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We have plans, but we'd rather not say anything until a later stage because we learnt that lesson with VO. 3 years from demo to release was a long time to keep people in suspense.

1. He's not against marriage in general so much as himself getting married. Marriage is a commitment he doesn't feel he's ready for. It's easy enough to say you're going to date a person for the foreseeable future, but actually living with them and committing to spending your life with them is harder. Plus he knows he's hard to be with and it's less messy to have his girlfriend leave him than a wife. It's not something he wants to rush.

Also, the fact that children are likely to come after marriage scares him. Unlike Erik, he's in no hurry to start a family.

2. Not at the wedding, no. There's an extra scene available from the extras menu if you've seen a specific late game scene with him though. It shows him slowly starting to get over his reluctance to commit. 

This is strange because it implies that your affection somehow changed when you loaded the save.

I'm unable to recreate it, so I can't be sure what's causing it.

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Use the affectionate trait and max trust for Runaway Lovers.

Keep affection and trust low for Early Exit

More specific help can be found in the guide.

Getting the option for "Yes - but not right away" means affection is not high enough. The usual culprit here tends to be the birthday choice because it changes depending on current affection level and if affection is not high enough by this point you will lose out on the chance for another affection boost. 

The easiest to get the right end is to simply replay with the affectionate trait. Alternatively you can replay with the guide and ensure you have 9 affection points by the end of the game.

Hi. The affection guide tab in the guide has a list of all choices and the effect they have.

From what I'm seeing, it seems like you messed up on the choices. You can try using the affectionate trait to give you a boost or follow the guide.

The affection requirement for "Broken Promise" is actually lower than that of the better endings and I've modified the guide to reflect that.

Daire - > Design

Kiron - > Social

Further help can be found in the guide.

It's the very last file named "Halloween-Otome-1.1-all.zip".

Erik's getaway is based on your Management skill.

The party is the better outcome for Mira because her husband actually reacts to it and tries to comfort her in his own way.  During the dinner sequence there is no strengthening of her relationship.

You will get blocked irrespective of which end you're on.

The important part is to meet his requirements before you are blocked.

That's interesting. This might be better to move to the Synokoria Forums for ease of answering.

As it is, do you get any option at all? If not that implies something is wrong with your trust. If you get "No, it wasn't." that implies your management isn't high enough. But you've maxed both. Can you try loading from a save and playing up to the ending without maxing them but getting them above 250?

This sounds like you might be making the wrong choice at the very end.

When the final choice is shown, choosing to leave him ("Of course it was!") will give you Broken Promise even if you have the right stats. 

 Choose "Absolutely Not!" instead. 

Thank you for your kind words!

We will be releasing a Fan Book of VO eventually. 

We'd hoped to release one with VO, but time got away from us.

We'll answer the questions we get unless they spoil future games, yes.

And we'll also be releasing a Fan Book for the game at a later stage.

Regarding an Osiria game, yes, but that's a while in the future. Someone else needs their story told first ;).

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Raise his affection by making the correct choices (these can be found in the guide linked above). If you have Tyler as Emma's boyfriend then you'll need to either use the affectionate trait or have Social above 150 by his getaway as well.

Raising Trust stops you from dying. Raising Management will only change the ending if affection is high enough.

If you did meet all the requirements then maybe you made the wrong choice at the end - don't choose to leave him.

That's strange because it's unlocked on our side. 

Are you sure you got the fifth Fantasy Book event and not just the fourth?

Perhaps try again? 

You need to see a scene where Mira runs into Landon in the mall before it unlocks.

The requirements for the scene are social > 150 and choosing to design.

That and the requirements for unlocking other scenes can be found in the guide HERE

That's strange. 

Have you tried installing it through the itch app?

(Alternatively have you checked to see if maybe your antivirus is blocking it or you got a corrupted copy and need to redownload?)

... Yeah this is one of those Osiria and/or Emma are messing with you moments.

Emma's "walked in on them" comment refers to when Landon was sick in Halloween Otome.  As for Osiria she's half-trolling and half referring to them being like brothers and willing to die for each other. 

The stats speed is scoped to the current playthrough so starting a new game resets it. This set of options is mainly there for people who would like to adjust the speed of the activity texts while keeping the stats/day/night animations the same.

If you want to  skip through the entire stats animation, the better method is to press TAB/hold CTRL, but this will also skip through read text.

congrats on getting all the endings! I was hoping vo was engaging enough to warrant replay. =)

As with Kiron’s route, you probably aren’t the only one who feels that way, but sadly those side characters have their own story that needs to be unlocked (well - in a future X otome that is) so perhaps one day people will be able to understand more...hopefully.

I’m glad people are also liking Mira. She’s so uh...different from the usual otome protagonists that we weren’t sure how people will react, so it’s great to hear positive feedback. 

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Have you tried the Mac only version?

We did test it on Mac devices before release, but of course, not all systems are the same.

There's also a guide on how to open the market/combined version on Mac here at lemmasoft: https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=48083#p477424

Keep Management low

We will be doing a fan book eventually. We'd hoped to release it with VO, but time got away from us.

Are you using the affectionate trait? 

If your trust and design are high enough then it's usually affection that you're failing at... Or you're making the wrong choice at the end.

Well, if you've gotten "Broken Promise" then you're on the right track.

If you're dying - focus on trust.

For Truth Revealed, focus on Management as well.

Questions like this are probably better asked on the Lemmasoft or Synokoria Forums as it makes it easier to attach information we will need to assist.

We need more information to figure out if this is a problem with the game or your system. Log files, screenshots, as well as your system specifications will help narrow it down.

Daire prefers Design. This is mainly seen through events in game. Landon is generally the best choice for design but it's not impossible with the other guys.  However the second stat does not matter if your affection or trust are not high enough.

Try playing with traits activated. With the exception of one trait (Relaxed), each trait unlocks to help you get a different end. In other words, if you reach a certain end because your affection is low, then you will unlock the affectionate for use if future playthroughs.

Another hint is that there are 2 stats each route that are important for determining the end you receive. The character chosen as Emma's significant other also affects the stats a little.

Good Luck!

If you can get "Things Left Unsaid" and "Acceptable Losses" then you're failing to raise the secondary stat. Each Love interest has a favourite non-trust stat. Try raising different ones and see what happens. An easy way to figure out which stat it is is to see which traits those ends unlocked.

A walkthrough will be released in a few days if you still can't get it by then.

(Edited 1 time)

Hi, the version uploaded is the version Ren'Py says should work on all 3 systems.  This version has been tested on Mac devices before release but as it is an older game, the Ren'Py version is also quite old. It might be a good idea to post what issues you're facing either here or on the Lemmasoft forums for assistance. 

That's all the more reason to replay! XD

Kidding aside, the trait system exists for this sake - if you get a bad ending then you unlock a trait to help you get a better ending.

We have plans but we'd rather not reveal anything because that's how we got burnt with VO. After all it's been over 3 years since we released a demo for it and almost 4 since we announced it. In that time most people probably got tired of waiting >_>'

Yes, but we're most likely going to do what we did with Halloween Otome and delay release of the walkthrough a little (at most a week). This is mainly to encourage people to do the first playthrough blind.

Yep, we're working on a tentative release date of vday this year.

All that's left is for beta testing to wrap up.

Unfortunately there is no direct paypal link to donate, but you can do so by paying for the Halloween Otome Fan Book which has an optional pay what you want feature.

Thank you for your support!

Ah, that would be it. Norton is notoriously bad when it comes to flagging anything it hasn't seen as a virus. As seen in below links for games by other developers (including notable ones such as Hanako Games and Cheritz) and the Ren'Py engine itself:






This is the virustotal results of scanning the .exe that is uploaded on itch.io ( you can try it for yourself as well ). only 1 out of 60 antivirus engines flags it as possibly malicious and that's actually remarkably good ( You usually expect at least 2-3 for lesser known files).

Based on your description it seems more likely that it was Norton itself had an error that caused it to hang on checking/quarantining the file than that it was a virus. Forcing the shutdown in the middle of Norton's scan would have been what caused Norton to behave strangely afterwards. My guess is that Norton was able to update/repair itself in those days after. As Norton is the only antivirus that seems to have such an issue with t his game (and this is an isolated case), it may be worth reporting to Norton so they can fix it.

Simply put, the PC would not have recovered had it been a virus (most antivirus software is only good at preventing an infection, not clearing it up. They can isolate files but any damage that is already done, is done. It's like slapping a bandaid on a gunshot wound)

We're honoured to hear that you enjoyed Halloween Otome enough to want to translate it. We're fully behind bringing Halloween Otome to more people and, as such, you have our permission to do so.

As you've created an account on the Synokoria Forums it may be easier to discuss this further there.

It's quite common for Ren'Py (and other) games to get flagged as false positives by certain antivirus software. More information on this can be found on the lemmasoft forums (The official Ren'Py support).

We're not really sure what to say about it "screwing up" your computer as the version we've uploaded has tested fine with others.

We have a few questions to determine what could have caused such a thing:

  • How did you download the game?
    • Direct Download from itch.io
    • Downloaded via the itch.io app
    • The mediafire link
    • Desura (currently defunct)
    • Another location that we are not aware of
  • In what way was your computer "screwed up"?
  • What operating system are you using?
  • What antivirus software are you using?
  • What exactly happened when you attempted to run the game?

Valentines Otome is being worked on - just very slowly. We're both very busy with RL and VO is a monster compared to Halloween Otome. We have been posting updates on our tumblr, lemmasoft threads and our own forum when we reach a milestone such a main route's writing being completed.

Unfortunately, it's still quite a while away from being finished.

Hello, which operating system are you using?

After extracting the contents of the zip file you would do one of the following depending on your operating system:

  • On Windows, open the "Halloween Otome.exe" which has an icon of Kippy.
  • On Linux, I believe it's "Halloween Otome.sh".
  • On Mac, there should be a Halloween Otome application.

If the corresponding file is not present after download, please check if your antivirus has not deleted or blocked it as a false positive.