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Bug report! Sticky

A topic by Celianna created 91 days ago Views: 393 Replies: 39
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Use this thread to report a bug!

Please provide screenshots if you can, and detailing what you did right before it happened, thank you!

My game kinda just froze on the opening. 
I clicked new game since that was my only option and even if I select yes or no on the question it's just stuck on the "now loading" screen.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Alright, let me try something out. I'm going to upload a version that's larger in filesize, but it should hopefully run. You're not the only one getting stuck on the loading screen.

I'll send you a new download link shortly! :)

Okay, I created a new version,try this one. Please let me know if this one works!


Beta 1.0 has been pulled due to reports of people not being able to get past the loading screen.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, I will try to fix this ASAP and get a working version out to everyone. Beta 0.2 is back up instead.

I really hope you fix it soon :)
I've been waiting for the update because I've been itching to play it. I love the game! Good luck fixing everything. Cheering for you :) 


I've found the issue and my programmer is trying to fix it (it has to do with the encryption), so hopefully you can get to play a working version soon. But first I will test it on one person, and if it works for them, I'll upload the fix :)


Tailor Tales beta 1.0 has been fixed, it should now be playable again!

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I've been unable to design any bottoms. it just shows her jeans/shorts as invisible and when i saved it hoping it was just a graphical error- i put the jeans on and they were invisible, it didn't even show the underwear, just skin. 

Edit: I'm on mac and noticed that you had some things may not work for mac. I also read through the development log, there are no voices either on my game. I haven't noticed any blinking either? There may be other issues but ill report back if i notice anything else.


As for not hearing voices, I will assume, you have heard zero general sound effects as well? I.e door opening, windchimes, footsteps, glass breaking etc. Your SFX sounds may be set to 0% so you don't hear them :) go to your sound options in the Settings menu, and set the volume of the SFX higher so you can hear them. Let me know if this was the issue!

As for no blinking ... that unfortunately, I do not know the cause of. I will have to see if this is something all Mac users experience, or only you to determine whether it's a bug in the game itself, or your Mac is not running it properly.

Hello! I know that the Mac version is still kind of iffy, but also not sure if it's just for Mac, however when I try to make a new game, it won't let me overwrite so I had to click continue which took me to the character customization page. I went on to customizing my character but then an "UnknownError" popped up.


You mean when you first started the game it wouldn't let you create a new game? I think this may have to do with Mac's permissions with overwriting files,  Can you try out this solution, to run the game like that, and see if it allows you to overwrite the file? If not, please go to the game's folder, browse to \Game.app\Contents\Resources\app.nw\save and delete both file1 files.

That should hopefully fix it!

It worked! I was able to create a new game now, but after I customized my character, this pops up.


Yeah it's trying to rewrite an image, and it doesn't have the permission to do so. I can't help much on this (don't own a Mac!) - except perhaps you can google some ways to allow this app permission or to bypass them on Mac? It definitely has to do with file permission though.


Thank you to everyone mentioning the emperor's new clothes bug! Will be fixed in the next upload; you can design pants again.

Hi! Encountered a bug about the avatar creation at the start while on the Mac version! Not sure what to do. "Error EROFS: read-only file-system, open '/private/var..../pictures/joselina_avatar.png"


Yeah someone else got it on the Mac as well. It has to do with permissions. Could you try out this suggestion, or turn off Gatekeeper/add Tailor Tales to the exceptions. Let me know if it works. I suggest googling the issue yourself as well, as the app needs permission to write files. I'm sorry I'm not much of help, since I don't own a Mac myself to test it!

I actually tried all of it and it didn't work.  :( I even used terminal haha but I think it might be because Sierra's pretty strict because I already exempted and let it run to "Everywhere" for app restrictions

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Oh darn, that's too bad. Then you kind of run out of options. What OS build do you have? Then I can warn others before they download.

I have heard of another player trying Wine and it worked on there :)

Alternatively, you could locate the file in \Game.app\Contents\Resources\app.nw\img\pictures and delete the file joselina_avatar.png. This should allow you to get past the beginning screen and let you read the story. You're not able to use the option "Outfit"  in the main menu though, as you'll get the same error as before (though feel free to try).

I'm having a problem with my game crashing the whole time and then i need to start the game again... Are there any plans for an autosave feature? I really don't want to keep restarting, and I'd created so many clothing items...


I'm sorry you seem to have issues with the game. Can you tell me how much RAM you have and what processor you have? This seems like the game might be too much for your computer to handle. Also, when does it crash? Are you designing clothes, or reading the story?

I will try and see what I can do about an autosave, but I cannot autosave while you're designing clothing, that's not possible. I would only be able to autosave whilst you're in the menu, or reading the story.

At the moment, I can only tell you to not have any other programs running in the background as you play Tailor Tales, especially not having a browser open or anything, as that takes a lot of memory.

I'm not at my laptop atm but I can tell you it's a terrible quality of laptop, it's really old. It doesn't crash while I'm designing, it crashes while I'm in the story. The first was when the police showed up, the second was in the café. I usually don't have anything else running when I play games but I'll try again later. Thank you. 

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Ok, I know what's causing you to crash. It's pretty simple: the special effects. The special effects loop continuously until you progress further into the story when it turns itself off (in your case, the police sirens and the blinking of the CGs). During that time, it will continuously refresh, and therefor an older laptop such as yours wouldn't be able to handle the processing.

I will see about the option of turning them off :)

I will assume you crash straight away if you try out Dimitri's story and it starts to rain?

I haven't tried his story yet, I'll see when I play again, I'll choose his story instead, but thanks for the helpful suggestion! 

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I started the new version and this was the first thing I get. I can not continue past this point. This happens when continuing and starting a New Game. Same state after redownloading.

Developer (Edited 3 times)

Sorry this happened right as you start the game, I will try and find a solution.

Did you delete the old file completely, if you ever downloaded Tailor Tales before? You have to delete them, not replace them, and this should be in a clean folder.

Edit: I figured out the cause, it's a loading thing. I will try to fix it, in the meantime, you can hit F5 to refresh after running into the error, until you finally get it to work.

Second edit: got a fix for it. For those that already downloaded the game, instead of downloading the entire thing again, you can download this small text file, then find your www > data folder, and replace it with the one in there. Also, delete all files in your save folder. This should fix it.

(Edited 2 times)

The game not always shows heroine's name correctly [shows the default name]. Spotted in Dimitri route [when they are having dinner], in Neil's when Angela speaks [dunno where exactly] and when you have to make dresses for events. //the older ones I think? Tho I might be wrong - and if I am, I'm really sorry, I did read it at 2.00am so my eyes might have deceived me.

Also - sometimes when you buy something, everything else disappears. If you leave shops and go there again it fixes, tho. 


Dimitri's already fixed, as for Neil, I'll need more info on that, I can't scan 25+ chapters D: was it in the newer ones? Like chapter 20+, or the older ones below chapter 20?

You make a good point on the dresses though! I'll replace it.


If anyone got the "uncaught syntax error" bug after trying to finish a client, please re-download the game. It's a small error in my part, I apologize.

my game crashes right after i press yes or no to have i played it before it will go through the instructions on how to play and then right after it will crash no matter what i press yes or no and on either route.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Does the game close/stop responding, or does it give you an error? Does it load the main menu screen, or does it crash before that? Can you see the save screen, or have you never gotten that far?

the game closes. It loads the main menu. It loads the whole screen but before you can even move or do anything the screen will go black and then close.


Alright it seems to crash right when the save screen opens.

I've removed that part of the game so that it doesn't force you to save anymore. Please delete your old folder and download the current version :) let me know if you still crash.

(Edited 1 time)

I downloaded the new one and it now usually crashes after the second how to play screen has loaded. i did once get further but i triedto save it after the main menu had loaded because it fixed if i had the problem before in previous betas but it crashed and said type error.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Alright, do you think you can get me a screenshot of that type error?

As for crashing before that, I ... honestly don't think I can help you with this :( I think your computer's specs are too low to be able to run Tailor Tales (especially since you said you sometimes managed to get further without crashing). Can you tell me your specs? RAM, processor etc.

its an intel(R) core(TM) i3-2330M CPU@2.20GHZ proccessor

and the installed RAM is 4GB

ill see if i can screenshot it

its cool i figured it out its just my laptop thats iffy i tried it with a bigger ram and diffrent proccessor and it worked

sorry for any inconvinence i caused.


No, I'm happy you can play it though! It does seem that Tailor Tales requires some minimum hardware to be able to play without crashing. I'll have to keep that in mind that people with an older PC/laptop may not be able to play.

(Edited 1 time)

I'm really enjoying the new version! I love the client requests and earning money but while I was in the shop (not for the first time) my game froze then crashed. Then I just tried playing it again thinking that things crash all the time. I got this after clicking continue, I was shocked I could because I had forgotten to save my last game...

So I started a new game because I hadn't saved and I thought that was the issue but I got a black screen. The music was still playing, along with the guys voices, but the screen was just black.

And now after re-downloading and still getting the black screen, I am posting this. My computer hates me

Update: I restarted my computer (it had an update) and it works fine now....


Well, continuing when not saving the game results in the black screen - an known issue that shouldn't bother people because they're supposed to save at least once, hah. There is no auto save option, but I'm looking into that for in the future.

Seems the type error occurs only due to PC issues, so it's hard to determine what exactly is causing it. I think it's mostly due to your specs not being high enough (Tailor Tales seems to require 1GB of RAM at least). Probably best to play Tailor Tales with a freshly restarted computer with no other programs open to avoid the crashing.