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This sounds like the same problem as here:

If so, can you try press Shift+G and toggle some options there? You'll need to restart the game each time to see if it helps. Please try all of the options until you find the one that works the best as some may cause lag.

While I don't have a Mac myself to test, the following advice was provided by another user in an earlier comment:

"Right click on the renpy app, then say show contents or something like that. Then go into the folder that says Contents, then MacOS then double click on the black version of it. The terminal should pop open and you should be able to run the game."

Unfortunately not. The way to know it is new text is for the skip button to become disabled (with skip unread off) but for that to help you have to already be at the next.

The small number of lines imply it's small variations that are missing. Off the top of my head it could be :
- Meeting the green-haired kid (Lee) in Zane's route.
- Meeting the white-haired kid (Kai) in Daire's route.
- Choosing not to spend time with your husband in each of the getaway combinations.
- A variation in the auction aftermath in Daire's path based on whether his affection is high/low
- An extra line or two in both versions of the play during Kiron's route if you have seen the dress rehearsal

... I could have sworn I fixed that.

Ah well, that's why we go through proper proof reading and beta testing stages for the full releases.

We're terrible with sticking to release dates so we'd rather not say.

Garret and Liam have scenes unlocked by items too but none of the items tied to Garret's are available to buy in the demo. As for Liam, the available snacks unlock scenes for him but thanks to his job they can only be seen on weekends.

All 3 guy's have additional scenes tied to items that are not available in the demo.

Mick can visit the hospital as well - if he's been defrosted enough.

Try making other choices and buying some items from the shop because some can unlock additional scenes.

We have no plans for a Thanksgiving game but we are planning another Holiday Otome game.

We'll have a guide for the full game. Experimenting and making your own choices is encouraged for the demo.

Glad to hear that you're liking it.

The scene isn't that big, but the demo has been updated if you want to download and see what you missed thanks to the error.

So, it seems in my excitement to get out a release for Christmas, I accidentally misplaced a BG while building the Demo >_>
The Demo has been updated to 1.0.1 to fix this.

Halloween Otome doesn't have a payment option but the Halloween Otome Fan Book and Valentines Otome do.

You might find this thread in the lemmasoft forums useful:

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For the 'Fix It' puzzle just click the close button and choose “Stay”. It should unfreeze. 

If it doesn't, you can always skip it. As long as you haven't lost points elsewhere it will not affect your performance in Erik's game. Either way, it is not necessary to win Erik's game to get a good end.

We plan to release one eventually. We've got some pages done but there's still a lot of work left to do before we've got enough content to be satisfied.

Landon would be extremely worried while Tyler would be overjoyed.

Personally, I consider Kaiser more of a greater scope villain. He'll only be a villain to you if you get in the way of his plans.

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Guide can be found HERE.

Check out the relevant tabs (such as affection which has the ending requirements and correct choices).

The first three files are the demo, yes,  but the file without Demo in the name ( is the complete game.

Affection is a hidden stat that is based on your choices.

You can generally gauge it based on whether you are getting the his pov sections or the occasional more romantic variations of scenes.


There is an ending like that, yes.
You need to get trust and design to at least 250 early in the game as well as have high affection. Good Luck!

Hi there, Runaway Lovers requires low Management. The rest of it's requirements are the same as Truth Revealed.

Thank you very much for your kind words! It's always encouraging to hear that people enjoy our games! We have a poll regarding our next game if you're interested in that.

The traits are pretty much in-game cheats. For instance, with "Relaxed" it's quite trivial to max out all stats by the end of the game. The main reason we don't want to make pure cheats is that it could very easily break the game logic.

This may be a topic better tackled in the VO thread on the lemmasoft forums as we'd require logs and full system specs as well as a more in depth explanation of the issue before we can diagnose the issue.

Try shift+G and switching the options there?

Alternatively, try asking on the lemmasoft forum with your logs and full specifications so we can try to help as this may be something specific to your system and the current ren'py version.

We have plans, but we'd rather not say anything until a later stage because we learnt that lesson with VO. 3 years from demo to release was a long time to keep people in suspense.

1. He's not against marriage in general so much as himself getting married. Marriage is a commitment he doesn't feel he's ready for. It's easy enough to say you're going to date a person for the foreseeable future, but actually living with them and committing to spending your life with them is harder. Plus he knows he's hard to be with and it's less messy to have his girlfriend leave him than a wife. It's not something he wants to rush.

Also, the fact that children are likely to come after marriage scares him. Unlike Erik, he's in no hurry to start a family.

2. Not at the wedding, no. There's an extra scene available from the extras menu if you've seen a specific late game scene with him though. It shows him slowly starting to get over his reluctance to commit. 

This is strange because it implies that your affection somehow changed when you loaded the save.

I'm unable to recreate it, so I can't be sure what's causing it.

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Use the affectionate trait and max trust for Runaway Lovers.

Keep affection and trust low for Early Exit

More specific help can be found in the guide.

Getting the option for "Yes - but not right away" means affection is not high enough. The usual culprit here tends to be the birthday choice because it changes depending on current affection level and if affection is not high enough by this point you will lose out on the chance for another affection boost. 

The easiest to get the right end is to simply replay with the affectionate trait. Alternatively you can replay with the guide and ensure you have 9 affection points by the end of the game.

Hi. The affection guide tab in the guide has a list of all choices and the effect they have.

From what I'm seeing, it seems like you messed up on the choices. You can try using the affectionate trait to give you a boost or follow the guide.

The affection requirement for "Broken Promise" is actually lower than that of the better endings and I've modified the guide to reflect that.

Daire - > Design

Kiron - > Social

Further help can be found in the guide.

It's the very last file named "".

Erik's getaway is based on your Management skill.

The party is the better outcome for Mira because her husband actually reacts to it and tries to comfort her in his own way.  During the dinner sequence there is no strengthening of her relationship.

You will get blocked irrespective of which end you're on.

The important part is to meet his requirements before you are blocked.

That's interesting. This might be better to move to the Synokoria Forums for ease of answering.

As it is, do you get any option at all? If not that implies something is wrong with your trust. If you get "No, it wasn't." that implies your management isn't high enough. But you've maxed both. Can you try loading from a save and playing up to the ending without maxing them but getting them above 250?

This sounds like you might be making the wrong choice at the very end.

When the final choice is shown, choosing to leave him ("Of course it was!") will give you Broken Promise even if you have the right stats. 

 Choose "Absolutely Not!" instead. 

Thank you for your kind words!

We will be releasing a Fan Book of VO eventually. 

We'd hoped to release one with VO, but time got away from us.

We'll answer the questions we get unless they spoil future games, yes.

And we'll also be releasing a Fan Book for the game at a later stage.

Regarding an Osiria game, yes, but that's a while in the future. Someone else needs their story told first ;).

(1 edit)

Raise his affection by making the correct choices (these can be found in the guide linked above). If you have Tyler as Emma's boyfriend then you'll need to either use the affectionate trait or have Social above 150 by his getaway as well.

Raising Trust stops you from dying. Raising Management will only change the ending if affection is high enough.

If you did meet all the requirements then maybe you made the wrong choice at the end - don't choose to leave him.