to the Synokoria Forums for ease of answering.

As it is, do you get any option at all? If not that implies something is wrong with your trust. If you get "No, it wasn't." that implies your management isn't high enough. But you've maxed both. Can you try loading from a save and playing up to the ending without maxing them but getting them above 250?

thanks i'll try that out and if that fails i'll tell you more about it on the forums