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Unfortunately there is no direct paypal link to donate, but you can do so by paying for the Halloween Otome Fan Book which has an optional pay what you want feature.

Thank you for your support!

Ah, that would be it. Norton is notoriously bad when it comes to flagging anything it hasn't seen as a virus. As seen in below links for games by other developers (including notable ones such as Hanako Games and Cheritz) and the Ren'Py engine itself:






This is the virustotal results of scanning the .exe that is uploaded on itch.io ( you can try it for yourself as well ). only 1 out of 60 antivirus engines flags it as possibly malicious and that's actually remarkably good ( You usually expect at least 2-3 for lesser known files).

Based on your description it seems more likely that it was Norton itself had an error that caused it to hang on checking/quarantining the file than that it was a virus. Forcing the shutdown in the middle of Norton's scan would have been what caused Norton to behave strangely afterwards. My guess is that Norton was able to update/repair itself in those days after. As Norton is the only antivirus that seems to have such an issue with t his game (and this is an isolated case), it may be worth reporting to Norton so they can fix it.

Simply put, the PC would not have recovered had it been a virus (most antivirus software is only good at preventing an infection, not clearing it up. They can isolate files but any damage that is already done, is done. It's like slapping a bandaid on a gunshot wound)

We're honoured to hear that you enjoyed Halloween Otome enough to want to translate it. We're fully behind bringing Halloween Otome to more people and, as such, you have our permission to do so.

As you've created an account on the Synokoria Forums it may be easier to discuss this further there.

It's quite common for Ren'Py (and other) games to get flagged as false positives by certain antivirus software. More information on this can be found on the lemmasoft forums (The official Ren'Py support).

We're not really sure what to say about it "screwing up" your computer as the version we've uploaded has tested fine with others.

We have a few questions to determine what could have caused such a thing:

  • How did you download the game?
    • Direct Download from itch.io
    • Downloaded via the itch.io app
    • The mediafire link
    • Desura (currently defunct)
    • Another location that we are not aware of
  • In what way was your computer "screwed up"?
  • What operating system are you using?
  • What antivirus software are you using?
  • What exactly happened when you attempted to run the game?

Valentines Otome is being worked on - just very slowly. We're both very busy with RL and VO is a monster compared to Halloween Otome. We have been posting updates on our tumblr, lemmasoft threads and our own forum when we reach a milestone such a main route's writing being completed.

Unfortunately, it's still quite a while away from being finished.

Hello, which operating system are you using?

After extracting the contents of the zip file you would do one of the following depending on your operating system:

  • On Windows, open the "Halloween Otome.exe" which has an icon of Kippy.
  • On Linux, I believe it's "Halloween Otome.sh".
  • On Mac, there should be a Halloween Otome application.

If the corresponding file is not present after download, please check if your antivirus has not deleted or blocked it as a false positive.

Not this vday, no. There's still quite a long way to go before it's ready for a release.

Most likely it won't get a vday release at all (Halloween Otome released on vday... depending on your timezone). We would rather not hold it back for a special day when it finally reaches completion.

We're glad to hear that you found it and enjoyed it :D.

Some antivirus programs tend to flag Ren'Py games as false positives when they haven't been downloaded enough.

You can check the following links for more information:



Thank you for taking the time to comment. There's no need to apologise for your English.

We're happy to hear that you loved all of the characters enough to replay the game. If you haven't already, you can always check out the Fan Book for more Halloween Otome goodness.

Thank you for those kind words!

We're happy to hear that you enjoyed it.

Thank you for playing!

A lot of people go into it expecting to dislike Mr Bandages and find themselves either pleasantly surprised. We're glad to hear that you're one of the them. It's good to hear that each path felt unique. We tried to make them as unique as we could while keeping the same plot line and chain of events.

The yellow sweater mention is on Mr Wolf's route. If you'd spent the first rest day with Yellow Sweater, Emma does think about him at that point before deciding not to say anything.

If you haven't already, you should checkout the Fan Book for more content.

Thank you! We're happy to hear you enjoyed our games :)

Thank you for taking the time to comment! We love hearing what people think of the game.

We're glad to hear that you enjoyed it. It's nice to hear that each route felt different - we tried to make sure that they didn't just feel like copy paste/cardboard cutout routes despite sharing the same elements. If you do choose to replay, it may be worth it to try different combinations with regards to points and choices - some of them give unique responses.

By the way, have you tried the Fan Book? It has extra scenes and images that were not in the original game, if you're interested in seeing those.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: we absolutely love long comments!

It's nice to hear that all the boys got some love. Bandages McJerkface - an apt description.

It might not be a sequel, but the Halloween Otome Fan Book has extra scenes and info that was not included in the game. On the other hand, our next game, Valentines Otome, is a loose sequel in which you play as Mira and get glimpses of how the relationship from Halloween Otome is going (you get to choose which Halloween Otome guy got the girl). Sadly, Valentines Otome is still in development and far from finished, but it is already over 200K words long!

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Thank you for taking the time to comment! We love reading responses - they motivate us to work on our games. Long responses are especially effective :)

Now to answer your questions:

1. Yes, Mira is the protagonist of Valentines Otome. We have a link to the demo/sneak peak of it on tumblr but we're holding off on putting it on itch.io until we're closer to finished as things may change.

2. We love all of our boys, but some were definitely easier to work with.

If you want more Halloween Otome you can always check out the Fan Book if you haven't already. There's also going to be glimpses of how the relationship with Emma and whichever Halloween Otome guy you choose as her significant other in Valentines Otome to look forward to.

Hi, we're honoured that you think so!

Thank you! we are definitely still working on it slowly - its passed 200000 words so will be longer than HO and hopefully will still be enjoyable. =]