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This is exactly how we felt when we realised XD

If all goes well... Soon.

Wish us luck!

Sorry for the late reply!

You just paste in inside the folder named "game" and it should kick in.

It's lovely to hear that you enjoyed the game!

Regarding the BGs, we do wish we could have been more consistent with them but at that time we were relying on what we could find freely available or as an asset pack which led to many differing BG sources. We would like to update them at some point, but we are prioritising making new games so there's no guarantee if or when that will be possible.

You can check out the walkthrough for the ways to get max points on the puzzles HERE

We're glad to hear that you enjoyed the game!

As for Mira's name we just thought it Cosgrove was pretty and had the requisite C to make Mira's initals MC (We've been theme naming the initial Main Characters as a reference to them being the MC lol).

We didn't make the connection to the actress ^^'. By the time it was brought to our attention it was already too late to change it.
So yeah, there's no inside joke. She just happens to have the same name.

We're glad you enjoyed them!

We're hoping to finish CO this year, but not 100% sure on that because it depends on how much time we both have. Fingers crossed though!

Thank you for the kind words!

We do have plans for more games after Christmas Otome! We've got another game in this series to do, but before that we want to take some time and work on a darker sequel for Flying Lessons where they all grown up for a change of pace.

We're super slow so it'll probably be a long time before we have anything to show for them though.

It's still in the works. We're just slow ^^;

This year kind of knocked us for a six.

Ah, okay. The missing Kiron CG (6th) is from his "Fallen Hero" end while the counterpart to the Daire CG  (Kiron's 7th CG) is from the "Things Left Unsaid" end.

The exact requirements for those ends can be find at this point of the guide:

Sorry, I'm not sure I understood the query. Did a CG unlock at the wrong time?

If possible, please provide additional information such as a screenshot and what steps were taken to encounter the issue? Also if you were using the patch or not?

I can provide you with the translation files needed but this might be better done via discord.

 Thank you for your kind words!

Regarding a translation - we have no plans personally but would encourage anyone that would like to make one!

Thank you for your kind words ^_^

Clicking on the other chibis on the top left should change which  CG gallery you're looking at :)

Hi! The green icons are additional emotes for Maia. They're more PC based to reflect the way she thinks. Like the loading one is because she's trying to process some info, error is because something doesn't make sense to her/crashes her brain, overheat is because it's embarrassing, that sorta thing.

This looks like it's being prevented from saving which could be an antivirus or permissions issue.

First try to launch the game directly as admin and not from the app and see if that helps.

If not, please see if any of the below are helpful to try and troubleshoot:

We'd like more information on this if possible, preferably in the lemmasoft thread
As Valentines Otome was made with RenPy, there may also be others there who can assist to find out what might have changed to cause the save system to stop working.

No worries - it's always nice to hear that people are still looking forward to it's release !


We're still working on it - we're just slow ^^; There's no need to worry about it being abandoned though!

It's highly recommended to play Halloween first as this game takes place after the events of that game and characters from there make appearances in this one.

As a result, there are some scenes and references that may not be as much fun/make as much sense if you were to play this one first.

(1 edit)

The only Kaiser coat requirement is the first one. There is no second coat that you can make.

Waking Nightmare branches from the Best End so it has the exact same requirements but for the last choice choose to find Daire alone instead of confronting Kaiser.

Hope that helps!

The USB and charms have been mailed to you and should arrive in 10-20 working days.

Please let us know once you receive it.

Thank you for your support!

Please use the "download now" button to add the $10 for the double charm set.

They are still available, yes.

If you'd like to add charm sets to the USB you can add an additional $5 per charm set. You can let us know which charm set by replying here.

The choice of Emma's partner is because of a change to her sprite that only occurs in the version where she ended up with The Count. The previous girls' partners are not as relevant in this game because Maia isn't as close to them.

This scene required that you finish the plotline with the fantasy book series.

It is present in the Fan Book as well.

Buying Daire at the auction requires having a lot of money towards the start. The easiest way to do this is to focus on design and always choose to wear your own designs. The inspired trait can help here.

Hi! I responded on discord, but in case you haven't seen it - you have full permission to translate the game.

We'd love for Valentines Otome to reach a wider audience!

This sounds like the same problem as here:

If so, can you try press Shift+G and toggle some options there? You'll need to restart the game each time to see if it helps. Please try all of the options until you find the one that works the best as some may cause lag.

While I don't have a Mac myself to test, the following advice was provided by another user in an earlier comment:

"Right click on the renpy app, then say show contents or something like that. Then go into the folder that says Contents, then MacOS then double click on the black version of it. The terminal should pop open and you should be able to run the game."

Unfortunately not. The way to know it is new text is for the skip button to become disabled (with skip unread off) but for that to help you have to already be at the next.

The small number of lines imply it's small variations that are missing. Off the top of my head it could be :
- Meeting the green-haired kid (Lee) in Zane's route.
- Meeting the white-haired kid (Kai) in Daire's route.
- Choosing not to spend time with your husband in each of the getaway combinations.
- A variation in the auction aftermath in Daire's path based on whether his affection is high/low
- An extra line or two in both versions of the play during Kiron's route if you have seen the dress rehearsal

... I could have sworn I fixed that.

Ah well, that's why we go through proper proof reading and beta testing stages for the full releases.

We're terrible with sticking to release dates so we'd rather not say.

Garret and Liam have scenes unlocked by items too but none of the items tied to Garret's are available to buy in the demo. As for Liam, the available snacks unlock scenes for him but thanks to his job they can only be seen on weekends.

All 3 guy's have additional scenes tied to items that are not available in the demo.

Mick can visit the hospital as well - if he's been defrosted enough.

Try making other choices and buying some items from the shop because some can unlock additional scenes.

We have no plans for a Thanksgiving game but we are planning another Holiday Otome game.

We'll have a guide for the full game. Experimenting and making your own choices is encouraged for the demo.

Glad to hear that you're liking it.

The scene isn't that big, but the demo has been updated if you want to download and see what you missed thanks to the error.

So, it seems in my excitement to get out a release for Christmas, I accidentally misplaced a BG while building the Demo >_>
The Demo has been updated to 1.0.1 to fix this.

Halloween Otome doesn't have a payment option but the Halloween Otome Fan Book and Valentines Otome do.